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Friday, August 23, 2019

DNC reaps a revolt it sowed

Years of indoctrinating the young and the gullible on quack science about carbon dioxide has come to haunt the Democrat Party. The people who believe the climate change garbage expect Democrats to actually do something about the nonexistent problem.

Democrat leaders want to tamp down climate change talk until they seize power in 2021.

The young want to talk about climate change now, now, now.

The Mercury News reported, "SAN FRANCISCO — A Democratic National Committee meeting erupted into a bitter battle Thursday morning over the question of holding a climate-specific presidential debate, with party officials stamping down a resolution calling for a such an event in the face of raucous opposition from activists.

"In a 17-to-8 vote, the DNC’s Resolutions Committee defeated a resolution that called for the candidates to debate each other about their views and policies on climate change — on a national stage.

"Young protesters filling the room hissed, jeered and sang the union song 'Which Side Are You On?' before and after the vote.

"The two-hour-plus debate laid bare tensions in the party between climate activists and party leaders, and a generational divide between the mostly young protesters and the DNC officials."

The story said one woman standing on a chair shouted at committee members, "We’re asking you to fight for our futures!"

The audience applauded her.

Kristy Mualim, 23, of Palo Alto brought her skateboard into the meeting.

She told the newspaper, "A lot of the people dismissing the signs of climate change aren’t going to be living long enough to experience the impact of it."

She is of the hurry-up-and-die-boomers wing of the Democrat Party.

The party does not want a climate change debate on the national stage because it would turn into an auction. Who bids $1 trillion to fight the climate? Do I hear $5 trillion? Do I hear $10 trillion? Going, going, gone. Sold to Bernie for $16 trillion.

Just as they avoided any public discussion of gay marriage when Obama ran in 2008 -- even with Proposition 8 on the ballot in California -- Democrats do not wish to let the public know what their plans are for ending private transportation and the like.

The spin by the Mercury News was "Party leadership, including DNC chair Tom Perez, is strongly against the idea, insisting it would be unfair to focus a debate on any single issue."

If climate change is going to destroy the earth as Democrats have warned us since Al Gore lost the 2000 race, why would this not be the most important issue of all? The extinction of the human race would, logically, be more important than health care or gun control.

The party leaders know it is bunk and want the issue to fade away.

But most Democrats really believe they can win next year and that when they do, they can just run roughshod over the nation and finally re-establish America as a socialist state.

The key though is tamping down the crazies, which is a Herculean task.


  1. It isn't that he Dems want the climate change theology to just vanish, they simply are facing one of their ploys that is backfiring. Dems have spent a century setting up fake problems that cannot be solved, but then they offer fake solutions that can only be implemented by Dems being in power. They scream about the poor class needing government assistance to survive, and for more than 60 years they have been throwing tax money at the poor. Guess what, they are still poor, but now they are being bribed to vote for people promising to make them rich. Dems claim that the black population is uneducated because of white people holding them back, and so vote dems who will make sure the children are educated. However, for 50 years the dems have kept their black voter base as dumb and dependent as possible. When it comes to climate change, they have spent decades telling us we need to vote Dem so they can solve a problem they invented in science fiction reports. However, the problem started around 2000 when they lost an election and so they thrust global warming/Climate change to the front of the list and used dire, ugly graphs and well-spoken liberals to push it. However, they pushed the narrative just a little too far, the hyperbole got out of hand. The new, young dems being voted in aren’t the masterminds creating the fake narrative, they are the sold-out koolaid drinkers who bought it in school. The overlords cannot control the underlings and the underlings (Like AOC) have driven the far left climate screamers to the breaking power. AOC and the extremists who actually believe in the green movement have put a do-or-die time clock on the climate argument and that has scared the already flaky leftists followers. However, that climate change timebomb is a dud and those in power know it. They also know that if they make the same promises they have been making about it, the hyperbole has driven the sold-out climate screamers to believe it isn’t enough. They want more, more, more, and the Dems know that they need the moderate liberals to vote for them or they can’t win. They can’t make the over-the-top promises about climate change to satisfy the screamers or risk losing the moderates. However, the screamers have been taught from diaper-age to protest and scream louder, that’s the only way you get what you want. So, the Dems face the problem of creating their own psychotic fan base and not being able to satiate them. However, I still do not believe the Dems what the climate change debate to go away, it is still a weapon they use to get voters and build many, many straw-man arguments against conservatives. However, right now, it is proving a bigger problem than they can fully handle.

    1. Omgtherunonhasbegun.paragraphsarepartofpunctuation,pal.mrsurberherehasapenchantforgrammardeficienciesandyetweallstillknowexactlywhathemeans.

    2. "However, the problem started around 2000 when they lost an election and so they thrust global warming/Climate change to the front of the list and used dire, ugly graphs and well-spoken liberals to push it."


    3. Gar: excellent comment!

      But please, for my old eyes sake, insert a break every few sentences. Makes it ever so much easier to read!

  2. those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger wound up inside.

    John f. kennedy


    1. Just like the frog and scorpion fable.

  3. Yes: what he just said. Also: soon, in USA? "The AG of my home state is one of a growing number of AG’s nationally seeking to criminalize skepticism of climate change. Is criminalizing thought or dissent the action of a rational government? ... have filed a civil RICO complaint against the Climate Alarmism Enterprise – Climate Action Network, Generation Investment Management, Ceres, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Rockefeller Brothers Funds etc. – 40 corporations in total. Attached are the stamped front page and the full text of the complaint ... The alleged criminal Enterprise has been in existence since 1988. Alleged predicate offenses:
    – Retaliation against witnesses
    – Tampering with witnesses
    – Bribing witnesses
    – Bribing public officials
    – Theft / Embezzlement from pension and/or welfare plans, including Social Security, and the ongoing attempt at embezzling up to $36 Trillions (with ‘T’) – see
    1. This is a civil suit against Climate Action Network and other corporations, who engaged in a long-term criminal scheme, involving a false claim that anthropogenic release (or emissions) of carbon dioxide caused a dangerous “global warming” or a dangerous “climate change”, and persecution of the dissidents or demanding government actions, based on this false claim, including money transfer. In fact, the anthropogenic release of carbon dioxide significantly increases agricultural production worldwide. The surface warming, theoretically caused by increased concentration of carbon dioxide, is insignificant and almost undetectable, and is expected to be globally beneficial.
    2. Beginning in early 1988 and continuing through the present (the “Scheme Period”), the Defendants and other enterprise members acted in concert with each other in order to further their criminal scheme (the “Climate Alarmism Enterprise”). Each defendant has participated in the operation and management of the Enterprise, and has committed numerous acts to maintain and expand the Enterprise. Plaintiff sues for injury inflicted by the Defendants on him directly, and, additionally, based on standing of victims of racketeering activity to act as “private attorney generals” in prosecuting that racketeering activity ..."

    1. Good for you.
      We need more doers and less talkers.

    2. Excellent news! Mr. Leonid Goldstein is my new hero, for bringing this lawsuit.

      Now I hope he gets an honest judge- if there are any- to allow the case to proceed!

  4. the last thing climate activists want is to have to defend their claims in court. the hockey stick dude, Michael Mann loudly filed suit for defamation.

    judge said, sure. bring in your evidence.

    Mann failed to show up.

    judgement for defendant. case dismissed.


  5. Step 1: find some volcanoes with glaciers on top.
    Step 2: find the "melting glaciers" on top of volcanoes.
    Step 3: pull out your hair in a frenzy while screaming "it's all white people's fault, give us all your money and go live like a cavedweller, the sky is falling, er, the seas ate rising"
    Another climate change proponent, aka hypocrite, just bought a seaside mansion, not a hilltop one. Commie obammy

    1. Indeed, just like the Godfather of Global Warming, Al Gore did, apparently he has a beach front property in Kalifornia, so much for rising ocean levels hey Al. Hypocrites.

  6. Item #1 Leroy Van Dyke, "The Auctioneer", great old song.

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    2. I became exhausted the moment I looked at it...

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  8. The DNC strikes me as not so much Stooges as...

    1. You are correct. The Stooges were well rehearsed and choreographed. Larry Fine trusted lifelong friend Moe Howard not to blind him. As for Curly, kid brother gotta do what big brother says

      Next time, Keystones

    2. That's a cop-out.


  9. I need to sneak in to a democrat meeting sometime and too demand that they do something about climate change. Everybody loves hearing about how they're going to lose their jobs and their way of life under the democrat promises that the GND will give them an even better job and quality of life. Nobody mentions the taxes that will be paid, what happens if all those government sponsored/promised jobs don't materialize, and how all of it's not gonna mean a damned dime's bit of difference to the climate anyway.

    I don't care that the democrats are complete f*cking fools and actually believe this bunk, but they're dangerous because there are actually enough of their fellow morons (Grubers) to put them in a position of power to destroy our economy and way of life with this absolute junk science.

  10. Now this is not to say we as conservatives shouldnt work hard and develop our brand, but this is the beginning of a stage where we will go a looooooooooong time without democrats in power. They are in the process of seeing to it. I was at first disheartened when the results first came down from 2018 elections, but then the squad started opening their traps...... and these days people as far left as bill maher dont even pass the purity test anymore........ if this keeps up the leftists will have 57 seats in the house, 14 in the senate, and 2 on scotus for the next 25 years........ keep it up lefties, keep it up! May your party be the purest party of all, and be so weak the libertarians take over as the second largest party!

  11. For you young folks, the 1970s had global cooling where we would all starve to death because of the shorter growing season. We have gone full circle with another Little Ice Age starting and lasting for 350-400 years because of changes to the sun.


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