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Friday, August 23, 2019

Democrats stuck in the 19th century

The Battle of Wounded Knee on December 29, 1890, between American soldiers and Lakota ended the armed resistance by Indians against the U.S. government. 250-300 Indians died; about a third of them were women and children. 31 soldiers died.

The soldiers were confiscating the rifles of the Indians. Black Coyote demanded money for his rifle, making a tense situation worse. Finally, he fired a shot and the battle ensued.

The Army held a court of inquiry afterward and determined it was a tragedy. 18 soldiers received Medals of Honor for their valor.

To get the Indian vote, the Democrats running for president are re-litigating this tragedy from nearly 130 years ago.

The Argus Leader in South Dakota covered a two-day presidential forum for candidates among the Indians. Marcella LeBeau, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, asked the candidates about those medals.

The story said, "Bernie Sanders of Vermont hung his head down as LeBeau described the impact Wounded Knee has had on Native Americans in South Dakota. He received loud applause when he immediately answered that the medals should 'absolutely' be rescinded. The time is overdue for people to have the discussion about the 'terrible and horrible things' that were done to Native Americans when Europeans arrived in the United States, although it won't be easy because there's a lot of pain, he said.

"'Medals of Honor are given rarely, and they're given to people who do very, very important things,' Sanders said. 'They're given to people who show great, great bravery. Massacring women and children is not an act of great bravery. It's an act of depravity.'

"It's appropriate to frame the issue around the despair felt in South Dakota stemming from the massacre because it's important to have reconciliation to resolve that despair, said former U.S. Rep. John Delaney of Maryland. More needs to be done, and if he's elected, Delaney said he'll sign the Remove The Stain Act if it passes. However, he said each medal will need to be considered on its own when it comes to rescinding them."


And so it was another day of pandering by Democrats running for president. This time, it was Indians. Every group has its grievance.

Going back 130 years to find a grievance is pathetic when there are more pertinent issues for Indians such as poverty. One thing that might hasten economic independence for Indians is hydraulic fracturing -- fracking -- on Indian lands.

Five summers ago, the Washington Examiner reported on fracking in North Dakota.

The story said, "The Three Affiliated Tribes — the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara — that call the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation home have been flush in new money, though federal records don't say exactly how much each tribe receives from royalties."

The tribes also operate the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in New Town, N.D.

We cannot correct the past but we can build the future. Take the medals back. Sure. But tell me, how does that make life better for even one Indian?

The Democrat plan for America is to disinter the dead and pass judgment on every one of them.

While Democrats revel in virtue signaling, Red China continues its quest for world domination.


  1. Indians were not the peaceful "noble savages" of re-written history. Long before any European set foot on the continent, tribes warred with each other and the more vicious the murder, the higher the brave ranked in his tribe.

    "Counting Coup" recounted the acts of warriors around the campfire. Stories included ripping infants from a mother's womb and cutting them in front of her or using a children for target practice with arrows.

    Child sacrifices were also a part of many tribes culture.

    History is not one-sided.

    1. Counting coup had nothing to do with what American Thinker says. It was striking an enemy with your bare hand.

    2. ...and living to brag about doing it...

    3. The American Thinker article says nothing about counting coup.

    4. The Dakota's had been Sioux lands for many moons... IOW right after the Chipawa ran them out of Minnesota.

    5. The chippewa/ojibwe ran them out of canada, from lands east and west of lake superior into minnesota and the dakotas. the sioux still call canada mother earth.

  2. Wounded Knee happened because the Sioux were itching for a fight, but they were dumb enough to do it while the 7th Cavalry had their village surrounded because of the Ghost Dance movement.

    And the Medal of Honor was the only award for valor at the time. DSC, Silver and Bronze Stars did come in until WWI.

    1. I had read that Sitting Bull's son who being a deaf-mute and thus not able to hear or comprehend orders didn't understand why the cavalrymen were trying to take away his gun and in the struggle it went off, precipitating the massacre.


    2. Possible, but you never put your hands on a wild (as in uncivilized) Indian.

      Not if you wanted a peaceful outcome.

    3. The MOH were BS. The Army knew it was a CF (it was a tragedy that got out of hand), but figured giving a bunch of medals out would help cover up the disaster from the press (which it did at the time). They did not give out medals like (in that number let alone under circusmtances like that) that during the Civil War and other engagements with Indians.

      That said, everything Don says above is spot on. Are we trying to empower Native tribes going forward or just beat up on "evil white guys" from over a hundred years ago?

  3. This was a Monday post.
    On this day in 1749, four Apache chiefs, accompanied by numerous followers, buried a hatchet along with other weapons in a peace ceremony in San Antonio. The ceremony signified the Apaches' acceptance of Christian conversion in exchange for Spanish protection from Comanche raids, which had decimated the Apache population. Five years later Giraldo de Terreros established San Lorenzo, the first formal mission for the Texas Apaches, in the jurisdiction of San Juan Bautista in Mexico. When the Apaches revolted and abandoned the mission less than a year later, the missionaries argued in favor of a new mission closer to Apache territory. Construction of the ill-fated mission of Santa Cruz de San Sabá, in the heart of Apachería, began in April 1757; on March 16 of the following year, a party of 2,000 Comanche and allied Indians killed eight of the inhabitants and burned the mission buildings.

  4. I see that the Dims have found another group to add to their grievance collection.

  5. There are no reparations for stealing land. The only solution is to give it back. Well, except for Manhattan island which was bought.
    Nothing left for reparations.

    1. The Eternal Deception abides.

      "Owning" of "land".

      False presumption intrinsically.

      You occupy land for as long as you can not be removed from it.

      Whatever means used, agreements, temporary transactions, greater force utilizations, no one currently wants to be where you are, pay to stay, aka taxes, etc., are all temporary and, thus, not "ownership".

      The only birthright is death.

      We are all here today and gone tommorrow.

      Creatures as Designed.

      Appreciate not being dead.

  6. Pick up Scalp Dance for some insight into the deprivations Indians visited on farmers and settlers. Getting captured alive was about the worst thing possible which is why the story about saving the last bullet for yourself is real. Grizzled veterans of the Indian wars would get sick coming upon the scene of a massacre. Hacked off limbs and genitals, slow roasting over fire, blackened stumps, eyes and noses gorged off.

    A favorite was to tie a man's arms down around his waist, hoist him upside down over a low fire and over the course of several days, slowly cook his brains, all the while laughing and slicing off hunks.

    Fook 'em. They lost but not without a fight.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. And it is important to remember that this tragedy was precipitated by an order to disarm—confiscate the guns of—the Lakota.

    1. It wasn't a "tragedy", it was a fight.

      And, as I said above, the Sioux were itching for a fight and let the Army know it.

      Disarming them was being prudent.

  8. Never heard of this Delaney fellow and I did t know he was running for President. Can someone have less than 0% support? Delaney May be that man.

    Bernie is insane.

  9. I read that as 'Democrats suck in the 19th Century' and wondered, why single out the 19th?

  10. It is wrong to question the acts of these young men when they are long gone and can't speak in their own defense. The MoH is awarded by Congress. So let's investigate the congresscritters who voted to award the honors for this "tragedy." How many have office buildings, schools, parks, national forests, etc. named for them? Begin stripping away the honorifics from the members of Congress who approved of the acts of "massacre." You can do this RIGHT NOW, Rep. Sanders, if you're serious about it. Get started.


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