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Sunday, August 11, 2019

"Comfort food for the committed"

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post today explained why the media continues to churn out anti-Trump propaganda. He called the propaganda "comfort food for the committed."

Three years into the Donald John Trump presidency, the news media by and large continues to feed junk journalism to an ever shrinking number of Americans who still believe his election was illegitimate. The mainstream media has pushed so many conspiracy theories that cat ladies cross the street to avoid them.

Goodwin's specific target was the New York Times.

His inspiration was the goofball decision by the Times to change a headline from "Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism" to "Assailing Hate but not Guns" to appease the mob gathering below the ivory tower at the Times. Apologizing only made them angrier and more demanding. Arthur Sulzberger is next.

Goodwin reminisced about the good old days when the Times was just dull and boring, but important. Its motto was all the news that's fit to print.

He wrote, "Because of its plodding thoroughness, it was dubbed the Gray Lady and the 'paper of record.' A popular joke about its importance held that you weren’t dead unless your obit appeared in the Times."

Then we the people elected Donald John Trump president of the United States of America.

Goodwin wrote, "The mandate of opinion-free news coverage was tossed overboard during the heated 2016 presidential election, and the paper now displays its bias on every page.

"The quaint motto is still there, but these days the Times doesn’t cover the news as much as promote an agenda. As it says repeatedly, the paper has a mission.

"The mission is obvious: The Times aims to elect left-wing Democrats to virtually every office in the land and transform America culturally, educationally and politically."

Unlike Goodwin, I am of the opinion that the prejudice was always there. President Trump merely revealed it. This is the Red Pill Theory. In the movie "The Matrix," people who take the red pill see reality. President Trump is our red pill.

Certainly the intensity and the openness of the bias across the media stream has increased in reaction to our election of President Trump to the point where there is no plausible deniability of the prejudice.

And Goodwin is quite right about the headline switch. Changing reality on Page One landed the House of Sulzberger in the Munchkinland of liberalism. Sulzberger cannot click his heels and go home.

Goodwin wrote, "The incident could not have happened in the era when the Times adhered to rigorous standards of news gathering and the separation of news and opinion. Both the sense of entitlement among readers and the editors’ craven response shows that the rot has reached critical levels.

"In effect, the Times has become a victim of the monster it created. Instead of informing readers and challenging them to question their own views, an approach the paper was proud of under legendary editor Abe Rosenthal, it now provides comfort food for the committed."

His is a good take on Chicago Evening Post columnist Finley Peter Dunne's observation in 1914 that the job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

And of course the Times believes the afflicted are the greedy little Strzoks and Comeys who ran the country until President Trump took over on January 20, 2017.

Goodwin calls this group the committed, but given the lunacy of their beliefs, I would call them the people who should be committed, or at least medicated for our protection.

Comfort food just makes them fat, lazy, and stupid.

Thus Trump supporters should cheer the media for feeding these cheese puffs to the committed. It keeps them stuck on 8 NOV 16.


  1. Its time to update the Clinton body count list a story that will never grace the NYTimes

  2. Comfort food for the committed is actually caca for the Trump hate zombies.

  3. I'm thinking they've always been rotten, we just had nothing to compare them to. Remember Duranty? It's the same old story, I used to think George Will was kinda' smart but I'd look like Einstein sitting next to Sam Donaldson.

  4. "All the news that's fit to print". According to whom? Them or youm?

  5. The left's last violent spasm, in the 1960, worked like a charm for them. The entire edifice of US academia fell in one stroke, and they took over the colleges. Other institutions fell without firing a shot - including the managerial class of our major corporations.

    So naturally they're surprised to see their tactic not working this time.

  6. the tv press was directly responsible for the Rodney king riots in los angeles. 300 million times they showed that edited video minus the first 45 seconds where king got up and attacked officer Powell. they whipped up a mob frenzy and profited mightily as la burned. then objected to the Korean shop owners defending the families and shops with deer rifles against the looters. the media took the side of the looters- the same looters shooting at firemen trying to save lives.

    the mass media is a cancer on this country that believes only they themselves are entitled to tell the serfs and peasants how to think talk and serve their masters.

    I have a handicap- I can't raise my hand to knuckle my forehead. flat out lost the ability.

    and if the media doesn't like being called the enemy of the people they should stop calling us Nazis and trying to whip up the crazies and looters to do their dirty work for them.

    they see themselves as masters of manipulation.

    they see their audience as,"the chumps."

    they do seem to ignore their ratings, though. foolish blowdried flying monkeys with lipstick on their snouts capering for food pellets and agog at their own wisdoms.


  7. "Committed" as in "committed partisans" or "committed by court order"?

  8. The mob will devour the times and Sulzberger the first time they slip up. The mob will turn remaining moderate democrats into conservatives.

  9. Yes the major media have had a left-wing bias for over 60 years now. One glaring example is the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal in 2004 during the Iraq war. It was, at most, a three-day story. MP's made prisoners pose for embarrassing pictures, MP's got caught, MP's get punished.... that's it. The bastards kept that story alive for 6 months!!!

    The incident where Iraqis hung the dead American contractor's bodies over the bridge and dragged the bodies around the city should have been a 2 week-story but it was over with in a couple days.

    Eric W.

    1. Emasculated, low-T W Bush wouldn't fight back against media slander no matter what. Learned that from his Daddy the Wimp, who stopped fighting back after he had Lee Atwater's steel removed from his supine spine.

      The media are still worthless, but it's good to have someone in the White House pushing back against their chosen narrative, something we never had when the Country Club was in charge.

  10. Journalism has never been what it touts itself to be.

    The news has never been what it claims to be.

    The newspapers have never been what they insist they are.

    None have ever been that 4th Estate pillar of truth in any society, nation, civilization, in all of history, both known, unknown and imagined history.

    Our nation's Constitution defines our Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States United to be of 3 Branches: Executive, Legislative & Judicial.

    There is no 4th branch, no 4th estate, no 4th pillar upon which our nation is founded and stands to this day.

    Thus, the media, journalism, journalists, reporters, newspapers, and any and all proclaiming to be elements of this contagion of manipulators are as valuable to our nation as the buzzing of pesty bottle flies. Some ambitious of these have managed to achieve deer fly and horse fly standards. Some are only knats.

    All are known by their constant buzzings of no value to our nation.

    The internet evolution succeeded in providing abundant alternatives to these buzzing insect sources of pesty, pesky puke.

    Whence, of course, the aforementioned insects stive to also infect with their infeststing presence.

    Less than lightweights, these nullweights have no value but what value those permitting themselves to be aware of the buzzings give them.

    Alas, we humans have no tails to easily swat these buzzing pesky insects.

    We must make do with disregarding them.

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