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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Attacking Trump still does not work

Hillary: "It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country."

Trump: "Because you would be in jail."

Nearly three years after that Burn of the Century, Annie Karni of the New York Times has figured out that attacking The Donald doesn't work.

She should run the Times because no one in management seems to have figured that out. They keep attacking him as if he were subhuman.

In a story today, Karni wrote that the two dozen or so Democrats running for president are all attacking President Trump.

She wrote, "But if the steady stream of ad hominem attacks is failing to shock, awe or drive the news, it is in part because there is little left in terms of criticism of Mr. Trump that has not already been volleyed — by his own team."

She then cleverly and dishonestly went through all the attacks on him by the also-rans in the 2016 Republican nomination process.

But the real problem is the media. It has spent more than four years calling him every mean and vile thing they could think up. They threw away their credibility.

Tim Alberta of Politico told Karni, "Voters on the whole are completely desensitized to personal attacks on Trump at this point."

Still convinced that Donald Trump is unqualified, Alberta said, "the unlearned lesson from 2016 for Republicans was that every day spent launching ad hominem attacks on Trump was a day not spent pointing to voters how little he knows about actually running the government."

Journalists and their employers also have not learned a darned thing. They keep making personal attacks on the president instead of arguing against his policies. That is because his policies are working. Most Americans are better off today than they were 4 years ago.

But the press lives in another dimension. They keep calling President Trump names.

And they keep going back to the sources who got the 2016 election wrong.

Karni talked to Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster.

He said, "Part of the reasons that voters in 2016 overlooked a lot of these same criticisms of Trump is that they hoped that his schtick was just a schtick. It’s possible these criticisms will be more meaningful because it’s much harder to have the illusion that these character deficiencies aren’t for real."

Keep calling him Hitler. Maybe on the millionth time it will stick. If not then, the billionth time will.

Karni made a big deal about Garin helping elect Democrat Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia by  attacking President Trump as a racist and a "narcissistic maniac."

Not mentioned in her story is Northam wearing black face and posing with a fellow dressed as a klansman.

The story said personal attacks on President Trump will not work. Yet it was one personal attack after another.

They think this will work.

They thought the same thing 4 years ago.

I don't see the name-calling causing defections in the ranks of Trump supporters. 2020 is looking like 2016.


  1. Karni reminds me of the husband who tells his wife, "I could say you're putting on weight ... but I won't."

  2. 2020 is looking like 2016 on steroids. None of the democrat clowns will be able tp put together a billion dollar warchest.

  3. President Trump doesn't know how to run a government. He does know how to run a business though and is using the same tactics. Funny how that works so well.

    1. Exactly. Trump shows what losers the political class is. That class only knows graft.

  4. He said, "Part of the reasons that voters in 2016 overlooked a lot of these same criticisms of Trump is that they hoped that his schtick was just a schtick. It’s possible these criticisms will be more meaningful because it’s much harder to have the illusion that these character deficiencies aren’t for real."

    Where did he pull this nugget from? I really don't understand where the Left gets this stuff.

    I have never seen a Trump supporter who would not admit that Trump is not perfect. Both Trump and Barack Obama are known to have big egos. Having a big ego is pretty much a job requirement to be POTUS. You have to think you are pretty hot stuff to even consider running for the nomination.

    But Trump can justify his high opinion of himself by pointing to his accomplishments. Prior to becoming POTUS, Obama's only accomplishments were winning elections by eliminating his competition.

    Soi what are Trump's other "character deficiencies?" He is on his third marriage, but the divorce stigma was eliminated decades ago. Trump was a self-admitted playboy for a number of years and has been unfaithful to one or more of his wives. In other words, he behaved like a Democrat.

    Trump says and tweets some things that upset people. Boo-hoo. One of the selling points on Trump was that "He fights." Trump refuses to be a punching bag for Democrats and the news media (BIRM). When they hit him, he hits back, harder.

    All the complaints about his "bombastic" speaking/tweeting style come from Democrats and NeverTrumpers (BIRM) - a bunch of butthurt losers.

    I have often compared Trump to the characters played by Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry, The Man With No Name, etc. - they were not nice guys, but nice guys would have never survived.

    Democrats play dirty and play for keepsies. Hillary would have eaten Jeb Bush's lunch, and chewed up and spit out Marco Rubio. Any GOP nominee would have been called Hitler. To defeat Hillary we needed someone who could play by the Democrats rules and win.

    And that is the real reason the Left hates Trump. He beat them at their own game.

    1. I take him at his word.

      He adores America.

      Absolute!y adores America.

      What is there to not like about that?

    2. Yes, the great thing is that Trump answers back immediately usually using Twitter, so a humorous way of looking at Trump is that he is like Tweedy Bird who always out smarts the Putty Tat Democrats and leqves them nursing their bruises.

    3. Donald fights, back he is a patriot and so far nothing he has done as President appears to be selfish. Other than Reagan he is the only president in my lifetime that is so committed to making us great.

  5. It's "the boy who cried wolf" syndrome.

  6. "I don't see the name-calling causing defections in the ranks of Trump supporters."

    On the contrary, Mr. Surber. It emboldens us to stick by his side no matter how the fake news winds blow.

  7. The current explosion of name-calling, even beyond the usual baseline amount, is a result of the collapse of the Russian Collusion narrative. The cameras are always rolling, and those poor talking heads have to say something, and something negative about Trump.

    If they were smart they would save this attack, and others, for the last stretches of the campaign, instead of desensitizing the public to the accusations. But then what would that talk about in the interim?

  8. So true. Russia elected him and all those lies are suddenly, he is racist, racist, racist....
    They got nothing.

  9. Don, thanks for writing this blog, what you write here is important.

  10. Shhhhhhhh. Don't tell the Dems what won't work. Let them keep on keepin' on.

  11. First, recognize we're in an Uncivil war, globalists vs America firsters. The GOPe support globalism and that's why they and their #neverTrump punditry attacked Trump 24/7 and then supported Hillary in the election. They continue to oppose Trump and his America first agenda today.
    Attacking Trump always invites comparisons and the disloyal opposition always comes out looking worst.
    They always rush to judgement to get out their false narrative and then it falls apart when the truth starts coming out. After a failure, they always double down because they know they only have to win once. That's the real danger. If Hillary had won, America would have ceased to exist as a nation state.

  12. " ......If Hillary had won, America would have ceased to exist as a nation state."


    The true strength of our United Sovereign States of America would have been tested in many ways.

    The voluntary nature of those abiding the law would be faced with the choice of obey Unconstitutional null law or do not obey.

    Comply with Unconstitutional null regulations, rules, directives, etc., or do not comply.

    Remit Unconstitutional null taxations or do not remit.

    When any, so employed, sought to impose, via enforce, any Unconstitutional null compulsions upon those refuse to be abused by Unconstitutional null nonsenses, both the employed to impose force and those upon whom said imposed force is targeted, would have had to choose, between submission to Constitutinal null nonsense + enforcement of Constitutional null nonsense, OR to refuse to be abused AND refuse to be the abuser.

    Some may consider the United States of America to be a single nation state. That is a false conclusion of their considerings.

    United Sovereign States.

    United under Constitution of same.

    True, Authentic diversity inherent within our Constitution, our Sovereign States United and in every true American whose values are Constitutional, aka, read the Bill of Rights and know the nature of Americans and America.

    This is what all of the world's tyrants fear.

    The true spirit of America being inspired within their tyrannically cowered citizens.