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Monday, August 05, 2019

A recession won't stop Trump

I suppose Bill Maher spoke for many Democrats and RINOs on his show on Friday when he said, "I’ve been hoping for a recession. People hate me for it, but it would get rid of Trump, so you shouldn’t hate me for it."

Maher of course is wrong because President Donald John Trump already has proved that his economic policy works. Obama left him with a 4.9% unemployment rate.

Through deregulation, tariffs, and tax cuts, President Trump has knocked that down to 3.7%, which is the lowest in 50 years.

Anticipating his restoration of capitalism, the stock market took off when he surprised the experts and won the presidency. Stocks are up 35% since his election.

President Trump kept his promise.

Maher overlooks something else in his macho cry for a recession: Trump supporters also are willing to endure one to keep Donald John Trump president.

They have less to lose. I suggest Maher listen closely to the words of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." We can go back to zero. Can Maher?

Today's drop in stock prices (triggered by currency manipulation by Red China) along with last week's drop in prices put stocks down 7% from their historic peak. It looks like a cyclical correction. We had another one last November and December.

Democrats pounced on last year's correction as proof that President Trump is a disaster who must be replaced by a Pete Buttigieg, Marianne Williamson, or one of the other 20-plus Democrat goofballs running for president.

Six months later stocks had not only recovered, but they set new highs. A little sell-off now is expected.

But let us suppose it leads to a recession. After nearly three years of hassling the president, they -- the media, the Democrats, and the rest of the Washington Establishment -- have turned him into a sympathetic character.

They -- not President Trump -- are more likely to be blamed for any downturn because they fought him every step of the way.

Maher merely said what is on the minds of his bosses in the executive suites of Time-Warner. They want Americans to lose their jobs and suffer as punishment for having the audacity to elect a capitalist as president instead of a socialist like Hillary.

Don't kid yourself. Maher remains on the payroll as long as he says what they want to hear.

I doubt there will be a recession, because of what guest John Heilemann said.

He said, "Trump is doing everything you can possibly do to screw up the economy.

"It's like everything is going great. This is the great thing -- you watch Trump's rhetoric. He says this is the lowest unemployment ever, African-Americans are doing great, we're all doing fantastic, best ever.

"But also, 'It's a disaster, we have to change everything. America is getting robbed blind by the foreigners.' It's like what the fuck are you talking about? Are we having a good economy or a bad economy? If we have a good economy, why not just say let it ride. If we have a bad economy, we'll have another conversation, but he's making no sense with his refrain."

Heilemann is a political expert. He missed the biggest story of his life: the election of Donald John Trump as president.

Why would anyone believe that a failure on politics like Heilemann knows a darned thing about the economy? In fact, smart money bets against whatever he says.

But a recession no longer matters. Washington wasted two years and $32 million blaming ROOSHANS for President Trump's election.

Mollie Hemingway tweeted today, "Seeing far too many anti-Trump journalists/talking heads get whipped up in alternate reality of their own making. Their 2016 coverage revealed their embarrassing disconnectedness from the electorate but they're getting worse, louder, more defiant, angrier in their ignorance."

She explained the last four years well.

Power corrupts. It also makes some people stupid.


  1. Fox needs to give Mollie Hemingway her own show and bounce one of the dopes like Shepard Smith or Chris Wallace.

    1. From your lips to God's ears ....

  2. The thing with Hate, which is all we ever hear from the propaganda wing of the DNC, is that it causes you to ignore anything good about the object of your hate. Then you expand the hatred to those who are in accord with the object of your hate.

    You lose sight of reality, which has never been a strong point of the left. Perfect example is their near worship of Socialism/Communism, which really are just degrees different from each other, despite having seen the great hope of "socialism" in the Bolshevik revolution. Those who seek massive changes always grab and hold on to power they killed and sacrificed other lives for. To do that, they also have to go through a dead economy, and those leaders never are self sacrificing, after all they are the revolution. Fast forward to our National Socialists Party, they will be as bad as Lenin or Hitler's power mad leaders, and to keep power that becomes ever more miserable and nothing like the "dream" they have to use the end of a gun to keep that power. But our stupid leftists believe they are smarter than all those who went before, they will do it right... with Williamson's love boat fighting the dark force, or some such.
    China is betting their country on tanking their own economy in order to wait out this election cycle. I don't see the leadership being able to calm the billions of Chinese souls when they are in famine and can't buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of money.
    If China pulled this closer to the election, it might have made some difference, but this is far too early, and China could face a revolt from a suppressed people who have had enough.
    China doing this also risks their being able to purchase foods from other nations, as their currency value is tanked.
    Of course the left will never see the evil intents of China, which bought them years ago.
    I see this move as desperation, not strategic, on the part of China. Imagine if Trump pulls this off in time to see a massive surge in the economy prior to the election... that will be game, set, match.

  3. Surber shows he thinks that regardless of events Trump will remain his savior.

    He ignores what happened to both Bushes and Carter. Recessions killed them all. Jobs are what matters to voters and a recession by next year will end Trump and his record deficit spending.

    The threat of recession is precisely why Trump demanded lower interest rates recently. But when Obama was Prez he lamented low interest rates proving Trump is just another power hungry demagogue.

    He sticks his finger in the wind and then decides regardless of principle. He has none.

    1. and I wonder where your finger goes to pull out YOUR rants.

      never mind. don't share please.


    2. Ahhhhhhhhh.......

      The sickly sweet and rancid odor of the ever quoted "principles"!!!!

      Hill air rheeeeeeee oooos!!!!

      Here are the true "principles":

      1. You got conceived. Plopped into a particle of substance.

      2. This particle of substance became the meat form which was pushed out of it's assembly bag upon the event of your birth.

      3. You then experienced a sequence of your meat form assembling itself into what you currently animate as you read this.

      4. You will continue to animate your meat form until it can no longer function. Then you will be removed from it.

      5. Big Deal, huh?

      6. So What?

      7. You may now cry yourself a river........

    3. Obama also lamented that gas wasn't $5 a gallon.

    4. ANON.

      Carter and Bush cut their own throats, recession had little to do with them being losers. Carter with his feckless leadership and America hatred and Bush by throwing away Reagan's legacy.

  4. I expect Soros will try to manipulate the markets before the election like he did in 2008. Like Don said, it won’t matter.

  5. Elections are based on alternatives. Trump will be the better alternative even if there is a mild recession.
    Fortunately for him the and the world Democrats present weak alternatives with either no previous track record of success or plans for total economic disaster that even rich blase libs like Beezlebub and Bloomberg wont accept. Contributions from their posse will be weak compared to their last debacle.
    Trump indeed will still appear better to most of the rich because greed is stronger than hate and to most of the rest because they had enough of anxiety and depression under Obama.
    Also the Chinese lie about everything. They are materialists who have no plans to give up stealing trillions in trade secrets. Sooner or later they will make some temporary deal to cut losses and stick to it more or less as long as Trump is president or maybe until his last year. Then they will go back to piracy. Any way, he will still have the advantage in 20.
    This market correction is as usual over done. There is hardly any alternative other than stocks or the mattress given such low interest rates. And the USA is still the only place to be for an investor or one aspiring to politcal freedom, a fact more apparent every day the sun shines.

    1. The irony is that most investments ARE stocks based.

      Stocks' values are grounded upon economy.

      Economy is totally dependent upon business.

      Business is totally dependent upon vibrant producers/consumers.

      The democrats consider all who produce to be a source of thieveries therefrom, aka taxations.

      The democrats, and their cooperating minions of whichever claimed political party, are fundemental thieves. Their core is to take from any who have earned.

      They are the squirrels who steal from the nests of the squirrels who actually earned their gatherings.

      And it is well known the opinion of those squirrel moochers that the honorable Rocky has.

  6. Funny how the stable genius got his little hands on the fed and he finds a way to screw it up. It took GWB a lot longer to screw it up, but then not everyone has the bankruptcy prowess of the orange grifter.

    1. Someone feels the approaching reelection of MAGA as a threat to their bosses' hog trough!!!

      Oh woe is thee!!!!

      So dost thee make thy feeble plea!!!!

      When hog trough drains

      All that remains

      Is for hogs to

      Feast on thee!!!!

      Alas, you twit

      You will be it

      That morsel bit

      The hogs will get!!!!

      Maybe try dousing yourself in tabasco sauce!!!!

    2. Your bitterness is like a cool nights breeze to the unbrainwashed.

  7. I read everything and listen to as much as I can stand but I still can't see how this hurts Main Street?? It hurts the Globalists for sure since they are tied at the hip with the Chicoms production means. We will get products cheaper since our dollar is getting stronger and yuan is getting weaker. How is that a bad thing??

  8. What we're seeing from the disloyal opposition is mass hysteria. In all my seventy years, I've never seen anything like. The Trump haters have become untethered from reality. Every time they fail, they double down. They're actually helping Trump get re-elected.

  9. No....a recession probably won't stop Trump. With the clown car insanity side show the Demonrats have devolved into Trump is firmly in the drivers seat of the Fed Gov.
    The ONLY one who can derail Trump is Trump.....and his statement about maybe doing something with 'gun control' indicates he may just derail his own choo choo train and lose in 2020. Apparently the ONE THING Trump still hasn't figured out is gun owners make up an ENORMOUS percentage of his voters...and if he alienates them with bullshit gun control like the ridiculous 'bump stock' ban HE WILL LOSE in 2020.

    1. Ah yes, but as noted earlier in the comments, elections are about alternatives. Even if he does something stupid regarding 2A the batshit crazy leftist won't be a better choice.

    2. 1. The democrats are all grafters. Thieves. Always. That is the least worst thing they always are.

      2. The batshit crazy are the grafter democrats useful idiots. The batshit crazy being idiots, now are being the idiots they are and the grafter democrats no longer can control them. Hardy Har Har Har Har.

      3. Our MAGA President, having experienced for his entire career the grafting democrats, knows precisely how epically fucked the grafter democrats now are. ALL grafter democrats, ALL those who have participated in cahoots with said grafter democrats, and ALL those now in full blown panic mode, cannot begin to control the formerly useful batshit crazy idiots they have used in days, years and decades past. The grafters have fucked themselves.

      4. 2020 will be the Year of Clarity. MAGA provides both the Brilliant Light Shining and the Crystal Clarity of Focused Purpose: Americans All.

      5. If anything, 2020 is a more mathematically rigorous equation than 2016. 2016 was clear enough, being the clinton cunt most repulsive. As 2020 approaches, we, Americans All, are being presented with the repulsiveness of grafter democrats PLUS the batshitcrazy idiots in ever increasing volume of their screeching cacaphony of batshit crazinesses. And the parasite media feeds off of all of this lunacy with gluttonous abandon.

      The options in theory are two.

      In reality, but one: MAGA.

      As the maggots roil, MAGA rolls on.

  10. Gynocentric Spiritualism-driven gun control will derail the Trump train, however. Rug should stop fellating the femin$TAZI Ko$$ack $hrike$ and defend the Second Amendment, or we will end up with a flaming “Democrat” communist - probably one of the chicks - in the cherry blossom throne instead of the god-emperor come the end of next year.
    Nothing spells doom for a GeOPapi$t’$ political career like shitting on the majority of his electorate!

    #DONTgoRINOonUS #CUCK$needNotApply #RedFlagRedPill

    1. So.

      You replaced the letter s with the symbol $.


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      And the fake slang twang bee bopping!!!!

      You quip!!!

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      You quite da pip!!!!

      Now, flush the damn toilet and take out the garbage!!!!!

      You no wanna get da hose, again, do yaz????