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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Why Trump wants Minnesota

On Monday, I explained the president's tweeting against clown Congresswoman Ihlan Omar, D-Somalia. He wants to flip Minnesota. He also wants to flip the House. His tweets pushed Democrats to rally behind the unpatriotic Odd Squad.

But why is Minnesota important to President Donald John Trump? He won without it last time.

Two numbers explain it.

12 and 22.

In 2016, there were 34 Senate races. Democrats won the 12 races that were in Hillary's 20 states. Republicans won the 22 races in the 30 states that President Donald John Trump carried.

That was unusual and it may have been a first. There simply was no ticket splitting (well, not enough ticket splitting to make a difference). I cannot find a time in which not one state split between a president and a senator.

In 2018, something unusual happened again. Republicans knocked off four incumbent Democrat senators. That just does not happen to a party out of power in a midterm.

This gave Republicans a net gain of two seats. That, too, is unheard of for a party that controls the White House in a midterm.

President Donald John Trump is keenly aware of the importance of the Senate. Yesterday, Republicans confirmed his 43rd circuit judge. He is working hand-in-glove with the RNC to recruit and elect Republicans.

The Senate map for 2020 is almost as important as the Electoral College map to The Donald.

Expect him to really want Alabama, where Democrat Doug Jones seeks a full term.

Brad Parscale mentioned earlier this year that he had a good shot at taking Michigan and New Mexico. Both have Senate races. Democrat Gary Peters seeks a second-term in Michigan. Democrat Tom Udall won't seek another term in New Mexico.

Minnesota has a Senate race as Democrat Tina Smith seeks a full term after winning a special election last year.

Carrying those four states in 2020 would increase the odds of getting to a 57-43 majority in the Senate.

By the same token, Republican Cory Gardner in Colorado is vulnerable unless President Donald John Trump can flip it.

A 56-44 Senate would set the president up for a successful second term.

His plan to flip the House is simple. Just show how crazy and unpatriotic they are.


  1. Trump seems to have a knack for looking at the long game. Usually when we see a trend he as at it awhile already.

  2. Given how the Democrats and Polis have bought Colorado for the Gay Mafia, don't expect squishy Gardner to win.

    1. Never bet against Donald John Trump

    2. What Ed - and Big D, originally! - said.

    3. There is not a more contemptible senator than the scumbag Cory Gardener. His smiling face hides a duplicitous character. Can not stand the fooker and if I still lived in CO, I'd be hard pressed to pull the lever for him.

    4. Last time the choice was between Cory Gardner and Mark Uterus so I pulled the R lever. Next year the choice will be between Gardner and an even more whacked-out Democrat. and I'll happily pull the lever for Gardner. The choice in politics is always between the worst two candidates.

  3. His plan to flip the House is simple. Just show how crazy and unpatriotic they are.

    Already done.

    1. Repetition = Reinforcement = Retention = Right Here, Right Now, Right MAGA!!!!

      From this day to Election Day 2020!!!

  4. Maybe, just maybe, Omar will snap Minnesota back to reality and from blue to red.

  5. Minnesota has been a purple state for a long time. When the unfunny clown stole the senate seat from Coleman, the Communists got their claws in deep enough to scratch out a few wins.
    Now it is time to get people MAGA-vated and kick a whole lot of crazy to the curb.

  6. I have not worked for DJT but I have worked with men exactly perfectly like him and here's my thought = he just LOVES to torment his enemies into making serious mistakes as he just watches them do it. I think DJT is a somewhat evil genius for this and I do enjoy watching him do it then listening to the caterwauling of hatred in reply.

  7. The biggest problem I see is that the Democrats will have such massive voter and election fraud on their side, I don't see how Trump can possibly win in 2020.

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  8. All we need are HONEST elections where everyone is legal, registered and alive.

  9. You have just identified where the Demoncrats will work their fraud campaign the hardest. The dems know that they cannot win the White House but also know that they can steal the Senate thereby preventing President Trump form accomplishing anything until they, the dems, can take the White House. All American Patriots need to focus on making sure that the Senate stays 'R' in 2020.

  10. I believe 100% that the president's tweet-bashing of the Squad was a result of political calculation. He meets regularly with Brad Parscale and his instincts are almost always spot on.