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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Why do they doubt Trump?

John Hinderaker called it "A Blunder Of Epic Proportions."

President Donald John Trump had dared call out Democrat Congresswoman Ihlan Omar in a tweet.

Hinderaker at Powerline wrote, "This is the headline in my home town paper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It will be the same in every newspaper across the country."

Oh no!

Not a terrible newspaper headline!

How can President Donald John Trump survive a terrible newspaper headline?

This is worse than impeachment, isn't it?

Conventional wisdom holds that congresswomen of color are goddesses who cannot be criticized. You must worship them and admire their spunk.

The experts in Washington called President Donald John Trump's tweets racist, sexist, Islamophobic and xenophobic. He was a homophobic short of a full basket of deplorables.

And therein lies part of the problem. For 8 years, the press deemed any criticism of Obama or his programs racist. The word lost its power. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will make us laugh and laugh and laugh.

But the biggest problem is once again the experts and elitists -- whom President Donald John Trump has manhandled for four years -- still believe he does not know what he is doing.

Hinderaker's analysis is worthy of The Weekly Standard, which is to say it too is defunct.

He wrote, "The Democrats have been self-destructing, with the progressives denouncing Nancy Pelosi and other members of the party’s leadership as racists. That conflict has dominated the news, and I am sure Trump is right that Nancy Pelosi would be happy to work out travel arrangements to get rid of the Squad. But now she won’t have to. Trump’s attack on the Squad was so foolish that I would assume it to be a case of drunk-tweeting, except that the President doesn’t drink."

What Hinderaker missed was President Donald John Trump's entire point. Ihlan Omar is toxic because of her ungrateful and anti-American views. He forced Democrats to rally behind her.

He did not become president by listening to Bill Kristol.

The press meanwhile is going overboard to publicize President Donald John Trump's question of why the congresswomen of color do not help those lands they love. The press is unwittingly reminding us of Omar's ingratitude.

Recall three summers ago when then-candidate Donald John Trump went to Dimondale, Michigan, population 1,243 (93% white) on August 19, 2016, to woo black voters.

The next day, I wrote, "The brilliance of going to rural white areas to get the black vote."

Philip Bump of the Washington Post wrote, "It’s hard to imagine a much worse pitch Donald Trump could have made for the black vote."

One of us was right, and Bump was wrong, wrong, wrong.

He wrote, "There's no reason to think that Trump's suggestion that black Americans had 'nothing to lose' because they 'are living in poverty' will do anything to reverse that trend. Nor was his insistence in North Carolina that he should get votes from black voters because 'the inner cities are so bad.' Some black people, research shows, live in places besides the 'inner city.'

"So why make the argument? It could be, simply enough, that Trump doesn't have anyone in his inner circle that can provide a sense of how to reach out to the black community. One adviser said on CNN that Trump making his appeal in a mostly white town wasn't a big deal and that 'maybe it would have been nice if he went and had a backdrop with a burning car.' Or maybe Trump was listening to Ben Carson, who in May made a similar argument for Trump: He would only be president for four years, so what could go wrong?"

Others argued that he was wasting his time in making a pitch to black voters in a white town.

There were three reasons the speech was brilliant.

I wrote, "First, we are still in the dawn of the general election campaign. Trump is trying to stretch and widen the battlefield by adding Michigan and Wisconsin to Hillary's list of woes.

"Second, Trump is training his troops. To counter the rote trope of racism used against any Republican candidate, Trump is showing his followers how they must frame the issue as a failure of Democratic Party policy.

"Third, Trump is showing black voters that he is not dropping his G's when he speaks to them. No, no, no, when he was in Dimondale, he said the same thing."

And who took Michigan three months later?

President Donald John Trump won that day. He won the next day and the next day and every day since. Intelligent people would realize by now that resistance is futile.

And yet there was a Harvard Law graduate trying to tell you the guy he wrote off four years ago just made "A Blunder Of Epic Proportions."

There was a blunder all right, but it was a pedestrian one that happens every day to thousands of people who still, for some reason, think they are smarter than President Donald John Trump.

What they really don't get is the math. To win in 2020, Democrats have to peel some percentage of President Trump's supporters. Show me how going ballistic over this batch of tweets does that. Show me how going ballistic 1,000 previous times flipped one darned voter. All this does is drain the opposition emotionally. Support for impeachment was a pathetic 27% in June. It is down to 21%.


  1. Let's see, why did I quit reading Powerline a dozen years ago? I have the nations worst senator, if I want to know what Mitt thinks, he has his own website.

    1. My LDS neighbor despised Mitt and still does
      he feels Mitt threw the election.

    2. "...if I want to know what Mitt thinks, he has his own website."

      Dammit, ck! I was sipping my morning coffee. You owe me a new computer. You and Don Surber, that is... :-)

      - AZ

    3. Can you imagine the scene if Trump, instead of Romney, had been there under the gun when Big O and Cathy Crowley held an ambush?

      I think Trump might have actually walked out of the debate, but not before he gave them a piece of his mind.

    4. Ck, I'd love to agree with you, but respectfully you've only got the worst "fake Republican" Senator, not the nation's worst.

      I'm in CA, so I'd trade either one of my evil Senators, Dianne Feinstein or Kamela Harris, for yours in a heartbeat!

    5. Esky, I was born in Pomona in 1953, my parents LA 1929, I was driven out by the foreign invasion(east coast trustfunders). I too despise Chi-Spy and Willies girl.

    6. Not a blunder. Only the media bimbofied believe the racist spin.

  2. President Trump is a genius at getting people to reveal themselves.

    He did not become president by listening to Bill Kristol, is a great line.

    1. Yes, that is President Trump's primary superpower. He reveals who your enemies are and who your friends aren't.

  3. The media and Democrats can't help themselves. Identity politics makes it difficult for the Democrats from challenging people of color in their orbit who stray from the party line. Then Trump can use that to attack the Democrats in general.

  4. If President Trump, today, were to state that consuming cyanide was bad, how many liberals would take some just to spite him?


    1. My religion says it's a sin to smile at someone's 'misfortune.' ;-)

    2. Kitty, this was part of my Bible study this morning:

      “Since you ignored all my advice
      And would not accept my rebuke,
      I in turn will laugh at your disaster;
      I will mock when calamity overtakes you -
      When calamity overtakes you like a storm,
      When disaster sweeps over you like a whirlwind,
      When distress and trouble overwhelm you.”

      Proverbs 1:25-27

      Just sayin...

    3. zregime, I was hoping to imply that I was smiling at JeremyR's comment.

    4. I know you were - just wanted to troll a little. You cool!

  5. Conventional wisdom holds that congresswomen of color are goddesses who cannot be criticized.

    A great many congresswomen of color share a similar view.

    In the immortal words of Sheila Jackson Lee, "I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen".

    1. Wasn't she a "freed slave?"
      I have Black friend -his Pop is a Pastor of
      a local black (MAGA BTW) Church. His Pop was Airborne in Vietnam neat the tail end of the War. Get Him started on the likes of AOC and Omar..Why he (and Pop) would be called Racists!

  6. "The experts in Washington called President Donald John Trump's tweets racist, sexist, Islamophobic and xenophobic. He was a homophobic short of a full basket of deplorables."
    I giggled out loud for almost a minute, then continued reading... I think Mr Surber is friends with my 'Alexa', and is evesdropping into my living room. because he then wrote
    "names will make us laugh and laugh and laugh."
    exsctly what was happening in that same living room.
    Thank you, Don.

    1. This incident was definitely a two-fer.

      Not only did Trump light the MSM and Dims up big-time, but now they're fighting each other (referring to the episode where Pelosi broke House rules-See Sundance at CTH for the hilarious blow-by-blow).

      So not only did Trump achieve his political goal of getting the House leadership to back the Squad, but the Dims are so ticked off, they're (politically) shooting each other!

      Political goal achieved plus great entertainment value for us. A two-fer!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. For years and years, I said: "The Lord in his majestic wisdom and mysterious ways has seen fit to make our foes competent and tireless and our ostensible allies incompetent and weak at the knees."

    When you read the Bible, the thing that's hiding in plain sight is how patient the Lord is. Jesus is king of the world, and He has a plan. Sometimes we chafe under it, but that's for our own good as well.

  9. 'There was a blunder all right, but it was a pedestrian one that happens every day to thousands of people who still, for some reason, think they are smarter than President Donald John Trump.'

    The folks who think they're smarter than Trump are educated beyond their own intelligence...

  10. John Hinderaker? Is he the one the hookers named their customers after or the one the crapper is named for?

  11. Long ago I used to read Powerline, but some or most of them were Never Trumpers at the election, so I gave them up. Now they've come back to sanity a bit, but still manage to miss what's plainly in front of their faces, which can only be that old anti-Trump bias cutting off their vision.

    Don has skewered what Hinderaker said very well; but I was amused to see 874 comments on that article, of which over 95% were negative! Apparently very few people agree with his analysis, and are saying so in no uncertain terms!

    (Hint to Don: if you want lots of comments, then just praise Omar Ilhan, or pile on PDJT, and you'll get them!)

    1. John Hinderaker has usually been pro-Donald Trump. Steven Hayward wrote in the never-Grump issue of National review. He doesn’t admit that now and is generally pro-Trump. Paul Meringoff cannot write a post without taking a shot at PDJT. Scott Johnson is usually pro-Trump.

      Powerline has been in the forefront in trying to expose Ilhan Omar. They have done a great job at that and other stories.

      John Hinderaker swing and missed by a mile on this story. I bet he posts his regrets soon.

      Thanks Don for not swinging and missing.

    2. I like people who don't make swinging and missing an art form. I stopped reading Powerline when they brought that Meringoff creature back. Shows they all have poor judgment.

    3. He should read McCain's "How to get a million hits on your blog." I wonder how Mrs. Surber would take Rule 5.

  12. Black incomes are up 10% since 2017 while black unemployment is at the lowest levels in history.

    If Trump is a racist, it's the one thing he's really, really bad at.

  13. According to the Avatars of the Conventional Wisdom, Donald Trump should not be president. The Avatars of the Conventional Wisdom are the last to know that the conventional wisdom has become obsolete.

    -Mikey NTH

  14. The Strib is a POS even by newspaper standards. Powerline has long documented their crummy paper's failure to report on Democrat corruption in Minnesotastan.

  15. Who reads or buys newspapers these days?? THe writers are all lefty, low paid, disgruntled hacks.

  16. I agree it was a blunder, because while I know Trump is not a racist, and I know his words have been bandied about out of recognition and context... I ALSO KNOW I AM NOT THE AVERAGE LO-FO VOTER. It is not a matter of right or wrong words, but one of degree. If Trump wants the votes of suburban women and of minorities in general, he cannot serve up fat fastballs that the media can hit out of the park! It is that simple. I have been told that I must think I am smarter than Trump. I don't know how to do what he has done, BUT I am afraid he is a bit more addicted to controversy than is healthy. Just because he loves it doesn't make it the best answer to dealing with our most powerful enemy - the media!

    1. Well, ray ray, ya got a few things correct.

      You are that simple.

      You do disregard those who have advised you that you are not that smart.

      You are afraid.

      That's about it.

      Suburban women and minorities in general?

      That is quite the presumptive grouping there.

      For a not low information voter, you sure seem to give a lot of weight to both the fake news and your presumed stupidity of suburban women and minorities in general.

      Did you read, let alone understand, Don's article you are commenting on?

      Or are you just so thin skinned that whatever you consider bothersome must also be bothersome to those suburban women and minorities in general?

      With 15 months or so of weeks and days until the 2020 election, these daily events are gonna cripple you, buddy.


      Savor the magic of MAGA.

      Try to not panic every single day.

      Not only does President Trump know what he is doing, not only does President Trump know what he is doing when so many others do not get it, he knows exactly what is needed.

      The source of your anxiety is that you know not how to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

      Jeet Kun Do.

  17. You know Donald Trump misspoke badly when his ardent fans have to shift the discussion since they can't even defend what he said.