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Friday, July 19, 2019

What NYT means by The Resistance

The New York Times editorial board today explained, "The Real Meaning of ‘Send Her Back!’" Editorials are public notices to the staff. While the board pretends it is separate from the newsroom, it is staffed by the people who hire and fire and hand out raises to the people in the newsroom.

The editorial was as awful as any intelligent person imagined.

The board harrumphed, "Mr. Trump appears to see the presidency as a giant megaphone for stoking racial and ethnic animus. It is not just that he pursues policies aimed at exacerbating divisions, like banning migrants from majority-Muslim nations or building a wall on the United States-Mexico border. He seeks to demonize those who oppose his policies as dangerous extremists out to destroy America. In cases where his critics are not white — whether congresswomen of color or a judge of Mexican heritage — Mr. Trump is eager to spotlight that fact."

Obama's embrace of the racist Black Lives Matter movement was not mentioned.

But why argue with reactionaries?

Instead let us explore what the Times, the rest of the media (including entertainers) and the rest of the Democrat Party mean by The Resistance.

The common belief is that this is a resistance to President Donald John Trump.

But it is more than.

Jim Comey, who tried as director to turn the FBI into the KGB by spying on political opposition now wants to go after the supporters.

Frieda Powers reported today, "James Comey thinks it’s time President Donald Trump’s 'mob' of supporters be sent 'back to their dark corner.'

"The former FBI director took aim on Twitter at any American who supports the president as part of a problem that stands in stark contrast to other Americans who are 'fundamentally decent people.'"

By other Americans he means those loyal to the Democrat Party.

But when columnists at the New York Times and others encourage the resistance what they resist is America itself. They will never forgive America for electing President Donald John Trump because he overturned Obama's giant leap forward to communism.

This is not about losing a close election. The 2000 election was closer. There were no street demonstrations, no assaults on supporters of the second President Bush. That is because Democrats still had moderating voices.

They are gone. They died. Their replacements are the top of their class at college. They are indoctrinated well. AOC had no problem calling an American detention facility a concentration camp because her professors drilled in her head how racist, sexist, xenophobic, genocidal and slave-owning our country is. She thinks we're a bunch of Nazis so of course our detention centers must be concentration camps.

Look how little shampoo they give women.

The French Resistance was to Germans, not just Nazis. Brigades of soldiers from America and the British Commonwealth landed at Normandy to kill Germans, not just Nazis.

The idea of Nazi Germany was popularized after the war to create the idea that there were good guys in Germany in the war. We told ourselves it was just those damned Nazis we killed who did this.

We still do.

The Resistance Democrats do not want to Make America Great Again.

They want to make America communist.


  1. Wasn't the WWII French Resistance formed around the French Communist Party cells? They already had the organizational structure, the international socialists (Communists) were opposed to the National Socialists (Nazis), and the USSR was an ally with the UK and US.

    1. some were. some weren't. pretty fragmented.

    2. No. The french resistance was not formed around communist cells because the communists actually opposed it and supported Hitler because the USSR and Nazi Germany had the Ribbentrop - Molotov pact. Later, when Hitler invaded the USSR, the communists in France joined the resistance and tried to claim they were in on it from the start. (See Wm. Shirer's "Collapse of the Third Republic" or any other credible history.

  2. Not everyone is born to be an American.

  3. I don't much care what the NY rag has to say about anything. Comey needs to spend a little time in Gitmo getting water boarded until he tells the truth about anything. It could take a while.

    1. Waterboard him, then let him stand trial there with his former compatriots for insurrection in time of war.

  4. The Times, while always left, has taken a sharp turn, like the democrat party. Doenplaying Lansing on the moon by saying the Russians were better than us in space because of diversity (BS) yesterday followed by this.

  5. He seeks to demonize those who oppose his policies as dangerous extremists out to destroy America.

    Last I looked, the gray Lady's been doing that for at least 50 years.

    Probably longer.

    1. The New York Times also gave the Soviet Union plenty of cover for the mass starvation (Holodomor) of Ukrainians in the 30’s. Look up Walter Duranty(pulitzer prize winner) and his marvelous reporting on the Commies.

  6. The elitists don't understand the frustration of watching both legal and illegal immigrants trashing America. Flying their homeland flag, burning the US flag, being ungrateful. They act like they wish this was like their home country. If that's what they want I'd like to see them go home, too. I support President Trump. If they don't like it here, go home! If they're illegal, send them home.

    1. Naturalized citizens can lose citizenship if it can be proven they lied about their beliefs. We need a question in the naturalization process whether or not Sharia Law tops US constitutional law/American rule of law.

  7. ,,Theg will never forgive America for electing President Donald John Trump ,,,
    I see eVery parallel with

    Germany will never forgive jews for going to the concentration camps.

  8. Comey is a moron even by FBI standards.

  9. I try to be very patient with those whom I disagree but defacing and/or burning this veteran's flag in front of him will loosen the demons normally trapped from with-in. I don't go looking for trouble with Antifa, but if they venture into our rural area, they will be overwhelmed by patriots. That is why they stay in Democratic Party controlled cities. If our sheriff didn't contain them, he would not be in office for long.

  10. You say Nazi like it's a bad thing ;-)

  11. Democrats 2020 - Make America Different

    What they "resist" is any effort to forge a common American identity that might result in cooperation between "special interest" groups the Democrats have worked hard and long to segregate.