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Sunday, July 07, 2019

What if they are right about Trump?

I see where Britain's ambassador to the United States had some mean things to say privately about our president.

The Daily Mail reported, "Britain's Ambassador to Washington has described Donald Trump as 'inept', 'insecure' and 'incompetent' in a series of explosive memos to Downing Street.

"Sir Kim Darroch, one of Britain's top diplomats, used secret cables and briefing notes to impugn Trump's character, warning London that the White House was 'uniquely dysfunctional' and that the President's career could end in 'disgrace.'"

When a British ambassador's private insults about a head of state become public, he embarrasses his government not the target of the tirade, or in this case tirades.

After four years of ugly, unprecedented and relentless attacks -- they even speculate as to the size of his penis -- nobody really cares.

Such verbal abuse stopped outraging his supporters within the first month of his candidacy, and I doubt such attacks advance the careers of any celebrity or politician anymore.

For example, the views of "The View" matter only to a few bloggers who believe they can increase traffic by being outraged.

But what if everything they said about President Trump were true?

I shall start with Hillary's basket of deplorables.

What if he were racist? Would it matter? After all, he lobbied for and signed the First Step Act into law.

This crime reform already has reduced prison terms for more than 1,000 people. The reductions average six years.

93% of the people seeing reduced sentences are black. And black people make up 36% of the federal inmate population. He worked with Kim Kardashian West and his daughter, Ivanka, in this endeavor.

What if he were sexist? Would it matter? After all, his was the first successful presidential campaign to be headed by a woman.

What if he were homophobic? Would it matter? After all, his most successful ambassador is Richard Grenell.

What if he were xenophobic? Would it matter? After all, his wife is an immigrant. Four of his children are the children of an immigrant, as is he, as was his father.

Then there is the tiresome Hitler taunt. If true, Ambassador Darroch then is correct in calling President Trump inept, incompetent, and uniquely dysfunctional because the president would be the worst Hitler ever.

I mean, where are those concentration camps? He has yet to even design one let alone build one.

Not only are Jews walking about, but his political opponents have yet to be arrested.

Judges rule against him with impunity. Newspapers libel him. Unlike the previous president, he does not spy on journalists or the political opposition.

The only secret police are the Deep State thugs who tried to usurp his presidency.

And I am still waiting for instruction on how to goosestep.

Worst. Hitler. Ever.

But if all this were true down to the size of his penis, what does that say about the elitists in D.C., Manhattan and Malibu who lost to an inept, incompetent, and uniquely dysfunctional basket of deplorables -- even after spending twice as much money?

They have wasted the first 2 1/2 years of his presidency trying to impeach him.

Meanwhile, President Trump has given us the first corporate tax cut, 3.7% unemployment, 3.1% economic growth so far this year, 3.1% wage growth, 44 circuit judges, new trade agreements, the end of terrible regulations, and the best and most entertaining rallies ever.

Gee, maybe these super-duper smart people are wrong.


  1. bloggers who believe they can increase traffic by being outraged

    Surber gets a twofer for hypocrisy today. He's a blogger who is outraged daily over fake news and the deep state.

    To profit from it he runs ads and writes books.


    Of course it doesn't bother me to profit on a blog. But don't criticize others for doing what you are doing too. LOL

    1. Oh, boy, it's the "daily" attack from Anonymous, and today, "it" is accusing Don of being "outraged daily over fake news and the deep state." Well, I guess, I, too, am outraged daily over the same things. After all, "fake news" is lying and the "deep state" is corruption!

      Only a blind, ignorant fool would think these two things are fine and dandy! But, hey, if the shoe fits. . . . .


    2. This particular entity has it's list of blogs to troll.

      Payments are in currency of chicken tendies.

      So many little chickeny nuggets for getting comment posted.

      So many little chickeny nuggets for each comment upon it's comment.


      We, being the generous MAGA who we are, provide little chickeny nuggets to entity!!!

      We, being also kindly in true MAGA nature, do hope that exvacation facilities are provided for entity.

      As generous as Don and we all are, those little chickeny nuggets do add up and must emerge from entity eventually!!!!

      I do not know what sound little chickeny nuggets make as they are added to entity daily bucket.

      Not likely it is kaching.

      Maybe, kerplop????

    3. Less outrage (how wound up does he ever get?) as opposed to just noting how stupid and ineffective the are.

    4. The pathetic obeisance by the Trump base and willingness to pin it all on the deep state conspiracy shows what is wrong with this country.

    5. So.


      Deeply stated.

      Willingness to.

      Obeisance? What the fuck kind of word is that? To obeis? To obeisly proclaim?

      Some sentence usage examples from your superior linguistic pontificating posting person are hereby requested!!!


    6. Ignore the troll. Anonymous is this blog's own Village Idiot.

      Remember the Simpsons Halloween Special where all the ad statues went nuts? Take Lisa's advice and 'Just don't look, just don't look'

    7. > Obeisance? What the f*** kind of word is that?


    8. Lee.


      What the fuck kind of word is this?

      How do you pronounce it?

      F being a consonant, what the fuck is *, a consonant also, a vowel, or a phonic you produced in the privacy of your own mind?

      And three?

      Gee, Lee, what do you mean???

    9. T.O.L.L.

      Are you not really:

      T.he R.eally O.ld L.aughing L.ady?

      Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!!!

  2. Also think about the lost spin potential.

    Had the Dems cooperated with Trump at least minimally, they could say that the booming economy was only possible because of Dem cooperation; that the inept Trump could not have accomplished this himself. How could they be proven wrong? (It is almost impossible to prove a negative.) Vote Dem in 2020 to keep this economy rolling!

    But Nooooo! As Glenn Reynolds often writes, all they had to to was not be crazy and they can't even do that!

    1. This is the best and most intelligent reply of the day. As Henry VII would say, because it is so like my own. (LOL and TYVM)

  3. It’s interesting when diplomats get outed like this. You have to wonder who benefits? That diplomats career is done in the U.S. Since we have not heard any panicked disavowals we presume he said it and meant it but his career is now over here. Why? I wonder if he is part of the British intelligence apparatus that was working with Brennan’s CIA to spread the Russian “collusion” garbage?

    1. I think you know the answer to that one ...

    2. You must be able to get a "SIR" label off the back of matchbooks these days.

    3. His middle name may be "redacted"

  4. But what if everything they said about President Trump were true?

    He would still be a better POTUS than Hillary or Obama.

    1. Or anyone from the Bush Family, too, for that matter.

    2. i don.t believe half of what i see or hear i believe inb now he has a nice wife nice family and lives his country...he is getting old and tired

  5. What if he were racist?

    LBJ was an old school racist and he passed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

    1. Not without the help of Republicans in Congress who gave him more support than his own party members - DemoKKKrats !!!

    2. He didn’t Pass it. The republicans dragged the demokKKrats to pass it and he signed it because he had it to save face

    3. Because, and I quote, I'll have those redacted voting Democratic for 200 years."

    4. Y'all misspelled "DimoKKKRats."

  6. The worst Hitler ever even had a neighborhood in Israel named for him.

    1. Smacks Forehead and mutters the Yiddish version of "I wish I had included that"

    2. I am so stealing that, Schlong.

  7. on and on boring who cares wht the size of the penis is maybe the ambassador has a small one wh cares// trump lives in these peopl head what about obama and mouchelle robbing elbow with harvey weinstein and the daughter working for him there is no end to this men way of ife he loves america what was in 1999 is not valid to me its now what he does for my wallet so spare me with the size of the penis i don.t care

  8. it was reported in recent days that the US is now the world's top oil producer. trump has to get some credit for that with his pipeline support since i doubt the oil could be pumped and transported without the extra pipe capacity.

  9. Liberals are Liberals, that's all. What non Liberal believes a Liberal?

  10. Only racists accuse others of racism. Only fascists accuse others of fascism. Only men with small pee-pees accuse others ... . You get the message, eh?

  11. Wait--Teresa May's ambassador accused someone of being incompetent and inept? Did I hear that right?

  12. I trust Boris is aware of this already but will say it anyways...

    Your country got some splainin to do!

  13. Not to mention their involvement in the Trump Dossier and entrapments...

    >Your country got some splainin to do!

  14. "I mean, where are those concentration camps?"

    And why are so many illegal migrants trying to get in them?

  15. Don, I appreciate your lighthearted mocking, but this is a very serious matter. If there is a responsible government in Great Britain, this person has to be recalled immediately. It represents a serious breach of diplomatic protocol. It is not for the British government to get involved in who we choose for President, it is for them to deal with the one we choose. Diplomats have to be...diplomatic. Remember lend-lease, the Marshall plan and above all our participation in two World Wars. It is no wonder that our President is suspicious of NATO and even more so the United Nations, and is not counting on European cooperation in his dealings with Iran, or even Russia for that matter.

    1. After I wrote this I came across this British response.

      "The British public would expect our ambassadors to provide ministers with an honest, unvarnished assessment of the politics in their country," the spokesperson said. "Their views are not necessarily the views of ministers or indeed the government. But we pay them to be candid. Just as the U.S. Ambassador here will send back his reading of Westminster politics and personalities."

      Now I understand what an Ambassador is. We don't do diplomacy. We inform our government of our opinions and findings. Should it be necessary to communicate our concerns over anything to the Americans, look for another channel, as we will be ignored in the future.

  16. Maybe said diplomat is getting nervous about what Barr will turn up. I'm betting more than a few across the pond are a little nervous.

  17. Why do we always let leftists make up all the "rules" of society. For example, all the focus is on racism, which is really a thought crime, rather than on prejudice which is demonstrable behavior such as passing over a person for a job due to their race. The focus should be on behavior, not thoughts. Say a person lives their entire life treating all people fairly and with respect. They also never make comments which would be offensive. Unbeknownst to everybody, that person holds views about race which would be objectionable to most, however the person never let those views influence the way they treat others. This is a good person because their behavior is good. The left in this country are constantly analyzing everything a prominent white person says to see if there might be some tangential racist connotation in each and every phrase uttered. There is now a long list of fruits, vegetables, and animals that cannot be included in any comment made by a non-minority person, no matter what the context (example: watermelon, monkey, ape).

    We have let the left slowly drag us all into the realm of thought crime. We have a long way to go before political correctness is defeated. We have to stop letting the left be the referees because they are also the opposing team, or we will keep losing.

    Eric W.

    1. Your establishing question:

      -Why do we always let leftists make up all the "rules" of society.-

      1. There are 3 meanings implied:

      Rules = Laws, enforcable by governmental authorities. Both Civil and Criminal enforcements.

      Rules = Societal regulations, including within business environments. Economic actions and effects are the usual enforcing elements. As in - You're fired!!! Or - I boycott you!!! Or - No promotion for you!!! Or - This is why you got an F final grade!!!

      Rules = Personal perspectives. The proverbial fighting words. Past were face to face. Present via digital abundance of means to communicate.

      2. So, there are 3 different meanings to "rules" and 3 different answers as to the why of your establishing question.

      3. Courtesy induces me to invite you to ponder, and reply with the results of your pondering, the above. And, perhaps, answer you own question.

    2. 1) you forgot Robert's Rules of Order, which you are out of.

      2) you gave "your" highly-opinionated, thus worthless for debate, meanings of what "rules" are, so you gave nothing of substance - neither to validate your rules definitions and unrevealed answers, nor any attempt to answer his question, other than pass the buck of answering back to Eric. Lame.

      3) using high-falutin' words and phrases [induces me, proverbial, etc] makes you sound even lamer.

      BTW, 'fighting words' are not 'proverbial' or merely 'personal perspectives' - they are very actionable epithets aimed at breaching the peace and can get your keister flung in jail. re: Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, 1942

      4) never start a sentence with 'And' - didn't you watch Grammar Rock - Conjunction Junction?

      5) And, finally - "Present via digital abundance of means to communicate." Seriously? Who talks or even thinks like that?

      6) I suggest you amble over to the Ponder-osa
      and - nope - can't hold it in any lon... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and ha!

    3. I put rules into quotes to convey that I was not speaking of laws or official regulations. I will give one other example: after McCain's death all you heard was how you shouldn't speak I'll of the dead. Ok but now we can't even criticize his policy decisions? Why doesn't that apply to every dead political figure like Robert E. Lee, Andrew Jackson, Herbert Hoover? I have heard volumes of ill spoken of those men.

      Eric W.

    4. Exactly Eric - I'm sick of the left setting the ground rules of debate as well.

      To continue your example, McCain was a Vietnam veteran, but we need to look at his whole record. His record with MIAs, with promising repeal of Obamacare and the thumbs down [finger] to his constituents, etc.

      Just like Benedict Arnold - he too was a 'war hero' by capturing Fort Ticonderoga, we can't stop there. He was going to give the British West Point - hence his name has become synonymous with traitor.

      We should be able to discuss his whole life, both Arnold and McCain.

    5. Okay, Eric.


      "Rules" as laws are enforcible. Meaning force is authorized to be used by those employed to do so.

      "Rules" as commonly imposed opinion based requirements are not enforced by authority and those so employed to do so. They are extorted via economics, profession career impeding, boycotting business, retarded, tho often effective, protesting/demonstrating/picketing, etc, and the like. Not actually person to person personal.

      "Rules" as social, personal, relationship, however considered to be intimate, etc, are opinions pushed onto another, mostly of a thou shall not nature, tho thou shalt is also common enough.

      ALL "rules" are either must do or must not do.

      ANY option to may or may not is not a rule.


      This acceptance you refer to is, in any specific case, either compelled by law, via enforcement, or induced by the wanting to avoid undesirable consequence, or by fear of refusal to submit leading to violence.

      The democrats, aka, ALL similiarly minded creatures, have produced a toxic pick your poison situation.

      They have either used their authorities to create laws, enforcible laws, or influenced those having economic control, aka, the boss of your employer, or induced in even the closest personal individuals the attitude that, effectively, their might makes them right, tho they see this as their being right gives them free rein to impose might upon any who do not conform.

      Whether that might is law, economic arm twisting or witholding personal affections, they are the spoiled brat screaming that, because thery are right, they get to beat you into submission. And expect you to thank them later for their tough love.

      Unless these "rules" you lamented about are enforcible law, or unavoidable/unpreventable economic arm twisting, or you really feel the need to not be written off by someone who you personally have great affection for, but who values their own opinion's rightness more than your affection, only submission gets them their way.

      Fuck off is a response to their nonsense.

      Again, if fuck off gets you arrested,cvia valid violation of yet to be declared as unconstitutional law, or gets you fired, or gets you told to go to hell and she/he never wants to see you again, well, you decide what you value most.

      As for the media, ALL msm can, generally, fuck off. Most can fuck off 100% of the time. A few can be acknowledged to be fuck off worthy a bit less than 100% of the time. This applies to ALL media existing to make significant profit from their being fuck off worthy.

      President Trump is so very much more than even most MAGA minded can see. He tells those who have a solid, firm fuck off earned to do just that. He does so in many different ways. Covefe comes to mind. He drives them crazier than even bat shit crazy can imagine.

      Every MAGA minded American who meets the legal requirements of Age, Residence and Citizenship must face the fact that they ALL must register to vote and VOTE MAGA.

      There is no cushion, no wiggle room, no safety net.

      WE are the safety net.

      The scums got caught with their hubris in full blossom with the clinton cunt.

      This time, 2020, it must be overwhelming MAGA, in ervery county, in every state, to make it clear that it was not the scum that lost the 2016 election to MAGA, but that MAGA took America back from the clutches of the scum.

      Scum is shorthand for swamp, democrat, rino, repub elitist, etc.

      You are American, yes?

      Then you decide how must submission to scum nonsense you will bow to.

    6. TOLL.

      To feed you is not to need you. Keep this in mind.

      1. When you find yourself in times of trouble, rules are not gonna save you.

      2. Neither will you find aught but self soothing in your definitions of both "debate" and "lame". Debate does not exist in creator's design. Lame is a created creature, most often a horse, with an injured leg, unable to walk or even stand upon it.

      3. High Fah Lootin. My oh my. And keister. Being flung, no less. Forget how to spell Hoos Gow? That would have been a nice touch. Alas, merely citing, what case law was it?

      4. The command!!!! Never complete without the command!!!

      5. And, then, the question which is not a question, but a statement pretending to be a question. Thus, no answer required.

      6. Finally, the rim shot pun. Did you leak a bkt of pee there, old lady? Fortuitously, no scent to digital tech has been developed. Tho this would add an element to all sorts of advertising pop ups!!!

      The internet.

      Providing comfort to anyone with a connection.

      Hear me!!!!

      Feel me!!!!

      Feed me!!!!



      Lonely old lady...

  18. We don't have to believe anything negative they say about President Trump, his character, or his physique. The facts speak for themselves. His kids support him and work well together, his ex-wives and former employees speak well of him, and the prostitutes pay him! Sounds like a much more ept, secure, and competent person than that undiplomatic diplomat.

  19. a good piece, but drop the pretend phobias
    no such thing as homo, xeno or any of the others
    using the terms helps the left

  20. Great article and a Must Read on with excellent comments following it too. I'm just glad I have autograph copies of Don's books! They're going up in value like the S&P... Don't forget us little guys Don when you're mentioned in the same breathe as Limbaugh, Victor Davis Hansen and Thomas Sowell. Kudos Don!


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