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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Trump's Hamilton distraction

Seth Levy had an explanation of the timing of President Donald John Trump's inevitable attack this weekend on the Odd Squad, aka the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. Levy sadly gave his content free to Twitter rather than put it on his blog, Political Speculation.

That means I can quote it in full because I am not going to link Twitter and make more money for an Internet Oligarch. I already make enough money for them as it is.

But before I go into that, let's talk about me because this is my blog and it is called Don Surber.

On November 18, 2016, I was putting the finishing touches on "Trump the Establishment," which is a good book that you should read.

It was a Friday night and Mike Pence was in New York doing whatever a vice president-elect does. He took his wife to the musical, "Hamilton." After the performance ended, the cast came out and lectured the Pences on democracy, even though our nation is a constitutional republic.

Pence took no offense.

Donald John Trump did.

What ensued was so hilarious that it became a fine example of what we now call very stable genius. It was so good that I had to include it in the book. Which I did. Here is an excerpt:
Trump tweeted, “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This should not happen!”
That kicked off a weekend of Trump bashing on cable news. What was important was what the all-knowing pundits did not discuss. Hours before the cast of Hamilton spoke to Pence, Trump University had settled out of court a lawsuit, giving $25 million to seven thousand former students and the state of New York.
Two days after the show, Pence told Fox News Sunday, “I did hear what was said from the stage, and I can tell you, I wasn’t offended by what was said.”
Once again the press got played. Like a magician trotting out a beautiful and shapely assistant, Trump used the Hamilton cast to divert the attention of the news media from his Trump University settlement.

Donald John Trump buried bad news using the press to dig the hole. A president has the power to change the news. Most of them are clumsy and only underscore the bad news they want to knock off page one.

But Donald John Trump cut his teeth in New York, which is home to the toughest media in the world. Any man who could knock George Steinbrenner off the front sports pages can handle the wimpy Washington press corps with ease.

And he does. Seth Levy gave a very sane genius explanation of what just transpired. His tweets:

1/ Pelosi was actually very honest in her press conference and mostly what she was actually saying was missed.

When asked if Trump was baiting her she said let’s not talk about that. But she also said Trump is a great distractor. Then she revealed the key piece.

2/ Pelosi said you have to give him credit for that. For being a great distractor. But what did she mean?

3/ Well to understand what Pelosi meant you have to look at the series of events that led to Trumps tweets on Saturday morning.

4/ Most analysts have said Trump blundered because he distracted from Democrat infighting that had spilled into the public. But that analysis is flawed mostly because it overlooks what they were arguing about.

5/ Pelosi and the squad were fighting ever since Pelosi passed the funding for the border facilities.

They were arguing about the appropriate response to combating Hitler, I mean Trump, from transforming our border facilities into concentration camps.

6/ It wasn’t over whether they were concentration camps but which approach to combating them was most appropriate.

The concentration camp part was becoming cemented as truth.

But what actually drove Trump to tweet, to distract?

Why Saturday morning?

7/ Well to understand that you have to look at what happened on Friday.

Pence took congresspeople and the media to the facilities in McAllen TX. Generally it was a success. Except the media was winning the spin battle.

8/ The media was selling the Pence visit as a disaster. According to them the key moment was when Pence had turned his back on a cage full of brown men who were suffering. They had framed it as a brazen display of the Trump administration’s indifference.

9/ Then later that night Alyssa Milano posted her famous image.

10/ What was actually a successful trip, that plainly showed the Trump admin was caring for women and children and also doing the best they could with single men who had been convicted of crimes and made multiple attempts to illegally enter, had turned into a PR disaster.

11/ So lets go back to that “fight” between Pelosi and the Squad. In reality Pelosi understands unconventional political warfare. She knows people pay attention to the soap opera. She was loving how things were proceeding. Democrats had all the momentum. Trump was a Nazi.

12/ Then everything changed at 8:27 AM Saturday morning. The great “distractor” changed the context of the argument and took back control of the narrative. He reasserted himself as the defender of American greatness. How did he do it?

13/ He cast the Squad, who I affectionately call the four new congresswomen of the apocalypse, as attempting to impose unproven solutions on America. He cast them as “foreign” and suggested they prove their solutions could work by trying them somewhere else first.

14/ In other words he seriously raised the stakes. Used an inflammatory attack to reset the terms of the narrative and he forced America to consider that the Squad desired not to fix America but to destroy it.

15/ The Squad was left to defend itself. And predictably they cast Trump’s attack as racist. But because they had just accused Pelosi of the same it blunted their argument.

16/ In a hastily arranged press conference Monday, they explained how hurtful Trump’s attack was. But having been the purveyors of the concentration camp attacks, their offense rang political. Then they devolved into they’re radicalism by avoiding a chance to denounce Al-Qaeda.

17/ Shortly after, videos appeared showing the Squad refusing to condemn the Antifa attack on an ICE facility in the state of Washington. Then on Tuesday the RNC dropped a commercial repackaging the events of the previous few days as a display of radical anarchy. Trump had won.

18/ Pelosi attempted to take the high ground by passing a resolution condemning Trump but chaos exploded on the House floor that ultimately required Pelosi to break House rules in order to pass the resolution. It was a clown show. Pelosi had lost.

19/ All setting the stage for Pelosi to step to the podium this morning. Imagine, Democrats had invested months looking to tie the failing facilities as an anchor around Trump’s neck and in 72 hours he slipped the noose and instead tied the squad around Pelosi’s neck.

20/ Pelosi was reduced to declaring that Democrats also want to make America great again and then defining her view of American exceptionalism. It was a full capitulation. Pelosi knew that what Trump achieved was masterful and she acknowledged it. /end


As you can see, Levy gets it now as do most Republicans in Washington because (with four exceptions) they refused to side with Pelosi and her Odd Squad on impeachment. Nancy allowed a vote because she loves to clap back.

President Donald John Trump's tweets were inevitable.

He picked Ilhan Omar (not by name) for two reasons.

First, her ingratitude as a refugee makes her the easiest target.

Second, Trump wants to flip Minnesota because he could pick up a Senate seat as well as 10 Electoral College votes.

But timing is everything in politics and all other forms of comedy. Levy nailed it.


  1. Great analysis Don. Thx for connecting the shiny objects...

  2. Excellent read. The covfefe displayed by PDJT is fantastic.

  3. I think it was a trap from the start and they just walked in to it. Trump has "escaped certain death" more times than Flash Gordon. I'm not buying that he barely escaped and luckily was able to turn disastrous situation around at the last moment.

  4. Senior Don Gato... Except he has waaaaay more than nine lives.
    And thanks to you Don for the analysis.

  5. Silly.

    Trump purchased the beauty pageant so he could walk into their dressing rooms unannounced.

    He even bragged about it

    Not to worry rubes! Trump is Mr. Clean. He cleans up after himself very well.

    1. Wouldn't you if you had the money? Come on, tell the truth!

    2. Poor Some Guy. He gets triggered everytime he reads my posts. He just cannot help himself.

      As for Poopie why would I tell you? You wouldn't believe me anyway! I ain't stupid. But its crystal clear that you too would take advantage of intern age kids like Clinton did.

    3. Put some ice on your brain.

    4. Nony 2.0, God works for good in all things. Ask Nony 3.0 and he’ll explain it to you.

    5. What's the point of being a billionaire if you can't have a little fun? OTOH, I guess a incel living in mommy's basement doesn't know much about having fun.

      How is your mom, anyway? Did she ever get that mole removed?

    6. So, President Clinton used his position to get sex (sexual harassment), lie about it to the public, perjur himself in court, and attempt to suborn perjury with 2 different people of which one was the one he sexually harassed and that is fine with his wife and political team defending Clinton to the point of calling his victims prettty much ad trash and that is fine?

  6. We have the vicious political and media concerns about the “send her back” rally cry at the NC Trump rally. Five days of attacks so far on Trump over Rep. Omar and her harsh political rhetoric. So let us see what the media has not and will not cover about this woman of color, a victim, as she calls herself; little exposure even on the FNC news except for Tucker Carlson.
    This may validate the cry to send her back.
    From the post on the PowerLine Blog link:

    Please read the verified evidence on the link - read it alongside the three years of verified evidence published by Scott Johnson, Preya Samsundar, and myself . The answers to those questions about 2009 appear to give probable cause to investigate Omar for eight instances of perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, up to eight years of state and federal tax fraud, two years of federal student loan fraud, and even bigamy.

    1. This is starting to get a little play because of the push from Powerline in keeping it going, as it should.

      I also wonder if Trump is aware of a shoe nearing the drop point, and is not only using the "attack" against the National Socialist brigade who call themselves the squad (or should that be squat) to highlight the four of them, cement the ties between them and having the Pelosi Dimocrats, as always, rushing to join the four stooges, so when an official investigation drops on her head, it taints the whole National Socialist brigade.

      Trump has played it close with the incestuous one, which could mean we might see her fraud exposed in a way the Propaganda team has to cover it. Indictment, trial, deportation... that would be quite the shoe drop.

      It would be tough for the leftists to find cover for their undying support for her, when her fraud was something done for years. It blunts their "immigration" meme when a congress critter who came here legally, abused the system and got sent packing.

  7. Not only was Trump successful in changing the news, he forced the dems to openly support the squad. Now they own them.

  8. Sorry, Don, but you underestimate the President. He doesn't waste time defending himself, nor has he gone too far as I've heard other people who basically support him say. He takes the bad press for granted, and then trolls them into saying even worse things. What he has done with the 'squad' is practically secure the 2020 election. The big deal is not the supposed racism, the lack of civility or what was chanted at his rally. The big news was the House of Representatives voting censure. Now they own the 'squad', or more properly the 'squad' owns the Democrats. You may have to wait till just before the election until all the dirt comes out, but this new face of the Democrat party is pure evil.

  9. The most amazing thing to me in all this is how these foolish democrats keep walking straight into it. They are creating the republican campaign adds for 2020 with their ridiculous rantings oblivious to being their own undoing.
    Trump plays them like a fiddle and they never get it.

  10. I love it when the media announces they are going to stop reacting to everything Trump says and does. That lasts about as long as a piece of chocolate cake in a house full of fat chicks.

  11. The analysis makes a lot of sense. What's disappointing to me is what it takes to win in today's overly emotional snowflake society. I love this country, but still recognize that every generation after "the greatest generation" (great depression, WWII) has not measured up to them. I think the problem is worldwide so I am not blaming any country specifically. Another point is that so much of politics is aimed at appealing to the most ignorant of voter who makes little to no effort learning about the issues. I am not speaking of Democrats or Republicans, but the almighty swing voter. Politicians will never say this because they have to kiss these people's asses.

    Eric W.

    1. Right on! The mistake every Republican or conservative commentator has made since Reagan is assuming you can win in an argument. The Key now is discrediting the opponent so nobody but their solid base will vote for them. This is the Democrat playbook. The President will win because he will make THEM unelectable.