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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trump took out the Odd Squad

Paul Mirengoff of Powerline took enough time off bashing President Donald John Trump to bash the Washington Post for its adulation of the Odd Squad, Democrat Congresswomen of Color Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib.

Their sex and skin tone are all they have going for them because otherwise they are just run-of-the-mill communists like Beto and the rest of the fifth tier in the Democrat presidential marathon. You need a gimmick -- a shield -- from criticism. Ask the gay mayor how that works.

President Donald John Trump saw through the cheesecloth shield the Odd Squad hides behind. Patriotism trumps victimhood. The Tuskegee Airmen rose to defend America despite segregation.

On Sunday he called the Odd Squad out on Twitter.

In response, the pantywaist press and the dainty Democrat snowflakes howled and screamed rayyyyyyyyyycist.

But Mirengoff is old enough to remember how we handled hippie communists in the 1970s.

He wrote, "Trump’s statement isn’t from the anti-immigrant playbook. It’s from the 'America, love it or leave it' playbook."

Which is really why the press and the politicians hate what he said, and why we love his attack.

Love it or leave it is effective because if you do not love the country then you are not criticizing it; you are bashing it.

To prove my point I offer a column by Jill Filipovic. She wrote for CNN, "President Donald Trump may have finally met his match: The Squad.

"The famously foul-mouthed President on Sunday launched yet another Twitter tirade, saying that the four congresswomen, known as The Squad -- US Reps. Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib -- should go back to the countries they came from. All four are US citizens, and three were born in the United States (Omar is a refugee from Somalia who spent part of her life in a Kenyan refugee camp)."

Foul-mouthed? Didn't Tlaib say she was going to impeach the MF?

The importance of Filipovic's column is it shows the thinking at CNN which is still the guiding light for Washington. And CNN always gets President Donald John Trump because CNN's boss, Jeff Zucker, hates him and will back any imbecile who hates him.

The Odd Squad is the new Creepy Porn Lawyer at CNN.

Filipovic wrote, "They also have youth on their side; next to them, Trump seems like the grumpy, racist grandpa that he is.

"And, more importantly, they have the moral high ground. It takes some real mental jujitsu to twist Trump's comments into anything other than straight-up racism. How else do you explain someone telling four American citizens to 'go back' to foreign countries? What the President really means is that nonwhite Americans have a less legitimate claim on this nation than white ones. Two of the President's three wives, after all, have been immigrants themselves, and he doesn't seem to suggest that they should 'go back.'"

Well, he did not suggest that because they don't sit around all day bitching about what a terrible place this is. Instead, Ivana and Melania are very appreciative of the land of their choice. Omar is not.

The Odd Squad suffer arrested development. They are perpetual teens. They do not appreciate what they have.

Nor does Filipovic, who ended her column, "He should not be in the Oval Office. Democrats who care about the future of the country must focus on holding him accountable -- not because investigations or impeachment will win or lose an election but because it is the right and necessary thing to do. So far, The Squad has proven they are willing to do just that."

He should not be in the Oval Office?

Oh that is so wrong. No one else belongs in the Oval Office.

America elected Donald John Trump president. If he is Not Your President then this is not your country. We have rules. We hold elections. We honor the results.

The president won this battle before he engaged it because that is what a very sane genius does. He observes. He calculates. He fires.

Not only did he take out the Odd Squad, he forced the Democrat Party to embrace and defend their anti-American drivel.

Never Trumper Erick Erickson was impressed.

He wrote, "I have donated to President Trump’s re-election campaign and was happy to do — made more happy after watching that pitiful press conference by the suicide squad of the Hate America First crowd."

I was going to mock the man for taking so long to hop aboard the Trump Train, but he offered a point of view that is eye-opening.

He wrote, "Considering my strident opposition to Trump in 2016, complete with threats to my family and home by people who were upset with me; considering the smears, slanders, and attempts to chase me out of business in that campaign year; and considering even now the times I disagree publicly with the President and his supporters, one might think perhaps the Democrats would be curious why I’d rather support Donald Trump than them.

"But they have no such curiosity because they presume the worst about anyone not themselves. If you are a conservative, you are presumed bad. If you support common sense immigration policies, you are presumed a racist. If you support the free market, you are presumed greedy. If you are a person of faith, you are presumed a bigot."

To win in 2020, Democrats need to woo Trump supporters. Instead, they are creating them.

Americans love their country. Lee Greenwood's anthem is the best example.
If tomorrow all the things were gone
I worked for all my life
And I had to start again
With just my children and my wife
I'd thank my lucky stars
To be living here today
'Cause the flag still stands for freedom
And they can't take that away
Few songs resonate 35 years later. "God Bless the U.S.A." does.

Washington and the press do not know it. Donald John Trump does. That is why he is the president.

He pinned the Odd Squad as unpatriotic. At their press conference, they showed it.


  1. Paul admitted his former politics was of the hippie, anti-Vietnam, radical kind.

    This explains very well his main anti-Trump theme in his opinions there.

    Powerline just recently stated you cannot directly disparage its contributors on the threat of banning.

    Again and again, conservative Republicans are shown to be former ideological leftist radicals or scared of taking on social issues.

    Oddly, or maybe really not that odd if you take his vast public comments since at least 1980, Trump, a former registered Democrat is more conservative than a lot of self proclaimed conservatives and Republicans.

    Moreover, he has shown and continues to show how to fight back.

    Their is no honor in being nice when the opposition continues to be not nice and advance their agenda no matter what party is in office.

    1. conservative Republicans are shown to be former ideological leftist radicals or scared of taking on social issues.

      No, some are Whigs, go along to get along; some are Libertarians, always beaten before they start.

      But there are plenty of Conservative Republicans who talk the talk, walk the walk, and fight the fight.

    2. Libertarians, the main thrust of "conservative" blogs like Instapundit and Powerline are prone to refuse to act because ... well ... government can not right the wrongs it caused.

      Funny you say Whigs.

      That is Trump.

      The Republican party and conservatives, in general, appear to not act nor desire what US Whigs desire.

      Lincoln was a former Whig.

      Sorry for the bitterness, but I do not see the the future of the Republican party after Trump other than being what it was after Reagan.

    3. Mitch McConnell is the prototypical Republican of today. He uses Trump to further his own thinking of what a "correct" Republican should support and how one should act.

      In 1990, Trump gave McConnell $1,000 for his campaign.

      McConnell returned it with major derision.

      McConnell continues to denounce Trump while using him. Trump has had to publicly denigrate him to get action on other things.

      Paul Ryan is the ultimate. Voted in under the Tea Party banner, he immediately went uniParty. He purposely worked against Trump as Hoise Leader.

      I have no faith in the Republican party.

      Democrats are definitely a no go.

      So, if things do not drastically change I will not vote for anyone after Trump.

      I seriously doubt I am the only one.

    4. Ultimately, though, I think Paul's major issue with Trump, amonst most Republicans is style.

      They want HW or W Bush. They want no push back by a R president.

      Moreover, I think it it because Powerline itself is an establishment Republican website.

      Powerline, along with Little Green Footballs, was instrumental in outed the fake National Guard memo peddled by Mapes and Dan Rather. Paul was in the thick of it.

      The dude who ran Little Green Footballs did a 180 and went anti-Bush/Repubican due to the false pretenses used to topple Saddam Iraq.

      At some point, though, you have to fight back. W and other Repubs refused to. Heck, it took the work of citizen jounalists to save W's campaign. W never once fought back.

      That's the rub with me. Republicans seem to think that fighting back is uncouth and beneath proper politics all the while Democrats do and say as they wish with devastating effect for more than half a century.

      Buckley conceded his debate with Vidal when he finally had enough of Vidal's accusations and stated he will punch Vidal for calling him a NAZI.

      Trump refuses to sit back and take it allowing the Dems to define him.

      For that he is vilified and denounced by the "real" Republicans.

      Eff them all.

      A political party that refuses to stand up for itself is doomed.

      A political party that demands its adherents to not fight back means it will forever fail on agenda and goals.

      Trump is showing the way, but folks like Paul reject it outright.

      Eff them all if that is the future of the Republican party.

    5. TexasDude, you think the fight against the leftists tyrants begins and ends with Trump? You proudly announce, after marching with General Washington for a couple weeks that you are a summer soldier, a sunshine patriot. Glad you are helping us "loser Replblicans" for a few years but without us "losers" the country would already be North Korea before Trump came along.

      I am more frustrated than you about the RINO's in the party, but I'll be damned if I ever give in to the Democrats.

      Eric W.

  2. And LibCommie Jews like Zucker CONTINUE to think they will somehow be immune from an American Caliphate, that their lives will blissfully go on, even as they have abandoned the God of Abraham. Jeff, I got two words for ya: Daniel Pearl.

    1. Zucker thinks he will get by because he'll be mistaken for a buttplug.

    2. Well, he is a buttplug. So he'll fit right up in there.

      And won't he feel so special then!!!

  3. The All Losers Squad. Or the Just Us League. I prefer the Uncanny Echh-Men.

  4. just a point to ponder...tlaib represents Detroit. it may not be Caracas or Mogadishu, but it sure enough is a shithole that needs fixing.

    how's that water in flint?


  5. and presley and ocashew cortex are both from Boston university.


  6. Donald Trump has a foul mouth, he also has to pay for sex. That's the morality of the Trump cult.

    1. you seem short winded today...

      did mommy cut off your internet?

      or did you run out of batteries in your logical phallusy?


    2. Donald Trump has a foul mouth, he also has to pay for sex.

      How much did he pay your mom?

    3. As a veteran from a family of veterans who love this country, I give thanks for Donald Trump. Every Goddamned day.

    4. Thanks for the b&w photo at top of article. Reminds me of the old Lunch Counter Sit-ins.

  7. presley seems to have learned everything she knows from max a million waters and the mad hatter queen federicka.

    let's never forget how much in tarp bailout bucks max a million diverted to her husbands bank.

    in spite of pandering positions and pointy headed rhetoric, first and foremost democrats focus on the graft and corruption. that's why tammany hall was organised even before the constitution was ratified. its the blood they feed upon.


  8. 2 of the Squad are members of the Democrat Socialists of America.

    Only 1 member was born in another nation. The media, especially in her homestate, refused to vet her which means they support her.

    All members hate America and democracy. They all demand totalitarian government.

  9. The Odd Squad - the Mt. Rushmore of the New Democrat party!! They built it.

  10. I have come to think of Trump as a revolutionary conservative. He has the core ideology of constitutionalism and a reverence for traditionalism and a strong distaste for Marxism, but his style is combative and he enjoys taking risks.

    This style is not in any way in conflict to being a conservative. Conservatism is an ideology, not a style, and by the way, it has nothing to do with personal risk-taking. People too often confuse the use of the word in personal finance/investing and think that political conservatives are supposed to behave that way.

    Some of the most high-flying option traders are conservative and will never vote for a Democrat. Small business owners take plenty of risks and are largely Republican-leaning.

    The best test if someone is a conservative is this: Supports the Constitution in it's entirety. Is strongly anti-abortion.

    Eric W.

    1. Problem is a lot of Republicans/conservatives reject Trump on style.

      Thankfully, there are other Republicans and those that may vote this way or that which do not.

    2. Trump and those of us that love him will keep winning without those principled Republicans. By 2024 the GOP will be unrecognizable. In all intensive purposes, it will be the Trump party.

    3. While I don't like Trump's style, I understand it. He says and does what a great number of us would like to do, but we sort of cringe at taking on the opposition like they take on us. Actions do speak louder than words.

    4. Well, amy, isn't that special!!!

      What, precisely, is it about his "style" you do not like?

      Besides your stated reluctance to be just like him?

      If you truly understand it, you should be capable of defining, specifically, every aspect of his "style" which you presume to be in agreement with others on it's dislikabilty.

      Bullet point it.

      Categorize it.

      Specify it all.

      All those disliked "stylish" things you stated you understand.

      Do the assessment work, make the effort, set your amy brain to the task.

      Make your case.

  11. Always laugh at the losers who state "he has to pay for sex" have you seen his wives? The man is rich and has brass balls, women throw themselves at such men.


    1. Mrs. Trump takes my breath away every time I see her.

  12. Has anyone EVER seen a COLORLESS woman? It's a CANARD and YOU fell for it? ALL human beings are human beings of color. On the scientific side, BLACK is the ABSENCE of color. The light spectrum has SEVEN colors. There's Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet which TOGETHER create WHITE. No black in there anywhere. No BROWN either. So what color ARE these falsely designated "women of color"? Of COURSE I realize the use of the mixes of the color of the spectrum but to ASSIGN false IMPORTANCE to it is at the HEIGHT of LOW!In other words, it's so low on the scale of importance that it has to look UP to see down!

    1. The reflection of light is how we, utilizing our peepers, perceive the positions of objects constructed of substance and formed in the 3 dimensions our own flesh containers are.

      Equal proportiond of all reflective substances results in the color brown being perceived.

      No combination of reflective substances results in black, as in, no reflection of light.

      Only a substance which can absorb all light energies can result in the perception of black.

      These knuckleheads do not perceive others as persons, only as objects. If useful, objects to be used. If not useful objects to be discarded, disregarded and ignored.

      All of these knuckleheads would devour each other, with the sole survivor eating it's own shit, then gnawing off fingers and toes until it's death.

      They are the humanoid form of maggots.

      What a really intense, short term famine would do is cull out these knuckleheads in efficient timeframe.

      Being America, no famine of any kind is forthcoming.

      Other areas upon the surface of our planet cannot claim the same assurance.

      These knuckleheads exist only because America is America.

      President Trump just ripped off their sheep's clothing and revealed them all as not wolves but maggots.


      Just the most recent in an ongoing series of Epic.

      Call them out, make them shout and show just who they are.


    2. I LIKE the way you think.....

  13. a family member has coined a lighthearted designation for them: "The Marx Sisters." Feel free to use it.

  14. I prefer the “Jihad Squad”!

  15. The four Whoreswomen of the apocolypse!

  16. Odd Squad is a great name...but I call them the four congresswomen or horsewomen of the apocalypse!