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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Proof that liberalism is hazardous to your health

Jason Whitlock, a Fox Sports commentator, tweeted on May 7, 2018, "Liberalism is black people's cigarette. It was marketed to us as sophisticated, fashionable and liberating. It needs a surgeon general's warning: hazardous to our families and all the values we were taught."

It is worse than that.

Liberalism is hazardous to your physical well-being. Here are some examples.

Let me start with this Drudge-linked LA Times story, "The war on Southern California smog is slipping. Fixing it is a $14-billion problem."

The story began, "The war on smog has been called one of America’s greatest environmental successes. Decades of emissions-cutting regulations under a bipartisan law — the 1970 Clean Air Act — have eased the choking pollution that once shrouded U.S. cities. Cleaner air has saved lives and strengthened the lungs of Los Angeles children.

"But now, air quality is slipping once again."

But how can this be? Los Angeles is a mecca of modern liberalism. It bans straws. It recycles. It is a sanctuary city. How can it be smoggy?

The newspaper said pollution is up all over, but, "Nowhere is the situation worse than in Southern California, where researchers found a 10% increase in deaths attributable to ozone pollution from 2010 to 2017. The region has long reigned as the nation’s smog capital and has seen a resurgence of dirty air in the last few years, one that has sharpened the divide between wealthier coastal enclaves with cleaner air and lower-income communities farther inland with smoggy air."

Wow, who was president then?


Of course, the newspaper blamed President Donald John Trump who inherited this and dozens of other stinking messes.

The story also said, "An American Lung Association report this year found air pollution rising across much of the nation in 2015, 2016 and 2017."

This is Obama's legacy. From 1970 to 2008, Republicans held the White House for 26 years and Democrats held it for 12. Smog fell. Now it is back.

My second example is AIDS. It could have been stopped in the 1980s if we shut down the bathhouses, traced the sex lives of patients, and otherwise treated it as a venereal disease.

Instead, AIDS became a civil rights issue. Liberals called for teaching schoolchildren all about "safe sex" and condoms. The result is not only did AIDS spread, but other venereal diseases (now branded as STDs) came back into vogue.

AIDS also was used to push "needle exchanges" for drug users. Instead of arresting them and trying to get them to quit, liberals said we should give them free needles.

Overdose death skyrocketed. Last year saw the first decline in overdose deaths in 28 years. Democrats controlled the White House for 16 of those years.

My next example is -- do I really have to mention San Francisco and other liberal locales allowing people to poop on the sidewalk?

I'll skip that one.

Then there is the anti-vaccination nutballs. This started in earnest when liberals Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were an item. She said her son was autistic and caught it from vaccinations.

Of course, the biggest danger liberals pose is to our children's health. Liberals kill one in four babies. Liberals say they are providing health care by killing nearly a million American babies a year.

Whitlock is correct about liberals and their socialist programs are destroying black families, black values, and black culture.

Liberals do the same to white people as well.

I just want to point out the hazard is also physical. Under Obama, American life expectancy dropped for the first time.


  1. Surber yet again demonstrates his disdain for property rights. He wants to tell you what you can and cannot ingest into your own body.

    He reminds me of the Jews who went after Paul over their food laws. They demanded Paul didn't own his body they did. So they could decide what he could and couldn't eat.

    And what of street addicts dying? Why should their irresponsibility be used to destroy the rest of the peoples' freedom? If drugs were legal they would be safer and uncontaminated. They'd be pharmaceutical grade. So drug warriors are responsible for those deaths.

    Portugal knows this 20 years after ending their drug war. They have the lowest OD rate and addiction rate in Europe. Surprise surprise. See the Cato Institute reports on this amazing progress.

    Surber is clueless. He thinks drug control works after 50 years of utter failure and ruining millions of lives in prison. He knows gun control won't work but still thinks drug control can work?

    So it must be because he's just so offended by people using drugs. He reckons its sinful to use drugs! Yet all these drugs derive from nature and nature's God. So he's really saying God has it wrong and made mistakes.

    All of which means if he ever uses alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine then he's a hypocrite

    Millions of people get their caffeine high early every morning. Then they come home and enjoy alcohol too. Alcohol and tobacco kill ten times more people than street drugs! But facts don't matter to zealots.

    Surber says DC owns your body you don't. He claims his party is pro liberty even after telling people they don't own their own bodies.

    In other words, he doesn't really believe in personal responsibility. And he is offended if you refuse to vax your kids, so he embarks on a moral crusade to shame you and call you names.

    All because he knows what's good for you because you don't. Which is precisely what liberals do.

    1. It's really amazing how you can read things that aren't really there. Are you psychic or just sick?

    2. You really need to get over yourself. Get out of your mama's basement and go to the park at least once a day.

    3. perhaps you should take a stroll around, mmm, how about 5th and wall. downtown la. los aholes. maybe 9 pm. you can see city hall and police plaza to your right. 5 blocks.
      to your left you can see the j.w. marriott. $500 will get you one of the crappier rooms for the night.

      at your feet are homeless crackheads being chewed on by rats. big rats. bold rats. the rats have fleas. the fleas have typhus. they make their way into lady city attorneys orbits. they get sick. mountains of feces and garbage sustain the rats on the street. cholera. typhoid as well. reports of plague quickly hushed up. the union govt workers know. they won't go there except when the cameras show up. then they move 12 tons with skidsteers. its the only time they're in a hurry.

      and the head rat garcetti lectures trump on global warming.

      why do we know that name? well his daddy boned the oj trial.

      and you can't defend yourself from the rats or the aggressive homeless. you will be prosecuted.

      democracy is served.

      or maybe that should be spelled


    4. Wow the lack of intellectual debate here is nearly breathtaking.

      Not one of you sorry clowns challenged any of my arguments. You resort to name calling and asking rhetorical questions.

      Which is precisely what the liberals do. Go after the messenger ignore the message and the facts.

    5. Furthermore not one of you, not one, dared take on the property rights issue. Do you own your own body or not?

      Try answering that one. You won't because you're all a bunch of measly mouth wimps.

    6. no. you don't own your own body.

      it's a temporary storage unit.

      your lease begins at point B.
      your birth. if you're lucky.

      it ends at point C.

      you are less than $5 worth of carbon hydrogen oxygen and various less important ingredients.

      that's chemistry.

      but your body is an electric one. billions of impulses firing off through your life span.

      an unknown, finite amount of time. chemically we are penny ante. identical to a chimp.

      like Francis.

      but that neural net that records lessons and interactions and victories and defeats. that allows one to be a witness to battles of power. that's what makes a chimp into a human being.

      and its the only choice you get. you don't choose to be born. mostly you don't choose to die. death is the hunter. it doesn't need your help. it follows you through life until the tap.
      you can't choose rich or poor, male or female, white black Chinese or Eskimo. you yam what you yam.

      but every day you get hundreds of choices. and often they devolve into do I choose to act in a way that creates respect amongst others?

      or do I choose to be an ass hole. one who divides what little time they have on this wonder filled marvelous amazing magical world that none of us get enough time to witness.
      into shitting on other people.

      and pathetic as it is

      they keep score in their own feverish twisted venomous sick Francis.

      in their twisted deformed logic they made a difference. they got attention. like a buzzing blue ass chit eating fly.

      grow up Francis. get a life. its out there it's your choice. you are free to make choices along your path.

      what an incredible waste to choose to be a revolving ass hole. a one trick fool.

      look mommy, I Shit myself. oh darling wasn't that wonderful. aren't you mommy's s little man. can mommy clean you up? yes mommy but if you do I will Shit again. its what I do.

      almost every one out grows those impulses to be the center of mommy's attentions.
      but not all.

      guess what? you too will die.
      and you will have wasted your chance.

      you see the world as a dungheap.

      and you're determined to be the King Shit. but no matter how furiously you embrace your inner turd and polish it to a brightness that blinds,

      it's still a turd. and you wasted your chance.

      see the light Francis. not the one shining out of your ass. that's the lost expedition of proctologists trying to plumb the depths. the light from above.

      I hope you find a worthy goal.
      but I wouldn't bet any of my money on it. turds revolve.

      right down the crapper.

      bon voyage Francis.


    7. You seem to set yourself above all, Anon @ 12:48pm. This is proof that while you are 'talking the talk' of Christianity, you most definitely are NOT 'walking the walk'. You come into a gentleman's 'living room' to personally assault him, his beliefs, and knowledge. Get your own blog to express your idiotic opinions and atrocious manners. Perhaps you'll attract a coven of like-minded fans. I've heard that the devil can quote the Bible; you are proof positive of that.


    8. Magnifique. Copying that for future plagiarism.

  2. "Then there is the anti-vaccination nutballs." I agree Don, but such people believed they could take the risk of childhood diseases because the diseases were supposedly eradicated. But with millions entering the US illegally each year, carrying many "eradicated" diseases, the risk of not vaccinating children is problematic.
    The Border Patrol uses a factor of 2 or 3 of the captured or those giving up to determine the number who escape detection. So just for October 2018 through May 2019 504,000 were detected, thus 1.5 million on the low end have entered the US in that time period. The 11 million illegals in the US, we have heard for years, is a leftist/MSM lie. Over 20,000,000 plus is more like it.
    The 1986 amnesty was supposedly for 1.5 million; 3 million showed up for it. And the closed border agreement by the Dems never happened, but Reagan signed the amnesty law. That ended my trust of ANYTHING a Democrat EVER says. I have a very long memory.

    1. The reason the liberals are fighting the census question is not that they are afraid the illegals won't answer. They are afraid they will answer and we will find out how many there really are. When the real nimber turns out to be 40,000,000 illegal immigration will be on everyone's mind to the detriment of the democrats.

    2. You people really cannot think straight. Why is someone who doesn't vaccinate a threat to someone who does?

      They aren't of course. But you clowns want to cram your civil religion down my throat.

      If you're vaccinated you're protected. So wheres the beef soy boys? Bring it on if you can follow a simple argument that is.

    3. This ought to trigger y'all to kingdom come so watch out. Ron Paul proves in the link below that Pompeo is a liar about Iran.

      Oh dear! Say it ain't so Mama!!

    4. Talk about name calling! Your disdain for anything conservative is repulsive to say the least. You start bringing up anything and everything that has nothing to do with the original topic. You've come off the rails and have an extreme acuteness of TDS. Take a chill pill and go back to bed, obviously you don't work or contribute to society and have too much time on your hand with all your rabblerousing. Can't wait for another Trump victory in 2020, what are you going to do then? Slit your wrists lol!

  3. I bet a lot of the new pollution in CA is from old beater cars being driven by illegals.

  4. Whitlock says many common-sensical things. He is not popular amongst his liberal sports columnist peers. But he is. It a conservative. Nevertheless, we need more like him.

  5. I used to work out in the Los Angeles area quite a bit. I actually worked on air pollution studies. L.A. is situated in a sort of bowl. I would wake up early in the morning and the sun would be shining bright on the surrounding mountains. By 8 a.m. you wouldn't be able to see the mountains. The smog is that bad. - Elric

  6. Fifteen percent of liberals are on some kind of medication for mental issues. The scary part is that means eighty-five percent are running around un-medicated.

  7. Firstly, the false premise here is calling Leftists/Democrats "Liberals". Beyond Debauchery and infanticide, they are nothing of the sort.

    Secondly, the Communist goal is to rot us from the inside. Democrats these days are generally of the Progressive Movement, a Marxist poison seed planted in the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century with the intent to defile, defame and destroy America as founded. The invasion at the southern border, the invitation to and the support of sidewalk homelessness, the assistance of addicts to use their drugs in the streets in front of the rest of civilization...its all meant to overwhelm us all both physically and mentally.

    Call it what it is, Leftist degradation and intentional collapse of society and the American culture...AND the collapse of the economy and government safety nets so that we all become so desperate we clamor for an overarching government solution to guaranty minimum subsistence and "security".

    In other words, they intend to drive us down, then back up in to the tyranny they crave, as is eventually what happens to every single nation "socialism" becomes voted for and then there is no ability to vote it back out once the tyrants are in control. See "every single democrat run city in America"