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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Now Brexit begins

The British elected Boris Johnson as their new prime minister, meaning both the United States and the United Kingdom will be led by blond natives of New York City.

His election means someone who actually wanted to leave the European Union will now be in charge of Brexit. He also inherits a mess in the Persian Gulf as Iran seized a British oil tanker.

Like a certain president, the new prime minister faces a resistance from within his own party.

Asa Bennett of the Telegraph wrote, "Boris Johnson has secured a greater mandate as Tory leader than Theresa May managed, having not just won a majority among MPs but the wider membership.

"He won more than twice as many votes as his rival, Jeremy Hunt. But some Conservatives are acting as if he has seized power in a coup.

"Ministers are already storming out of government, with Anne Milton today leaving due to her 'grave concerns about leaving the EU without a deal.'

"She did not go as far as Sir Alan Duncan, who yesterday took the extraordinary step of following his resignation up with an application to hold an effective confidence vote in the House of Commons on the Johnson premiership before it had even begun."

They won't give him a chance. Bennett knows this. They are power mad. Look for them to wear pink pussyhats. Mayor Sadiq Khan will float one of his tiny balloons (only the press would call them blimps) depicting the new prime minister in some rude fashion.

It is what they do. They cannot govern, but they sure can be annoying.

The parallels between Johnson and President Donald John Trump are many because the situation is the same on both sides of the pond. The establishment failed us with their globalist nonsense in which we are to surrender our sovereignty to some international cabal of bureaucrats who never consider the consequences of their daft decisions.

Jefferson wrote of the consent of the governed. The governed no longer consent to the globalist erasure of their national identity.

I seriously doubt that Jefferson would have put up with the shenanigans of the previous president in aiding and abetting our enemies, most notably Iran.

Now Iran is attacking Britain, which gives the new prime minister his first test. We know which side the establishment will root for.

Three years ago, the British defied the elitists and voted to leave the European Union. For three years Theresa May and her government refused.

Now under Boris Johnson, the Brexit begins. I wish Britain the best.


  1. The Left isn't mad at Jefferson because he owned slaves. They're mad because he said "All men are created equal" and they do not consider us equals. We are at best "Deplorables" to them.

    They are Social Justice Supremacists--Supremacists as surely as any Grand Cyclops Senate mentor or wild-eyed Mullah.

    No, they're not mad because Jefferson owned slaves; they're mad because they don't. We will never submit to the slavery they have planned for us. And it drives them mad.

    1. Very well stated! May I um, be a sycophant and borrow that?

    2. Yes--perfect phrase, "Social Justice Supremacists".

  2. Umm... How is Iran our enemy? Exactly how do they threaten the United States? I just don't see it.

    1. "We are going to keel you!" not good enough?

    2. Neo cons need enemies as they search the world for monsters to destroy. If there aren't enough enemies they create them with false flags.

      As for the Brits they started this fight by first seizing an Iranian tanker. Surber's bias is showing he censored that fact from this piece. He wants people to believe Iran started this.

      All this bellicosity just brings China and Russia closer together. Its as if that's precisely what the neo cons want.

    3. We are going to keel you!

      Dougie is scared cause he believes the fake news. Iran is no threat whatsoever to us. None.

      As Gen Wesley Clark said almost 20 years ago all this was laid out by 2002. Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran....and its purely coincidental how they all own oil isn't it.

    4. Seized an Iranian tanker headed for Syria in violation of the sanctions.

    5. When mobs of Iranians chant "Death to America" I consider them an enemy. Iran is responsible for much of the violence and unrest in that region. Let them get nukes and they will be a active threat to the world.

    6. Iran needs the nukes to start wars and bring on the end of times and the 12th Imam. We may not agree with their religious ideology, but nuclear war is not in our best interests; nor Israels which would be eliminated. The Iranian leadership's end of times beliefs don't seem to get much attention. Why else would they need nukes.

    7. Bobbywhatzit, you did not just copy and paste the exact same nubnut comment you post on every article concerning the iran shitheads, did you?

      Lazy nubnut.

  3. The issue is the nukes Iran wants to posses. What are they for? Look how they behave now. How do you think that will change with such power behind them?
    If you think "It will it not change" you are mistaken. The Mullahs want to change the world to their liking but they do not yet have the power to do so. Obama wanted them to have it but far enough away in time so that either they might "bend to the arc of history" as he put it and become more peaceful, or more importantly, he couldn't be held accountable. Because of the timelapse involved he could blame others for failing to prevent the acquisition by granting some other concession.
    Trump is playing the best game he can. He is not a war monger and has weak allies. His opponents want to make money for themselves by dealing with Iran and weaken him politically so they can benefit by expanding their own internal and external kingdoms, especially in this country.
    Being a great power requires risk and resolve. Otherwise retreat and get out of the way for others who are willing to act so in their own interests.

  4. Sir: you write -
    ...They won't give him a chance. Bennett knows this...

    Who is Bennett?

    1. Asa Bennett is the author of the Telegraph article.

  5. Never mind that guy. He’s on the Iranian payroll and is worried about them checks discontinuing. Burger’s $20/pound in Riyadh. Bummer, man. Robert’s Resume Highlight: Getting James Taylor (another LibCommie tool) to sing You’ve Got A Friend to the mullahs. Another America hater.

  6. There's got to be some hidden talent in crazy hair.

    Whatever it is, it's great.

  7. I think, at least in the USA, the leftists should remember that Samuel Colt MADE all men equal.


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