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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

No, Trump should not apologize

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post is tired of winning. He wants President Donald John Trump to apologize for pointing out that the four congresswomen of color are unpatriotic ingrates.

While the president did not mention that they are communists, they are that too. And Early Bird called them in a comment at “The Hamasketeers.”

The president's revival of love-it-or-leave-it is spot on.

His words offended them. Real Americans cheered.

But Goodwin wrote that the president should apologize to people who want to confiscate our guns, ban our cars, change our doctors, and raise our children transgendered.


They were offended?

So what?

In fact, President Donald John Trump should offend them at each and every opportunity because it points out how unfit to govern they are.

Democrats get goofier by the minute. Six months ago, only the four Odd Squad congresswomen of color were talking about reparations. Now Chuck Schumer supports this.

President Donald John Trump knows this. His tweets pointed out this fatal flaw in Democrats. They are led by easily offended adolescents.

Republicans are rallying behind him. Only 4 of the 197 Republicans voted to condemn his tweets. A new poll shows his favorability among Republicans is at an all-time high after the tweets.

Americans have had it with the bitching banshees. They are never satisfied. Ihlan Omar, D-Somalia, is a particularly disloyal citizen. Maybe her fake marriage to her brother will do her in. Who knows?

Goodwin's call for President Donald John Trump to apologize shows how little he understands who the president is and how he got elected. He does not apologize. That is one reason we elected him. He does not back down when people take offense with his words.

If Donald John Trump apologized over this, why would his supporters want him as president? We could just toss him aside and name Jeb! president.

Please clap.

The column gave campaign strategy advice to a man who ignored the experts and scored the most stunning upset in presidential history.

Goodwin ended his piece, "In short, Trump has everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing what he can to hush the hysteria. Besides, eating a little crow now is better than having to swallow the whole bird later."

He is a good guy and likely under pressure from a nervous publisher. But never bet against Donald John Trump because you will just embarrass yourself.

Donald John Trump should keep the hysteria going because he is outing the Democrats as an anti-American party that plays the race game to silence critics.

Americans want respect for their country from the refugees we took in, not constant whining about the peas under their mattresses.

If that offends Democrats, that is icing on the cake.


  1. Terrific piece here Don.

  2. It breaks my heart to see where this country is today. Our schools taught patriotism and appreciation for the greatest country in the world. Now they only ignore American history and civics with the resulting ignorance of how our government even functions. Hillary should have won since she had more votes in one state - give me a break.

    1. Had spineless Marquess of Queensbury Republicans put dishonest brawling leftists in their place years ago we would not have so many to fight today.

      Even now, when being kicked in the cojones, they beg forgiveness, sure they deserve the kick.

  3. Thanks Don - great post. What apologists for the four banshees fail to understand is that Trump is us - he’s one of the people and that’s his support. We aren’t the faux intellectuals that the leftists think of themselves as. Trump has an enduring quality that will always rally the troops - he fights!! And when he fights he wins. Life is good. I will fight with him anytime.

  4. Say what you mean.

    Mean what you say.

    If you do not mean it, do not say it.

    If you do not say it, it is not what you mean.

    Choose your target.

    Hit your target.

    Purpose is MAGA.

    MAGA is Purpose.

    America is worth it.

  5. Ilhan Omar's alleged immigration fraud could get her deported back to Somalia. Following through on that would turned the Democrats' brains to Jell-O. They're already barking mad. - Elric

  6. Never apologize to leftist Democrat commies. They will still kill you.

    1. Apologies are fuel to them. They consider apologies a sign of weakness, that you're ready to stop fighting.

    2. Gibbs' rule 8: Rule 8: "Never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness."

  7. It makes me PROUD to see the President calling out the people that HATE America. My mind is THRILLED because this courageous President is 'isolating, freezing and calling out' the soft, spoiled, nasty, hate-filled malcontents not happy with the land of freedom and opportunity - America has been getting so much better! Looking at 50 y/o pics of my family growing up - life has gotten so much more comfortable - I remember our first car with a/c in the Texas summer, getting a/c at home in HOUSTON, where we had rugs on the floor not 'wall-to-wall' carpet, where just down the road, in Nassua Bay, TX we put a MAN on the MOON. That was back when democrats - LBJ & Sam Rayburn - loved America too and got things done for the country.

    Keep up the great work President Trump!

  8. The Congresswoman Representing Somalia

    I am an immigrant.

    I want Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) to go back to the shithole country she came from.

    And I want her to stay there.

    I spent some time on the Internet looking for even one positive thing that Omar has said about America—but my search was in vain. Omar hates and despises her adoptive country unequivocally and unconditionally. She hates everything about America today, and she hates everything about the America of yesterday.

    Omar hates white people. Omar hates Jews—and she is not shy about letting everyone know it (“It’s all about the Benjamins baby”). Omar hates our ally Israel (“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel”).

    Ilhan Omar is a one-woman hate factory. (more)

    1. Oh dear someone criticizes Israel and gets called a racist.

      Both sides play the racist game as Schwartz just demonstrated.

      With AIPAC its definitely the benjamins!

      They buy off everyone they can. Those they can't get labeled racist.

      As for Trump there was nothing racist in the now infamous tweet. It just triggered the snowflakes something he's the best at doing.

      Come 2020 these four will be forgotten as the race heats up.

    2. Oh dear, someone criticizes a Muslim and gets called a hater.

    3. You will WANT to forget...I sure won’t. The Train is being fitted with a cow catcher for 2020, and it’s gonna take a lotta work keepin the track clear.

      Gratitude is the key to any recovery program and is the basis for Judeo-Christian faith. In The Squad and pretty much the entire LibCommie party, I see and hear no gratitude, only complaining. The Lord sees this and knows this, and vengeance is His, not mine.

    4. Hey Surber you clueless twit. Did I call anyone a hater?????

      No I did not. Yet you insinuate I did. Typical. You're a snowflake if anyone brings up the Israeli extreme bias. Triggered!

      And to the zegime looney tune.

      There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian religion!

      Its was Christian from the beginning in the Garden. Judaism crucified Christ! Duh. Read your Bible and see dummy. And you idiots glorify it. Nice going.

      You clowns believe everything the progressive liberal public schools taught you. How pitiful.

    5. Notice how Surber the soy boy equates Israel with Jews. Its pitiful.

      I criticize ISRAEL and what's he say?

      "Criticize Muslims..." Notice he is equating a religious belief with a nation. He thinks he's fooling people doing that.

      All he's doing is deceiving his himself like most of you here.

      Earlier he moaned about the new gang of 4 being above reproach in the media.

      Yet Israel is above reproach at this blog.

      He just cannot see the hypocrisy in that. Which is understandable when you're blinded by zealotry.

    6. Finally notice how Surber moans and groans about fake news. He even wrote a book on it.

      But when it comes to Israel or AIPAC there is NO fake news at all. Why that's just not possible!

      He takes all that news at face value. No questions asked.

    7. lighten up Francis. you seem to never stop flogging your illogical phallussies. don't the extrusions gum up your keys? let go of your pickle.

      and I use illogical for a reason. do you actually think your ranting and raving change any minds?

      you're an embarrassment. you have the emotional stability of a tweak whore. and you make even less sense.

      be all you can be. there's got to be something you're good at. its certainly not persuading any one to accept your irrational diatribes as worthy of anything except disdain.

      don is very tolerant here. anyone can post. and most treat that privilege with respect. you don't have to agree. but have a respectful discussion.

      calling someone a clueless twit is not the key to opening hearts and minds. it's the equivalent of spitting in someone's face.
      childish and stoopid. now come on. try to contain your tantrums long enough to make a valid point. stop talking through your binky. grow up.


  9. Why is no one castigating Pelosi for lack of decorum on the House floor yesterday and lying to her colleagues and the nation about having checked her vile speech with the parliamentarian?

    Why does Pelosi get to throw the parliamentarian under the bus?

    What a coward that she won't take responsibility for her own words and actions.


  10. AMEN! Thank you Don! The thing that is being overlooked by all the knee jerk "that's racist" stuff is, as I said elsewhere, that today's situation is not like some imaginary 75 year old situation. TODAY America has millions of criminals illegally in the USA who MUST be told to "go home" and sent there.

    And frankly, all the open borders people have dual-citizenship so they have a choice if they don't like the way unhyphenated Americans want to do things. They need to be told to look through their passport collection and move to a country that doesn't control its borders if that's what they want.

  11. As a great cavalry tactician reminded us all, "Never apologize, mister. It's a sign of weakness".

    1. I heard it from my DI in basic training after some unfortunate said "I'm sorry". He exploded: "YO NEVAH SAY YO SORRY! OR YO SURELY ARE!!!" I can still hear it 41 years later.
      It was "Yes Sir!", "No Sir!" or "No excuse Sir!" Otherwise keep your yap shut!

  12. I'm constantly amazed that the Democrats and the pundits never catch on to what's happening here. Trump just points out how anti-american the Dems are, and the donkeys all swarm to stand up for their traitorous colleagues. Trump is getting them to proclaim their contempt for the average American in the run-up to the 2020 election, generating hours of dynamite footage for next year's campaign ads. He's obviously smarter than all of the Democrats put together, and most of the pundits.

  13. May the ill one soon be consigned to the dust bin of history. Let her deportation be of such little public interest that only her landlord wonders why she is gone.

  14. I have never liked complainers. I don’t like being around complainers. I taught my kids to now be complainers.

    I hate liberals and democrats.

  15. maybe her fake marriage to her brother will do her in...

    probably not on its surface. after all, depravity is a core principle of the democratic way. to be blunt, any policy that pisses off mommy and daddy is green lighted.

    and that's a local violation weaseled out of by claiming it as part of the religion.

    but the use of that ploy to defraud the federal government in violation of both immigration laws and income tax...that's a different story. much less defensible. its quite fashionable to flaunt your disdain for immigration, but its harder to maintain high mindedness when its a family member.

    and on the irs matters, right above your signature, are the words, under penalty of perjury. those are rocks that many have foundered upon.

    and we've all fudged a bit here and there, its a judgement call. is it enough to get their attention out of 200 million returns? probably not.

    but 2 different joint returns with 2 different husbands at the same time, that's a stupid stupid stupid fraud. not a mistake. like yo, you signed 2 different forms in contradiction to each other. an electric toaster could catch that one. going to take some mighty fancy crawfishing to explain that one to the jury of 200 million.


  16. Confession is given to God, sometimes through a clergyman and sometimes directly. Apology is given to a fellow creature one has wronged and is pure only if made without expectation of reward. Confession is never given to a fellow creature because a fellow creature has no authority to absolve sin -- a clergyman absolves sin in the Name of God, not in his own name -- and apology is never given to God because God has foreknowledge of everything. The great ones spend their lives in confession to God and never make apology for harms to a fellow creature that they have not committed.

  17. Goodwin wants to please Plantation Democrats.
    I don't.

  18. A commenter on MOTUS referred to the Four Horsefaces of the Apocalypse as The Jihad Squad. It fits.

  19. The Communists in the MSM are not prepared for a resistance that uses tactics very similar to Communist practices. Trump is destabilizing MSM memes and beliefs, confusing weak-faith comrades who cannot withstand persistent contradiction of their beliefs system. Thank God for Trump!

  20. President Trump knows the democrats always circle the wagons no matter how grievous the conduct. Now, he is making them pay for that. Absolutely no one should support that anti American behavior.