Saturday, July 20, 2019

Judge OKs Trump's reform of Obamacare

Obamacare is a disaster. Every Democrat presidential candidate not named Joe Biden wants to replace it and private health insurance with a national, government-run system.

Late Friday, a federal judge allowed President Donald John Trump to reform Obamacare

District Court Judge Richard J. Leon in Washington ruled that President Donald John Trump can allow companies to offer health insurance that does not meet Obamacare's guidelines.

Well, why not?

Obama used executive orders to grant waivers to requirements under Obamacare.

If Obama did not enforce his own law, then why should President Donald John Trump enforce it? He was elected to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The Hill reported, "The Trump administration issued a regulation last year allowing short-term health care plans to last up to 12 months instead of three. These plans were originally intended as an option for individuals who need to bridge a gap in health insurance coverage.

"But the administration extended the length of time they can be sold to provide customers with more affordable options.

"The plans generally cost less because they don’t have to comply with coverage requirements set by the Affordable Care Act, such as maternity care and prescription drugs."

Imagine that.

You can keep your coverage.

Why should a 50-year-old couple pay for maternity care coverage? That is like buying volcano insurance in Rhode Island.

By the way, the insurance companies sued The Donald.

That tells you for whom Obamacare was designed to help.


  1. Something's gotta give. $1,800/month for 2 people priced me right out of the insurance game this year. I'm 58 years old, I need insurance but $21,000 a year is just not sustainable. Then let's add in the co-pays, prescriptions, deductibles, etc. Ok, end of rant :)

    1. Once I went off my company's plan when I retired and went on Medicare my wife had to get other insurance at $15,000 a year. I was not an happy camper; no catastrophic insurance was available due to Obamacare.

  2. If Obama did not enforce his own law, then why should President Donald John Trump who was elected to repeal and replace Obamacare? you need a n't on the end of "should"

    1. Thanks. It was a confused sentence. I shall rephrase and end its suffering.

  3. Joe Biden has to pretend that Obamacare is a big f'ing deal because he said it was.

    1. Obama won't endorse him so he's endorsing Obama.

  4. this will make 3 times the American voters have rejected Biden's presidential fantasies.

    this places him in a tie with jerry Brown at 3.

    and ahead of Hillary's 2.5. (Obama, Bernie(.5)and trumpasaurous rex.

    next on the all time list is Ralph Nader as a 4 time loser.

    this is dwarfed by the all time loser, Republican harold stassen, who lost 9 times. this included once each to Ike, Goldwater, and Nixon. And twice each to Ronald Reagan and poppa bush.

    I find that record of Mr stassen to be mind boggling. he first ran in 1944- when FDR won.

    and he ran in 92 against bush, Perot,and Clinton. a total of 9 runs.



  5. Liz Fowler, who Max Baucus called the "CEO" of Obamacare, worked for Max, Obama, and Big Pharma and a giant health insurance company. She got rich and we got hosed.

  6. I knew Obamacare would be bad when they wrote the law so that it didn't take effect until 2013 - after Obama was reelected.

    A lot of people still want what Obama promised but didn't deliver: cheap, universal, quality health care. Obama lied.

    That's what Democrats are promising with "Medicare For All." Guess what? They're lying again.

  7. If Obama did not enforce his own law, then why should President Donald John Trump enforce it?

    Uh because its the law? You don't want laws enforced????

    Then how can you complain about sanctuary cities?????

    Duh. Hypocrisy reigns at this blog.

    Lost in translation is the FACT that Congress has NO JURISDICTION over our health care. NONE. Zip. NADA.

    Why do y'all continue to debate liberals on their own turf????

    The Constitution grants NO power whatsoever to DC to determine how health care is delivered to the people.

    NONE. So as long as you rubes keep playing on foreign turf you'll never win. Winning scares you. You cherish the security blanket DC promises you.

    Just like liberals do too.

    1. Sayeth two Big Government guys! Both parties adore big government. They take turns every 8 years to attack the liberties of the other side.

      They adore an imperial presidency when its their party of course. Executive power cannot change law if you believe in the rule of law.

      Neither side does anymore its pathetic.

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