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Monday, July 22, 2019

How to like Donald Trump

Salena Zito reported, "Lara Trump says her biggest challenge isn’t retaining the women who voted for her father-in-law in 2016, but instead winning the votes of women who didn’t vote Trump, but who now find they like his policies while disliking his comportment."

The First Daughter In Law's actual words were, "I think there are a lot of people, men and women alike, who feel that way out there. The reality is that you don't have to love everything about this President, but you sure can love the direction that he's taking this country."

The list of President Trump's accomplishments is long. Conservative judges, repealing bad regulations, and the best tax cuts since Reagan are at the top.

Lara Trump told Zito, "You might not love everything he tweets, but you never have to wonder what this president is thinking. He’s very transparent."

Her sales pitch is simple: "I think because he is unconventional, he's been incredibly effective. ... You don't have to follow all of the old rules in Washington DC. He's beholden only to the American people, not to lobbyists, not to special interest groups."

Now the good news is that as Missus Trump campaigns for her husband's father, retention is easy. People who voted for President Trump are going to vote for him again.

And guess what? That was enough to re-elect him.

Where the last four presidents to lose an election for another term -- Hoover, Ford, Carter and Pere Bush -- screwed up was in losing their base. They failed to deliver what they promised.

But President Trump has delivered with one exception. Congress won't fund the wall.

With the best economy in 50 years and no war, President Trump should be on his way to a rout.

However his combative nature turns off the people who should be supporting him.

I have no problem with the trolling tweets, the rowdy rallies, and the feisty feuds. They are entertaining and serve his purpose in frustrating the opposition. This was the only way he could go from the penthouse on Fifth Avenue to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

And President Trump was the only one who could defeat Hillary Clinton because they were duller than Romney. Remember Jeb!'s please clap moment? Pre-beard Ted Cruz was pretty standoffish.

If by some accident they were elected they would have suffered the same indignities of a Congress that promises but never delivers. I doubt Jeb! or Kasich had the wherewithal to get a tax cut. They would have sought something bipartisan. The corporate tax cut -- which is driving much of the economic growth -- would not have been considered.

And we would have gotten another David Souter on the Supreme Court.

I can see why he offends people who should be his supporters.

But liking him is pretty easy. You can choose whether or not to follow the daily drama. If his tweets bother you, don't read them. If his rallies bother you, don't watch them.

And bear in mind what the man has had to put up with. No American president was ever saddled with a special prosecutor based on a fake dossier by his predecessor who spied on him.

They never gave him a chance.

That should tell any conservative all that is needed to know about President Trump. He is dangerous to the establishment.

Yes, it would be nice to have a Romney or a Bob Dole or even another Bush.

But we tried that and it failed.

Being a polite Midwesterner did not cut it.

A rude and occasionally crude New Yorker got the job done.

Give him a second term and we can go back to the polite world of Jell-O molds and noodle salads under President Pence.


  1. Don, No, it would NOT be nice to have a Romney, Bush, or Dole! President Trump has showed us how to stiffen our spines, fight back, and WIN!

    I am not interested in any more "That's not who we are" Republicans!

    Hopefully Mike Pence is taking lessons. If he can't cut it, then bring on someone like Rep. Dan Crenshaw, they eye-patch ex-SEAL who speaks up and knows how to kill people!!

    1. I'm with you, Miss Marple.

    2. From what I'm seeing on comment boards across the websites I visit daily there is a lot of spine-stiffening going on, and approval of the president's willingness to fight.

    3. Miss Marple called it like it is! No more "gentlemanly losers" like the RNC offers!

      For that reason & many others, I won't donate to the RNC, but only directly to the Donald J. Trump for President campaign!

    4. I nominate Miss Marple for Secretary of State in the [Pence or Crenshaw] administration in 2025.

    5. I agree with you Miss Marple. I've been answering the political party question on surveys with "Trump American"
      I do not EVER want to go back to "Nice" because "Nice" does NOT equal "Good". Even the devil himself can be very nice... in fact, he might have been the one who invented "nice".

    6. Ms Marple, you've said it all. Let's follow the fine example of this President, and vow to be silent no more. Viva la Real Resistance!

    7. Another Romney? We had a leader who was 'another Romney' here in The Great South Land. His name was Malcolm Turnbull, and he was one of our worst Prime Ministers ever.
      Without doubt he was the most useless. Believing he was destined to be a leader, he connived and plotted his way to the top position - and then had no idea what to do with it.
      Our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is not in the same steely-spined league as Trump. But he is a distinct improvement over Turnbull. And your President, who treated Turnbull with all the disdain he deserved, has spoken admiringly of Morrison. I take that as a good sign.

  2. Sad to report that his tone is not playing well with the morally superior suburban Christian moms of my acquaintance who should by any measure of policy agreement be rock-solid supporters but whose weak-mindedness and osmotic media consumption have conditioned them to orangophobia.

    The 2018 suburban losses might become permanent as Pravda Inc and Silicon Valley weaponize their informational tyranny.

    1. Query -- will these morally superior stay home or vote for Dems who hate everything about them?

    2. Vote for Dems, because that show how tolerant and loving and inclusive and non-judgmental they are. It is maddening.

  3. Trump is a breath of Republican fresh air.

    For far too long R's took it on the chin, not fighting back, and get defined by Democrats all the while the vast majority of media play D propagandists.

    Moreover, the lurch leftward of the government continued.

    Stuff like this is why I suspect Republicans have not really learned the lesson Trump is teaching.

  4. Maybe Lara should address the problem head on by saying: "You don't have to marry him." Appalling how many women still choose a President based on the same criteria they would use to choose a husband.

    1. Then their criteria must be a very low standard.

    2. The same mindless women watching "The View." Indeed it's maddening.
      I still haven't been able to shake off that my very own sister voted for Bill Clinton, "because he's so good looking."

    3. Sisters can be retarded.

      Ya love 'em anyway.

      Billy boy cute????

      Holy Guacamole!!!!

  5. I already have Romney for a senator. I love The President just the way he is. I've witnessed enough pre-emptive surrender to last several lifetimes.

  6. Some of those non the fence will love him when they are repulsed by the eventual Democrat Socialist Communist nominee.

  7. He fights. 'Nuff said.


  8. best economy in 50 years and no war

    No war? With 900 military bases covering the world? With troops still not home? And dropping 40K bombs last year?

    Bush called it the war on terror its perpetual war since it creates more terrorists than it could ever kill.

    Anytime Trump suggests its time to end the war subsidies to the neo cons heads explode. I trust Trump uses a food taster everywhere he goes.

    1. Nony likes to harp on President 4EVA Trump's 40 bombs.
      Nony neglects to mention how Hillary, (his favorite beard) supported the use of those bombs.
      In an interview with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof at the Women in the World conference in Manhattan, Hillary said,
      “Assad has an air force, and that air force is the cause of most of these civilian deaths, and I really believe that we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.”

      Nony also forgot the 26,171 bombs the great black hype dropped throughout the Middle East in 2016!!!

      Much like a fart, nony's comments may be cute and/or annoying, but prove to be nothing more than a waft of hot wind.

  9. > And we would have gotten another David Souter on the Supreme Court.

    He spells his name "John Roberts" now.

  10. THose who like the results, but who CRINGE at the man GETTING those results, need to understand THIS: President Trump IS our General Patton! Patton was also personally unliked, he was gruff, and even sometimes abusive. BUT PATTON GOT WINS! And America then AS NOW, NEEDS TO WIN! You WOBBLIES are "put off" by the mannerisms of a STRONG LEADER in WARTIME need to SEE that ONLY such a leader in these such times, COULD get those positive results! And YES, if you have NOT figured it out, America IS at WAR! We are at WAR with a domestic Enemy (THE LEFT), who has found your SOFT SPOT(your CONCERN to APPEAR 'Above-It-All' to your friends, family, co-workers and peers!) and is "Tokyo Rose-ing" you with it! These times too shall pass, BUT FOR YOUR SAKE, WE BETTER WIN! Donald Trump is the RIGHT man for the Job. And just as General Patton was LESS onerous than the Enemy that HE was fighting against (on YOUR behalf!), SO ALSO IS PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!

    1. Patton was pushed out of command, but when Eisenhower needed a general who would fight, he reinstated Patton to command. My hard as nails foster father loved him and told me about seeing him lead attacks in his tank. And when a rank and file soldier was overheard criticizing the him, by Patton, the General took off his sidearms and challenged the man to a fight and beat his butt. No punishment beyond his butt being kicked.

    2. Awesome firsthand tale. It's easy to picture Trump as Patton. Only thing missing is the movie flashbacks of Patton's military past...

  11. The republicans always got what they wanted. They were really the dems light. When the dems were in power they would move the country to the left. The republicans would complain, of course, but, when they got into power they never, make that NEVER, tried to move the country to the right.
    That's why they were happy with people like souter (or roberts), who they knew would never truly support the constitution.

  12. When you have to deal with vermin like the Democrat Socialists you can't be Mr Rogers, you have to be Jason Statham. POTUS is just that, he takes no prisoners.

    1. John Wick.

      If only they hadn't killed his puppy.....

      But they did.

  13. Nope... Pence is too uptight to carry that torch. i think we need a Palin/Haley ticket in 2024. Let the Left try and chew on that haha

  14. Pence hasn't shown his mettle yet and I'm having my doubts about him. Of course, it's still five years out.