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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Highlights of the News

Another great morning in Poca, West Virginia, where the skies are blue, not the people.

ITEM 1: The Associated Press reported, "Attorney General William Barr said Monday he sees a way to legally require 2020 census respondents to declare whether or not they are citizens, despite a Supreme Court ruling that forbade asking the question.

"In an interview with The Associated Press, Barr said the Trump administration will take action in the coming days that he believes will allow the government to add the controversial census query. Barr would not detail the plans, though a senior official said President Donald Trump is expected to issue a memorandum to the Commerce Department instructing it to include the question on census forms.

"The Supreme Court recently blocked the question , at least temporarily, saying the administration’s justification 'seems to have been contrived.' That was a blow to Trump, who has been pressing for the government to demand information about citizenship.

The question was asked until Obama struck it in order to boost congressional representation in lawless "sanctuary" states.

In a court of law, the accuser must prove their case. In kangaroo courts, the defendant must prove his innocence. The court chose which one to be in this case.

ITEM 2: Fox News reported, "Christine Pelosi, a Democratic National Committee official and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, warned conspicuously on Saturday evening that it is 'quite likely that some of our faves are implicated' in the 'horrific' sex-trafficking case against politically connected financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Her tweet said, "This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may -- whether on Republicans or Democrats."


How does she know this?

ITEM 3: Flashback to May 13, 2016, when Fox News reported, "Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the 'Lolita Express' -- even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by

"Clinton’s presence aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions has been reported, but flight logs show the number is more than double that, and trips between 2001 and 2003 included extended junkets around the world with Epstein and fellow passengers identified on manifests by their initials or first names, including Tatiana. The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

"'Bill Clinton … associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile,' said Conchita Sarnoff, of the Washington, D.C. based non-profit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, and author of a book on the Epstein case called 'TrafficKing.'

"'Why would a former president associate with a man like that?'"

Well, now we know how Pelosi's kid knows this.

ITEM 4: Politico reported, "He asks visitors if they’d like to wash their hands in a bathroom near the Oval Office.

"He’ll send a military doctor to help an aide caught coughing on Air Force One.

"And the first thing he often tells his body man upon entering the Beast after shaking countless hands at campaign events: 'Give me the stuff' — an immediate squirt of Purell.

"Two and a half years into his term, President Donald Trump is solidifying his standing as the most germ-conscious man to ever lead the free world. His aversion shows up in meetings at the White House, on the campaign trail and at 30,000 feet. And everyone close to Trump knows the president’s true red line."

The best medical advice ever is Wash Your Hands.

ITEM 5: Miriam Adelson, co-owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, wrote, "By rights, Trump should enjoy sweeping support among U.S. Jews, just as he does among Israelis. That this has not been the case (so far — the 2020 election still beckons) is an oddity that will long be pondered by historians. Scholars of the Bible will no doubt note the heroes, sages and prophets of antiquity who were similarly spurned by the very people they came to raise up.

"Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a 'Book of Trump,' much like it has a 'Book of Esther' celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from ancient Persia?

"Until that is decided, let us, at least, sit back and marvel at this time of miracles for Israel, for the United States, and for the whole world."

When it is completed, it will be the only book in the Bible with laugh-out-loud passages.

ITEM 6: John Merline wrote, "Government Dependency Plunges Under Trump — Why Aren’t We Celebrating?"

Use of food stamps, Medicaid, welfare and the like are all down.

The answer to his question is the punchline to the old joke that asked why was the Department of Agriculture employee crying?

Because his farmer died.

The government needs needy people. This is why liberals oppose self reliance. For example, if you own a gun, you are less likely to need the police.

3.7% unemployment is a threat to the Deep State. That is why they want The Donald to be gone.

ITEM 7: Bloomberg Law reported, "President Donald Trump is on track to get another appointment to the largest federal appeals court.

"Judge Jay Bybee of the San Francisco-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit plans to take senior status at the end of the year, the court confirmed on Monday."

Bybee is a Bush 43 appointee. He's 65. His retirement allows a 40-something to take over.

ITEM 8: Newsmax reported, "Since Donald Trump was elected President in November of 2016, he has had a powerful booster in the dean of Washington’s diplomatic corps, Sir Kim Darroch, Britain’s ambassador to the United States.

"That support came into question this past weekend by a Daily Mail report citing a series of cables and memos critical of the President and sent to the British Foreign Office by Darroch.

"But sources close to the British Foreign Office told Newsmax that the paper had cherry picked items from the memos, written over a two year period, to misconstrue the Ambassador’s position of the president.

"For instance, the Daily Mail blazed a headline that Darroch in a six-page memo had described the President Trump inept and incompetent.

"But a source that has read the full memo says that is patently false.

"The ambassador never called the president inept or incompetent, according to the source.

"Darroch did make some personal judgments on the president, but the memos focused mainly on administration policies and personnel."

The original story in the Daily Mail was unusually anti-Trump by the newspaper's standards. The target of the attack is Sir Darroch. This story is a counter-attack.

I doubt he survives the new government under Boris Johnson or whomever succeeds Theresa May.

ITEM 9: The Associated Press reported, "Religious publishers say President Donald Trump’s most recent proposed tariffs on Chinese imports could result in a Bible shortage.

"That’s because millions of Bibles — some estimates put it at 150 million or more — are printed in China each year. Critics of a proposed tariff say it would make the Bible more expensive for consumers and hurt the evangelism efforts of Christian organizations that give away Bibles as part of their ministry.

"HarperCollins Christian Publishing President and CEO Mark Schoenwald recently told the U.S. Trade Representative that the company believes the Trump administration 'never intended to impose a ‘Bible Tax’ on consumers and religious organizations,'” according to a transcript of his remarks provided by the publisher.

"The two largest Bible publishers in the United States, Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, are owned by HarperCollins, and they incur close to 75% of their Bible manufacturing expenses in China, Schoenwald said. Together, they command 38% of the American Bible market, he said."

What are they doing printing Bibles in godless Red China?

This is not a Bible Tax. It is a tax on not buying American. It is their choice, not mine.

ITEM 10: CNN reported, "An Afrofuturist group says it reversed its decision to charge white people more for tickets to its Detroit festival than black and brown people because they received threats, an artist dropped out and a ticketing website threatened to unpublish their event."

Federal law banned racial discrimination in 1964.

The news took 55 years to reach Detroit.

ITEM 11: Anna Hopkins of Fox News reported, "Country music star Lee Greenwood was especially proud to be an American over the holiday weekend, after working with a nonprofit to provide a specialized home for an Afghanistan war veteran who lost his legs overseas.

"Greenwood teamed up with Helping a Hero to provide wounded warrior Matt Deatherage with a home equipped for him to live independently, and the two men appeared on Fox and Friends on Monday to talk about the new house and the organization that made it happen.

"Deatherage said he was amazed at his new home, and the hard work done by Helping a Hero to aid dozens of veterans like himself with special needs."

God Bless The Lee Greenwood.

ITEM 12: Liberty Daily reported, "SHOCK: Jake Tapper Uses Jew-Hating Black Supremacist Louis Farrakhan Tweet to Highlight Twitter’s Double Standards."

Tapper is Jewish, as is his boss, Jeff Zucker, and colleague Wolf Blitzer, whose parents survived the Holocaust.

But when it comes to anti-Semitism we are all Jewish because the Jews are always the first target of dictators on the rise. Fighting anti-Semitism is not an act of nobility; it is an act of survival.

ITEM 13Ann Corcoran reported, "WordPress Would Not Tell Me Why They Removed Refugee Resettlement Watch."

This is devastating to her. She has been blogging for 13 years.

People ask me why I don't move from Blogger (Google) to WordPress. WordPress just answered why.

ITEM 14: The Boulder County Sheriff's Office reported on July 5, "Last night a delinquent bear pulled open an unlocked driver's door and climbed in, and of course, the door closed behind it. The bear worked on digging out through all 4 doors, but apparently butt-shifted the car into neutral. The car rolled back and off the driveway and about 100 ft down the hill. The four legged suspect swiped a tree, rendering the car undrivable, but in the process popped a door open, and fled on foot... er, on paws in an unknown direction."

Bears bruin everything.

ITEM 15: Eric Swalwell nuked his presidential marathon.

Joe Biden tweeted, "Eric Swalwell ran a passionate campaign, and I commend him for bringing more attention to the urgent need for gun safety reform in America."

Yes, Swalwell made it crystal clear that Democrats want to confiscate your guns.


  1. Re: Swalwell - WMAL played what I thought was a shocking sound bite of his no mas announcement. If you didn’t hear it, Big D, you should - it COMPLETELY validates your first two books. He called Mr. T the best puncher in presidential history. NBADJT. I hope people are starting to realize that Our Guy is totally rewriting the resume qualifications requirements for future POTI (plural of POTUS). Steyer’s entry today is another piece of evidence.

    1. Swalwell is most known for saying this in the first Dim presidential debate:
      “I will be bold without the bold.”
      Yes, really.

      On the last Greg Gutfeld Show, comedian Tom Shillue said he had buttons printed up saying "I want a Swell Wall – not a Swalwell".

      Oh well. We can still use them in 2020 when Swalwell runs to try to keep his seat in Congress.

  2. What are they doing printing Bibles in godless Red China?

    Its the perfect place to print them! For you don't have to smuggle them in they're already there! Duh.

    Besides there are untold millions of Christians there.
    In 2010 Pew estimated them at 67 million. So they're easily over 100 by now. The mustard seed is growing like crazy.

    Its spreading so fast the communists there have to tear down churches to impede the progress.

    Just like the Romans did. And failed. Because faith spreads faster underground in house churches than in church buildings. Church planters know that fact very well.

    Christianity in China is spreading so fast that this British rag wondered if they will be the largest Christian nation in the world by 2030.

    God is ignoring America as He is moving in China, India, and Africa. And none of them are liberals or warmongers either.

    The best example are the hundreds of American Episcopal churches who have sought jurisdiction under an African bishop. They are escaping the liberalism in the American National Episcopal Church.

    Wikipedia reports that in recent years, the number of Chinese Christians has increased significantly; Christians were 4 million before 1949 (3 million Catholics and 1 million Protestants), and are reaching 67 million today, Christianity is reportedly the fastest growing religion in China with average annual rate of 7%.

    So I wonder if the tipping point has been reached yet because once it has there is no stopping it.

    All of which is lost on Surber his hatred for them blinds him to all of this. He wants to end trade with them and sanction them like the Iranians. Then they would really suffer and return to poverty. Instead of evangelizing them he prefers regime change ops. He's a neo con much like Ralph Reed.

    There is no way communism will last another generation against 7% compound growth of a rival faith. They will fold it up just like the Soviets did.

    That is unless in the meantime we end trade with them and doom them to poverty again. Then they will hate us and the Christians there will be the ones to suffer the most.

    1. So, shy not give the job to American printers who are now out of work thanks to all those newspapers going out of business by giving way to Trump derangement syndrome? And most if not all of the tariffs will disappear the moment China grants reciprocal access to its markets.

    2. Your opinionated retorts are boring and useless. Try to quit being mad at everyone’s thoughts but yours. Nobody’s paying you any attention except me and that’s just to let you know you’re being ignored.

    3. Nonny it is the work of Americans and others that plated the seed in China.China very well may become-soon a Christian nation.
      BTW put down the Bong-too much gives you paranoia and delusions..

    4. Tom why do you read boring and useless posts? Admit it you cannot resist learning something new about your own hypocrisy.

      And quite a few here pay attention. But not very much since they cannot follow long chains of reasoning. That includes yourself.

      Why don't one of you , just one, tell me why I am wrong. Using logic and reasoning. Make an intelligent argument.

      I know I'm asking quite a lot.


    5. Nony the twerp, you embody hypocrisy.

    6. To win your argument or not to win your argument.

      That is your question.

      Whether 'tis this or that

      You silly twat

      You win or don't

      It matters not

      T'will be whatever it t'will be

      So grab a beer

      Then sit to pee

      For this is all

      Life is to thee.

      Chug up.

      Try not to puke.

  3. Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a 'Book of Trump

    An idea like that is sacrilege. And pitiful, disgusting, and ludicrous. But I'll let Christ speak on the matter instead of me.....

    Rev 22:18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book,
    Rev 22:19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

    1. So we'll put it in the Old Testament. The Sages regularly debated what belonged there.

      Actually makes sense since, with respect to Israel, the President is a Cyrus-like figure and it was Cyrus who allowed the Jews back into their nation to build a second Temple.

    2. Wow I think your serious!! LOL

      Hint: the Bible is ONE book. Part 2 fulfills Part 1. Israel became the Christian Church according to Paul.

      Israel in the middle east is under His judgment. Jesus said the kingdom was removed from them. And it was in 70 A.D.

      The state of Israel is political only. There is nothing religious about it whatsoever.

      But you guys here worship politics so Israel can do no wrong even when they danced on 9/11.


      Zionist pastors fight to see who gets to sit on Trump's right hand when he goes to glory.

      Vote now who will win!!

  4. It is a tax on not buying American

    Clearly Surber loves taxation to punish and control Americans. He wants to punish you for buying foreign goods.

    Clearly he hates letting people choose who they want to trade with. Surber wants to control them. Just like liberals do.

    1. Been buying American since before your papa boinked your mama. And you got implanted.

  5. WordPress just answered why.

    Not really. There are 2 ways to use Wordpress. She picked the wrong one. The dotcom one. The cheap one for lazy folks.

    Those who use the dotorg wordpress are safe and secure.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Unless your web host takes a notion against you...

    3. True. But then you just move to another one.

    4. Hardly. A friend had a .org site and still lost it when Wordpress no longer too a shine to his stuff.

    5. Prove it quarterboy. Provide links for evidence. You won't of course cause your full of it.

  6. 15- Don't feel too bad for Eric. I'm sure he pocketed a nice check courtesy the presidential public funding program (paid for by taxpayer dollars. Thanks, Suckers!)
    Won't be long before more follow suit.

    16-New Seems Tom Steyer announced he's running. I'm sure it's because he really cares about America and not because his business interest rely on the green energy subsidies he gets from Uncle Sam. The guy loves coal, just not here.

    Posting a link if you want to read up on him.

  7. In re Lee Greenwood: This cover of "Proud to be an American" is something special.

  8. "Fighting anti-Semitism is not an act of nobility; it is an act of survival."

    So let me get this straight, we have to protect Semites first at the expense of all others? This sounds so racist. Who, BTW, is supposed to protect me?

    1. The Nazi who comes for the Jew will later come for the Socialist and a bunch of other "undesirables" to establish the principle that he can do that and to weaken the opposition when he comes for you. Anti-semitism is the canary in the coal mine.

    2. Deplorable Me, why not look at the sentence right before the one you quoted, and see if it clarifies things?

      "But when it comes to anti-Semitism we are all Jewish because the Jews are always the first target of dictators on the rise."

      Or, in other words, what Unknown @ 9:37 AM said.

    3. we have to protect Semites first at the expense of all others? This sounds so racist

      Finally someone else gets it!! Neo cons want welfare for the Jews. Dems want welfare for the blacks.

      They look at race not at a person. Its racist at its core.

      They are just alike neo cons and Dems both blinded by their zealotry and desire to control other people freedom be damned.

    4. more like gratitude. I got called out in Oct 73. UAR zippo tracks on their way to burn the kids in a kibbutz or 6. this was long before Janet reno rationalized it, of course.

      we're drawing chutes, and it was pretty much unanimous that that was bad for civilisation. fight the men. leave the women and kids out of it.

      and on a personal note, there were some Jewish girls who were very kind to me in high school, sharing the gifts they had so abundantly received at such a young age. we frolicked shamelessly in the moonlit sea breezes, and I for one don't want anything bad to happen to them just because some religious fanatic got his tin foil hat askew.


    5. Ah.

      The duplicitous monicker gambit.

      "Deplorable you".

      This is an example of not reading the comment to determine the nature of the commenter.

      The strategy is obvious.

      The bucket of turds used, a basket if you prefer, is the usual scumspects' method.

      They present the false offer of debate, argument, conversation, discussion, etc., use the common formulas and fill in the factors with their turd or turds of choice.

      Interwoven in their execution are established truths.

      The turds are as piss added to a glass of pure, mountain spring water. A bit of piss, not enough, they think, to be detected, and those generous enough to listen/read will certainly drink the tainted concoction.

      Alas, these usual scumspects fail to consider the odor of even their most miniscule turds is detectable.

      The false monicker gambit is intended to induce presumptive trust.

      Many previous comments posted using the monicker gambit may well be substantially free of turds.

      Yet, these are merely the set up to induce presumptive trust in the reader.

      So, "deplorable me" is seen as the duplicitous scumspect it is.

      The scumspects will always, eventually, reveal their stink, perhaps cloaking the odor of their chosen turd in implied sarcasm.

      The jump in from the blatantly consistent turd commenter, with an Attaboy, Luther, further proves the presence of shit.

      Death, most indiscrminating, equals out all.

      In this, all are truly equal.

      Will bucket of turds entities debate that?

  9. The best medical advice ever is Wash Your Hands.

    My wife, nurse of 50 years, concurs.

    1. along with don't eat the yellow snow.

    2. How about yellow watermelon?

  10. #5 -- It wouldn't be the only Book with laugh-out-loud passages if you're well familiar with Jewish tradition. Why, at a certain point, did God instruct Moses to confront Pharaoh early in the morning at the river's edge? Pharaoh pretended to be a deity; and as all good Egyptians knew, deities have no need to engage in certain bodily functions. But of course, Pharaoh was really just a human, and most definitely DID need to go. In order to maintain the illusion of divinity to his subjects, Pharaoh would get up well before anyone else was awake, sneak out to the river and relieve himself in the water, then sneak back into his palace before anyone was the wiser.

    By telling Moses specifically to go to the river's edge early in the morning, God was arranging it so that Pharaoh would LITERALLY be caught with his pants down.

    God is not without a certain sense of humor....

    1. Great point! I can think of the time the ark of the covenant was stolen. The captors ended up with hemorrhoids.

      1Sa 5:6 And the hand of Jehovah was heavy on the people of Ashdod, and He destroyed them and struck them with hemorrhoids, Ashdod and its borders.

  11. Susan, Tom is right We DO ignore you. Speed read to laugh at best.

    Logic and reason about faith? God is ignoring America? You know God's mind? Wow Suzie, impressive.

    But to PROVE your rants? Why. That's like me telling you to disprove my saying "... a teapot orbits the Sun somewhere in space between the Earth and Mars too small to be seen by a telescope..."


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