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Monday, July 08, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Breitbart News reported, "Filmmaker and author Mike Cernovich, who recently won a case to unseal court documents related to child sex trafficking charges against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, today hailed the victory as a historic win for independent citizen journalism. 'This victory shows that Andrew Breitbart’s spirit is alive and well,' said Cernovich in a comment to Breitbart News.

"'The lawsuit to unseal the Jeff Epstein records came from a citizen journalist and was ignored by the D.C. media class. Never back down and never give up.'

"On the evening of July 6, just three days after a judge ordered the unsealing of the court records, Epstein was finally arrested in New York on allegations of child sex trafficking.

"Epstein is already a convicted sex offender, having pleaded guilty to sex with girls as young as 14 in 2008, for which he was given an 18-month jail sentence.

"However, he was not sent to state prison and was allowed 'work release' to his office for 12 hours a day, six days a week. Epstein served 13 months in jail before being released on probation.

"Cernovich’s battle to unseal the records began with a filing on January 19, 2017, with an intervention to unseal the summary judgment record on the Epstein case. He was joined in this motion by attorney Alan Dershowitz and the Miami Herald, which has closely investigated the Epstein story.

"Writing on his personal blog, Cernovich attacked mainstream media commentators for trying to ignore the fact that he initiated the effort to unseal the records."

Justice gets a do-over thanks to the efforts of a private citizen nosing around.

And no, President Trump will not be indicted in this scandal. He does not do drugs or alcohol or 14-year-olds.

ITEM 2: Paul Bedard reported, "One-fifth of all federal prison inmates are not U.S citizens, many facing illegal immigration charges, according to new data from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

"There are a total of 35,009 'criminal aliens' of 180,344 in prison, and 60% are Mexican, according to an analysis provided to Secrets by David Olen Cross of Salem, Ore., a crime researcher who writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime."

National Review and all those publications lied when they called Donald Trump racist for saying Mexico is not sending its best.

ITEM 3: ABC reported, "Bolstered by a strong economy, Donald Trump reached the highest job approval rating of his career in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll and runs competitively for re-election against four of five possible Democratic contenders. Yet he remains broadly unpopular across personal and professional measures, marking his vulnerabilities in the 2020 election.

"Forty-four percent of Americans approve of Trump’s overall job performance, up a slight 5 percentage points from April and 2 points better than his peak early in his presidency. Still, 53% disapprove, keeping him at majority disapproval continuously for his first two and a half years in office, a record for any president in modern polling."

His disapproval is 53%?

The same poll said he was at 58% disapproval when he was elected.

ITEM 4: Zero Hedge reported, "The Deutsche Bank As You Know It Is No More."

The story said, "The bank which only a decade ago dominated equity and fixed income and sales trading and investment banking across the globe, and was Europe's banking behemoth, is no more.

"On Sunday afternoon, in a widely telegraphed move, Deutsche Bank announced that it was exiting its equity sales and trading operation, resizing its once legendary Fixed Income and Rates operations and reducing risk-weighted assets currently allocated to these business by 40%, slashing as many as 20,000 jobs including many top officials, and creating a €74 billion bad bank as part of a reorganization which will cost up to €7.4 billion by the end of 2022 and which will result in another massive Q2 loss of €2.8 billion, as the bank hopes to slash costs by €17 billion in 2022, while ending dividends for 2019 and 2020 even as it hopes to achieve all this without new outside capital."

The story also said, "the new strategy by CEO Christian Sewing 'signals a retreat from Deutsche’s global ambitions and its aim to be Europe’s main rival to Goldman Sachs.'"

Europe's Goldman Sachs.

Once again, a European tries to top America at its own game, and falls short because Europe is not America. People willing to risk a long journey to a strange country were rewarded with opportunities not available to them in the Old Country. America unleashed the potential of Europeans and was rewarded.

Europe meanwhile had world wars.

ITEM 5: William A. Jacobson reported, "Former Oberlin College President: 'Pay the court’s judgment, don’t fight it; apologize to the Gibson family and to the community.'"

Does he really think these highly credentialed elitists will ever admit error to the mere Gibsons?

Jacobson has done a fine job covering the trial and the folly of Oberlin administrators thinking they could bully the townies.

ITEM 6: Michelle Obama said, "Barack and I are going to support whoever wins the primary, so ... our primary focus is letting the primary process play out, because it's very early. I mean, that's one of the things that we learned in the campaign. It is early; it's like trying to figure out who's winning the World Series on the first seven games. I mean that's where we are right now, it is so early."

A World Series is the best of seven games.

ITEM 7: The New York Times reported, "Iran said on Sunday that within hours it would breach the limits on uranium enrichment set four years ago in an accord with the United States and other international powers that was designed to keep Tehran from producing a nuclear weapon."

Michelle is not the dumbest in her family.

ITEM 8: Willie Brown wrote, "If the Democrats really want to generate some interest in the presidential race, the ticket should be Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg.

"I’m not saying a combo of the California senator and South Bend, Ind., mayor would win for sure. But it could, because it would certainly throw President Trump off his game.

"And the pairing of a female former prosecutor with a gay middle American who is both a Rhodes scholar and an Afghanistan war veteran would certainly get the nation’s attention."

Not explained is how this peels one vote from President Trump's supporters. No one is complaining that he is not black or a woman or gay.

And Democrats must convert some of President Trump's supporters in order to win because Democrats lost in 2016 without them.

ITEM 9: Fox News reported, "Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fired back Saturday night after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized her and other far-left freshmen congresswomen for voting against a $4.6 billion border bill that President Trump signed into law on Monday.

"Congress had approved the bill with help from moderate Democrats – and in a New York Times interview Pelosi slammed the progressive wing of her party for not also supporting the humanitarian-assistance measure."

You've got to pick up every stitch. Must be the season of the witch.

ITEM 10: The Washington Post reported, "Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have turned state driver’s license databases into a facial-recognition gold mine, scanning through hundreds of millions of Americans’ photos without their knowledge or consent, newly released documents show.

"Thousands of facial-recognition requests, internal documents and emails over the past five years, obtained through public-records requests by Georgetown Law researchers and provided to The Washington Post, reveal that federal investigators have turned state Department of Motor Vehicles databases into the bedrock of an unprecedented surveillance infrastructure."

Thank you, Governor Cuomo, for making it easier to deport illegal aliens.

ITEM 11The Palm Beach Post reported, "Spanish River High’s principal refused to call the Holocaust a fact."

Warning: sending your kid to a public school may be child abuse.

ITEM 12: The Local reported, "Following record heat of over 39C in June, Germany is recording new low temperature records. What will the following days bring?

'Rotenburg (W├╝mme) in Lower Saxony recorded a record low July temperature of 2.9C on early Thursday morning, according to, breaking a station record which had stood since 1946.

"The record low came only four days after Germany logged a record high June temperature of of 39.6C in Bernburg an der Saale in Saxony-Anhalt on Sunday."

The story said frost was recorded in Saxony in July for only the seventh time.

But remember, cold is weather, hot is climate change.

ITEM 13: Trish Regan, host of the 8 pm weeknights show on Fox Business, tweeted, "BREAKING: Iranian source tells me 'we WILL negotiate with the US.' If Iran will indeed now sit down with the United States this is a MAJOR development for @realDonaldTrump and his administration."

And an even bigger development for the world.

Obama got a peace prize but President Donald John Trump prizes peace.


  1. 5 - Some common sense. That is why he is a former liberal college president.

    8 - liberal hypocrisy as usual. Sarah Palin (mayor, Governor, State oil board) historical and woefully inexperienced to be VP. Alfred E. Buttman (mayor of failing city) over qualified to be VP.

    12 - I wonder if Al Gorge is in Germany to give a global warming speech.

  2. Big Mike’s got a new personal trainer, it looks like - ARoid, a/k/a Alex Rodriguez. Man, that bole really adds the beef to the shoulders.

  3. #4 - Deutsche Bank - lots of reports the past 3 years of massive money laundering. Wonder how that factors in.

  4. Michelle is sending a signal to the “woke” by no longer straightening her hair - I’m really a new Angela Davis now that I have scammed millions from the taxpayers with my 23 assistants at the White House and luxury vacays with all my friends.

    1. Right you are, Birmingham! Question of the Day: Who is more deserving of reparations - Moochelle or LeBron James?

  5. #1. Worthless Willie might be joining him. They used to pal around.

  6. 2. Mexico's version of the Mariel boat lift.
    3. but hillary wss zt 98% disapproval at the same time.
    4. Failure of Deutsche bank Deutsche bank uber alles.
    9. "How can we complain about inhumane treatment if we approve humanitarian aid?"
    11. I thought you needed to be educated to be an educator.
    12. Who knew climate change could occur within 24 hours?

  7. 6. Former First Primate.

  8. Trump is toast the deep state is playing its final card willing to sacrifice several of its own to get to the orange guy

    Trump biographer Tim O'Brien this weekend reposted an excerpt fom a 2002 profile of Epstein in New York Magazine, in which Trump told a reporter, "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side."

    Likes pretty women as much as Trump does! Is that one at a time or several at once????

    Trump here admits what a womanizer he is he's truly disgusting.

    Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie K. Brown said following Epstein's arrest that Trump and Epstein "went to dinner parties at each other's houses, Trump was also on his plane. Probably not as much as a lot of other people because, you know, Trump had his own plane."

    But what does Surber do? Post some tweet from an obscure tweeter nobody knows who says Trump never got on the plane.

    Well its not all about the plane at all. Its about attending parties with Epstein wherever they were.

    But go ahead and defend the orgy lover!

    1. Trump kicked the dude out of his club. You guys are really desperate. The upshot of this approach is that you are defending a pedophile indirectly by saying he's no worse than Trump. The old equivocation trick is worn out now. People have seen too much of it. Try something new.

    2. saying he's no worse than Trump.

      Doc has to put words in my mouth to argue against them. Never once did I say Trump is the same as Epstein!

      Trump is the one who likened himself to Epstein!!!!

      Trigger alert to all you zealots. Is there not one of you who can hold an argument?

      I imagine Trump kicked him out because he got embarrassed. Why did he let him in the first place?????

      None of you zealots ask that question it hurts too much.


    3. Catalyst.


      Without which sequence stalls out.

      Bait = Catalyst

      Sequence = Chatter

      Chatter = Ambitious Goal

      Ambitious Goal = Influence Election Result

      Error = Susie


      Susie = Catalyst

      Catalyst = More MAGA


  9. 6. I suspect the possibility of an obvious misquote or a misprint her. I suspect the lady said "It is early; it's like trying to figure out who's winning the World Series on the first OF seven games."

    1. Uh, nope. The beard said it exactly as quoted.
      Search it yourself, keywords obama, essence festival, biden

    2. I think she meant the first 7 games of the season. Given where we are in the election cycle, it's also the most logical meaning.

  10. Thank you, Governor Cuomo, for making it easier to deport illegal aliens.

    Surber shows how little he cares for our civil rights like the 4th amendment. He cares little for the rule of law he loves giving more power to the deep state he says he hates.

    No he loves power he just wants to cleanse the deep state and preserve and grow its power to use it against people he hates.

    The deep state, esp the NSA, seeks omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. Its playing God.

    Surber is schizophrenic. Its what happens when you're so emotionally committed to politics. Trump and his big government comprise his messianic security blanket; he wakes up every morning feeling so content that he is still in power and just has to share that on his blog.

    Its so overwhelming he has to write out the messianic president's complete name every single time. It just gushes out of him like a lude woman gushes over Trump at an Epstein party.

    Its an obsessive compulsive disorder in full public view. And the posters here cheer them both on being the neo cons they are.

    1. Don, if a man's greatness is judged by the strengh of his enemies,then based on your resident troll, you're not very great.

    2. would that be a lude woman as in a female on quaaludes or a lewd woman as in promiscuous?

      your lack of ejemacation is showing. betrayed first by your inability to hold a cohesive thought all the way through a sentence, and a grasp of the English language dwarfed by a smart microwave, your frothy foamy ejaculations caused by twitchy hands on the keyboard, your extruded rage is mind boggling.

      it's not easy to show Alexandra, Fredericka, or maxine to be smart or sane. but with your relentless efforts you accomplish the seemingly impossible.

      in fact, I wish to name an award after you. the LICKSPITTLE PECKSNIFFERIAN SPITTOON.

      no no its all about you. you deserve it.


    3. Desperate times call for desperate susans!!!!

      Urgently posting like a bloated bladder perched atop an electrified fence, barely balanced upon tiny insulators, knowing that, when the damn bursts, the result will be most shocking, desperate susan urgently demands to be rescued!!!

      By whom, you inquire???

      Why, whom else, but the rancid mittens the magnificient!!!

      Unlike the romulans of star trek legendry, mittens is the total master of his mitteny domain!!!

      Smug, snug as a bug in a rug, and dapper even on tne crapper, mittens is the magic desperately urgent susan's dreams are made of!!!

      Desperately urgent susan.

      Urgently desperate susan.

      A bloated bladder by any other name doth leak no less!!!

    4. Thanks again to all you zealots here in reply! You prove yet again you despise the rule of law.

      Every single time y'all ignore the argument and make fun of me instead. Its just what liberals do! I consider it a badge of honor.

      It means you are so intellectually weak you cannot defend your ideas.

      And the only ones with the cajones to try to argue use ad hominem attacks. Boring! Do you people EVER defend civil rights and the rule of law?????

      Besides illegals that is. Never mind its clear you don't

      Susie Q

    5. Ignoring an argument? Speak for yourself. Yesterday, instead of answering a question to a very simple question, you copied and pasted your long winded post.
      So I'm going to take the time and answer that question you chose to ignore.

      Of course the bible doesn't mention drugs. Then again, hazmat suits and full hepa filters weren't available to cook meth at the time either.
      However, the bible is VERY specific how to treat your body.

      For example,
      1 Corinthians 3:16
      -Do you not know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy that person. For God's temple is sacred, and you together are that temple.

      Or you could look up
      1 Corinthians 6:19
      1 Peter 5:8
      Galations 5:19,
      The list goes on.

      So the bible does condemn putting harmful substances in your body especially when they impair ones ability to think straight. Since drugs only function to impair ones mental faculties including your favorite green leaf, darling, their use is also condemned.
      And while getting shit-face drunk was also condemned, alcohol use was accepted and even celebrated. Wine was used for sacraments and sacrifices and trade.
      Perhaps the most well-known story of wine in the bible is from the Book of John where Jesus turned water into wine to celebrate a wedding in Cana. Of course wine was prominent at Jesus' last supper too.

      So why booze and not drugs?
      Short answer is drugs are illegal (in most states).
      Why is saying drugs are no different than cigs or booze so you're going to smoke, inject, huff, anyway an invadid argument?
      Because it shows contempt for the laws we live by to maintain society. That contempt for these laws mean you have contempt for the society that you claim to embrace you pathetic mongrel.

    6. Once upon a time

      Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

      Once upon a time

      Peguins could fly.

      Once upon a time

      Butterflies had fangs.

      Once upon a time

      A turtle danced a polka.

      Once upon a time

      An old broad had fallen and she could get up!!

      Once upon a time

      Conversations were spoken

      Some bones could get broken

      And when you awoken

      You wondered: where the fuck am I???

      Alas, those were the days.


      Easy peasy

      Sleazy, wheezy

      Brain farts blow their fetid breezy

      All are welcome

      To partake

      Of conversations

      Some, tho fake

      Pass time enough

      To get one to

      That final breathe

      And then it's due

      Some think they know

      What happens next

      From reading this or that in text

      Well, this, you know

      You each will see

      Most certain, yes

      Most definitely.

      Bon Voyage.

      Happy Trails.

      Adios, Amigos.

      Vaya con Dios.

      Don't Let the Doorknob Hit You On Your Way Out.

  11. #1: So is Bill Clinton going to be exposed for his travels to the man's island with all the young girls?#7: I wrote the President and others asking to explain to we citizens why Iran can't have nukes when we did little to stop Pakistan for obtaining them. However, I don't want them to have such weapons for both of the following reasons:  Could it be that they might have their surrogates set one off in the US as in one of Clancy's books. If drugs and people from Asia and African can enter the US through the southern border maybe a nuke could too; especially a PU-239 weapon that would have a minimum detectable radioactive signature compared to a U-235 based weapon. Or could it be that under the radical Shiite Islam beliefs of the Iranian leadership where it is prophesied that there is a coming 12th Imam who is the great spiritual savior at the end of time. And this arrival will be sooner if the world is in tremendous turmoil, like a nuclear war, which would eradicate Israel too. If not one of these two hypothesis, or others I have not thought about, then why is it necessary to go to war if the nuclear red line is crossed by Iran.

    1. Amr, the twelfth imam is mentioned in Revelation, Satan being cast down to earth.

  12. Socialism is supposed to be a classless society. The current crop of donks sure come close.

    1. They're even more clueless than they are classless, which doesn't help their case.


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