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Friday, July 26, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Fox Business News reported, "Manufacturers Opens a New Window.  are promising to upskill nearly 1.2 million workers, a major training commitment that comes as U.S. companies prepare to try to fill millions of open positions Opens a New Window. over the next decade amid a labor shortage.

"The National Association of Manufacturers, which counts Caterpillar, Merck, Salesforce and Boeing as members, made the announcement during an event at the White House on Thursday."

You can borrow $100,000, give up four years of earnings and experience, and go to college -- or you can learn while you earn.

ITEM 2: Fox News reported, "Attorney General Bill Barr said Thursday the federal government will resume capital punishment and will move forward with plans to execute five inmates on death row for the first time in more than 15 years.

"The Justice Department said Barr has directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons to adopt a proposed addendum to the Federal Execution Protocol that will clear the way for the executions. Barr has also directed the bureau of prisons to schedule the executions of five death-row inmates."

Don't like it, change the law.

A life sentence seems crueler to me.

This moves shows that our future does not have to be California. It can be Texas if we choose.

ITEM 3: The Sun reported, "BORIS Johnson today called on Brexit-blocking MPs to 'restore trust in democracy' by allowing Britain to leave the EU at last."

It was his first speech as prime minister. The comparisons to President Trump are good but Johnson has a few things going for him that his fellow blond native of New York City does not have.

Johnson enjoys a lack of a resistance. Post-Brexit has been miserable for the Establishment. They want it over. He likely is popular among them. He did Eton. He was London's mayor.

Unlike the president, Johnson is an insider and poses no existential threat. He'll leave their swamp alone.

And that is fine. All the voters want is their country back.


Wilbur Ross, secretary of commerce, tweeted, "Congratulations again to West Virginia and Governor Jim Justice for not only having the fastest state personal income growth in the first quarter but also the fastest state GDP growth, coming in at 5.2%."

The best economy in the nation!

I have lived in West Virginia for 35 years. This never happened before. I never thought it would.

Then again, I never thought we would get a Republican Legislature as we did in 2014.

To you other states, vote Republican and hang in there.

ITEM 5: Gabriel Hays reported, "Hollywood financiers are investing in the local contender this presidential election season, donating far and away the most money to California Senator Kamala Harris’ campaign out of all the Democratic candidates. Harris has received a whopping 48% of all candidate donations from Hollywood since beginning her campaign, making it clear who movie industry players want to see in the White House in 2021."

Hollywood is the Democrat kingmaker.

The movie industry increasingly is owned by Red China.

ITEM 6: The Washington Post reported, "The event is billed as a 'straight pride parade,' but it's not just about heterosexuality.

"A flier for the celebration posted online describes an amalgamation of conservative rallying cries: Christianity, Western civilization, 'babies -- born and unborn' and more.

"An application to hold the event later this summer has thrust a California city into a national debate over 'straight pride,' as a similar event that started out as a joking skewer of liberal 'identity politics' heads toward reality in Boston. Last month, Boston approved the permit application and route of an August straight-pride parade that many called a mockery of gay activism. Organizers insisted they 'don't hate anyone' and are trying to draw attention to 'heterophobia.'"

America is quickly becoming inclusive and tolerant of everyone but Americans. Oh and if you are an L and refuse to date a T, you are exiled to our side. Ask Martina Navratilova how that works. She quickly "evolved."

ITEM 7: The Washington Times reported, "Senate Republicans lined up votes on 19 of President Trump’s judicial nominees for next week, moving to arrange one final burst of activity before leaving town for summer vacation."

"Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the move Thursday, arranging votes to head off filibusters and then to confirm each of the picks. The number is possible because he led Republicans in triggering the nuclear option and changing chamber rules earlier this year, cutting the maximum debate time allowed on each district judge from 30 hours to just two hours."

Here come the judge.

By the way, Democrats probably secretly like cutting the debate time because they will go home quicker.

ITEM 8: The Hill reported, "Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a 2020 presidential contender, is suing Google over claims that the tech behemoth violated her right to free speech.

"In a federal complaint filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Gabbard alleged Google censored her presidential campaign when it suspended their advertising account for several hours last month."

Would that not also be a violation of election laws on political advertising?

The terms of service that Google and the like have need negotiation. These contracts are one sided and subject to change upon any whim. Take it or leave it. Only Congress and the courts are big enough to negotiate for all of us.

ITEM 9: Pew reported, "U.S. newspaper circulation reached its lowest level since 1940, the first year with available data. Total daily newspaper circulation (print and digital combined) was an estimated 28.6 million for weekday and 30.8 million for Sunday in 2018. Those numbers were down 8% and 9%, respectively, from the previous year, according to the Center’s analysis of Alliance for Audited Media data. Both figures are now below their lowest recorded levels, though weekday circulation first passed this threshold in 2013."

That is less than one newspaper for every 10 people in the country.

Town criers feel their pain.

Telegraph workers as well.

ITEM 10: The Hollywood Reporter reported, "News coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress Wednesday drew a sizable audience — but not as big as some other recent televised hearings.

"The 7 1/2 hours of hearings, from 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. ET, drew an average of just under 13 million viewers (12.98 million) on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC."

The least shocking news of the day.

America yawns.

Judge Judy alone draws 10 million viewers. Daily.

ITEM 11:

Allahpundit wrote of Maureen Dowd's party on Wednesday, "It’s almost suspiciously perfect. The dictionary definition of an elitist Washington cocktail party becomes reality — just hours after Democrats’ big Mueller impeachment show turns out to be a total dud, with Pelosi seemingly evincing not a care in the world?

"And the party was being thrown to celebrate a book about Supreme Court confirmation fights, a subject on which Senate Democrats have failed spectacularly not once, not twice, but three times in the span of three years? And there’s Chuck Schumer, also seeming to be having a grand old time?

"And the journalist hosting it just so happens to have been the conduit for Pelosi’s recent trash talk about the left’s heroes, the Squad?

"It’s as if this image was forged in some populist lab, a deepfake designed to encourage the total overthrow of the Democratic establishment."

As I recall, "Animal Farm" ends with the pigs dining with the farmers. I was troubled not by the pigs but by the farmers who accepted them as equals.

But I see no farmers in that picture.


  1. DO NOT MOVE TO DUB VEE! Each and every one of us has multiple teeth missing, is married to our first cousin, and hopelessly addicted to benzos. You will NOT like it here! There are churches everywhere you look. STAY AWAY! Shoo shoo...

  2. The lie google told about how they shut down Gabbard was a whopper....oh, the account was RECIEVING lots of incoming mail (we thought is was spam, so we shut it down)....huh? Bold faced lies

    1. Gabbard said they use gmail a huge mistake. Her advisors are idiots google reads them all and will leak them to their own preferred candidates likely Biden but perhaps Harris.

  3. 7 - McConnell has been great on judges. Cocaine Mitch must have told PDJT he will get his judges but Cocaine Mitch will get his bloated budgets and swamp nurturing legislation.

    PDJT is reigning in the administrative state but Congress is still out of control.

    9 - take away the free USA Today’s and the number would be much lower.

  4. Poor Howard Fineman! He just doesn't get why they are so despised. He knows they are but knows not exactly why.

    He moans about the "old days" and pines for them because back then their gatekeepers were strong. Today those creaking gates are still up but the walls are down.

    Let's never forget the service Wikileaks performed when they revealed how so many journalists were running their stories by the DNC for approval and suggestions.

    They destroyed the idea of an independent media for good. Of course, I never fully bought into it because they always made endorsements before elections. And that showed they never were that independent after all.

  5. 2. Just in time for the indictments for treason. Watch who moves to a country with no extradition treaty.
    4. Only because coal has become legal again.
    7. Make that "Here come the judges!"
    9. During our morning walks we used to see 8 or 9 local newspapers in driveways. This morning the only newspaper we saw was one wsj. No one likes to pay for opposition propaganda.

  6. #2 Don wrote: A life sentence seems crueler to me.

    I read what those five inmates did to land them on death row, and I have no problem executing them. You may be right thinking a life sentence is crueler, but some crimes are so hideous, so repugnant, that life is no longer an option.

    1. I am totally against life sentences. If we cannot adequately punish them in twenty years, better to make them dead. All they are is caged animals who act like rabid dogs.

  7. C'mon baby, let's do the twist!

    Item2- The best argument I heard for capital punishment goes something like this; It's not about being a deterrent to crime, it's because there are people who are so irretrievably evil that they must be executed to prevent them from having a detrimental effect on society.
    That would preclude a life sentence as they would be a negative influence on other prisoners who might be rehabilitated.

    1. after corruptifornia eliminated the death penalty, charles Manson and his girls had their sentences trimmed to life. Manson came up for parole hearings every few years and became a cult hero to the delinquent class. he received tons of fan mail. he finally died of old age.

      that crap don't happen in texas.

      I heard a news item, some dude was convicted of murder, got life. this was tacked on to his previous sentence of 74 years for dealing meth.

      regular, or extra crispy?

      btw. this claptrap about finding a suitable drug for executions..every cop shop in America has truck loads of captured heroin. use that stuff. open the faucet. they die with a smile. problem solved. and you don't have to burn it.


    2. The is absolutely no recidivism with a properly executed death penalty. Probably over the last 20 years most death sentences have morphed into life sentences.

  8. After the debate, Tulsi was the top search on Google so they shut her down. Google owns other candidates and is protecting their investments via censorship--you know, the Way the Framers Intended(tm).

  9. item 4. looking at that map, the other dark blue states, Texas, oklahoma, n.m. Louisiana, and north Dakota are all the oil patch. Tex and n.m.cover the Permian basin. the removal of Obama's foot from the energy sector's neck has been the biggest component of the trump economy, which includes w.v. with coal and coke. America is the world's leader in energy production and delivery. America literally supplies the gas that runs the economy. parts made in one factory don't get to assembly points without diesel. blast furnaces don't run on unicorn farts.

    cng is already cheaper in the US than the rest of the world. we don't use much, we have lots of it, and we should use more.

    a 5 year plan to transition the railroads to cng would save a million gallons a day of ditty diesel fuel that could be sold elsewhere.

    the biggest problem with cng is the refuel danger. you don't want betty boat shoes who doesn't know if she's in forward or reverse when she drives through her garage wall filling propane tanks. no self serve. but a railroad only has to hook up a propane car or 3 behind the locomotives. this also eliminates the hazard of low mounted fuel tanks on locomotives subject to side impacts at grade crossings. that's acceptable with diesel but unneeded. with a separate high mounted tank car hosed up to locomotive. any diesel engine can be built to use compressed gas. a 5-10 year tax credited phase out could use an abundant resource and eliminate a million gallons of diesel smudge and particulates per day. and they can sell the dirty diesels to the Philippines. or China. persuade them to lessen the use of freaking coal burners.


    1. I trust you have sent this to our MAGA President.

      Perhaps even as a more detailed advisement.

      He is always open to the very best ideas!!!!

      Seriously, have you?

  10. A good chunk of Oregon- South Coast and interior is Appalachia. Blue Oregon does nothing about it. Red Oregon Wants their Timber Jobs back.They want the state to go there is coal gas and minerals too.
    But Blue Oregon covers the hill of E Oregon with
    bird Choppers and says "Keep it in the Ground!"
    WVA. Gives me hope...

    1. Ma and Pa Kettle originally were set in the Cascades.
      Bet there are a lot of Scot-Irish there

    2. Yep, Local Phone book has two pages of "Mc or Mac". Lots of Highland Scot too...Uncle by Marriage was the son of Scots highland Shepherds. Who came here when the Wool industry was going strong.

  11. gabbard got a lot of hits because she was less insane than most of the clowns. she is suing Google for 50 million. they shut down her account and sent her mailers to spam folders just as people were trying to learn more about her. pretty blatant sabotage. who do they think she is, Donald trump?

    which brings up my next point. I disagree with her decision to sue Google for 50 mill.

    she should sue them for 500 mill.

    that's what The Donald spent to beat hillary like a baby seal. less than half what she spent to lose.

    50 mill is chump change to them.

    500 mill might get their attention

    and don, good idea on the terms of service. that's, kind of, a contract. as such, its definitely within reach of the commerce dept. it could turn out to be an Achilles heel. I heard PayPal has grown to 241 single spaced pages.

    food for thought, which don provides daily at no extra charge. thanks braddah.


  12. Don, you seem to be very fond of the phrase, "Opens a New Window," in #1. You might want to have a look at that! LOL

  13. "Donald John Trump is still our president."

    I come here each day to savor that sentence.
    Never. Gets. Old.