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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still your president.

ITEM 1: The Sun reported, "Donald Trump has slammed claims Iran smashed an American spy ring as 'just more lies and propaganda.'

"It comes after an Iranian intelligence ministry official appeared in a state TV documentary which brags about capturing CIA spies and sentencing some of them to death."

Oh no. Our enemies are closing the gap in Fake News. They are at the MSNBC-Washington Post level.

We cannot allow them to achieve full CNN.

ITEM 2: AFP reported, "Americans distrust the news media, but see government and political leaders as even more untrustworthy, a survey showed Monday.

"The Pew Research Center found 69 percent of Americans say the federal government intentionally withholds important information from the public, while 61 percent say the news media intentionally ignores important stories."

President Donald John Trump has opened many an eye. 61%. Isn't that the share of votes Nixon had in 1972?

ITEM 3: Stephanie Saul reported, "PORT HURON, Mich. — As President Trump presses his attacks against four women of color in Congress, suggesting they are unpatriotic and should leave the country, many voters in this city on Lake Huron are embracing his 'America — Love It or Leave It' message, saying they do not see it as racist.

"And though they dismiss Mr. Trump’s Twitter broadsides as excessive or juvenile, they voiced strong support for his re-election and expressed their own misgivings about the four women.

"'They happen to be black or colored,' Dennis Kovach, 82, said of the women, as he watered the lawn of his home near the lake this weekend. 'But I don’t think that viewpoint is a racist viewpoint. I think it’s — quit the bitching, if you don’t like it, do something different about it.'"

The media can lie but it cannot change what is true. Love it or leave it is what they told the hippies in the 1970s. They were crazy socialists too.

ITEM 4: Politico reported, "Vice President Mike Pence was one short plane ride away from shaking hands with an alleged interstate drug dealer.

"Pence abruptly canceled his trip to Manchester, N.H., earlier this month but never said why he was pulled from Air Force Two at the last minute.

"The vice president’s aides and even President Donald Trump himself kept up the suspense. 'You'll know in about two weeks,' Trump told reporters at the time. 'There was a very interesting problem that they had in New Hampshire.'

"Among the problems was a federal law enforcement probe involving individuals Pence would likely encounter, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the incident. If Pence stepped off the vice presidential aircraft, one of the people he would have seen on the ground was under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for moving more than $100,000 of fentanyl from Massachusetts to New Hampshire."

Once again, President Donald John Trump was right.

ITEM 5: The Wall Street Journal reported, "HONG KONG — Tech giant Apple Inc. shut its stores early citywide on Monday, as fears of escalating violence and spiraling lawlessness linked to weeks long protests spurred concern among businesses and the public."

Last summer, a flash mob hit an Apple store in Fresno.

Success makes you a target. It also does not help Apple that it is so closely partnered with Red China.

ITEM 6: Open Secrets reported, "Deadlocked on a party-line vote, the Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint that Hillary Clinton’s campaign illegally coordinated with a super PAC during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

"Continuing a recent trend with the embattled regulatory agency that is currently missing two of six commissioners, it was the Republican commissioners, not Democrats, who voted to stonewall enforcement action over the complaint.

"Just one month before the 2016 presidential election, Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC alleging that the Clinton campaign illegally coordinated with Correct the Record, a hybrid PAC run by Media Matters for America founder David Brock."

Campaign laws are written by Democrats to apply only to Republicans.

Then again, all laws seem to be these days.


Chris Wetterich reported, "In a dramatic scene at the Hamilton County Courthouse, Tracie Hunter, a former juvenile court judge, was dragged out of Judge Patrick Dinkelacker’s courtroom by her shoulders Monday morning after he executed a six-month jail sentence.

"Hunter was convicted in 2014 of having “an unlawful interest in a public contract.” She also will serve one year of probation after she leaves the Hamilton County Justice Center.

"The crowd in the courtroom erupted into shouting and at least one person appeared to charge forward from the spectator’s area and was arrested after Dinkelacker executed the sentence and said, 'Take her away.' A sheriff’s deputy subsequently removed Hunter from the courtroom, her feet dragging across the courtroom’s carpet toward its rear."

She is a Democrat. She was sentenced 4 years ago by another judge. Appeals kept her out of jail. Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and other Democrats tried to pressure the Republican judge not to throw her in prison.

She was a juvenile court judge. Now she is just juvenile.

ITEM 8: Brad Parscale, the president's campaign manager, tweeted, "We have sold more than 140,000 straws. That is over $200,000 raised. More than half of all Straw purchasers were BRAND NEW small dollar donors. Amazing!"

Thanks to California's ban, plastic straws cost $1.50. Don't they realize Prohibition failed?

Meanwhile, my new line of Surber Straws will sell for 50 cents a straw, a markup of only 1000%.

ITEM 9AP reported, "MJ Hegar, the leading U.S. Senate challenger in Texas, rides a Harley-Davidson in viral videos and has called herself 'an ass-kicking, motorcycle-riding Texas Democrat.'

"She is not a Democrat who promotes Medicare for All. She mentions that during a narrow loss for a House seat last year, her campaign signs appeared in front yards that also had ones for Republicans. And she sees unintended consequences with White House candidates who say they’ll decriminalize border crossings."

She's a sheep in wolf's clothing.

ITEM 10: Abortion Barbie, aka Wendy Davis, tweeted, "I’m proud to announce my campaign for Congress in TX-21! I’m running to be a voice for every Texan who feels forgotten by a broken political system. It’s time to make Washington listen -- will you stand with me?"

That is great news for freshman Republican congressman Chip Roy.

ITEM 11: HuffPost reported, "Cumulus Media, one of the largest broadcasting companies in the country, blocked one of its country radio station hosts from airing his interview with 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

"Blair Garner, whose self-titled Nash FM radio show is syndicated nationally across more than 150 radio stations, interviewed Buttigieg on Wednesday while the Democratic candidate visited Nashville, Tennessee, as part of his campaign tour."

While HuffPost cried censorship, it is a music show.

Not everything needs to be politicized.

By the way, the writer meant the Blair Garner Show. He left Nash FM a while ago.

ITEM 12: The Associated Press reported, "In the nearly four years since the Pentagon announced it was opening all combat jobs to women, at least 30 have earned the Army Ranger tab, two have graduated Marine infantry school and three have passed the grueling initial assessment phase for Green Beret training.

"Their numbers are small, but their completion of some of the military’s most arduous physical and mental courses has raised an intriguing scientific question: Who are these hyperfit women and what makes them so competitive?

"Army medical researchers hope to uncover answers in a just-launched voluntary study."

35 women in four years did what thousands of men did.

The women are deemed hyperfit. The men are called soldiers.

ITEM 13: The Associated Press reported, "Republicans frustrated by losing their grip on political power in some Western states have begun deploying a new weapon: the recall.

"Once reserved for targeting corrupt or inept elected officials, the recall has become part of the toolkit for Republicans seeking a do-over of election results. One GOP strategist in Colorado has put a name to it — “recall season.”

"To be sure, Democrats also have used recalls, most notably in Wisconsin, where they tried unsuccessfully to oust then-Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2012 over his actions to weaken public sector unions."

When Republicans do it, it is politics. When Democrats did it, it was because he weakened unions and deserved it according to the unionized AP.

ITEM 14: Paul Mirengoff wrote, "The Washington Post made an editorial decision to label racist President Trump’s tweet suggesting that four radical, America-bashing congresswomen leave the country. The tweet isn’t racist, and the explanation for the editorial decision is so weak that it must be a pretext for printing Trump and racist together repeatedly in headlines and news stories.

"The Post’s ploy is annoying and amusing, at the same time.

"But there’s nothing funny about the Post’s editorial decision to call Antifa antifascists. Antifa calls itself antifascist but, as I argued here, a serious newspaper wouldn’t take their word for it."

I agree. Antifa is the communist klan in black masks instead of hoods.


  1. Sadly, item 6 gets truer by the day. The corrupt ex-judge in item 7 is the exception that proves the rule.

    8 - My Super Schlonging Sippy Straws sell for 45 cents.

    13 - “Once reserved for targeting corrupt or inept elected officials, the recall has become part of the toolkit for Republicans”. That is correct because democrats are corrupt and inept.

  2. Who ya gonna believe, Nony 2.0? Mr.T or the Mullahs?

    2.0 chose the Mullahs. Let the record reflect such.

    But 2.0’s in GREAT company: Lurch, Her Thighness, The Black Jesus, and the brains of the Corrupt Organization, ValJarJar Stinks. Well played, tool!

  3. Item 12. Just what some 19 year old 0311 needs is an affirmative action platoon commander said no one, ever.

    1. I have met women who could be Navy Seals. The do NOT look like Demi Moore.

    2. the most dangerous weapon the army has is a 2nd lt. with a map and a compass.


    3. and the greatest invention ever fielded by the army was the P-38 can opener.

  4. #11 Don, is it Blair or Bill? Thanks.

    You can tell genuine blogs, just like real leather, by the minor flaws and irregularities... [Paraphrase from Woodstock album cover]

  5. My question is, what standards of the Ranger, Marine infantry and Green Beret training were lowered in order to insure that these women "passed." Because I simply do not believe they passed the courses as they were originally constituted.

    1. My wife used to play softball on a women's team. Some of what she called "alternate lifestyle" could hit the ball farther than me.
      I'm not saying I could be a ranger, but, not all women are soft.

    2. Reminds me of a line from the movie 'Extreme Prejudice'
      -I don't have a problem with women in the rangers, as long as they're 6'2" an' meaner than a rattlesnake.-

  6. #11 It is actually Blair Garner

  7. Abortion Barbie is running for the seat in TX-21, but she talks like she's running for governor. Hey Toots, how about you just be a voice for the people of TX-21?

  8. 8. do the straws come with sugary koolaid inside?
    12. don't know marines but ranger school is serious and no b.s. and we did OPFOR for the green beanie final exam.

    I don't know what green beret initial assessment is. you have to be jump qualified before. and likely halo as well. maybe some recon experience. you have to be at least e5 but that's an easy jump. language skills would certainly give you a jump. and you have to have top secret clearance as well. otherwise when its slow you can't empty waste baskets at JFK special warfare center.


  9. #12 - Standards were lowered at all the combat arms schools women have been admitted to. Even with lowered standards, few women can hack it.

    Several years ago there was a stink when some of the Ranger School cadre contacted a journalist and reported the lowered standards. The perfumed princes tried to beat her around the head and shoulders, but she stood firm. She was one of the last of the WACs and has problems from being stationed at McClellan which was also the home of the Chemical Corps.

    The Army is living a lie, as is the rest of the military. If we get into a fight with a "peer," we will be in deep trouble.

  10. Item 8. I remember when plastic straws cost a nickel and were sold as "pea shooters." A nickel was the price of a regular-size Snickers or Clark bar. Only flimsy waxed-paper straws were provided at lunch counters, etc.

    ITEM 12: If they can pass the test, they can earn the tab. Women have been in Special Ops for years, only they were in civilian clothes (OSS, CIA, etc.). I don't doubt standards have been lowered somewhat, but the same thing happened to other MOS (like height requirements for MPs, etc.). Sometimes the requirements were stricter than necessary. Just have to be careful to not throw the baby out with the bathwater.