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Monday, July 22, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. These are the best 8 years of our lives.

ITEM 1: Iran shot down a U.S. drone, kicked its nuke program into high gear despite an agreement not to, and seized a British ship.

So who do Democrats blame for this?

Our beloved American president, Donald John Trump.

Joe Sestak, Clinton's director of defense policy, wrote, "The decision by the Trump administration to withdraw was a huge strategic mistake. It makes negotiating disarmament with other countries — such as North Korea — immeasurably more difficult, because those countries now have every reason to suspect we will not uphold our side of any bargain."

But Sestak was forced to admit, "The Iran deal was not all-inclusive: it did not deal with Iran’s ballistic missile program, nor with Iran’s meddling in the affairs of their neighbors and support of violent extremists, and had an expiration date. But by fulfilling its fundamental purpose — preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons — it was successful."

In short, Obama was OK with Iran terrorizing Israel.

Real Americans are not.

Iran does not have to shoot down drones, seize ships, and seek a nuclear bomb. It chooses to because Obama -- through John Kerry -- has assured them that the next Democrat president will be more flexible.

Iran violates a multi-lateral agreement because while the USA dropped out, our European allies did not.

ITEM 2Jesse Johnson reported, "Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a curious discrepancy in the first trailer for 'Top Gun: Maverick,' the sequel to the beloved ’80s classic 'Top Gun,' which Paramount debuted Thursday — the patches on the iconic leather jacket worn by star Tom Cruise no longer bear the Taiwanese and Japanese flags.

"One possible reason for the difference could be that 'Top Gun: Maverick' is being produced, in part, by Tencent Pictures, a Chinese film distributor and production company. Tencent has co-financed films like 'Wonder Woman,' 'Kong: Skull Island,' 'Venom' and the upcoming 'Terminator: Dark Fate.'

"China and Japan have long had a tumultuous relationship, and though bilateral ties have improved in recent months, the two wartime enemies continue to have grievances over historical and territorial issues.

"As for self-governed and democratic Taiwan, Beijing calls the island one of its core interests and views the island nation as a renegade province that must be brought back into the fold — by force if necessary."

Red China now calls the shots in Hollywood.

When was the last time Hollywood held a Free Tibet protest?

Maybe the anti-Trump movement is just a way to audition for Chairman Xi.

ITEM 3: Mark Moore reported, "President Trump made a guest appearance at a wedding at his Bedminster, NJ, golf resort on Saturday that left the bride and groom chanting 'USA! USA!'

"The president, who’s spending the weekend at the resort, walked into the wedding reception for Nicole Marie and PJ Mongelli, according to video of the event.

"As the crowed roared and turned their phone’s cameras on the president, he motioned for the couple to come to him.

"Trump, wearing a dark suit without a tie, put his arms around the two as they took part in the 'USA' chants, thrusting their arms in the air."

There's another article of impeachment.

Wedding crasher.

ITEM 4: Democrat Cory Booker said of his president, Donald John Trump, "The reality is this is a guy who is worse than a racist. He's actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gain. He's trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself and this is somebody who is very similar to George Wallace, to racists who uses the exact same language."

Worse than a racist is what a desperate socialist says because he has cheapened the word racist by calling everything else racist.

ITEM 5Adam Savit, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of the District of Columbia, wrote, "If a liberal San Francisco Democrat like Nancy Pelosi can be framed as a deplorable, so can you."

Liberals are whistling past the graveyard by placing Women of Color above criticism from we mere mortals. Will we peons be allowed to even look at them in five years?

ITEM 6The Guardian reported, "A man has admitted cursing at a pregnant black Georgia lawmaker for taking too many items into a supermarket express lane but denies telling her 'go back where you came from.'

"Eric Sparkes showed up during a television interview with Democrat state representative from Georgia, Erica Thomas, on Saturday, outside the Atlanta-area Publix store where the incident allegedly occurred, the station reported."

Another day. Another racial hoax exposed. She should name the baby Jussie.

The guy also is a loser. Who cusses someone for having too many items in the express lane? Were his eggs going to hatch while the clerk spent 3 seconds scanning the 13th item in the 12-item lane?

Both these entitled geniuses are Democrats. And since they brought up race, one is black, the other Hispanic.

ITEM 7Beth Baumann reported, "Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh returned to Somalia in May to document what life is like in the African country. Her goal was simple: she wanted to show the world that Somalia wasn't as dangerous as everyone thought, despite the country's struggle with war and terrorist attacks.

"Nalayeh took to Instagram to share her excitement, saying for the first time in 30 years she was living in Somalia.

"But fast forward eight weeks later and Nalayeh is dead."

Terrorist attack.

Maybe some wise Latina women and other women of color can leave this racist, genocidal land and go help Somalia end real violence against real women.

ITEM 8The Daily Mail reported, "Kamala Harris joins Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande for fundraiser hosted by Scooter Braun at his $20M LA compound -- prompting Taylor Swift fans to attack Democratic hopeful."

Swift is feuding with Katy Perry. Oh wait. That ended. No, Swift is feuding with Scooter Braun. And Justin Bieber.

This is the Democrat Party base. It's like "The View" only with younger and better looking kooks.

ITEM 9The Hill reported, "The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) are mobilizing thousands of volunteers in more than a dozen battleground states, including a handful that President Trump lost in 2016, as they seek to expand the electoral map ahead of 2020.

"Trump Victory, a joint operation comprised of the Trump campaign, the RNC and state Republican parties, kicked off a 'National Week of Training' on Friday in a bid to train more than 6,000 volunteers and register voters in 14 states that Republicans have set their sights on for 2020.

"At the same time, the committee is adding to its roster of state directors overseeing its organizing efforts, hiring staffers in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Virginia, Republican officials told The Hill.

"While Trump captured three of those states — Iowa, North Carolina and Wisconsin — in 2016, Trump Victory’s expansion into states where the president was bested underscores Republicans’ wager that they can — and must — expand the electoral map in 2020."

Reagan created a generation of conservatives. President Trump wants to match that.

ITEM 10Fox News reported, "Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced this weekend he will cut staffers' hours so that they can effectively be paid a $15-an-hour minimum wage, prompting mockery from critics who say the move is more evidence that Sanders' plan to raise the national minimum wage is hypocritical and would only lead to less work and more unemployment."

Making them play by their own rules is fun.

Now to get them all to take maternity or paternity leave for the month before the election.

ITEM 11The Telegraph reported, "Scotland Yard risked being dragged into a politically charged row over Sir Kim Darroch’s emails after a teenager working for the Brexit Party said he was the middleman who obtained the classified documents.

"Steven Edginton, 19, who runs the Brexit Party’s social media feeds, insisted he passed the documents to the political journalist Isabel Oakeshott.

"Mr Edginton, who also describes himself as a freelance journalist, said he did not want his name on the articles, subsequently published in the mail on Sunday, 'to avoid possible controversy.'"

That is some security system the British government has when a 19-year-old who knows how to tweet can get his hands on top secret communiques between the ambassador and the PM.

And they called President Trump inept?

ITEM 12Reuters reported, "President Donald Trump on Sunday stepped up his attacks on four liberal Democrats in Congress, all women of color who have criticized his policies, calling on them to apologize as he himself faced charges of racism."

Charges of racism?

Filed by whom?

In what court?

ITEM 13: Henry Fernandez reported, "Former House Speaker John Boehner and former Rep. Joe Crowley are joining forces in a bipartisan effort to combat a looming pension crisis affecting nearly 1.3 million American retirees Opens a New Window. .

"Boehner, the Ohio Republican who retired in 2015, is part of the Retirement Security Coalition, a leading force that is raising awareness to the underfunded multi employer benefit plans."

The story also said, "An estimated 10 million people participate in the multi employer pension plans and 120 plans that cover 1.3 million workers may go bankrupt. There are 1,400 plans that will be insolvent in 20 years, according to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation."

Congress set up this pension insurance plan more than 40 years ago. It's nice to see two pensioned House powers -- one Republican, one Democrat -- work to protect the pensions of taxpayers. Crowley was retired by AOC.

ITEM 14: Reuters reported, "Shot through by German machine gun bullets and tattered by the wind, an American flag that flew on the first U.S. invading ship on D-Day came home on Thursday in a White House ceremony.

"The flag handover was a main part of the visit to the White House by Mark Rutte, prime minister of the Netherlands, who held Oval Office talks with President Donald Trump.

"The flag has been owned by retired Dutch businessman and art collector Bert Kreuk, who paid $514,000 for it at auction three years ago with the intention of donating it to the United States."

God bless, Mister Kreuk. He is more pro-American than some members of Congress are.

ITEM 15: CBS reported, "Joe Biden continues to be the first choice among Democratic voters across the 2020 primary states holding contests through Super Tuesday. However, rivals Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are gaining on him and have seen increases in the number of voters at least considering them, suggesting they could have more room to gain going forward.

"If we consider a 15% threshold as the minimum support needed to win convention delegates, then across the early states, four candidates would meet that benchmark: Biden, Warren, Harris and Bernie Sanders."

There are the Final Four. One of them should be the nominee. A sensible party would jettison the rest from the debates.

Expect 20 in the next debate.

ITEM 16: The Boy Scouts announced last week, "Members of the working media are invited to register for credentials to cover the 24th World Scout Jamboree, which will be held from July 22–August 2 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in Glen Jean, West Virginia.  This epic quadrennial event will welcome more than 45,000 Scouts and Leaders from more than 150 countries to an action- packed event that is predicted to be the largest World Scout Jamboree since the event was started by Lord Baden Powell in 1920.

"The site features more than 10,000 acres of excitement and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will help attendees to 'Unlock a New World' at the world's premiere youth adventure camp.  From one of the longest zip line courses in North America and world-class skating and BMX offerings to treetop canopy tours, rock climbing, patch trading, and stadium shows, the 24th World Scout Jamboree will be filled with all that Scouting has to offer.

"The World Scout Jamboree is about more than adventure; it is the largest outdoor educational event organized by the Scout Movement, which now serves more than 51 million youth worldwide, The event brings together the world's young people to promote peace and mutual understanding and to develop leadership and life skills."

This is the permanent Boy Scout camp that the billionaire Eagle Scouts financed so the SJWs could not shut them down for jamborees on public sites.

It is a beautiful section of West Virginia. If you have been lucky enough to visit Hawk's Nest, you know what I mean.

It will be the largest city in West Virginia for 10 days beginning today, and its most diverse as lads come from all over the world to enjoy camaraderie and adventure. It is one time when kumbaya is not a pejorative.


  1. In a story out today, the president is going to meet with Senator Schumer after he tours the border. My question is why? All Schumer is going to do is lie about whatever they discuss and call the president a racist, just as he did last week and over the weekend. Waste of time.

  2. #10 Who knows what the Bernie staffers will be doing a month before the election. For damn sure they won't still be running a Bernie For President campaign.

  3. "Reagan created a generation of conservatives"

    Which is why Bill Clinton was elected.

    1. Hardly. GHW Bush betrayed his conservative base. What do you do when the guy who promised "no new taxes" delivers new taxes? You don't reward such behavior, is what happens.

    2. Ya mean like Trump raised taxes on imports???


    3. Dear Crickets:

      We have been over this before: tariffs are voluntary and have been used by conservative presidents since Lincoln to prnmote American industry.

      I have been quite loud in my support.

  4. Obama was OK with Iran terrorizing Israel

    So. Who made the USA the world's police force?

    Those 2 nations have nothing to do with or for Americans. But neo cons love to stick their nose into everyones business and take over cause they know what's good for everyone like it or not.

    If you don't comply you get bombed, your kids starve, and your women get raped. No wonder there are 22 suicides a day by these soldiers. No problem says the neo con! A small price to pay.

    The war on terror produces far more terrorists than it could ever kill. But the pay is great and those stock dividends on the makers of the weapons is super.

    kicked its nuke program into high gear despite an agreement not to (gee I thought these were the best 8 years ever!)

    Fake news! Who cancelled the deal anyway? So we can ignore the deal and they can't? Sounds about right for a neo con.

    Truth be told Iran now has too much uranium on hand precisely because Trump has stopped them from disposing of the excess. Shhhh don't tell anyone around here heads will explode.

    Besides Israel has nukes why can't her enemies have them too?

    Because. Just because.

    1. We have been over this before: anti-Semitism is the first act of a dictator, which is why we fight it.

      World's policeman? Obama no longer is president.

    2. Iran has been in a declared war with the US for 40 years. We haven't reciprocated because their ability to harm us was limited. One reason it was limited was that they are also at war with Israel which has been the front line of opposition, containing them with some help from us. Brain dead trolls think that it would be dandy if a state which is at war with us and is driven by an apocalyptic ideology got nuclear weapons, and that our most effective ally against that state is just a parasite (joos, ya know) that we should abandon. "Neo-con" would be wanting to occupy Iran for fifty years and build democracy. Preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons is called "sane."

    3. Also, given the hysterical shreaking pro-Iranian piling-on, I guess we can draw our own conclusions about who's bankrolling the recent troll-invasion of this blog.

  5. Iran does not have to shoot down drones, seize ships, and seek a nuclear bomb.

    LOL now that's a good one! No Iran must they must let us spy on them at will. They must let Israel spy on them too! Cause its fair that's why!

    They must let the Brits seize their tankers and they must never respond in kind.

    And they must not ever have nukes cause Israel is the only one allowed to. Gee where do all these rules come from anyway?

    Certainly not the law that's for sure.

  6. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his most grandiose anti-Iranian performance to date, revealing what he believed was direct proof that Iran “lied” about its nuclear program. This isn’t the first time Netanyahu has overhyped the threat of Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program. He has been crying wolf over Iran since as far back as 1992.

    The aim of this performance is to cast doubt on the efficacy of the Iranian nuclear accord signed in 2015, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which US President Donald Trump has long intended to completely derail. Netanyahu, of course, is totally on board with this goal.

    Following Netanyahu’s speech, the White House released a statement of its own, saying Israel’s intelligence confirms what the US had already known — that “Iran has a robust, clandestine nuclear weapons program that it has tried and failed to hide from the world.” Not long after, the White House issued a second statement that changed the word “has” to “had,” appearing to suggest that Iran no longer possesses a nuclear weapons program. However, a White House official later explained to NBC News that the wrong tense was the result of a “clerical error.”

    Either way, despite the uncompromising anti-Iranian narrative, the prevailing truth appears to be that Iran is in full compliance with the JCPOA, and the main officials involved — including Trump and Netanyahu — are well aware of this. In his April 12 Senate confirmation hearing, then-CIA director Mike Pompeo (who this week began his tenure as secretary of state) said he has “seen no evidence that they [Iran] are not in compliance today.”

    Just last month, the State Department once again issued a report declaring that “Iran continued to fulfill its nuclear-related commitments” under the JCPOA following an ongoing pattern of the State Department even under the watch of Rex Tillerson, who essentially forced Trump to certify Iran’s compliance. Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis has also said Iran is “fundamentally” in compliance with the nuclear agreement.

    Further, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also confirmed Iran’s compliance at least nine times, as have the European partners to the JCPOA and practically the entire EU.

    “The deal is working, it is delivering on its main goal which means keeping the Iranian nuclear programme in check,” said Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, before acknowledging that the JCPOA is “making the world safer and … preventing a potential nuclear arms race in the region.”

    In fact, as the Atlantic’s Peter Beinart has explained, it is Donald Trump’s administration that is most likely violating the JCPOA — not Iran.

    It is nothing short of extraordinary that the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons can be the one violating an international agreement all while it consistently demonizes another state for allegedly violating the very same agreement. Why is it that the US can violate the JCPOA with no consequence but Iran is demonized even as it continues to comply with it?

    The problem with the JCPOA isn’t that it isn’t working; the problem for people like Trump and Netanyahu is that it is working too well.

    And that is why Trump pulled out while still expecting Iran not to its quite some double standard the fake newsers won't report.

    Fake news is popular nearly everyone uses it. Here its the neo con version on full display.


    1. > This isn’t the first time Netanyahu has overhyped the threat of Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program.

      America's nuclear weapons program was non-existent in 1940. Things change. The idea is to keep them from changing for the worst.

      We don't have to guess whether Iran has nuclear weapons. They don't. If they did, the next sound you'd hear is Tel Aviv going up in a radioactive cloud.

      > The aim of this performance is to cast doubt on the efficacy of the Iranian nuclear accord signed in 2015

      There wasn't much efficacy cast on the "accord" as it was transpiring. Most of us assume a criminal, terrorist regime is up to no good until shown otherwise, but that's not how the Obama administration operated.

      > Either way, despite the uncompromising anti-Iranian narrative

      How compromising should we be toward people who state over and over again that they want us dead?

      > In fact, as the Atlantic’s Peter Beinart has explained, it is Donald Trump’s administration that is most likely violating the JCPOA — not Iran.

      You can't violate an agreement that no longer exists. This wasn't a treaty, you know. It was the Obama administration delivering billions in case in return for unspecified favors.

      > It is nothing short of extraordinary that the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons

      Was that use unprovoked? The ghosts of Pearl Harbor and Corregidor and Nanking would like to know.

    2. Susan sues bikini waxing business for refusing to shave her balls.


    3. Waterman how do you know I have any balls? Or is it that you just really wanna see for yourself???

    4. Was that use unprovoked?

      Of course it was. And they were used on civilians. The Japs were already defeated by then.

      As for provocations who was in charge of the oil embargo on Japan in the first place?

    5. Japan's leaders voted on surrendering after the second A-bomb hit.

      They still wouldn't.

      The emperor finally said enough.

    6. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved more lives than it killed in Japan alone. The Japanese would have fought to the death whether by banzi charges or suicide rather than surrender. They knew what they'd done in China and expected the same treatment.
      By forcing surrender through the threat of inglorious death, we preserved the Japanese culture. That it saved American lives is a yuge bonus.

    7. The Japanese were working on their own Nuke program:
      May have exploded a low yield weapon.
      Debatable but they were closer than the
      Germans..(Thanks to the Norwegian Underground,)

    8. >> Was that use unprovoked?

      > Of course it was.

      Civilians died at Pearl Harbor, too. Not that that matters. It was a surprise attack; we had not been in a state of war with Japan until they struck.

      My dad was among the soldiers who fought in Europe in World War II. He missed D-Day by less than a week, but was there for the entire Battle of the Bulge. He was in anti-tank. During World War II, being in anti-tank meant you and a buddy grab a bazooka, run out into a clearing, fire the bazooka at a German tank that has you vastly outgunned, and run for cover before they can turn those guns on you.

      When the war ended in Europe, it had not ended yet for my dad. He was sent to Czechoslovakia to train for the upcoming Japanese invasion. That would have probably taken more than a million soldiers.

      But then Truman dropped the nukes. I expect Japan was unhappy about that, and I understand completely. Sometimes your rulers write checks that you have to cover. But one person who was not unhappy at all about that was my dad. He knew he stood a very good chance of dying. Truman made that unnecessary.

      If the Japanese had not wanted an A-bomb in their lap, courtesy of the US military, they shouldn't have bombed Pearl Harbor, they shouldn't have terrorized the Asian Pacific with their navy, they shouldn't have conquered the Philippines and brutalized our soldiers, and, last but not least, they shouldn't have committed unspeakably cruel and pointless genocide against the Chinese in Nanking.

      Japanese civilians may not have deserved what we gave them, but there are consequences to tolerating monsters as your leaders.

    9. My father was a navy signalman and was the 3rd one at Okinawa. The two before him were killed. He was part of the invasion force, supposedly the in the first wave. He liked us using the A bomb.

  7. Captain Grammar-Nazi to the rescue!

    > "Trump Victory, a joint operation comprised of the Trump campaign, the RNC and state Republican parties..."

    I get that ordinary folks use this construction a lot, no biggie. But professional journalists? Come on.

    The following are correct:

    "...a joint operation composed of the Trump campaign..."

    "...a joint operation comprising the Trump campaign.."

    I see this every day.

    1. The writing today is terrible. Likely The Hill writer just cut and pasted a press handout.

  8. because he has cheapened the word racist

    Kinda like Donnie does when you don't support Israel brutalizing the Palestinian territory.

    Both sides cheapen the word. Another 2 words they cheapen is war and peace.

  9. Liberals are whistling past the graveyard by placing Women of Color above criticism

    Gracious the hypocrisy is in full force today! Israel is above criticism today. AIPAC too.

    But that's alright we like them double standards

  10. Charges of racism? yes of course

    Filed by whom? every single democrat alive

    In what court? The court of public opinion. It will not end until Trump is gone. They need those clicks!

  11. #10: Every time I hear that Bernie Sanders is talking about Universal Healthcare again, I think "A 10-month wait for a maternity ward...".

    1. My grandmother did just fine. She finished morning chores on the farm, had my father,then was back up in time for evening milking.
      Doctors are over rated. Most are still practicing...

  12. Reagan created a generation of conservatives

    No that would be neo cons. Goldwater created the conservatives who then elected Reagan who was all rhetoric and little action.

    Proof is how Reagan swore he'd never pick Bush as his VP and then he did. The neo con movement was born led by the deep state artist former CIA director George Bush the only man on Earth who could not say where he was on Nov 22, 1963

    1. Reagan was forced to take Bush, even then the GOP was part of the uniparty who did not want anything to do with Ronnie's small government message.


  13. hillary Rodham Clinton will never be potus.


  14. 12. I love this. President Trump called 4 people stupid anti Americans and immediately 4 people stood up and said "Quit calling us stupid. We are not stupid. And we are not anti American." Kind of like the trial where the prosecutor says to the witness "do you see your attacker in the courtroom?" And, the defendant raises his hand.
    14. In the women's world cup, I rooted for the Netherlands because I said they had fewer anti Americans than the US team.

  15. work to protect the pensions of taxpayers

    More bailouts coming as Donnie cheers them on. He's just like a liberal he loves those bailouts. The Constitution demands it! Where it says that remains a mystery.

    Truth be told the reason pension plans are technically bankrupt is because the Federal Reserve forced, using counterfeit money, interest rates to zero for nearly ten years.

    15 years ago I could get 5% on my savings. Those days are long gone and the consequences won't be pretty.

    1. Those interest rates suck. I suggest a stock index fund. I use VFINX. Low fees, averages 6% annual appreciation. Some years it goes upo 25%. Others it crashes.

    2. ChiCom Nony.

      ChiCom AnyMouse.

      ChiCom NinnyMoose.

      A ChiCom by any name.

      Q: Where do interest rates paid on bank deposits come from?

      A: From interest paid by borrowers to lenders.

      Q: Who borrows from lenders?

      A: I dare you to specify.

      Q: Where does rate of return of investment come from?

      A: I dare you to provide answer.

      Q: Where does investment to business come from?

      A: Not from your ChiCom ass.

      Q: What do banks do with deposits frm their customers?

      A: Think real hard, ChiCom, before you attempt to answer.

      Investment return vs bank interest paid to depositor.

      Interest cost of borrowed vs investment expenditure for doing business.

      ChiCom don't need no stinking economics!!!!

      ChiCom got Dictator!!!!


  16. Meanwhile

    Oops! All he has done is repair and maintenance. Oops again!

    1. "A senior administration official told the Washington Examiner that Border Patrol and the Army Corps of Engineers moved faster on replacement projects than the new ones because the approval process for environmental and zoning permits was far less extensive than areas of the border with no barrier."

      The replaced sections are the areas where the wall is most needed. Read more than the headline

  17. Don Surber, you must have hit the big time!
    All of these anonymous trolls are getting to be so annoying and time-wasting to scroll through.

    But I will NEVER respond to them directly. There is no point in discussion with their illogic, lies, exaggeration, irrationality and closed minds.

    Any kind of response is just what they are looking for.

    I know some can't stand it and just have to respond but nothing one says will ever change trolls' minds. They just want to get their propaganda out there.

    Anyway, Don, congrats for your big time success!
    Mike A.

    1. Mike, I totally agree! Lately the trolls are taking up so much space with their nonsense that (not for the first time) I've been longing for a "block" button so that I could more easily ignore them.

      Responding to them is a complete waste of time; they haven't any mind to change even if it could be done, and it's like the old saying: "Don't wrestle with pigs, you'll both get filthy & the pigs like it."

  18. I hate that Bernie is destroying his campaign this early by proving one of the basic laws of economics. I would rather he remained a powerhouse into the convention and have the democrats rig the delegate vote again to turn off his supporters. But I love that the realities of minimum wage laws are now blatantly obvious to the economically illiterate.

    1. I love that the rules don't apply to him mentality came out. Wish it had waited until after super Tuesday.

  19. CORRECT !!

    These trolls are basically just whiney little schlubs who need ATTENTION.

    Gollum comes to mind.

    Replying to them, just feeds their need for attention, they do not care what you say, or - really - what they themselves say just that you give them ATTENTION.

    Do not Feed them, starve them.

    1. I need no attention I just like to point out the reigning shibboleths. And to show y'all ain't really conservative you're neo cons.

      You like war, regime change, big government, an imperial president, etc etc etc

      The only ones who respond are the ones who ignore the message and attack the messenger.

      The ones who don't respond can't, so they excuse that by hollering: Troll!

      Hint: ignore ALL anonymous posts! Your blood pressure will then normalize.

    2. You keep talking but all I hear is "Quack, quack, quack."

  20. Re: #14

    Is it racist to say "Dutch treat?"

  21. #1 So what were the secret side agreements we were never told about. And if the agreement was so dang good, why didn't Obama send it to the Senate for approval. So what about those inspections we could not do; we had to take their word, representative samples and data. The April Iranian general for the security all those secret nuclear sties defected with a treasure cove of documents which has gotten little to no media coverage. The March F-35 Israeli undetected flyover of those sites cost a general his job; little MSM coverage. If Iran screws up too much, we will know what and where to strike. Additionally the media does not cover the religious belief that drives the Iranians.  A world in chaos is needed to bring back the 12th Imam at the end of times. The more chaos, the sooner he arrives. Nuclear weapons seem to be the correct vehicle for that in their eyes.  Try changing a religious belief through negotiations.

  22. item 7) to be filed under, "couldn't have seen that one coming."

    along with the young millennial couple who decided to bicycle thru Iran and Pakistan. dead.

    and the young couple who loved grizzly bears. dead and eaten by grizzly bears.

    makes you wonder.