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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Highlights of the News

I honestly don't know who faced the longer odds, Buzz Aldrin to walk on the moon or Donald John Trump to become president. But I am grateful they succeeded.

ITEM 1: MIT News reported, "The computer system and its software that controlled the spacecraft — called the Apollo Guidance Computer and designed by the MIT Instrumentation Lab team under the leadership of Eldon Hall — were remarkable achievements that helped push technology forward in many ways.

"The AGC’s programs were written in one of the first-ever compiler languages, called MAC, which was developed by Instrumentation Lab engineer Hal Laning. The computer itself, the 1-cubic-foot Apollo Guidance Computer, was the first significant use of silicon integrated circuit chips and greatly accelerated the development of the microchip technology that has gone on to change virtually every consumer product.

"In an age when most computers took up entire climate-controlled rooms, the compact AGC was uniquely small and lightweight. But most of its software was actually hard-wired: The programs were woven, with tiny donut-shaped metal cores strung like beads along a set of wires, with a given wire passing outside the donut to represent a zero, or through the hole for a 1. These so-called rope memories were made in the Boston suburbs at Raytheon, mostly by women who had been hired because they had experience in the weaving industry. Once made, there was no way to change individual bits within the rope, so any change to the software required weaving a whole new rope, and last-minute changes were impossible."

Out: learn to code.

In: learn to weave.

ITEM 2: Sean Higgins reported, "President Trump’s nomination of Eugene Scalia to lead the Labor Department would put one of the private-sector attorneys most responsible for frustrating the Obama administration’s labor policy agenda in charge of the current administration’s agenda.

"The cases he worked on indicate that Scalia, son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, is well-versed in the minutiae of labor law, federal regulations, and agency procedures."

I like the man not because he fights but because he wins.

ITEM 3: Fox News reported, "Freshman Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., was one of a number of Democrats to join Republican colleagues this week who called for the implementation of a pilot program that would work to quickly identify and deport migrants at the border who are judged not to have a valid asylum claim.

"Sinema, along with Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Doug Jones, D-Ala., joined Republicans in writing to President Trump urging the implementation of Operation Safe Return -- a Department of Homeland Security pilot program that that would focus on quickly identifying, processing and returning family units who do not have valid asylum claims in the U.S."

Wait a second.

Joe Manchin is doing something other than breaking his promises and lining his pockets?

We live in an age of miracles.

ITEM 4: Tamar Lapin reported, "A man who spent decades in prison for fatally stabbing his wife was released after being deemed too old to pose a threat — only to be convicted this week of a nearly identical crime.

"It took jurors in Maine less than an hour to find Albert Flick, 77, guilty in the 2018 murder of a homeless mother, Kimberly Dobbie, who was stabbed at least 11 times while her twin sons watched.

"That crime is eerily similar to the slaying that sent Flick to jail for 25 years in 1979 — slashing his then-wife Sandra Flick 14 times in front of her daughter.

"Flick was freed in 2004 — only to be sent back to jail in 2010 for assaulting another woman.

"The judge at the time ignored the recommendation for a longer sentence, saying Flick wouldn’t be a threat because of his age and it didn’t make sense to keep him locked up."

The judge who gave him a short sentence should share his cell now.

ITEM 5: Emma Fantuzzo reporter, "Several days later, the liberal media still hasn’t moved past President Trump’s controversial tweets, but are instead rallying around them in opposition. MSNBC’s All In host, Chris Hayes, took a leading position Thursday night by denouncing all Republicans and Trump supporters, and calling for a revolution of sorts against the Trump administration.

"As with all social justice warriors, Hayes has been circulating his cause all week, building the case for Trump’s apparent racism. He began: 'Each part of the coalition has been dealt into the Trump presidency. It is a classic model of corrupt governance. The capo on the top and the many, many bosses below who are given control of their domain to do as they wish.' This statement, clearly meant to place Trump along the ranks of Hitler and Mussolini, has been a staple MSNBC scare tactic for some time now."

Democrats are projectionists. Hayes must want to be Goebbels.

That is scary.

ITEM 6: Claire Spellberg reported, "‘The View’ Cuts to Commercial to End Screaming Match Between Meghan McCain and Everyone Else."

Barbara Walters started "The View" 22 summers ago.

She opened the first program by saying, "I've always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds and views: a working mother; a professional in her 30s; a young woman just starting out; and then somebody who's done almost everything and will say almost anything. And in a perfect world, I'd get to join the group whenever I wanted."

And for 22 years now we have been getting catfight after catfight with prima donnas Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar berating anyone who dares disagree with them.

I cannot remember a panel of men discussing the news in such a manner. Rare now is the panel of just men on TV.

But "The View" has many imitators. It's juvenile, melodramatic and predictable -- and hauls in better ratings than a soap opera for a fraction of the production cost.

Barbara Walters is a genius.

ITEM 7P.J. Gladnick reported, "The Washington Post on Thursday announced that Stalin has wiped out all memories of his Secret Police chief, Yezhov. Oops! I mean the Democrats have deleted all their recent tweets about the big feud between Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrat leadership with the leftist Squad. This attempt to wipe out the recent past was announced by Mike DeBonis in 'House Democrats move to tamp down internal feud, delete tweets that sparked infighting.'"

Hillary can help them out with the BleachBit.

ITEM 8: Kevin Daley reported, "Late Justice John Paul Stevens left a far-reaching legal legacy in his 34 years on the Supreme Court, writing landmark decisions on presidential powers, property rights and the death penalty.

"Yet the endurance of his legacy might be an open question. The Supreme Court signaled weeks before Stevens died Tuesday it might overturn one of his most significant opinions, a 1984 decision called Chevron v. National Resources Defense Council.

"The Chevron case initially seemed like an arcane agency issue of little consequence. In the sweep of time, however, it became one of the most important precedents governing the power of federal agencies.

"Chevron provides that the courts should defer to an agency’s interpretation of an ambiguous law it administers, provided that interpretation is reasonable. For example, under Chevron, the courts should defer to the Environmental Protection Agency’s reading of an unclear provision in the Clear Air Act."

Justice Stevens and his colleagues empowered the Deep State to do Stalin's work. A photo of Comrade Obama bestowing a presidential medal on the man accompanied the article.

ITEM 9CWB Chicago reported, "Seven people, mostly women, were shot early Saturday near the entrance to Theater on the Lake, 2401 North Lake Shore Drive, according to police and a CPD source. No one is in custody. It is the second mass-shooting incident in the area since June 6th.

"The shooting came shortly after police supervisors twice summoned officers to disperse large crowds in nearby Lincoln Park.

"Police said a group of people was walking toward the lakefront at 3:20 a.m. when they encountered another group that was leaving. A verbal altercation broke out and escalated, causing people from both groups to pull out handguns and open fire, police said."

Mass shootings are so commonplace in Chicago that this did not make national news. It barely made the local news in the Recent Shootings section.

As a public service, I advise 20somethings in Chicago to be home by midnight. Nothing good happens around Lincoln Park at 3:20 a.m.

Maybe Chicago should declare itself an open shooting range from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.. You know, give those who wish to destroy some space.

ITEM 10:

Humberto Fontova reminded everyone of how the New York Times reacted when Bill Clinton was ripping immigrant children from family members.

Tom Friedman wrote at the time, "'America is a country where the rule of law rules. This picture (a U.S. Marshal pointing a genuine assault rifle at a terrified 6 year old Hispanic immigrant, whose mother had just drowned or been eaten alive by sharks) illustrates what happens to those who defy the rule of law and how far our government and people will go to preserve it. Come all ye who understand that.''

Actually, Elian Gonzalez was here legally under the wet foot/dry foot rule, which allowed Cubans to seek asylum without using a legal port of entry.

ITEM 11Michael Reagan wrote, "While I have to watch Democrats in Congress waste time hating and sanctioning the president and trashing America as a racist country after it twice elected a black president, I still have an invasion of illegal immigrants on my southern border.

"And while I watch Democrats -- and Republicans -- in Washington spend another year kicking the health care-reform can down the road, I have a daughter-in-law and son in Los Angeles who suddenly had their private health insurance cancelled and must now sign up with the state's system because there's no competition in California.

"Both Republican and Democrats are at fault for our health care and immigration messes.

"Both parties have recently held total control of Congress and the White House at the same time, yet neither one honestly tried solve the country's two most important problems.

"If they can't find the political courage to fix health care or immigration by next fall, we shouldn't give one member of Congress from either party a single vote.

"At this point, the only person I think who deserves to be re-elected in 2020 is the Republican who's repeatedly proved he has the will and the cajones to stand up to the Democrats and the liberal media -- Donald Trump."

40 years from now, there will be another president who is giving the Washington elitists hell. I hope Barron Trump remembers what Michael Reagan just did for his father.

ITEM 12: People magazine reported, "In the early morning hours after Sen. Ted Kennedy crashed his car off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, killing his passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, he turned first not to his wife — but to his mistress for help."

I can imagine the conversation.

Honey, I swear to God I wasn't cheating on you. I was just giving her a ride home...

His wife, being a Kennedy bride, needed no such explanation.

ITEM 13: Michael Avenatti had a press conference, all by himself...

The video was posted on Saturday. I cannot tell what the actual date was because no one in the press covered it.

ITEM 14:

Given the cost of college, it would be cheaper for most of them to get a boob job and marry rich.

ITEM 15: Sarah Rubenstein reported, "'There is no food, only anti-Semitism,' Venezuelans make aliyah."

The story said, "Venezuela, a once-wealthy country has descended into crisis over the past few years, with the current situation being total anarchy and economic destitution. The Jewish community, which included 25,000 members in the 1990s is down to about 4,000 members, with most Jews immigrating to the US, Mexico, Panama or other countries. Only about 12% immigrate to Israel, according to Jewish Agency chairman Yitzchak Herzog."

Of course there is room for anti-Semitism because anti-Semitism is the Jell-O of dictators, as in there is always room for anti-Semitism.

That is a recurring theme of history. Pay attention.


  1. Me no likey boob jobs, Big D. Me want natural, non-GMO types. Thank you for listening.

    1. non-GMO produce a bigger yield.

    2. Sorry, Z, Those are not GMO, they are SMO.Surgically modified. I have ye to see a boob job that made a woman prettier. Most times they look so disproportionate as to have ruined a truly beautiful body.
      GOD did it, it made them right. Why are so many unhappy with the beauty GOD made?

  2. "In an age when most computers took up entire climate-controlled rooms,..."

    We now hold more power in our hands and what do we do with it? TAKE SELFIES!!!!!!

  3. "Both Republican and Democrats are at fault for our health care"

    I'm responsible for mine. Why am I responsible for yours and why do you feel the need to take from me for your gain?

    1. While I do agree that we should have the right to support ourselves without the government telling us to support everyone else. However, I agree with this sentiment. There is a great deal about our healthcare that is broken, and it is all about the money. Prescription meds and medical equipment is out of control in the costs, the gouging of hospitals on bills is blinding, and so much more. America has some of the best healthcare in the world, it is the costs that are staggering and need to be addressed. Both parties have admitted this, the Republicans have talked about it endlessly and the Democrates have used it to make loads of empty promises to gain votes from their guillible masses. Both parties have had total government control at one point or another, and both parties have failed to responsibly and logically address the problem and seek lasting solutions. So, in this way, both parties are stained with the same problem they have only talked about for decades.

  4. If kids are gonna borrow money to go to school they should be required to get a degree in something useful. That means no loans for degrees in social justice warfare.

    It would be useful to know what the average debt was in each major along with average salaries and what percentage of graduates find employment within their degree field.

    Getting a master's degree in underwater basketweaving my be personally fulfilling but it is unlikely to lead to a high-paying job.

    1. had a Russian friend, drove a taxi, put himself through chemical engineering degree. he started off in community college to get all his English and history requirements. then transferred to 4 year school. he started getting jobs offers during 3rd year. halfway through 4th year he was being flooded with offers. literally his p.o. box was unable to fit them all.
      any degree with the word engineering in it is golden.


    2. and underwater basket weaving may not work, but underwater welding does.

      Santa Barbara city college has a 2 year course in underwater construction supported by the oil patch. they've had it forever. big tanks off the main campus in industrial area. nowadays they do a lot with the remote operated vehicles. if you got a kid that age, its like flying an underwater drone. great career path. with overseas pay and nowhere to spend on a rig or ship, you can rack some serious loot.


  5. #5 - most would never hear of people on MSNBC or CNN if what they say weren't repeated by other media. In a country of 300+ million perhaps a few hundred thousand watch these shows. Perhaps they should get the respect they deserve and be completely ignored like the homeless street preachers

    1. MSNBC's Chris Hayes- is that the transgender man who looks like a woman, or the transgender woman who looks like a man?

      I just can't keep them straight, IYKWIM!

    2. You beat me to it Esky. Chris’ name works either way. I believe he is the more feminine lookalike version of Rachael Maddow.

  6. #11 Baron Trump? What about the first female president, Ivanka?
    She and Jared will make a great team.

  7. item 11.

    corruptifornia already did the same when they took over workers comp.

    and the rates went so high that for contractors, it is cheaper to pay all the taxes for the employees and declare they hired no one but did all the work solo, rather than pay the insane workers comp extorted by the corruptocrats.

    democracy is served. ask not what's for lunch. its most likely to be you.


    1. CA is approaching Ben Franklin's definition of democracy: "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

      We have lots of wolves, more every day; but the lambs are fleeing, because they can't be well-armed & cannot resist being lunch!

  8. 15 - interesting article. Iran’s involvement in Venezuela is making a bad situation worse. Iran in our hemisphere is like having John Wayne Gacy as your neighbor.

    1. If John Wayne Gacy is your neighbor then you are in prison.

  9. Donald John Trump is still OUR President, but Joe Manchin is still YOUR Senator. Sorry Don.

  10. #11. Lets not wait that long. DJTjr is eligible now.

    1. Did he ditch his wife for CA Gov Newsom's ex?

  11. 14. Maybe the disparity between the number of men and women takin gender studies would explain the gender pay gap.

  12. Regarding "Chevron deference", it behooves all of us to get educated. Typically Congress doesn't write detailed laws anymore. They pass some short thing, then let the agencies flesh it out with dozens of volumes of regulations.
    Anytime you see coverage of "Chevron deference", "Seminole Rock deference" or "Auer deference", stop yourself and read it.

    1. Wait! Constitutional avoidance
      More like! Congressional annoyance
      But Congress can't be delegatin' all the big questions
      The should make policy that's why we have elections

  13. Admin deference is unconstitutional. The interpretation of regulations is often what is at issue and giving deference to bureaucrats is nothing more than a dereliction of duty on the part of the Judge.

    By the by, the thug holding the weapon on Elian and his relatives is holding an MP-5, a sub-machine gun, Not an assault rifle.