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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Highlights of the News

Let's start the day with a feel-good story about André the Giant.

ITEM 1: Fox News reported, "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is celebrating his family history.

"The action star, 47, posted a black-and-white photo as a tribute to his grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia of Samoa, on social media and the family patriarch was smiling alongside none other than French wrestling star, André the Giant.

"'What a crazy throwback from the 70s,' Johnson wrote. 'Here’s the ‘8th Wonder of the World’ André the Giant, using my 315lb grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia as a booster seat and making my granddad look like a little boy."

Johnson said in his Instagram post, "They were the best of friends, wrestled nightly, tough as hell and as you can see by their smiles and open energy -- they lived life to the absolute fullest.

"My grandfather died when I was a boy so I never got to know him as a man. Would’ve loved to have raised a tequila with these men. Would’ve also loved to have wrestled them too -- those would’ve been fun ass kickin’s for me to take."

I wish I could start every day with a feel-good story about André the Giant.

ITEM 2: Keith Koffler, a senior editor at the Washington Examiner, wrote, "That clattering noise you’ve been hearing for years is the sound of previous U.S. presidents, from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Obama, kicking cans down the road for someone else to pick up. Now, a heavyset older man with orange hair has set about collecting them — not to recycle for another president, but to ensure no future U.S. leader will trip over them."

That paragraph is beautiful because it is accurate and clear.

President Donald John Trump handled with aplomb Red China, Iran, North Korea and Syria — all with a witch hunt tying one arm behind his back. He could have completed his mission in one term, but no, the ignorant Deep Staters and Obama the Unwise decided not to honor tradition with a peaceful transition of power. They tried to deny him his term.

Now he may very well get two terms.

Koffler ended his column, "Trump’s administration, Foreign Policy explained, 'has held a tough line on Russia, building on his predecessor’s policies by layering on further sanctions, expelling dozens of Russian diplomats, and providing lethal weapons support to Ukraine — a step that former President Barack Obama had been unwilling to take.'

"Trump’s demand that European nations pay their North Atlantic Treaty Organization obligations — another can regularly kicked down the road — might seem hostile toward long-time allies, but ensures they have skin in the game when it comes to confronting Russia.

"The Washington establishment, so used to conventional ways, is aghast. But business as usual has strengthened our enemies. Trump’s iconoclasm is worth a try."

I agree.

He has cleaned up the foreign policy blunders of four administrations that were inept, incompetent, and inferior to the world leaders they were pitted against. They played politics. He means business.

Not only did he do all this with a witch hunt on his back, but he also advanced the most conservative and pro-business domestic agenda in decades.

On top of that he exposed the two-faced Fake Conservatives in Washington as well as the frauds in the media.

In his spare time he tweets, holds rallies, golfs, and kisses a super model goodnight at the end of his day.

ITEM 3: The Wall Street Journal reported, "The Federal Trade Commission voted this week to approve a roughly $5 billion settlement with Facebook Inc. over a long-running probe into the tech giant’s privacy missteps, according to people familiar with the matter.

"The 3-2 vote by FTC commissioners broke along party lines, with the Republican majority lining up to support the pact while Democratic commissioners objected, the people said. The matter has been moved to the Justice Department’s civil division and it is unclear how long it will take to finalize, the person said. Justice Department reviews are part of the FTC’s procedure but typically don’t change the outcome of an FTC decision.

"A settlement is expected to include other government restrictions on how Facebook treats user privacy. The additional terms of the settlement couldn’t immediately be learned.

"An FTC spokeswoman declined to comment, as did a Facebook spokesman."

Democrats sided with Facebook.

Republicans sided with the people.

ITEM 4: Kyle Olson reported, "Perhaps Sleepy Joe Biden’s new nickname should be Shaky.

"The Democrat frontrunner — according to polls — delivered what was billed as a foreign policy speech, and delivered what he likely thought was going to be an applause line.

"Except no one clapped, only responding with silence."

He's Jeb!

ITEM 5: Olson also reported, "Biden repeatedly stumbled through his speech, slurring words, struggling with the teleprompter and saying things multiple times.

"'Donald Trump and the democrogs— demagogues around the world are learn— leaning into these forces,' Biden said.

"After slurring 'fascism,' he mistakenly said 'process' instead of 'progress,' being forced to correct himself.

"Biden said President 'Tump,' and suffered an awkward coughing fit."

He's Hillary!

He's two -- 2 -- two losers in one.

ITEM 6: The Dow broke 27,000 and the S&P 500 broke 3,000 on Thursday. Both finished above that on Friday as they continue to set records in the nearly 3 years since we elected Donald John Trump president.

Yahoo News headlined its report, "The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Set Records, Yet Investor Sentiment is Low."

That makes no sense. If investor sentiment were low, stocks would be too.

Democracy dies in darkness. Which is why the media keeps throwing shade on President Trump's many, many, many accomplishments.

ITEM 7: Dylan Stableford reported, "President Trump’s embattled labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, resigned on Friday amid a firestorm over the sweetheart deal he struck with accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in Miami 11 years ago.

"Trump, who was joined by Acosta, announced the secretary’s resignation to reporters on the South Lawn before departing to Wisconsin for a fundraiser.

"The president said Acosta called him Friday morning to inform him of the decision. Trump said Acosta did a great job as labor secretary."

Great labor secretary. Lousy prosecutor.


ITEM 8: President Trump tweeted, "Tennessee loving Bill Hagerty, who was my Tennessee Victory Chair and is now the very outstanding Ambassador to Japan, will be running for the U.S. Senate. He is strong on crime, borders and our 2nd A. Loves our Military and our Vets. Has my Complete and Total Endorsement!"

One key to keeping and expanding the Senate majority is recruiting good candidates who support our president.

ITEM 9: Paul Joseph Watson reported, "The CEO of Volvo warns that the company is considering moving its headquarters out of Sweden in the future, partly due to a rise in violent crime.

"Håkan Samuelsson told a conference that the car maker was losing its appeal to foreign experts and engineers and further explained his concerns during an interview with SVD Näringsliv."

Sweden can have Muslim refugees or it can have Volvo. It cannot have both.

ITEM 10: Bowen Xiao reported, "About 50 miles of brand new wall has been completed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) along the United States’ southwest border, with more expected to be constructed, according to acting Commissioner Mark Morgan.

"'Fifty miles of new border wall on the Southwest border and construction continues every day,' Morgan announced in a July 10 Twitter post. 'Construction is underway for more than 50 additional miles and more contract awards are anticipated by the end of the year.'

"Accompanying Morgan’s Twitter post were a few photos, some showing the construction process—others depicting the finished product. It didn’t say exactly where the new wall was being built."

The Wall rises while Washington's food fight over immigration continues.

ITEM 11: Jon Miltimore reported, "Restaurants Unlimited, a Seattle-based chain with restaurant locations in 47 US cities, announced on Sunday it was seeking Chapter 11 protection, citing 'progressive' wage laws.

"The company, which has operated since the Lyndon Johnson Administration, said rising labor costs—part of a national trend of government-mandated minimum increases—were part of its decision.

"'Over the past three years, the company’s profitability has been significantly impacted by progressive wage laws along the Pacific coast that have increased the minimum wage,' Chief Restructuring Officer David Bagley said in court filings, The Seattle Times reports. 'As a large employer in the Seattle metro market, for instance, the company was one of the first in the market to be forced to institute wage hikes.'"

Bankrupted by government?

That is the plan, comrade.

ITEM 12: Kirsten Gillibrand was asked what she would tell a coal miner if she ever met one.

She replied, "Well, I explained to him that the Green New Deal is just some bipartisan ideas that will actually help the economy and his state grow. It’s involved with infrastructure, more mass transit, more high-speed rail, more rural broadband, more efficient electric grid, all things that will help Pennsylvania. It’s about green Jobs.

"It's about teaching young people STEM subjects so they’re ready to take green jobs, but also investing in industries like wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and biofuels to create opportunities for innovation and growth in those sectors. And last, it's about clean air and clean water, something that they desperately need in Pennsylvania.

"So what I would commit to as president is I would make sure we take any worker who’s underemployed or unemployed, anyone who is displaced, by trying to tackle climate change head on with more manufacturing jobs in the energy sector. So why not replace coal mining with green energy manufacturing in that state, with wind turbine manufacture, with solar power manufacture or even with manufacturing building materials that are LED-certified and helpful to tackle climate change?

"Because the truth is — and he knows this, I’m sure — is it’s the greatest threat to humanity. And when we have the wildfires in California and the droughts and the tornadoes in the Midwest and flooding everywhere, people are dying. And you have to address this challenge as the great threat to humanity it is."

They really think coal miners are dumb.

Hillary ended Democrat control of the coalfields for at least a generation.

ITEM 13: CBS reported, "Hundreds of protesters gathered in Aurora, Colorado. on Friday evening to march to the ICE detention facility where illegal and undocumented immigrants are being housed. They also removed the U.S. flag, replaced it with a Mexican flag, and spray painted graffiti on a Blue Lives Matter flag before it was seen flying upside down on the flag pole."

Democrats will salute the Mexican flag but not the American one.

This is not a protest. It is vandalism. They spray painted the American flag and ran it up the flag pole upside down.

This "protest" was a preview of the Democrat Party platform for the 2020 election.

ITEM 14Roll Call reported, "Kentucky Senate candidate Amy McGrath’s three-minute campaign launch  video retells her personal story of getting no answer to letters to members of Congress, then features four Kentuckians writing to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for help with personal crises.

"The video implies that McConnell never responded, but it appears the letters were sent Tuesday, the same day that McGrath announced her bid for the Democratic nomination to challenge him."

I wrote her a letter that I will mail next week and she still has not replied!


  1. "It's about teaching young people STEM subjects so they’re ready to take green jobs..."

    in other words: you will be indoctrinated into performing the work we tell you to. Funny how the Wright Brothers invented the airplane out of their bike shop and not some university. Apple out of a garage. The list goes on, but go ahead, keep paying people that can't make a living by any other means to educate your young.

    1. My dropping out of my mechanical engineering course of study led to me joining the navy and becoming a submarine nuclear reactor operator. In civilian life I rose to becoming a senior startup engineer and eventually a project SU manager for a $100 million 3 power plant upgrade. All with just navy training background.  Fortunately high school technology schools are flourishing and graduates are in demand because technical training serves industry well outside of design engineering.

    2. I too dropped out of mechanical engineering; the math just got beyond me. Uncle Sam's Air Force told me I was going to be a medical technologist. I had to say "What's that?". Now retired after 38 years of a very rewarding career at it.
      The best thing about military tech schools is that they don't have time to waste getting people into the field, so they are intense and efficient. I loved the training, and highly recommend it to any kid who isn't sure what they want to do after high school.

    3. As a professional engineer, I still need skilled and experienced people to build the design. My calculation sheets can't stop the rain.

    4. Friend of mine's Dad ran the "Wash Rack" (IDK either) electronics course for the Army. Which he somehow was able to take in High School. He learned a lot, and said he didn't have to "study"; the Army made it simple and understandable.
      As has been said, a system designed by geniuses to be operated by idiots.

  2. #11) Will progressive wages bring back Horn & Hardart? I loved that place as a kid!

  3. Item 12) - AOC's brains - her progressive activist chief of staff Chakrabarti- admitted the Green New Deal is all about remaking the economy and not at all about the environment.


    Here's an excellent, factual article why wind & solar will never replace hydrocarbons.

  4. #12 - perhaps Gillibrand will form a joint venture between government and private business to push the new green deal. I'm going to buy more Solyndra stock!

    1. ...with the money I made selling my Enron stock.

  5. #12 I'd like her to really say that to a group of Coal miners.Please. she'd find out those Deplorable
    miners aren't stupid..
    The reaction would be similar to what an old Apache rancher I knew told me: at White River Cattleman's association was accosted by
    A USFS drone saying:"We have your interests at heart, but you must get your cattle off the (Note this) People's forest lands.." This was in the Clinton era. For some reason his pickup had all four tires flat -when he came out of the meeting.
    In White River AZ. at night. He discovered that the only "white" was the river.. Apaches are a people you don't want as enemies...

  6. Great labor secretary. Lousy prosecutor.


    No not next! Don't replace him leave it vacant. We don't need a Labor department or a Commerce dept.

    Shut them down. Pay off all the staff for the next ten years at full compensation and benefits. That will give them all enough time to find other work or retire.

    That is how you drain the swamp conservative style. But Trump isn't a limited government guy. He likes power just as much as the last ones did.

    The DC budget will never go down until the money runs out. Then they will default and leave millions behind.

    1. The cancer is progressing swiftly.

      This one craves affecting the world as it's decay progresses.

      It has no future.

      It has a past it craves to forget.

      It is fucked.

      Conserve that.

  7. The border can be policed by satellites and a few thousand low-cost drones. The technology is cheap. It is available now.

    These are cheap drones that carry no missiles. They only carry cameras. There can be night drones and day drones. They can observe what is going on for miles.

    Put up 1,000 drones at all times, day and night. Aim their cameras 10 or 20 miles south of the border. Is there a truck coming north toward a desolate area? Meet it with troops.

    There will be enough troops on the cheap fenced border to head off 80% of the trucks. If 80% of the trucks can't get their cargo through, the wholesale immigrant business is finished.

    Post a thousand troops and drones at the high-crossing areas.

    The strategy here is to eliminate the wholesale immigration business. Make the immigrants walk to the border in remote areas. This will drastically reduce the crossings. Move the immigrants from wholesale to retail.

    1. How much did that drone Iran shot down cost? $130 million? A thousand of them cost $130 billion.

      And Democrats would ground the drones on Day One of their next administration.

    2. plus dones can be Jammed and or shot down easily . I would not surprise me if the Cartel don't have some of Slithery's Manpads from Libya..

    3. I wrote "These are cheap drones that carry no missiles. They only carry cameras."

      Your comparing military drones with simple "low cost as I wrote

      No bombs needed for these drones! The only military tech necessary would be the cameras as I said before.

      This is an issue the border states could easily settle themselves. All they have to do is end the welfare for them. They won't.

      But come the next recession they will have to.

    4. Hopefully not. Your idea has merit, save for the one thing Don points out: "Democrats would ground the drones on Day One of their next administration."

      Ask yourself: What are the odds of a President Harris, President Warren, President Biden, or god forbid President AOC issuing an executive order to ground the drones on the first day of their term in office?

      If it's less than 50%, then I have a bridge in NYC to sell you...


    5. Everybody's got a brilliant simple solution to a complex problem.

      The more simple the suggested solution, the more likely it is being suggested as a fraud attempt to deceive.

      We are a nation blesssed with only two of our four borders being other nations.

      From sea to shining sea.

      The Sovereign States bordering these two foreign nations, Canada and Mexico, should be the ones whose citizens demand security of their own geographies and rightful assistance from our nation's Federal government.

      Building the Wall should be what each and every bordering Soveregn State demands.

      Manning the Wall should be an equal obligation of ALL Sovereign States so United.

      The myriad of mickey mouse suggestions, from whatever mickey mouse sources, for whatever mickey mouse purposes, is of no value to the security of our Nation.

    6. The US Constitution requires FedGov to protect the states against invasion. The people of the states pay taxes to do exactly that. FedGov has not been doing that.

      FedGov needs to militarize the Mexican border. The states have been foolish for not taking FedGov to court and getting a writ of mandamus requiring FedGov to end the invasion.

    7. I saw no to border-patrol drones unless they are carrying Hellfire missiles.

      We need
      + the Wall
      + mandatory e-Verify for hiring
      + the defunding of sanctuary cities/states
      + the end of chain migration
      + the end of lottery migration and
      + the end of birth citizenship for children born here of illegal immigrants.

  8. Yahoo News is one of the most biased Fake News outlets imaginable. In addition to CNN, it regularly features (are you ready, Time and Newsweek).

    Aren't they dead?

  9. President Donald John Trump handled with aplomb Red China, Iran, North Korea and Syria?

    North Korea: A negligible country of twenty-five million, it made itself into a nuclear power despite Washington’s opposition. Kim Jong Un, who has more balls than a pool table, faced down Trump and his bluster about fire and fury. Trump’s repeated trips to see this micro-dictaor have given Kim importance in the world that he otherwise would not have.

    American sanctions, upheld by Trump, have kept the population of the North miserable while having no effect on Kim’s luxurious way of life. They have accomplished nothing else. Kim has his nukes and would be crazy to give them up, which he isn’t. Net results: Zero

    Iran: Trump’s sanctions have accomplished nothing except to keep the Iranian population miserable and without medicines. His customary rants about destruction and obliteration have had no effect. And China continues to buy Iranian oil

    Net results: Zero.

    China: Unclear. China shows no signs of submitting and letting Washington run its economy, which is what is desired. It may buy American soybeans. Beijing continues to fortify the South China Sea, despite the US Navy’s frequent GBW missions (Grr. Bow-wow. Woof.) The Belt and Road Initiative grows apace. Net results: Sub zero.

    1. You will get your, if you say so, susan, soon.

      From some guy.

      Pending that:

      If only you were President

      If only you were King

      If only you were Queen of that

      Why, would you sing soprano????

    2. I was hoping we might get through one news roundup without the ignorance of the troll but no, she's there, proudly spewing her garbage from mama's basement.

  10. Excellent round up, Don!

    1. I second that motion. And I note that the L-dotters are posting more and more links to Surberblog on Congrats Don.