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Monday, July 01, 2019

Highlights of the News

On behalf of every Cleveland fan, thank you for beating the Warriors.

ITEM 1: Dominic Green wrote, "When it is fine for an all-white gang to assault an Asian American in broad daylight? When he’s a conservative journalist. Where is it fine to do this? Portland, Ore. How do you do it? By all means necessary.

"The footage of Andy Ngo being ganged up on by black-clad, masked protesters in Portland shows the truth behind the cool slogans of radical chic. Ngo, a physically slight man, is punched in the face, has what appears to be a rock thrown at him when his back is turned, and is doused in milkshakes that, Portland police believe, contained cement mix, which can cause skin burns. It looks like a racist assault, but it’s alright, because they’re attacking a ‘fascist.’"

Along the same line, Robby Soave wrote, "Throwing milkshakes at right-wing politicians is a tactic of British progressive activists that recently traveled to this side of the Atlantic. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R–Fla.) was hit with one earlier in June. The tactic has its defenders in mainstream left-of-center media as well: Vox‘s Carlos Maza tweeted “milkshake them all” after a British activist hurled a milkshake at Nigel Farage.

"Portland police have claimed that some of the milkshakes thrown by the antifa activists on Saturday contained quick-dry cement. That may or may not be true. What is true is that an antifa mob beat up a journalist — one who is harshly critical of them, to be sure, but who posed no physical threat to them and was only there to document their activities — on a public street. This is indefensible, and yet there are tons of progressive-leaning people currently defending it, or at the very least rationalizing and making light of it."

The American media deserves much blame for this rise of fascism because it has ignored the truth about the violence of these masked terrorists for two years.

That is because these fascists oppose President Donald John Trump, and the American media promoted any and all hatred of President Trump

Ngo would not have been out there if mainstream reporters did their job. Fake News will get people killed. And if the last few years have taught me anything, it is that there are no unintended consequences when it comes to politics.

ITEM 2: Kristina Wong reported, "Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s hands-off policy when it comes to Antifa protesters came under scrutiny on Saturday after journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by masked Antifa assailants.

"Wheeler, who is also police commissioner, said nothing on Saturday, as hundreds of Antifa protestors gathered on the streets, with some throwing milkshakes — potentially mixed with quick-drying cement — and assaulting Ngo.

"Ngo, shaken and bloodied, began livestreaming on his phone after his assault, and could be heard asking a police officer, 'Where the hell were all of you?'

"U.S. Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell, who is openly gay like Ngo, tweeted, 'Where is Mayor Ted Wheeler?'"

I trust Ngo will sue the city. Giving Democrat brownshirts a no-go zone should exact a princely sum from the voters who allowed this.

ITEM 3: The Daily Beast reported, "Fox News host Tucker Carlson was spotted with Donald Trump at the Demilitarized Zone on Sunday during the president’s historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

"The American contingent for the trip also included Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, both senior White House advisers. Carlson was present when Trump walked into the pariah nation, and became the first sitting president to set foot into North Korea.

"The controversial host is reportedly a guest of the White House press pool on the trip, and will interview the president at some point on Sunday for a segment that is scheduled to air Monday night."

Thanks for the heads up. His show airs at 8 p.m. Eastern.

By the way, "controversial" is journalese for someone or something the reporter doesn't like.

ITEM 4: The Daily Beast reported, "Recently appointed White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham was bruised in a scuffle with North Korean security on Sunday. Grisham, who very recently replaced Sarah Huckabee Sanders, can be seen on video stepping in after North Korean guards pushed and shoved American journalists to block them from entering the Inter-Korean House of Freedom, where President Trump and Kim Jong Un were convening.

"The incident came to body blows when security physically blocked U.S. television crews and pool reporters. Grisham was pushed after she tried to help U.S. media gain access, according to tweets from American journalists who were present. Video captured Grisham telling members of the press to go as she physically created space for reporters. The incident occurred after Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to step foot in North Korea."

It was roller derby without the skates. I like a press secretary who can block.

ITEM 5: The New York Post reported, " Ever since federal agents arrested a local activist for helping two illegal immigrants in this parched desert town near the Mexican border last year, residents are thinking twice about being good Samaritans."

One man's "helping" is a government's aiding and abetting.

ITEM 6: Julian Zelizer of CNN wrote, "Biden promises to run a campaign that can appeal to the center and be the politician most likely to compromise with opponents.

"But none of that says very much. As Walter Mondale famously asked Gary Hart in the 1984 Democratic primary debate, 'Where's the beef?' Today, it seems appropriate to ask Biden whether his vision for the country has any substance, in addition to looking back and questioning whether he's been on the right side of history."

The Democrat Establishment tried to throw Sloppy Joe under the bus with groping allegations. That failed.

But once Kamala Harris said, "I was that little girl," under the school bus went he.

CNN is making sure he stays there.

ITEM 7: Maureen Dowd wrote, "Harris was grinding her stiletto on a vulnerable part of Biden’s record. The reason Hill was eviscerated and a lying Clarence Thomas ascended to the Supreme Court is that Biden, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was bending over backward to appease uncompromising Republicans on the panel — the same men who were falsely accusing Hill of perversity, erotomania and perjury."

Yes, Dowd wrote, "grinding her stiletto on a vulnerable part of Biden."

Somebody has some hangups.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "During their 50th anniversary celebration of the 1969 World Series champs on Saturday, the Mets honored members of that team who have passed away with an in memoriam video. But not everyone in the video is dead.

"The tribute bizarrely included two ’69 Mets who are still alive — Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson.

"Someone from the Mets phoned Gosger after Saturday’s game to apologize for the error, and a source told The Post’s Zach Braziller that Gosger took the flub in stride. The Mets were hoping to get in touch with Hudson to apologize as well."

In their defense, the Mets were not so much wrong as they were premature.

ITEM 9: The Associated Press reported, "Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke visited Mexico on Sunday and listened to tearful immigrants say they fled Central American violence and turmoil to seek asylum in the U.S., but were turned away at the border."

Candidates go where the Democrat voters are.

If he is elected, you won't have to worry about pressing 1 for English.

You will press 2.

ITEM 10: Fox News reported, "The candidates in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary put aside their squabbles on Sunday - sort of - to focus on a common enemy: President Trump.

"From former Vice President Joe Biden to former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, the Democratic hopefuls derided Trump’s third meeting with North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un – accusing the president of everything from coddling dictators to posing for a photo opportunity."

Finally Democrats have met a communist they didn't like: Kim.

They hate him for hanging out with America's president. Let that sink in.


  1. Hahaha! Can’t top that lead, Big D. Well played.

  2. "Today, it seems appropriate to ask Biden whether his vision for the country has any substance, in addition to looking back and questioning whether he's been on the right side of history."

    Joe is morphing into Hillary. It's His Turn don't ya know. And like Hillary, he has a few more lives left. He's not leaving this race anytime soon.

    1. Good for us, bad for dems. Bad for the GOPe. Any one of these dem candidates becoming the of the dem party is good for Trump. Open borders? Medicare for illegals? Bring it on I say.

  3. It shouldn't matter whether Ngo is Asian, a baton-twirling gay, or a heterosexual dressed up like colonel Klink on Hogan's Heros, he deserved police protection.

    I think it is hilarious that lefties love the French Revolution so much, but when it comes to practicing the principles of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen they turn a blind eye. "Freedom from oppression? Not when we are the oppressors. Have a concrete milkshake."

  4. Maureen Dowd is wrong. Anita Hill was and is a liar, and the Senators on the Judiciary Committee knew she was lying. That's the reason Clarence Hill was elevated to the Supreme Court. Hill has profited handsomely from her lies, unfortunately.

  5. ITEM 1: The most important thing is to get those masked Antifa thugs UNMASKED if they try to attack one.

    I'm thinking left on the ribs, right on the jaw, rip the mask off as they go down. Unless someone has a better combination.

    ITEM 2: Scott Adams has declared Portland a "Ngo Go Zone" as far as he is concerned.

    ITEM 4: "Stompin' Stephanie" Grisham's coming for you, Jim Acosta!

    ITEM 6: Joe Biden. Old. White. Male. That's three strikes in the Dems, Joe.

    Bernie is too, but he's got that magical Commie fairy dust.

    ITEM 7: "Somebody has some hangups."

    Not "psychoses"?

    1. ITEM 1. Two in the chest, one between the eyes. Round#4 goes to the knee of the guy closest to him.

    2. Now you’re talkin, CZ-75 is tanned, rested, and ready...

      A piece this weekend said the LibCommies have concluded, RIGHTLY, that we Trumpsters are better people than they are, which is why they continue to break laws of assembly and injure us. They think we’ll continue to hold back. I’ll speak for myself (warms up Joan Jett voice): NOT ME!! NOT MEEE!!!!!

  6. test tubes filled with pool acid and wrapped in aluminum foil. an area seeded with a few dozen of these sure to cause a stink. good to discourse a violent crowd.

    don't forget to use gloves during assembly

    happy 4th!

  7. Apparently Kamala Harris lied about her desegregation breaking time. She was not the second group of children to break segregation in the town's PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Supposedly the elementary school had been desegregated before she was born. So will the MSM clarify her history before Biden is totally under the bus. I won't vote for him, but if her story is NOT true citizens need to know if she can be believed.

    1. You can believe everything horizontal Harris says. FWIW you can believe the koran or any other insane fairy tale as well.

  8. #1 Wife and I have two older, conservative gay friends.One has gone on. They ran an antique store in SE Portland during the Trump riots. They were targeted by Antifa-they had an 48 star flag in the window which was broken out and the flag burned. Molotov cocktails thrown in the store. didn't go off, for some reason. Bob and Jack were ready. Bob had his M-14 and Jack had this old 12ga. double. Had Antifa pushed in -there would've been dead people.Ngo could be a very wealthy man soon with the proper lawyers. BTW Asians in general are the "other white people" to the left..
    Ngo gets an E-mail "Hello we represent the law firm of Kennive,Finagle, and Buzzard-How may we be of service?"
    #10-"Oceania is always at war with East Asia." The Dems and Neocons have never forgiven Reagan for winning the Cold war without firing a shot.. Projection on Trump.

  9. They justify their violence by claiming you incited them to use violence, so it's all your fault and they're the victims, not you.
    Hypocrites - the word doesn't even begin to describe them.

  10. Item 8: It's not Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson who are dead, it's the current Mets team.

  11. Interesting that Ngo was attacked by members of an NGO.

  12. Harris may have stepped in it as far as Gropin' Joe goes. If Joe is the blue collar guy's candidate (rhetorical), doesn't her cheap shot make his point with them?

    Fake News will get people killed.

    It usually does. This timer, it's going to be people Fake News likes.

  13. Biden knows white democrats have been dead set against busing since 1970. He just can't say it out loud. Voters know this too.

    Forgotten is how everyone was against busing. LA voted it down in 1970. It led to white flight everywhere it was implemented. The result of busing gave us the inner city ghetto schools. Everyone over 50 knows it but nobody can say it. Its like the N word.

    Bus black kids into Hispanic neighborhoods and you'd get Hispanic flight.

    But Biden was tongue-tied, as usual. If he had responded forcefully by asserting that it is wrong to disrupt local control of schools by means of busing, he would have scored a major victory with white Democrats.

    They are tired of getting pushed around. But political correctness is dominant, so they are silent, and Biden was tongue-tied. But when they get into the polling booth, people can vote their conscience. They can also vote their self-interest.

    All across American public schools are mostly segregated. It shows the most in LA.

    Biden could have shut Harris up quickly by asking where he kids went to school. And why.

  14. And I thought a concrete was just the Freddie's version of the milk shake.
    On a serious note, the Portland police should ALL be charged with aiding and abetting.

    1. Also, Big D’s pull said the mayor and police commissioner are THE SAME PERSON? Who the fook came up with that arrangement?? Portlandia can kiss my aging white ass.

  15. now we know. M Dowd sleeps with a stiletto heel firmly placed between her legs at night.

  16. I wonder how long it will take before Stephanie Grisham becomes controversial.

    Antifa wouldn’t be so bold if you could carry in Portland.

    Maybe Beto was interviewing for his next landscaping crew.

    Another winning position for the communist ticket - anti-peace with North Korea. Guess we can call them neo-coms.

  17. Thanks Don for a tasty buffet of stories for our Monday. I went to school in Portland in the early '70s, and like SanFran, it was a fun town to party in (though our GI haircuts gave us away). Saw a lot of great concerts in both places. Now I will not set foot in either one if I have a choice about it--maybe to pass through on the freeway if I have to.
    THE epic, historical story of the weekend though is the Trump-Kim meet-n-greet at the DMZ, and most media is doing everything they can to downplay it or spin it negatively. I saw a picture downthread on CTH showing Bill Clinton and GW Bush looking across the border with binoculars when they were there. I do not envy Trump's security staff; they had to be sweating every minute of it.