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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

From Perot to Palin to Trumpenfreude

Have no fear, dear readers. We will celebrate the departure of the British ambassador who resigned due to illness; he suffers Trumpophobia. But I will let that cup brew while I serve the best Trumpenfreude from the rack.

First, the midterm election and death have thinned the herd of Never Trumper senators -- although the weakling Mitt Romney won election to the Senate.

Also, the House is rid of Paul Ryan and other RINOs who decided to retire one step ahead of Trump voters. With the return of Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, America gets to see how jaw-dropping incompetent, illiterate and unintelligent the Democrat Party is.

Next, the Mueller Report not only vindicated President Donald John Trump but implicated Obama and his cronies in national security in the biggest spy scandal ever.

Finally, the first Democrat debates showed how laughably communist the best and the brightest in the party of Jefferson Davis are.

These three events created the Conan the Barbarian of all Trumpenfreudes. In the first movie in the series, a Mongol general asked, "What is best in life?"

Conan replied, "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

OK, their women are not lookers. But they lament nonetheless. And they have lamented for two years and will for another six years.

Conrad Black knows American history and Donald John Trump better than just about anyone.

Black wrote, "The frenzied attack on this presidency replaced the customary honeymoon, and the Republicans in Congress, almost as shell-shocked as the Democrats at the Trump victory, initially did nothing to assist the administration. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), 2008 presidential nominee John McCain (R-Ariz.), and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) all once abetted the Democrats, but the assault has now diminished to a pathetic little squeak about Trump’s suitability as president.

"His opponents are now reduced to fluttering like ancient dowagers and complaining that he is too ungentlemanly and uncouth to be president. What might they have thought of Andrew Jackson, William H. Harrison, Franklin Pierce, Ulysses S. Grant, Warren Harding, or Lyndon Johnson?"

Black's review of the Democrat presidential debate was spot on. He seared the ignorance of their stances on such nonsense as global warming, reparations, writing off student loans, Medicaid for all, the green plan, and post-birth abortion.

He wrote, "This is all the Democrats are left with: a group of radical nonentities that constitute a monotone Götterdämmerung: the self-immolation not only of the America of Norman Rockwell and Walt Disney, but also of Bill Clinton and even of candidate Barack Obama."

The death of H. Ross Perot this week makes this Trumpenfreude even sweeter. The billionaire pioneer in commercial computer software became a folk hero by standing up for just plain folks like himself. He was the prototype of The Donald.

In Perot's obituary, the Military Times wrote, "Perot chartered two jets to fly medical supplies and the wives of POWs to Southeast Asia. They were not allowed into North Vietnam, but the trip attracted enormous media attention.

"After their release in 1973, some prisoners said conditions in the camps had improved after the failed missions.

"In 1979, the Iranian government jailed two EDS executives and Perot vowed to win their release."

He did.

The obituary said, "Perot recruited retired U.S. Army Special Forces Col. Arthur 'Bull' Simons to lead a commando raid on the prison. A few days later, the EDS executives walked free after the shah’s regime fell and mobs stormed the prison. Simons’ men sneaked the executives out of the country and into Turkey. The adventure was recalled in Ken Follett’s best-selling book 'On Wings of Eagles' and a TV miniseries."

Perot formed the Reform Party in 1992 and received 19% of the vote. He fought NAFTA, which passed, but he also sought a balanced budget, which we achieved briefly in 1998, 1999, and 2000.

Donald Trump was tempted in 2000 to seek the Reform Party nomination but wisely withdrew after seeing David Duke and other no-goodniks had taken over the party.

Eight years later, Sarah Palin came along and McCain asked her to be his running mate -- only to abandon her once he saw she could get him elected.

The media smeared her, hounded her, and ran her out of public life.

But she passed the torch on to Donald Trump.

And he used it to burn the Republican Party down. Democrats are next.

These are the best eight years of our lives.


  1. My Trumpenfreude is not complete until I read about it here!!! :D

  2. "I will let that cup brew while I serve the best Trumpenfreude from the rack."

    Delicious! I'll have seconds Mr. Surber. :-)

    - AZ

    1. Is that a steaming hot cup of cofeve?
      next thing when is the US Women's soccer team going to be served Trumpenfruede?
      Next Week? Bets are being taken at the window..

    2. It's a steaming hot cup of 'more to come and there's nothing you can do about it'. Oh yeah, you can whine, but that is only sweet nectar made from your sour grapes. So vent away little fellow.

    3. After I read the historical biography of Gen. Grant , he was neither uncouth or ungentalmanly.He as a very decent man.

  3. "Alsom..."?

    - Toby Flenderson

  4. but he also sought a balanced budget, which we achieved briefly in 1998, 1999, and 2000

    Not really. Those 3 years included Soc Sec taxes in the general budget. They don't belong there they're supposed to be invested.

    They never are. The jokes on us. And just today news is about the $200 billion DEFICIT for just the last month.

    Thats $2 trillion a year annualized. But orange guy gets a pass with deficit spending.

    After all he walks on water. Didn't you see him crossing the Jordan the other day?

    No? Then your an anti semite!!!!!!!!!

    I'm calling AIPAC today. By tomorrow your name will be mud. You'll be doxed and humiliated. You deserve it!

    And isn't it amazing how Surber keeps talking about balanced budgets while Trump spends more per year than Obama ever did?

    No problemo! Says the Trumpians. Next year he'll turn water into wine and stones into bread. Yippee let's celebrate the best years of our lives!

    And all the rubes here said


    1. You know,Your hate of all thing is going to take you down. Trump and Don live n your mind 24/7 you probably see squirrels with orange wigs on. You get paranoid when some one trails you in a Mustang. Get help Nonny, soon those Soros check are going to be gone..

    2. You need to learn more about Social Security. Your comments are wrong and you need to read up on it more.

    3. The recurring bitchrag does not live anywhere near our magnificient lands.


      Wherever it's farts foul the air, it lives only within it's glorious mind palace of endless irritations.

      Some aspire to greatness.

      Some savor anonymity as peacful repose.

      This one craves cuntflict.

      It is always near starvation, or so it feels.

      Urgency is it's fuel.

      Bullshit most fluid is it's lubricant.

      Tho without wheels, it ain't goin' anywhere.

      But it likes it that way.

      Give it the gift it keeps on shitting upon.

      It's bowel movements are like life's breath to it.

      As this is being typed, it is anxiously awaiting it's next feeding.

      I show mercy and provide it with, what to it, is sustanance.

      To me, mere passing the time it tskes to take an actual dump.

      Bon Appetite!!!

    4. those Soros check might dry up very soon. oddly enough Soros son's phone number is in Epstein dirty little book.


    5. Poor Dougie

      I just point out how Trump spends more than Omama ever did per year and he calls me names and uses innuendo.

      He has to do that to remain sane and avoid admitting the truth that Trump is out of control with spending.

      He doesn't really care about that. He won't abide a soul pointing out Trump's hypocrisy!

      Or Israel's!

      If you dissent here they pull out the witch card named Soros! Oh dear! Now they don't have to defend Trump's spending.

      Now they can just play pretend its not real.

    6. Well, whatever is being spent, it doesn't effect you.

      At all.

      If anything, you mooch your way.

      At least bernie the bum takes a shower once in awhile. At least I think he does. Maybe not.

      America is not understandable by you.

      It is too foreign to your mentality.

      Beyond your nature to do anything but envy.

      Make MAGA dominant.

      2020 is the year.

      Clarity of vision.

      Resolve of purpose.

      Senate, House and Executive.

      Judicial will be restored to MAGA Constitutional standard.

      Then, and only then, come back and preach your bile.

    7. he also sought a balanced budget, which we achieved briefly in 1998, 1999, and 2000

      Not really. Those 3 years included Soc Sec taxes in the general budget. They don't belong there they're supposed to be invested.

      FICA taxes have gone into the general fund since, at least, the Great Society (how else to pay for New Deal II and Vietnam?) and the budget was never balanced under Willie (like a lot of other things).

      Those were projections for the out years.

  5. Regarding the execrable McCain, I'm prompted to refer to the old saying that he stood behind her...waaaay behind her. Voting for that man was such waste.

    1. we all did things in our youth. but McCain was a full grown adult when he became lead singer and driver of the Winnebago for the keating 5.

      he took the money. he tried to pull strings to help a criminal escape justice.
      AND HE GOT CAUGHT. and his quid pro with the press was McCain Feingold which barred anyone except the bottom feeding presstitutes from spending money on poly ticks.

      it was his bill restricting free speech that was declared unconstitutional in the SCOTUS decision known as Citizens United.

      mcshame on him. restricting our rights to buy his mcsorry ass out of his sling of corruption.

      he should have been indicted, tried, and convicted.


    2. My friends and I preferred to say we voted for Sarah Palin; that old guy just happened to be on the same ticket.

    3. Don, are you saying that McPain dumped Palin because he *didn't* want to get elected. A new viewpoint. Pls elaborate. I like the idea.
      BTW, I met Bull Simons and worked extensively with one of his "Wings of Eagles," team.

  6. Tomorrow's tune at this blog will begin.....

    Let all the Earth praise Israel's name
    Let angels prostrate fall
    And let Trump march romp thru the land

    And crown Ben lord lord of all

    Oh let's crown Ben and Don the lords the lords the lords

    of all....

  7. Yep sick very sick person here...

    1. He's not only confused he's anti-Christian.

    2. Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged.







    3. the poo flinging chimp is very strong in that one.

      a classic example of devolution.

      he never lets facts dilute his logical fallacies.

      he wraps his lips around a fallacy and milks it for all it's worth until it runs down his chin and stains his blue dress.

      quite impressive in his simple minded assault on truth and manners. the screedmaster.
      the pecksniffer waddles to his own kazoo.


    4. Too much mold in the basement.

    5. Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged.

      Oh lookie! Nony is employing the infamous liberal trope! I truly enjoy when someone pulls that verse on me.

      Because it shows their ignorance. Nothing like pulling a verse out of context is there.

      Here's his verse

      Mat 7:1 Judge not, that you may not be judged.

      Naturally he won't quote the following verses. Later on Jesus had this to say

      Joh 7:24 Do not judge according to sight, but judge righteous judgment.

      Oops! I guess Jesus was confused according to the rubes here. Way to go you told HIM off! LOL

      Not to worry rubes I grow bored of the complete absence of intellectual argument here. There is absolutely none. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch

      This is like shooting fish in a barrel. The hypocrisy here is so palpable that it seeps thru my screen.

      And I get a better challenge from the liberals than here! Tsk tsk

    6. Boy.

      Are you gonna be in for one helluva surprise.

      You won't be alone, so, as misery craves company, your cravings shall be satisfied.

      As you are being here as you intend to be always, you got that shit covered and now know what your eternity will always be.

      Just that.

      You being you, surrounded by other you's being you.


      If you like that sort of thing.

      And you, being you, have convinced any who hear you that you do.

  8. I interviewed with EDS in 1978, before the Iranian rescue. Almost every employee I met with was former military. The company was ultra-conservative (not a problem for me). It was all about Perot’s beliefs and philosophy. I am surprised and skeptical at the reports that he was socially liberal. I don’t think so.

    I didn’t get the job and never liked Perot, but I respected him. Especially after the rescue. And his reform movement.

    Looking forward to some more Trumpenfreude.

    Make my day.

  9. GHW Bush snubbed Perot badly once and, personally, I think Perot ran for President to get back at him. Perot gave us Clinton, who was somewhat worse than Papa Bush

    1. No.

      The voters who voted for the globalist who wasn't prudent got the USA the clinton grifters.

      The clinton cunt said "then don't vote for him" after the pre election shit about billy boy and his pouting penis.

      Mister "wouldn't be prudent" was that VP who impeded Reagan from achieving even better results for Americans.

      Perot spoke the truth and got what Trump got, minus the internet extrapolations.

      Trump, being Trump, has the moxy and the mind to schlong them at their own game. Brilliant.

      The belly up repubs never even tried to keep the grifting clintons to one term and out.

      Then junior bush lite got in via a surprisingly strong republican legislature.

      Still not true MAGA in mind, the repubs had bupkiss when the mack daddy mulatto made his move.

      And they would still be slathering their spittle, like maccain and mittens and their ilk.

      Only MAGA + the brilliant Trump being the Trump he is made the differrence most sublime.

      Perot, not being Trumpish, and our nation, not having been brought to the enough of this shit place by the obamanation's hubristic arrogance that they got this shit covered, could not get that 3rd party thing to lift off.

      The presumption that Perot drew mostly repub votes from mister prudent disregards just how full of shit his first and only term was.

      The dems were always gonna vote dem. The time to knock out the grifting clintons was in the dem primary.

      Bush the elder wasn't gonna ever be attractive as MAGA authenticity. The reptile repubs, then as now, give not a shit about making America great for Americans.

      Only MAGA, via the only practical means, the republican party, is, and will continue to, do that.

      The republican party is tettering on the brink of irrelevance if elitist repubs continue to piss away opportunity to get on the MAGA Train.

      The dems are suicidal and are wrapping the plastic bags around their heads now. A bit of duct tape to seal the deal and the dems will be flopping like fish on the deck.

      2020 is the year.

      Stake in dead hearts of democrat vampires.

      Clear out deadwooden headed elistist repubs.


  10. I saw Ross Perot in 1993 or possibly early 1994 at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson MS fundraising for his Reform Party, I suppose. There couldn't have been more than fifty people there. Bear in mind, this was the era of "Thanks a lot, Ross" bumper stickers. Conservatives felt he ushered in Arkansas Lard Butt and Rug Dive Piano Legs, and as an ill-informed twentysomething, I didn't care for Perot. That's also because I didn't know about NWO Globalist Papa Bush. The old Skull-n-Bones Yale bastard had ME fooled...actually believed he was a real Texan. Heir to Reagan, my left nut. At any rate, as the years went by, and I heard about Perot, his rescue mission in the middle east, his heart for POWs, and as I learned about the screw job that is NAFTA, my respect for him increased. We didn't sign up for whatever Perot was peddling that day (an asking price of fifteen bucks sticks in my head for some reason) but I am sorry to hear of his passing. Precursor to my President Trump, INDEED! Thanks for your love for America, Mr. Perot. And give Papa Bush a good talking to if you see him up there! Then again, Papa Bush might be in a different place.

  11. Brother Don, I love ya, BUT there were not any balanced budgets in 1998, 1999 nor in 2000. Here is the data:
    09/30/2000 5,674,178,209,886.86
    09/30/1999 5,656,270,901,615.43
    09/30/1998 5,526,193,008,897.62
    09/30/1997 5,413,146,011,397.34

    As you can see, the debt increased each succeeding year, which by definition means the US was in red more than year before.

    Here is the link:

    Never believe these revisionist peeps.

  12. Replies
    1. Bobbywhatzit maintains presence!!!!

      Bobbywhatzit is dependable employee!!!

      Bobby whatzit gonna bet extra kibble this week!!!!

      Yay, bobbywhatzit!!!!

  13. I feel sorry for Rapinoe. Her day is coming and will not be pretty.

    1. The dp must maintain it's presence.

      Thus, this phony comment professing sympathy not felt.

      It conforms to the template:

      Fake name to imply commonality.

      Expression of fake sympathy, to further implied commonality.

      Duplicitous subliminal appeal to base human default of craved superiority to others.

      Implied superior knowledge of which no body can know.

      Presumed superior knowledge via false conception of superior deduction abilities.




      And all futile, rendered so by certainty of death.

      Be, here, as you intend to be, always.

  14. H. Ross Perot assisted in electing Bill Clinton. That another term for the elder Bush would not have been much better is some help to his legacy, but nevertheless a negative one.

    Oh well.