Saturday, July 20, 2019

Festival of Trump hating canceled

Trump-bashing celebrities were to meet in Central Park this weekend for music and Trump-bashing. Instead, the good Lord made it too hot for them.

New York's mayor pulled the plug on the fourth annual OZY Fest. Its list of featured celebrities over the years reads like the Trumpenfreude List of losers.

This year's lineup included John Legend, Trevor Noah, Mark Cuban, Spike Lee, Beto O'Rourke, John Kasich, Stacey Abrams, and Padma Lakshmi.

The city shuts down part of the park for nine days to accommodate the event.

The New York Post reported, "News of the OZY Fest cancellation wasn’t sitting well with out-of-state ticket holders on Friday, with many traveling from far and wide to be at the two-day Central Park event — which cost a whopping $399 to attend.

"New Yorkers, on the other hand — who blasted the city for renting out a typically free public space and 'going capitalist' — were ecstatic.

"The local Twitter account Boerum Hill Neighbors took a shot at Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver and said: 'I’m glad OZYfest is cancelled, and I hope Mitchell Silver will reconsider selling off New York’s great public spaces to private interests.'"

Gee, it gets hot in the middle of summer in a city with hundreds of tall heat-trapping buildings.

Who knew?

Meanwhile, maybe we should hold a telethon to raise money to find a cure for the Trump Derangement Syndrome these celebrities have.

Naw. Re-elect him. Make then suffer more.


  1. Can't they move it over to Bob De Niro's place???

  2. Too bad. I was looking forward to reading about the roasted weenies.

  3. Snowflakes can't stand the heat?

  4. Ah but the best news of today is how much trouble the military is having recruiting new suckers to go abroad and fight for corporate interests.

    Its so bad they want to go after 16 year olds now. Nothing like robbing the cradle to make the neo cons cheer.

    of course, the rubes here will shriek at such news. Oh now we might be invaded if we can't lure enough new blood into the bombing dirt poor nations.

    What's to do???? Time for conscription again that's what. LOL

    1. Meanwhile all the rubes here will be pledging allegiance to DC politicians tonite, in memory of the moon landing. Seriously they will!

      Hand on heart, with tears in eyes, they will be chanting their national confession of faith to the civil religion in unison.

      They will be pledging allegiance to Democrats along with Republicans. Then they'll call the Democrats communists???? The very ones they just pledged their hearts to????

      And tomorrow they'll go to church and pledge allegiance to another God. Hmmmm.

      Which one do they really cherish? I suspect the one that claims to guarantee their retirement, health care, and security.

    2. For the free thinkers here, if any, pledging allegiance to the "flag" and the republic it stands for, is taking an oath to a false god: the People.

      Its idolatry. You can't serve God and mammon? Gee who said that I forget.

    3. gee- if they conscript 16 year could be at risk.

      perhaps time to scamper off to Canada?

      I signed up at 17. and I knew a guy who had faked his way in at 16.

      what did you ever accomplish? besides keyboard flatulence.

      drippy whiny butt.


    4. Some Guy is my biggest fan! He reads all my posts he's so excited to hear from me.



      Did I trigger you or what? Another typical attack the messenger cause he can't deal with the message. Nice try.

      Anyway thanks for confessing you were a sucker. Besides what did you accomplish besides killing people in an undeclared war that serves the neo con corporate interests.

      The greatest marine in history Gen Smedley Butler wrote a book about you corporate soldiers.

      War is A Racket

      But I waste my time its clear nobody here ever reads a book.

      But but but what about the harlot Israel? LOL

    5. The content of any comment, including the phrasings, syntax, rhythms and such, reveal the individuality of this specific, obessessed with Don comment "troll".

      Analysis of this "troll":

      1. ChiCom. Not russkie, not braindead antifa, not nutless jihadistas, not soft as puppy shit millenial brainiacs, not any of the drooling, panting, foaming at the mouth usual trolling knuckleheads. No. This one is ChiCom.

      2. The rigorously narrow focus, upon using the format of debate, reveals the ChiCom mentality.

      3. The absence of Practical Reality is the ChiCom ass laid bare.

      4. ChiCom troll gets fed, watered and, thus, like a pet poodle, does what it is told to do. No knowledge, via experience, of freedom's obligations to work and earn our daily bread = the total omission of Practical Reality elements in it's comments AND it's strict adherence to debate as it's only format.

      5. ChiCom = Insect-like thinking. Hive Insects.

      6. Engaging in debate with ChiCom comment troll is of no value, as ChiCom comment troll rejects Practical Reality at all times. Debate is this commenter's format of diddling it's own hole(s). Were it to face having to fend for itself, like an abandoned poodle, it would not survive.

      7. Response to this ChiCom comment troll is easy: so fucking what? I got work to do, mouths to feed and bills to pay. Debate the toilet seat in your hovel.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. .city with hundreds of tall heat-trapping buildings..

    ++ Air-conditioning vents heat.

    Green nude eel don't like a/c

  7. Who knew urban heat islands really were a thing?

  8. In November of 2020 I expect the suicide rate to skyrocket. The left still believes President Trump wasn't elected by the ppl, hell they were still passing off the lie that the election machines were hacked 6 months ago.I'm am hoping he wins the popular vote just to piss them off a lil extra!
    Imagine a Reagan like landslide, the head explosion will be epic !


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