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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fact check: Omar is a communist

Lindsay Graham told Fox News on Monday, “We all know that [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and this crowd are a bunch of communists. They hate Israel. They hate our own country. They’re calling the guards along our border — the Border Patrol agents — concentration camp guards. They accuse people who support Israel of doing it for the Benjamins. They’re anti-Semitic. They’re anti-America.”

Fact-check: TRUE.

Thanks to Terence P. Jeffrey's research, we know that Ilhan Omar is a communist.

He checked out her web site in which she espoused her beliefs.

She wrote, "The capitalist system has led to a concentration of wealth in a small handful of elites while working people suffer. We must stop the exploitation of working people to create a fair and just economy."

Like any good Democrat, this communist proposed confiscatory policies:
  • Create a more progressive tax system by increasing income tax for the wealthiest Americans. [Fact check: That has been the law for 106 years.]
  • Repeal the Republican’s 2017 tax scheme that cut taxes for the nation’s highest earners while driving down revenue for important federal programs that support everyday Americans. [Fact check: income tax revenues are at an all-time high.]
  • Close loopholes in our current tax code.
  • Repeal the billions of dollars in tax breaks provided to fossil fuel companies.
  • Strengthen the estate tax to limit the amount of inter-generational wealth that can be accumulated in the wealthiest families.
  • Establish a tax on Wall Street’s risky transactions and speculative investments. [Fact check: We have taxed capital gains all along.]
She also wants government control of your health, writing, "Affordable and quality health care is a right and we need policies that move our country to a single-payer system."

In reading her vision, it is disturbing how much of this already is in our government.

But yes, she is a communist -- another Muslim Marxist.


  1. At least the Fab Four are tearing the mask off of the democrat party.

  2. In reading her vision, it is disturbing how much of this already is in our government.

    Duh! Seriously you're just now seeing this? Its typical of the go along get along crowd.

    Its been the design from the beginning of the Progressive Era. Just read the Communist Manifesto and see how much was achieved by 1913.

    By 1940 FDR cemented these even more of these evil laws in place. And yet not one so called conservative President has moved to repeal any of them

    Not one.

    That's why we got Trump.

    And yet he's moved to repeal none of them. He's a paper tiger. Full of rhetoric and devoid of action.

    You jokers here don't believe in liberty at all. You just want power as much as the liberals do.

    Slash the budget if you want to drain the swamp. Its the only way to return power to the people.

    But Trump is spending more than Obama could ever have. And the cheerleaders here wave their pom poms every day.

    1. I thought she was Nancy. Are they twins?

    2. Just deleted a post for vulgarity. This ain't a porn shop. I do not like being the comment police.

  3. I do not understand why we don't pound the Antifa types, so many are trust funders, that in a communist, socialist system inheritance is banned. Any youth would double stroke on the thought of the state taking everything the parents owned at death.

    1. Fortunately for them, the Constitution they hate and wish to overthrow prohibits bills of attainder.

  4. It's only gonna get worse. More and more of these venomous creatures will eventually make their way into power.There is no political savior. Trump had us all pumped up but now it's clear, the division of this country is on-going and planned. How far away can a civil/race war be? This has all been in the works for years. Once the street clashes get outta control, the U.N. has the authority to send in troops, at the discretion of U.N.officials.Can we all say in unison, "Thank you Obama/Soetoro and John Kerry for signing the Kigali Principles....which agrees that the has "authority" to unilaterally declare martial law here in the states. Ain't that cool?!?