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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Discovering Hispanics don't care about illegals

Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post attended the League of United Latin American Citizens convention in Milwaukee and had a Salena Zito moment. Tumulty discovered immigration is a loser issue for Democrats.

In 2016, Zito was a Pittsburgh newspaper columnist who attended some Donald Trump rallies and talked with his supporters and discovered he could win.

Tumulty stumbled upon the disconnect between the official line among Hispanic activists reality.

While the group did a publicity stunt of delivering dolls in cages to the local office of Republican Senator Ron Johnson, conventioneers had other concerns for the four presidential candidates who showed up to pander.

Tumulty wrote, "Former housing and urban development secretary Juli├ín Castro was quizzed about the high cost of college tuition. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) promised that if she were elected, mental illness would get the same coverage as other medical problems. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was challenged to explain how he would persuade a broad swath of the electorate to support his proposal to eliminate private health insurance. And Beto O’Rourke was asked to explain how he would reinvigorate the middle class.

"None of this was a surprise to O’Rourke, who is a former congressman from El Paso, a city that is nearly 80% Hispanic. 'Immigration is obviously not the only issue, nor should it be the defining issue,' he said after the session. 'I’ve learned that every single issue is important to the Latino community.'"

That is a nice spin but given an opportunity to ask the next president of the United States one question, they asked about college tuition, mental illness, Medicare for All, and what a billionaire's son-in-law would do for the middle class.

Democrats are playing immigration wrong.

Tumulty wrote, "More unexpected was an undercurrent of unease here that the Democratic Party, in its revulsion over Trump’s harsh policies and obnoxious rhetoric, is positioning itself too far to the left on immigration."

By too far left she means toxic.

She went among the masses -- OK, just the Hispanic activists -- and found little interest in illegal aliens. Or more accurately, a realization that it is a loser issue for Democrats. One activist told her that even mentioning illegal immigration plays into Trump's hands because it exposes their open borders advocacy.

This was her Salena Zito moment. .

However, Tumulty ignored her discovery.

She ended her column, "Trump has ceded the moral ground on immigration, and though he surely did not intend to, has also awakened the nation’s awareness of the forces of desperation that drive so many to risk so much to come to this country.

"But Latino voters want — and deserve — to hear more from the candidates than they have thus far. Not just about how to solve the crisis at the border, but how to make life better for everyone who is already here."

Yes, they are so concerned about the crisis that they don't talk about it.

Where is that eyeroll emoji?


  1. "I respect no borders."--Globo Joe, the Democrat Front-Runner

    Tacoma Police just shot dead a Molotov Cocktail-throwing rifleman who was firebombing the DHS migrant detention center a.k.a. "Concentration Camp".

    He didn't respect our borders either, Joe.

  2. Trump has in fact *taken* the moral high ground on immigration, in my view.

    The Left deceives itself by assuming everyone has the same views on the difficult moral questions around giving the benefits of citizenship to tthose here illegally. If that were true Trump would never have been elected in the first place.

    They continue to “not get it”. They’re not capable of understanding how other people can hold different views, and they don’t want to try.

  3. Karen Tumulty has been a Democrat hack since I was in short pants.

    1. Yep. She's a real winner. Had a Twitter tiff with her a few years ago.

  4. Mental illness would get the same coverage as other medical problems? So liberalism will now be covered? After all, it is a mental disorder. - GOC

  5. "...the Democratic Party, in its revulsion over Trump’s harsh policies and obnoxious rhetoric..."

    Not even a smidgen of bias here.

    Seriously, though, what is she talking about? Trump's immigration policy is basically, "Enforce the law." And what has he said that is so obnoxious?

  6. Trump seems to have forced, on several occasions, a realization of the disconnect between the law (as written and approved by Congress) and what's going on.
    He's shown bad law being enforced and good law being ignored by the judiciary, media, and Democrats (and some Republicans).

  7. Every day the Democratik party presidential candidates advocate for an end to the rule of law in our country. They're about to discover how much Americans value the rule of law.

  8. They have moved so far left to have fallen off the grid of reason. They talk as if becoming president they will have a magic wand and can actually do the ridiculous things they promise simply by waving it. They should ask Trump if it is really that easy. Surely they don't actually believe they can do these things in short order? These clowns are their own worst enemy. Leave them to it. If they are so silly to self destruct just enjoy the show.

  9. Okay.


    Bush senior effectively starts the globalist new world order after Ronald Reagan.

    This leads to Ross Perot calling a spade a spade, being ignored by the bushites, encouraged by the media grifter backers, aka democrats, and the clinton grafting years ensue.

    The bushite repubs blame the clinton years on Perot.

    Clintons do what grifters do. Not all that different frtom what the bushites want anyway.

    After 8 years of being crapped on by the clinton grifters, with the added bonus of billy boy's penis adventures, the American voters swing back to the repubs, yet only get offered the junior bush, also a new world order globalist.

    This then leads to 8 years of bushite lite crap that then induces a return to, not the cvlintyon grifters, sour puss hillary, but the magic negro!!!

    Finally a catalyst for the American voters to have clarity sufficient to induce that enough of this political bullshit, from both the thoroughly corrupted democrats and the repubs who disregard American values, American principles, American citizens and the essence of America, all for the rewards of globalist scumlords.

    Added bonus from democrat party of grifters: the return of the sour puss hillary!!!!

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    But for the feeble repubs fucking poutings, 2018 would not have resulted in the democrat dummies gaining some impotent influence.

    Perhaps this is a good thing for MAGA. Makes it crytal clear that 2020 demands MAGA victory overwhelming.

    What MAGA can accomplish via Executive Branch and Judicial Branch restorations will establish our nation once again as the Constitutional Republic of Sovererign States United of which all other nations are envious.

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    1. Give us a glimmer, man. Call yourself Tom Petty’s Ghost, or Ishmael, or Richard Simmons. Something, ANYTHING to separate yourself from the other Nony mosquitoes.

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      Leave the fondness for dull bladeries to the dummies.

      And, no, not even of you requested to be tossed a bone.

    3. Z, I might miss something in a long while, but I reckon reading any of the Anonymous posts is a waste of time.

      If they don't have enough courage of their convictions to even put some phony initials to it, it isn't worth reading.

      It's irritating, and a waste of space, when several Anonymous' argue with each other, and it's impossible to tell which is which, so I'd prefer Don to simply ban Anonymous posters; but that's his call, not mine, however irritating I find them.

    4. Well, frosty, you omit the other edge of that two edged blade.

      I read your post not because of your having a fake name attached to it.

      If anything, a fake name is useful in choosing to skip every comment posted by same.

      Indulging in experiencing "Irritating" is a quality of something not suitable for honesty.

      Do as you will.

      Even including sharing your irritating experience specifications.

  10. Has it occurred to anyone that LEGAL Hispanics don't like the illegal ones?
    Most legal Hispanics are just like you and me, they live in their community and want to be left alone to raise their kids, have a good job, not worry about crime, drugs, and crazy neighbors who attract the police. In every respect other than skin tone, they are just like you and me who incidentally are also not alike in skin tone.
    Then along come the illegals.They light in the Hispanic communities because they can blend in. Be a chameleon if you will, but they don't blend in. They have a decidedly different culture, and so, they attract the Police to the community.
    People want to see the cops the moment there is a problem. No problem? Please go AWAY!
    The illegals bring a culture of crime. they are not Mexico's best,not even El Salvadore's best. That culture of crime brings the police.
    There is also the problem that for many years the illegal groups were mostly young adult males, and that means unwanted attention for the young pretty females and no father wants his daughter dating a guy who could be deported back to Costa Rica leaving her with out support and a kid or three.
    So why would America's Hispanics want the invaders?

    1. "......So why would America's Hispanics want the invaders?"

      ALL lawful immigrants respect, value and cherish being here. That is a reasonable default truth.

      We are all humans striving to live and prosper.

      Life is experienced daily. Hourly. Minute by minute. Moment to moment.

      Those here lawfully will welcome others not here lawfully most often for human, familial reasons. Person to person reasons. Not with approval, but with pragmatic acceptance of neccessity.

      Those here unlawfully whom we never notice as being unlawfully here are not the most egregious problem. These blend in with those here lawfully who appreciate, respect and value continuing to be here.

      As our President has most recently stated so succinctly: The nations most in need of good citizens are the ones whose bad citizens have chosen to unlawfully invade America. And whose good citizens have fled from.

      A nation's economy is exactly the same as a nation's quality of respect for it's citizens' value as human beings.

      The obviously ruthless democrat political party exploits all who are desperate for civilized living. With plenty of assistance from equally ruthless rino politics.

      MAGA is not political. Not political party. Not politics as practiced by politics most ruthless.

      MAGA is everyone respectful, honorable and valuing MAGA's inspiration, our nation of Americans ALL.

      The most ruthless exploiters are the most vocal in declaring their duplicitous propagandas. Celebrities abound who, being literally filthy rich, screech their duplicities to attempt to exploit the desperations of those most vulnerable.

      We, humans all, live from one day to the next. Practical is life.

      The exploiting ruthlessness which abounds is not practical, it is profoundly pestulent. Extremely harmful to those most vulnerable. Duplicitousness most demented. That is hollywood, more accurately, hollowwood.

      Our MAGA President is not hollywood. Not political party. Not politics. Not exploiting the most desperate and vulnerable.

      2020 is the true test of our MAGA.

      These past two years have been merely the mustering of our Resolve.

      A single year will pass, then a few more months, and the future, our future, will be tested.