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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Democrats woke -- and broke

The Democrats have no money but they do have 20-plus candidates for president.

Adam Parkhomenko, a former DNC national field director, told Vice, "When Hillary became the nominee in 2016 she was handed nothing. The DNC was nothing and there was nothing to build on. You’d think we would have spent the last few years making sure this would never happen again, and it has."

How you run your party is how you would run the country.

Fox News reported, "The Republican National Committee raised more than twice as much as the Democratic National Committee in June – $20.7 million compared to the DNC’s $8.5 million, according to Federal Election Commission filings, Politico reported."

The story also said, "The RNC currently has $43.5 million, more than double the cash on hand as the DNC’s $9.3 million."

More than double? It is nearly five times as much cash on hand.

Vice reported, "Trump’s campaign and the RNC are already using their massive cash advantage to sow the ground for next year’s election, spending more than $60 million this year alone on digital operations including $10 million on ads and building out a ground game infrastructure that takes months if not years to develop.

"Democrats can’t keep up."

Having 20 candidates for president run is not a good thing. 20 candidates gives you 19 losers. I get that rallying them in a stop Trump campaign appears easy but I also noticed many Bernie Sanders supporters smiled when Hillary lost.

President Donald John Trump had to win despite John Kasich and a host of other bitter-enders. Bush loyalists stood back and waited for a trainwreck. Candidate Trump did not have a Rocco or Moose to help the Koch Brothers find their checkbook.

But Donald Trump was an unorthodox who didn't need that much money. He carried the Republican team on his back in rally after rally. There were 22 Senate races in the 30 states he carried. Republicans won every race. They lost every race in the states he did not carry. This was a first.

Democrats have no Donald Trump.  He is in the first tier. Everyone else is in the third tier or lower.

Instead of indulging Marianne Williamson and the other loser candidates who are just in it for the money, Democrats need to lop off half of them.

There will be two 10-candidate debates later this month. Just have one, and make it the top eight: the gay mayor, the fake Indian, Willie Brown's ex-mistress, Creepy, Bernie, Spartacus, Hillary 2.0, and um, er. OK. Make it seven.

(In English that would be Buttigieg, Warren, Harris, Biden, Sanders, Booker and Gillibrand.)

This pileup not only is costing them the expense of two debates but dragging them further into lala-land as each proposes something weirder than the last weird idea. Warren has gone beyond reparations for black people to reparations for gays.

The people in the back of the pack will remain in the back of the pack.

At this point four years ago, Donald Trump was passing Jeb! in the polls. Republicans should have jettisoned the kiddie table and just let the big boys duke it out. The president emerged not from the zero percent popularity chart but from the front of the pack.

Meanwhile, this cattle call approach to casting a presidential candidate is hurting Democrats financially.

Vice reported, "While their top presidential candidates are raising big money, the tedious years-long work of building out party voter files, identifying voters’ top concerns, and turning them out to vote is the purview of the national party, the DNC. The party’s current lack of cash could hamstring their eventual nominee and hurt down-ticket candidates, especially in states that aren’t presidential battlegrounds and are especially cash-strapped.

"'This is a real problem that our party and the major donors are not facing,' said Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb, who said her party hasn’t 'received a dime yet' of money the DNC promised to them earlier in the year and hasn’t been able to hire field staff she’d planned on."

But hey, Beto O'Rourke has a staff in Iowa, as do 20 other candidates.

One caution: They have a year to get their act together.

UPDATE: Cor-Vet at wrote, "This has to be FAKE news, because everyday, sometimes more than once a day, I get email solicitations from Rove, and every other 'Republican' fundraising organization or candidate, in panic because the Dems have collected sooo much more money than the Republicans, that if I don't contribute to them, the sky is going to fall and America will end!"

I hear you. Mega Ditto.


  1. Whether it is whipping up an angry mob or turning out voters on election day, the Democrats are way ahead of the GOP. They also control the election apparatus in most states.

    1. I - sadly - have to agree.

      Living in a rural area on the fringe of "Silicone Valley", several years ago were were informed thatwe now are mandated to vote by "Absentee Ballot" - even though our polling place (an old 2-room Schoolhouse) is still open for voting on election day, and we are not "Absent" - I stopped in and tried to vote there, but I'm no longer on the rolls there.

      We get ballots in the mail, and send them in, but don't feel as if they ever get counted.

      And remember, Riverside County, CA: historically (and still) Republican, lost several congressional seats to "Ballot Harvesting" last time around.

    2. I live in a rural area on the fringe of Silicon Valley, and I got switched to absentee a few years ago as well.

    3. Regarding absentee ballots: I read that they are only counted if the tallied election results are close; that if a winner is ahead by, say, 10,000 votes and there are only 8,500 absentee ballots, election officials don't even bother to count them. I don't know if this is universally true, only regionally true, or not true at all, but if it is, absentee ballots are being demoted to the equivalent of not voting at all. So much for every vote counts!

    4. Absentee ballots should be counted first, the moment after the polls close.

      They are in the possession of those officials in authority who are required to honestly perform their duties.

      They is no honest reason to not count ALL absentee ballots first, reporting, in the usual manner, those counts and then count the votes cast upon election day as they are received by said officials.

      Again, there is NO honest reason for not counting absentee ballots First.

      In fact, absentee ballots, being received before the election, can easily be verified as being cast by valid registered voters before being counted. This is as reliable a means of counting only valid registered voters at the polls on election day.

      Now, add e-verify, preceeded by voter registration inventory audit and we may have a chance at restoring our elections to be substantially free of democrat fraud.

      Other than areas thoroughly corrupted by democrat party generational infestation, which can be addressed by federal enforcements of federal election laws, an increase in the quantity of areas of our nation cleared of dishonest election fraud practices will be most refreshing.

      Free elections are Honest elections.

      Fair elections are Honest elections.

      American elections being cleared of fraudulent democrat election practices equals Honest elections.

      Then, and only then, can anyone claim to be representing American citizens as a default.

      ALL objections, of whatever flavor, are moot until Honest elections are the rule, not the exception, everywhere in our nation.

      Election frauds are many, tho the top five are the most egregious and deviating from American Honesty.

      I leave it to others here to specify what those top five fraudulent election practices are.

    5. I think you confused absentee ballots with provisional ballots
      Provisionals dont get counted unless they could affect the outcome.

    6. iowan2, in Ohio absentee ballots are counted long after the regular votes are counted. They are included in the official count, but never in the numbers first released. A crying shame!


  2. The democrats will rely on voter fraud, media bias and social media manipulation. Except for the voter fraud, This requires limited financial input on the DNCs part.

  3. how does Rutnik make your cut?

  4. One caution: They have a year to get their act together.

    No, they've had 2 1/2, so the outlook ain't good.

    1. And in that time they have, as said the Nebraska Dem Chairwoman, been unable to do 'anything' they planned.
      '20 Outlook Sunny for Trump and America?

  5. I love all these loser candidates and lots of debates. There's not a likeable one in the bunch. Like Hillary, the more the public sees of them the less normal people like them. Another thing that makes me smile, I'll bet more than half of business donations to democrats are mostly "protection money", without the "if the bitch wins and we haven't kicked in, there will be hell to pay", nobody kicks in.

  6. I love that there are 20 candidates collecting and spending money. Hopefully, they will all hang in until the end. Maybe by the time of the general election donors will be tapped out, or, pissed off their "guy" didn't win and won't contribute to the ultimate candidate.

  7. I would not be surprised to see Moochel enter at the last minute.

    1. Have to agree on that. All this circus is just a smoke screen / diversion from the real event to come.

  8. The DNC has no money.
    But, keep in mind that Democrats have lots of money. Maybe, perhaps probably, more than Repubs.
    Their problem is that the money does not go to the party apparatus, it goes directly into the coffers of the lowest IQ, highest spittle-flecked shouting wacko candidates.

  9. Michelle will be the Dems savior-riding in on a Unicorn.(this will get such a fight going..)
    Also, I still say Hillary will throw the Chardonnay bottle in at he last minute. Even if Bill's Lolita troubles are still around. More Popcorn, please.
    I really want to see Michelle debate Trump.
    the Man sparred in his younger days with Muhammad Ali. "Float like a Butterfly and sting like a bee." comes to mind. Michelle can't float so well..

  10. As usual the rubes here tow the line chanting their slogans non stop to make them feel good.

    Meanwhile Trumpster has built no new walls at all. NONE.

    Ooops. But he promised he would! He pledged allegiance that he would! He he he said he would....

    So suck it up suckers. You're really made for the fools you are.

    1. Oh're getting your info from the Washington Examiner. Never mind - I was going to offer facts but there's no need.

  11. Yo yo Don, keep that on the downlow Bro. In fact, I'd encourage even more candidates. Folks with a flair like Stephen"bag of guts"King.

    1. Stephen "one doctor short of a commital" King

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  13. A great joy is watching D’rat donors dumping money down ratholes.

  14. I think the DNC is being thwarted with fund raising because of the nearly 2 dozen candidates running and all collecting their little piles of money.

    The DNC could be collecting far more funds if it were just a couple of candidates, as spreading the wealth around means less for YOU... just like their stated goals for how to run the economy. They just make sure they get theirs first.

    The left has been running on doom and gloom for a long time, and it's contributors are becoming a little tone deaf from it as well. They fund raise off tragedy, negative news reports, sunny weather, stormy weather, the gasp sun is rising and falling each day in the sky... The same reasons that the media is failing in large ways, in terms of viewership, largely because of "this is it, the thing that will bring down TRUMP" every day since the election, yet none of them are true, none have done close to doing anything more than be a continual annoyance.
    I hope they keep it up. People do see insanity for what it is when it is pushed 27/7 at them.