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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Because they run the subways so well

Bill de Blasio, the groundhog-killing mayor of New York, wants City Hall to take over Consolidated Edison after two power outages in eight days.

CBS reported, "About a third of New York City's subway lines were suspended for more than an hour during Friday's hot evening commute, and the head of the city's Transit Authority acknowledged that the agency 'did not know exactly where our trains were.' A computer system failure that resulted in the snafu stranded some passengers underground and sent others searching for alternate ways home.

"The stoppage affected the No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 trains that serve swaths of Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn. It also halted the S shuttle train that links Grand Central Terminal and Times Square — two of the city's busiest stations."



Wrong story.

That story is about Friday's foul up by the city. It did prove de Blasio is no Mussolini. Not only does the mayor not make the trains run on time, he does not even know where they are.

But most of the time, the subways are clean and safe, and always arrive as scheduled. Dedicated, underpaid civil servants do a remarkable job in serving the public, unlike those greedy corporate people.

The New York Post reported, "One in four Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees made $100,000 or more in 2014, according to payroll data released by the Empire Center Thursday.

"The 21,352 employees raking in the big bucks last year more than doubled the six-figure earners in 2013 — which, at the time, was about one in seven, the data said.

"The massive jump includes $431 million in retroactive pay handed out after union contracts were settled, the Empire Center said.

"The agency paid out $849 million in overtime last year and $4.7 billion in base salaries to its 76,445 employees. Top earners were a mix of agency heads, supervisors and foremen, the data shows.

"The MTA’s single highest paid employee was now-retired Metro-North president Howard Permut at $452,584. Second-highest was MTA chairman and CEO Thomas Prendergast, earning $346,707."

Mayor deBlasio, who is running for president, wants to give New Yorkers the same electrical service that the subways provide in transportation.

Bloomberg News reported, "After two major power failures involving Consolidated Edison Inc. in eight days, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is suggesting that the government take over the investor-owned utility.

"'We don’t depend on a private company for water or for policing or for fire protection,' de Blasio said at a press conference Monday. 'If they can’t handle the job, it’s time to look at new alternatives.'"

He did not mention subways.

I wonder why.


  1. an xlnt book about some bizarre and scary lifeforms that populate the new York subway system, the mole people.


  2. Get right on that Sparky. I’m sure it will be clean green energy, reliable on sunny or windy days. Willing to bet the outages are related to waiting for Big Green approval to upgrade and replace.

  3. The ConEd people should turn off all the power in NYC, hand De Blahblah the keys and tell him it's his baby now.

  4. When you look at the deteriorated state of infra structure in ny you will believe that they don't spend enough on maintenance. They have the worst roads on the east coast and many of their bridges don't look like they've been painted since they were built. Maybe they are "weathering steel"?
    If ny takes over ConEd, in a few years they will be asking for federal aid to keep the power running.
    The ConEd employees will be happy because most ConEd employees currently make less than $100,000 per year. But, in addition to having poor performance under the city, rates will have to rise to pay those 6 figure salaries in the future.

  5. “They got rats on the west side
    Bedbugs uptown
    What a mess
    This town’s in tatters...”

    Another LibCommie success story! Shattered was off the Some Girls LP, recorded during Jimmah’s reign, while Chic blathered on about These are the good times while the country waited in gas lines. EVERY LibCommie Prez candidate’s vision of “good times” is just Carter Redux. You’ll get it, Snowflakes, good and hard and without Astroglide, hollering #metoo all the while, if you go with those clowns.

  6. "Thomas Prendergast, earning $346,707."

    The Prendergast surname is an old one of connections, corruption, and political machinery. They go back generations. Amazing to see that name still around in the 21st century. Being a political animal is akin to royalty in the country. Prendergasts have had their noses in the public trough for decades. Just disgusting.

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