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Monday, July 01, 2019

As predicted, Iran ignores Obama accord

Obama made a deal with Iran. He would send them $170 billion, they would slow down their development of nuclear bombs. European nations and others also signed on to that deal.

Today, Iran bragged about breaking that deal.

NBC reported, "Iran has breached the limit on the amount of enriched uranium it is allowed to hold, in violation of the nuclear deal it signed with the U.S. and other world powers in 2015, state-run IRNA reported Monday."

To be sure, President Donald John Trump backed out of the deal which was never ratified by the Senate, making it an agreement between Obama and Iran.

But all those other countries still had a deal with Iran.

Iran flipped them the bird, and bragged about it today.

Evie Fordham reported, "Iran breached its agreement to keep its stockpile of low-enriched uranium to about 660 pounds but has not accumulated enough to create a nuclear weapon, reported The New York Times. Its report is based on a story from the Iranian Fars news agency that cited an informed source.

"It is unclear whether Iran is using the reported breach as a bargaining chip with the European countries still signed onto the 2015 deal. They are “scrambling” to salvage the agreement, reported the Times."

What is Europe going to do about it?

Meanwhile, Obama and his cronies are dismissing President Trump's efforts to get Kim Jong Un to throw his nuclear weapons down -- nukes built under Obama who did nothing to try and stop Kim.

As I said yesterday, Obama has a peace prize, while President Trump prizes peace.


  1. Still looks to me like the Iranians are trying like heck to provoke Trump into some kind of unilateral military action. He's clearly not going to fall for it.

    They must be truly desperate to deflect attention from their failures. I'll bet even they are regretting spening so much of that sweet, sweet Obama money on financing terrorism. But then, they always thought there'd be more where that came from. Valerie Jarrett said so.

    1. they spent some of it on terrorism. Other parts of it went to various bank accounts for the various Iranian players. Of course, I am also speculating that there may have been some kickbacks to various players on the US side to grease the deal along.

      A lot of that money likely never saw the Iranian treasury.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. biden's son probably got his share.

  2. democrats seemingly want to return to normal where kim lob's missiles over Japan.

    it's too risky and unsafe if he stops.

    democracy is served.


  3. In a few years, the EU will be a Muslim country and Iran will have all the nukes it wants.

  4. "President Trump prizes peace" The fake news continues. Trump dropped 40K bombs last year. He prizes peace through war! Or does he want another war to end all wars? His budget says he certainly does.

    Iran isn't imposing sanctions on anyone. They have no armed ships in our waters. They have no drones spying on our country. They never shot down our passenger airplanes.

    Their press releases are regularly mistranslated by the West into fake news to make them sound militant.

    But since Israel became the 51st state one day so we must defend that racist nation. None of this is lawful. There is no war declared on Iran.

    Imagine Iran stopping us from selling products to Europe. Its called sanctions. Using force to stop trade and inflict misery on ordinary Iranians.

    Such a foreign policy passes as virtuous today. And that makes Iranians evil by definition. All of which means Surber acts like the liberals.

    No wonder they hate us. What Trump will do is authorize the Israeli/Saudi terror groups in the Middle East to launch another false flag attack—one too big to be overlooked—that will be blamed on Iran and that will “force” Israel into a war with Iran.

    Then, Trump will announce to the American people that the United States must enter the war to defend its “great ally” Israel.

    Israel the nation that attacked and disabled the USS Liberty in 1967.

    Who also sent 4 spies here to document 9/11. Its all on the record just search for
    the dancing Israelis.

    They danced as they filmed the collapse of the WTC. A lady in her apartment saw them and called the cops. They were arrested and held 70 days until the FBI invoked national security and deported them.

    The primary beneficiaries of the war on terror are the Saudis and the Israelis and the deep state. Christian Zionists, heretics all, love it.

    1. Ahh, Wikipedia, the source of unimpeachably accurate crowdsourced information...
      Oh, and dancing Israelis? I think you meant dancing Iraqis.
      Finally, try using a credible video from a reliable source. Seriously, "flat earth freddy?"
      Is that one you made in your mommy's basement?

    2. @Anonymous, thanks for the cogent analysis. But don't forget, Americans do love their wars. Especially if they are not put in harm's way themselves.

    3. When the facts make you feel uncomfortable and make you consider that you've been played the fool and the rube you holler

      Propaganda! and say nothing else.

      Because the facts are so compelling you cannot make a cogent argument against them. Such is the fate of BJ54 who acts just like the liberals do every single day.

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  5. Wait a minute - didn't Trump already unilaterally pull out of the accord? If the US pulled out, what obligation does Iran have to abide by it?

    1. Can you read?

      "To be sure, President Donald John Trump backed out of the deal which was never ratified by the Senate, making it an agreement between Obama and Iran.

      But _all those other countries_ (emphasis mine) still had a deal with Iran.

      Iran flipped them the bird..."

    2. Remember, congress never ratified the agreement, so in essence it was just a handshake deal and wasn't binding. As far as obligations go, Iran and EU nations did formalize the agreement, so they're still accountable to those nations.

      Side note, if President Trump does manage to work a deal with KJU, that could potentially curtail Iran's nuclear weapon program further since N.Korea would have better trade/investment partners and would ne less inclined to smuggle/ship missile tech to Iran.

    3. Robert,

      You're being much too reasonable and logical about the facts! Stop it!!!!

      Just stay emotional. OK? Then you'll fit right in here.

      Iranians are satanists! They must be destroyed or the Earth is doomed.

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    5. @Anonymous - I'm beginning to think you have a thing for me. I'm flattered but sorry I'm not interested since I'm not homosexual.

  6. Trump just speeded up what the Mullahs were always going to do with enrichment anyway. Perhaps he expected they would be pressed to deal or even driven to economic collapse with an ensuing revolution, an event many felt might have happened under Obama if he had been aggressive enough. This may never happen in any case but if the Democrats get power they will try to reinstall the deal and probably pay even more ransom to get it as by then there may well be big rewards for them and their donors. The Middle East is a totally corrupt region where nothing is done without a payoff. Now at least Trump has forced the Mullahs to divert cash from terrorist activities. But Iran will not go broke. Afghan banks are funneling money to them from their "friends" and their gas fields are ramping up to take some slack from the lost oil revenue. Like China they have a big stake in our coming elections. I believe they will get actively involved possibly through media buys or direct contributions to Democrats, illegal or no. They hate Trump too and money is always welcome to the underdog, which the recent debates show them to be, especially since even the dog gets to keep most of it even if he loses the big bone.

  7. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was a affirmative action award for being black.

    1. The vanity of the black Jesus knows no shame.
      Any honest person of character would have sent it back as unearned.

    2. And Surber wants to grant Trumpy a peace prize for dropping 40K bombs last year on dirt poor people who he's never met.

      And he claims to be different from liberals. Right

    3. Oh bobby!!!

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  8. Trump appeared to just drop in on North Korea, but in fact it seems like he was laying the ground work for some time, as in the letter, and talking the China, and the prior negotiations. Is he lucky and spontaneous or just seems that way. Crazy smart I thinks

  9. All is not well for Iran. The general who controlled the security for all of Iran's nuclear facilities defected with documents in April. He probably told us what Iran was going to do in the Strait. The Israelis in March flew their F-35s over major Iranian cities and military "targets" without being detected.

  10. Anti semitism is a myth that is dwarfed by the fact that there are a hundred times the bombs dropped on muslim nations than on the jewish state.

    It ain't even close.

    1. So.

      What you are saying is:

      You have more than the other?

      Such a blessing for you.

  11. @TexasDude, you keep mentioning the US Cole as an example of Iranian aggression, but there is zero evidence of Iranian involvement. So stop repeating that until you have a citation. More likely than not it was an Israeli false flag. It wouldn't be the first time. Remember the USS Liberty?

  12. US federal court case that states it.

    Iran helped train and supply the attackers.

    1. @TexasDude, nice try but the case was against The Sudan. No mention of Iran at all:

    2. So, Bob, you link believe CNN? Nuf said.

      Thomas Burnett, Sr et al v. The Islamic Republic of Iran et al

      I'll call with the WaPo ...

      Iran’s assistance was not peripheral to the plot, Bates found. “Al Qaeda desired to replicate Hezbollah’s 1983 Beirut Marine barracks suicide bombing, and Bin Laden sought Iranian expertise to teach al Qaeda operatives about how to blow up buildings,” Bates wrote. “Prior to their meetings with Iranian officials and agents Bin Laden and al Qaeda did not possess the technical expertise required to carry out the embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. The Iranian defendants, through Hezbollah, provided explosives training to Bin Laden and al Qaeda and rendered direct assistance to al Qaeda operatives . . . [I]n a short time, al Qaeda acquired the capabilities to carry out the 1998 Embassy bombings, which killed hundreds and injured thousands by detonation of very large and sophisticated bombs."

    3. @TexasDude - I don't even have a television. In any case the fact that someone brought a case against somebody for something is not "proof". Look, I voted for Trump and will again. But Trump ran on a platform of getting us out of these endless wars and "nation building". Unfortunately, Trump seems to have done a 180 on that platform. You'd think that Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, etc would be enough war for anyone. But apparently you and most others here want even more war (as long as you yourselves are not put in harm's way, right?)

      As I said before: the only ones who want the US to go to war with Iran are the Israelis and the Saudis. If they want war with Iran, let them do it themselves, not dupe the US into figjting it for them.

    4. Changing the subject a bit, huh?

      When has Trump gone nation building? When has Trump started new wars? When has Trump ever stated a desire for war?

      His actions should be proof enough that he is not HW, Clinton, W, or Obama. His actions have been what he said decades ago what he would do if he was president.

      Even with that, he has never ruled out war. War, though, would be his last resort, not his first or even third option.

      Oh, it's not just a court case or even one, but different cases with different judges. It is our military assessments and even intelligence assessments as faulty as they are.

      Trump is just one man. He is opposed by Democrats, many Republicans, many in his executive branch, and the extremely vast majority of the media.

      Thinking he would bring instant peace or even the ability to extricate ourselves totally out of the Middle East was naive and Trump never stated that.

      To put such thinking and hopes on Trump was to elevated him on such a high pedalstal that any minor deviation, real or perceived, meant that he failed.

      Ironically, he is doing what he promised in the campaign and even last year. He is drawing down our presence and making our national interest over there smaller. It is not, though, on a timetable or in ways to the liking of some.

      He has accomplished soo much with soo much opposition in such a short time.

      Blaming this on the Jews/Israel is just a statement on the biases and heart of ones who express them. Same for Saudi Arabia. Do not Trump's admonition to the powers in the Middle East.

    5. @TexasDude, what can I say. You are just a classic Neocon like George Bush, Dick Cheney, etc. You believe in Nation Building, Regime Change, Exporting Democracy, etc. It's worked out so well for the United States so far you just want to keep it going.

    6. What?

      Uhhhh ... o ... k.

    7. @TexasDude - just a wild hunch. Do you by any chance work for a defence contractor?

    8. What kind of argument is this Bob?

      Outright ignoring statements on this thread. Ignoring what Trump stated over the years and as President. Ignoring official statements from Trump even the yuuge one in the Middle East where he clearly states it is mainly their problem. Ignoring Trump's actions to date.

      All the while declaring Trump and his suppprters are war mongers.

      Ya sure ya voted for him?

    9. It isn't an argument. Just idle curiosity.

    10. BS, bobby.

      You have no real counter to the well documented transgressions of the theocratic Iran.

      You have no real arguments against Trump.

      All you do is lie.

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  13. Iran was directly involved in the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 US military personnel.

    Iran trained and supplied insurgents in Iraq.

    I am not just pulling crap out of my arse. These statements are easily verified.