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Friday, July 26, 2019

AP wants voters to punish Trump

Shocked to see Mueller reveal himself as a hapless ineffective prosecutor, "reporter" Lisa Mascaro of the Associated Press sat down and wrote an analysis, which is one-sided and aimed at shaping public opinion.

No, I cannot tell the difference between an analysis and a political news story either.

Headlined, "Mueller has spoken, but 2020 may be the final word," the piece assumes President Donald John Trump is guilty and deserves punishment.

She wrote, "What Mueller did say was striking: Trump was not exonerated of potential crimes."

That is not how it works.



In America, prosecutors must prove a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mascaro and the Associated Press have capitulated to the Marxist system of the presumption of guilt.

She also was not above misrepresenting Mueller's testimony. She wrote, "His report found Russia interfered in the 2016 election in 'sweeping and systematic' fashion. Accepting foreign campaign assistance is wrong, he agreed. But Mueller’s reluctance to engage, and his one-word answers, deprived the country of a where-were-you-when moment that could bring decisive conclusion to the probe and Trump’s role in trying to obstruct the investigation."

She implied that President Donald John Trump accepted assistance from Vladimir Putin. Mueller made it clear that he could not link the Trump campaign to the Russian interference.

Mascaro wrote, President Donald John "Trump derided Mueller’s appearance — 'disaster,' he tweeted — and started fundraising off it. The president’s reelection campaign set a $2 million goal over 24 hours, it said, to counter those trying to 'TRICK the American People into believing their LIES.'"

President Donald John Trump was not alone in calling Mueller's appearance a disaster. Chris Wallace and other TV anchors described it that way. Michael Moore was angry about how horrible things went for the disloyal opposition.

Mascaro described Mueller heroically: "A Marine who served in Vietnam, Mueller is the kind of square-jawed federal prosecutor to whom Americans may have once listened as a trusted source of authority."

I appreciated her little dig. You dumb Americans no longer listen to a trusted source of authority!

Then there was Mascaro's heroine. She wrote, "Much was riding on Mueller’s appearance, coming months after the release of his report in April. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is weighing liberal calls for impeachment against her own instincts for a more measured approach investigating the Trump administration and laying out the findings."

Pelosi is more measured?

She's the 79-year-old who showed no dignity at the State of the Union. She acted like a teeny bopper with her clapback.

Imagine someone doing that to Obama.

In the end, Mascaro and the Associated Press realized that impeachment won't happen.

Thus, it is up to voters.

She wrote, "As voters consider what they’ll do, Mueller did leave them with one definitive point — a warning about what happened in 2016 and a plea that they pay attention to what may be coming."

They paid attention in 2016.

Many voted for President Donald John Trump because Jimmy the Weasel Comey left Hillary off the hook despite his admission that he had enough evidence to indict her.

Unable to lock her up, they settled on locking her out of the White House.

Mueller did not have enough evidence to even impeach. The best he can say is he did not exonerate President Donald John Trump.

So yes, voters will decide. They always would.

Two years of Democrats and the media trying to overturn the electorate's decision in 2016 have turned many voters off.

Someone will be punished next year.

I don't think it will be President Donald John Trump.


  1. I too have not been exonerated. Bobby M. might want to advertise that.

  2. On the contrary, by NOT finding enough evidence of guilt Trump is by definition exonerated.

    And Mueller is now in contempt of court. Weeks ago a fed judge ordered him and his staff to cease linking the Russian government to election meddling.

    We'll see if this judge backs down

  3. The left hates Trump and our constitution- and wants US dead.Or in the gulag. To me this article drips of Stalinist "show me the man I'llgive you the crime.".
    She does not realize Trump operates under the idea:
    "That which does not kill me has committed a tactical error.. "
    Trump's coming and hell's following..
    I'd pull Comey's Passport, BTW.

    1. And also pull Brennan's and Clapper's!

    2. This. People don't get it. They will keep coming after Trump even after out of office. This isn't beanball. He has to take out the corruption or it will take him out.. And Trump isn't one to turn down the fight. B.S.G.

    3. The Left has short memories. In Iran the Left supported the overthrow of the Shah and the government's theocracy leadership executed or imprisoned their former allies since the Left's time being useful idiots had expired.

  4. Wait for the ruling in the russian troll case. Don't hear much about this in the msm, but, the judge in the Concord case ruled that there is no russia in the russia troll case.
    I worry more about the effect of facebook, twitter and google in 2020 than every other government in the world.

    1. The Russkies are small potatoes here.
      Google works for the ChiComs (not the US). Facebook, Twitter, and the MSM work for the progs.
      "By any means necessary", the Commies used to say (and still do).

  5. Just as Democrat politicians lie, lie, lie to most people that haven’t been paying attention, so too does the MSM. Politicians can be voted out but not the MSM which makes it the most scurrilous enemy of America.

    1. The muttstinkmedia can be effectively voted out.

      Just cancel all services which pay them.

      Ya like watching their entertainments?

      Torrent them.

      I shall not insult anyone's intelligence by specifying more on that.

      You can do without them.

      They cannot do without your money forever.

    2. I haven't owned a television for over 25 years. I decided to abstain from receiving programming. I grab thrifty nickels off the rack to start wood burning. that's the limit of newspaper for me-just tinder.

      I like books. I just bought some land in mtns. off line off grid. oaks and pines, bears and bobcats.

      out beyond the wires.
      I do have a solar radio for am fm shortwave and weather. text messages dribble through but phone and data don't work. that will be full time shortly.

      totally out of touch. out of reach. long time plan coming together piece by piece.


  6. And what was the result when Obama interfered with Israel's election.

  7. Jury Foreman: "We the jury in the above-entitled action find the defendant 'Not Exonerated.'"

    Judge: "Thank you, Mr. Foreman. The jury is dismissed. This court will reconvene in two weeks for sentencing. Bailiff, take the defendant into custody."

    1. And the opposite:
      Judge: How do you plead?
      Defendant: Democrat, your honor.
      Judge: Case dismissed!

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  9. The AP now stands for Antifa Propagandists or Anti-American Promulgationists. They are no longer a news site.

  10. I have yet to see convincing evidence that Nancy Pelosi and Lisa Mascaro are not pedophiles.

    1. Did they ever find all the bodies of her victims?

    2. Not yet, which is why we need to keep looking until they are found.

  11. We actually want to punish Propaganda pushers like the AP

    1. The only way I can punish the AP is to continue to avoid our local Billings Gazette like the plague. Most all their national and international articles have AP bylines.

  12. We are going to punish him. We are going to elect him to four more years of dealing with the jackass dimorats.

  13. They have yet to be exonerated.

  14. Nancy wasn't clapping, for some reason all these flies were homing in on her.

  15. Conspiracy theory here!

    I continue to wonder if Mueller KNOWS just how serious the current investigations have become and that his "testimony|" was an effort to position himself to be "forgiven" due to his diminished mental state.