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Monday, June 17, 2019

What the DC echo chamber is saying

On December 18, 2018, cartoonist Dan Perkins under his Tom Tomorrow pseudonym mocked supporters of President Donald John Trump for living in an echo chamber.

This backfired because it is Perkins who is isolated from reality.

My favorite panel was the one where the supporter said, "And it gets stranger! Some people are claiming there was collusion with Russia, even though Trump has made it very clear on Twitter that there was not!"

Three months later, the Mueller Report came out.

No collusion.

Who is the bumpkin now?

The Russian collusion conspiracy was as crazy as believing 9/11 was a CIA plot. What sort of person would believe Donald Trump -- or anyone -- hired hookers to whiz in a bed the Obamas had slept in?

But that was what the Beltway Bozos believed.

Obama used that BS story to get a judge to let him spy on The Donald. Now nearly four years later, he is in southern France trying to get foreign officials to get their stories straight for when the Bill Barr investigation hits the fan.

And now we know Obama used NATO allies to do some of his dirty work in spying on a political foe. That's the scandal that the Beltway Bozos in the press refuse to report.

Meanwhile, the 2020 race is over according to the Beltway Bozos. The polls show him way behind every Democrat. Nobody likes him.

Politico reported, "Even with a better-financed and well-ordered campaign, Trump has found the developing 2020 landscape to be tough. State investigators are still probing his past business ventures and financial history. Court rulings have delivered devastating setbacks for his agenda. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has encouraged congressional Democrats to do everything short of impeachment to hold his administration accountable.

"On top of all that, the outburst-prone president has struggled to boost his approval rating above 42 percent — where it hovers — and could encounter difficulty billing himself as an outsider while occupying the center of the swamp."

As Doctor Smith said, we are doomed. Doomed!

It is 2016 all over again, isn't it?


  1. Beltway Bozos?

    Don't you mean Beltway Bezos?

  2. I voted for Trump. But if Trump lets the psychotic Bolton talk him into a war with Iran then Trump will lose a significant part of his base.

    1. You been sleeping the last three years? Trump is just a inept little guy being ruled by his appointees?

    2. Not if the war comes to US. Iran's specialty is asymmetric war- though I doubt they have the suds to try it.
      The first strike on a Carrier or base will light the US into action-and the get their Navy, Air Force, and infrastructure for oil destroyed-and we walk away... I do not thin DJT is so influenced by Bolton. He obviously is not stupid..

    3. Pair the bloodthirsty Bolton with lying Mike Pompeo who brags how he lies, cheats, and steals and what do ya get

    4. Oh boy.

      The moolies are getting nervous.

      Their pompous bung holes are spasming.

      If I ayatollah you once, I ayatollah you twice, fuck with the bull, you getta the horns.

      When both Israelis and Saudis are chomping at the bit to get all up that eyerainian ass, it's beginning to look a lot like womp womp time!!!!

    5. Trolling nony aside, the tenor and the tone of the msm has been awfully a lot aligned with the wants, the needs, and the desires of our greatest geopolitical foes, though these same fools seek to pull the wool over iur eyes and say it is Ores Trump who is too easily influenced by foreign agents

  3. He seems to be a lot smarter than LBJ and McNamara...but who isn't. Okay there is Acosta.

  4. "It is 2016 all over again, isn't it?"

    It better be.

    Because it is.

    All, and that means, ALL of the progress made by MAGA are still hugely at risk of being nullified.

    2020 is even more an at risk election than 2016 was.

    The retard repubs will primary our own MAGA President.

    The dems will perform their democrat primary clown show, which will spew out whichever piece of shit survives the turd tusslings.

    The dems + retard rinos now know they, THEY, are at the brink of their peak opportunity.

    Chaos, ignorance, hate mongering, race baiting, poverty pimping, vote frauds, rabble rousing, crony grafting, everything they got will be in full force applied to 2020.

    For the duplicitous dictatorship obessessed, this is their chance to destroy the Constitutional Republic which impedes their lust for dominant control of all others.

    The pity here is that any MAGA minded, Constitutional Republic patriots are thinking anything remotely resembling confidence in retaining the MAGA gains and continuing to restore our Constitutional Republic to endure as MAGA knows so well we all need it to.

    2020 is year when we are truly tested to our resolve.

    MAGA has yet to actually WIN.

    Victory of MAGA will never be as surrender of maggots of well known intentions.

    Maggots never surrender, nor transform to anything but buzzing, shit eating flies.

    MAGA knows that our Constitutional Republic only endures by constant pest elimination.

    The very Freedoms we value are the ones that permit maggots to continue to exist, reproduce and pester us.

    The uniparty maggots cannot be eliminated without nullifying our very Constitutional Republic.

    Thus, WE must not surrender to sloth of purpose, WE must face the fact that WE will always have to make MAGA in every election, on every level, national, state, county, city, township, village, etc.

    Our Constitutinal Republic is not, nor can ever be, a perpetual motion contraption which can be relied upon to continue without OUR constant efforts.

    Just as lazy fucks like bernie the bum were rejected by his commie ilk, MAGA cannot endure the lazy.

    Face the fact that 2020 is the year when MAGA must be twice as strong, at minimum, as 2016.

    Twice as strong means double it.

    The maggots know what they must do, rouse their maggot rabble, lie like their asses are on the line, say anything, everything, to push us all back into the cages they want us to be in.

    The clinton cunt was a gift to MAGA.

    Do not depend on the maggots to offer up another of her ilk.

    Trust our MAGA President AND back him to the MAXIMUM MAGA you got.

    Do not bum out by being lazy.

    Being lazy is what has gotten us here.

    Fool me once.......

    1. For once a well said rant from MAGA man. Give money and get involved. Otherwise, just shut up.

    2. Ahhhhhh.....

      The dumbass.

      Give money, huh?

      You so fucking retarded.




      You dummy.

      Money ain't people.

      Money ain't people voting.

      Money ain't people voting MAGA.

      People voting MAGA is what dummy fears.

      People thinking and voting MAGA is what dummy wets dummy panties over.

      Poor people vote MAGA.

      Working poor people vote MAGA.

      ALL thinking people vote MAGA.

      Dummy no like MAGA.

      Dummy like money.

      Dummy may be whore.

      You whore, dummy?

      You like money?

      You get to speak, dummy.

      Speak, dummy, speak!!!!

    3. I guess you are still a moron. Fuck off.

    4. You guess?



      Why, dummy, you never guess!!!!

      You, dummy, always know!!!!

      Why, you, dummy, know EVERYTHING!!!!!

      Why you playing coy game????

      You flirting with me????

    5. The dems have problems getting people to show up while Trump distributes 70,000 tickets for a venue holding less than 20,000 for his re-election announcement tomorrow.
      hillary waits in the wings to be begged to run as the clowns drop out.

    6. 'hillary waits in the wings'
      That's my theory - Mrs Clinton will attempt to commandeer the D nom conv as a unifier, thus no campaigning in the primaries and no D debates. Watch for her and Mike Obama arguing about who leads the ticket.
      'Clinton / Obama 2020 - This Time It's Personal!'

  5. My thing about the hooked story has always been... The only -phone our President has is... he's a GERMophobe

  6. 70 percent of the country rejects socialism, yet the Beltway Bozos have Bolshevik Bernie leading PDJT by 10 points. Suuuuuuure.

  7. Even my mother in law, a staunch Reepub, thinks Mr. T pops off far too much. But her world is Soc Sec and help from family because she’s made extremely poor, spur of the moment emotional decisions her whole life. I’ll get her to the polls next year and she will pull the R levers. We do what we can with stuff we have control over.

    1. MAGA knows.

      We do the best we can, with what we got to work with.

      And, yes, oh so sadly, most everyone has a mother in law.

      I leave the ponderings of that reality to each other, as I find sharing my pains to be not quite dignified.......

  8. 'the outburst-prone president has struggled to boost his approval rating above 42 percent — where it hovers'
    As of this morning, it's between 45 and 48%. Big frickin' difference. Liars.

    1. The only approval rating that matters is the results of the election.

      The pollsters, for many decades now, have bamboozled many into placing great value upon their numbers, thus then trusting that said numbers mean something.

      The media, aka propagandists, push the pollsters' recurring failures as exceptions to the rule that polls are an accurate means of predicting election results.

      The survey says of Family Feud fame has more value.

      The presumptin of the propagandists propping up the trust in pollsters is that enough people are lemmings to be led off the cliff into the pit of grafting scheming slime swamp creatures.

      Polls are not even entertainment.

      Merely pufferies poofed out of assholes puff holes.

      The cacklngs of barn yard hens.

      At least the hens lay eggs.

  9. Seems to be a troll outbreak here, Don.

    1. Grow a pair, leelee.

      Tho you were quite cute in Eyes Wide Shut.

    2. The best way to conTROLL a Troll is to ignore it.

      No response is the best response.

  10. I wish I could post images ... can we post images?
    I like the one the says something like "Let's just get the whole polling thing done." and then it shows Dem leading Trump but about 90-10 until 2 days before the election at which time Trump crushes the Dem.

    That's the way it's gonna be. No Trump supporter is backing off. Plenty of Dems are peeling off or losing heart. Wait and see.

  11. Yeah, HTML not allowed, but here's a link--JNC