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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Trumpenfreude NBA style

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA championship because their opponents would rather virtue signal than fight.

The Golden State Warriors built a juggernaut that should have easily rolled over the Raptors.

But the Warriors used their previous championship to play politics. Instead of visiting the White House like grownups would, they visited Obama in a childish effort to one-up President Donald John Trump.

Obama of course made a fool of himself. He is still angry because Donald Trump called him out on his lie about being born in Kenya.

From 1991 to 2007, Obama said he was born in Kenya. Then the constitutional law professor realized he had to be born in the USA to be president and the story changed.

The league suffered from the boorishness of anti-Trumpism as well.

TV ratings declined 25% for the NBA this season until the historic first finals featuring a non-USA team. Moving LeBron James -- another anti-Trump blowhard -- to Los Angeles was a major reason because his new team starts more than half its games at 11 pm Eastern.

LBJ spent most of the season injured and on the bench. Hmm.

And two star players on the Warriors spent most of the finals injured and on the bench. Double hmm.

Jimmy Kimmel said on the air when the finals began, "The Raptors vs the team that's going to win." He said the Warriors are like the Avengers because it's a bunch of stars we know are gonna win....


Didn't the last Avengers movie tank after its stars did a lot of anti-Trump virtue signalling?

As for a White House visit, the Raptors can do as they wish. But I suggest they go, if only to avoid trouble.


  1. Continuing Obama's streak of picking losers.

  2. I'll take it out. It is a little more complicated. Criticizing "extreme" rightwing Israelis doesn't make you a Nazi. My apologies.

  3. Big D, I’m smelling some STRONG Trumpenfreude here. Put the whole effing team on the list. PLUS the Coach. PLUS the town. PLUS its fans. The whole damn shootin match - The City That Will Soon Be IN The Bay, Not By It.

  4. The Raptor's owner Larry Tanenbaum said he'd take the team to Israel if they won. It helps to have Gd on your side.

  5. Will the Raptors visit baby Justin maybe?

  6. I suspect the Raptors won that championship in the third game of the conference finals. Bucks had won the first two games in Milwaukee, and the only people who had any confidence in Toronto were the Raptors themselves. Then they won the first game in Toronto, in double overtime, after the Bucks had forced the first overtime, the second overtime, and taken a lead early in the second overtime.

    It has nothing to do with who went to what White House.