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Monday, June 10, 2019

Trump unleashed

March 22, 2019, is the line of demarcation for Donald John Trump's presidency. That is the date Mueller released his report and liberated President Trump from the Lilliputians of Washington.

The report exonerated him.

Yes, I know the report says specifically says it did not exonerate him but that was just another denial of reality by Democrats who retreated into a fantasy world the day after the election. They only come out to grab another case of Chardonnay. Then they return to their room with its windows blackened and Leonard Cohen on the phonograph.

But President Trump and the rest of the nation have moved on.

He was for his first two years, two months and two days a president with one arm tied behind his back. Once the report came in, he could go Full Trump.

Last week was marvelous. He visited the queen. The opposition promised to greet him with 250,000 protesters in Londonistan. They had 5,000 show up. They were the goths. All the cool kids grabbed American flags and waved them.

The queen liked him. Her family behaved itself. The departing prime minister was gracious. The leading contender to replace her was hungry for photo ops with President Trump.

His D-Day speech was exemplary and Reaganesque.

The French president embraced him afterward. While sincere, Emanuel Macron is desperate for some positive publicity. The Yellow Jackets have laid low his presidency.

And yes it is Trumpenfreude because Macron was doing well until he stiffed President Trump last November at the Armistice Day Centennial. Within two weeks, Paris was burning.

Meanwhile, President Trump forced Mexico's hand. After months of negotiation, the president gave Mexico 10 days to close the border or pay up.

Timing being everything in politics and all other forms of comedy, he set it up so it would happen while he was on vacation. Brilliant. He came home, signed the deal, and took the weekend off.

He is looking better today -- physically and politically -- than he did on Inauguration Day because that is what winning does.

Losing is unattractive. Democrats have managed to lose twice to him: on Election Day and on March 22, 2019.

Had they accepted their historic loss in 2016, they would well on their way to keeping the House and winning the Senate next year. That's what happened in 1972. Nixon took 49 states and Democrats kept Congress.

But Democrats failed to accept defeat graciously. Now they suffer. They are unlikely to defeat the least popular president in my lifetime because the public views them even more negatively.

All they do is bitch about President Trump. They never gave him a chance.

But he has been a good president. He has kept us out of war while reviving the economy. Peace and prosperity were good enough to elect and re-elect William McKinley.

120 years later peace and prosperity should re-elect President Trump.

As for impeaching him in the second term, are you kidding me? After the political colonoscopy Mueller gave him, the public has no appetite for impeachment.

Outside of those 5,000 goths in London.


  1. President Trump will not lose the Senate. The never Trumpers and RINO's might.
    What we should see is purple districts returning to red now that the bloom is off the rose.

    1. Paul Ryan did everything in his power to make sure that Nancy Pelosi held the Speaker's gavel after the 2018 mid-terms. He succeeded according to his plan. Mitch McConnell seems to have a little more interest in holding onto a majority than did Ryno Ryan. The Senate Judas Caucus lost Flake, Corker, and, when Satan called him home, John McCain. But the Judas Caucus now has Mittens, and I don't trust Burr (NC) or Cornyn (TX) from defecting to Team Mittens. And Roy Moore -- the one man who can elect a Democrat to statewide office in Alabama -- once again appears poised to run. So I'm actually more optimistic about the GOP retaking the House than I am them retaining the Senate.

  2. It is being reported that two days after the election the Dems were talking impeachment. It is obviously a political move since PDJT wasn't even President then. That's the Dems for you. All politics all the time, and screw the Country.

    1. Before the election, the Democrats were talking about impeachment.

  3. And his tweets are getring even better. Bashing the mayor of London along with de Blasio was great. On the offensive against the NYT and CNN for fake news. Nervous Nancy and Crying Chuck. He is on a roll.

  4. "He has kept us out of war " Surber spins like the liberals, talks like them, thinks like them (like making the Holocaust mandatory education for all)

    He likely means he didn't start any NEW wars. But he's maintained at full speed ahead all the wars he inherited.

    The war on
    drugs (poor people)
    poverty (poor people)

    All are full speed ahead. Just look at his deficit spending unprecedented in American history. Anyone can keep an economy floating by borrowing a trillion a year.

    No accomplishment there at all. But Surber has his cheerleader skirts on pom poms waving feverishly and foaming at the mouth for Donald.

    More, More, Donald give us more deficit spending! And tomorrow Donald will be your president and the red ink will be flowing strong our grandchildren be damned.

    Meanwhile you rubes here can pretend he's draining the swamp all the while he's desperately feeding it. Cause it makes you feel good. And if it feels good do it as the liberals say.

    1. So says the rube who voted for the SCOAMF twice.
      Whatever, Susan.

    2. I don't think it is old enough to vote for anything but class president.

    3. poverty (poor people) no duh!

    4. Not sure what you are doing other than being a troll.

    5. Sure you're finished? Nothing more to say? Sure?

    6. It must be difficult for you to keep propping up the crumbling walls of your psychotic fantasy land, "Susan". Day by day the waves of reality erode the walls and foundation away. Too bad for you because you won't be able to handle what is coming --it will smash your psyche into grains of sand to be blown onto the ash heap of history where you and the rest of the globalist totalitarian belong.

      You should go outside and enjoy what little time you have left. There's so little of it.

    7. Its actually worse those here are dying for infrastructure spending in the trillions. Reports say they are talking about $2 trillion. They're out of their minds.


    8. LOL

      Predictably not a one of you mentions the Trump deficit spending. Cause its ok cause your guy is in power!

      Your all hypocrites of the highest order. You never ever argue the merits you just cite talking points like the robots you are.

      No surprise here


    9. Predictably Molly is the archetypical response. Molly never confronts the facts of the argument. She just refers to talking points and perjoratives.

      She's just like the liberals. Much like Soy Boy Surber.

    10. Under Obama's reign, the national debt nearly doubled from over $10T to $19.5T. Now granted he inherited a debt from W's war in Iraq, but he added heavily to it with the ACA and the stimulus bill. He also expanded U.S. involvement in the Middle East (particularly Syria).
      Trump inherited debt has gone to $21T. He wanted to pull troops from Syria. (E. Warren agrees with him on that point, believe it or not).
      The biggest problem we have right now are democrats who are so blinded by hatred, they'd rather have a Pyrrhic victory. Who cares if the country's going to hell in a bucket, as long as we get Trump, right?
      Congress as a whole pretty much sucks, too, and I include ALL R's D's and I's. They've been more concerned with getting relected and sucking from the government tit than fixing all the crap we taxpayers have to pay for. This is the reason we voted for Trump. He sees the same s**t different day actions by the aptly named swamp dwellers.
      I know it's hard, but you have to put your hatred aside and think dispassionately about the whole situation.

  5. Nixon won a landslide victory, but he gave us Watergate. Watergate made "President Jimmy Carter" possible. Without Carter there never would have been a "President Ronald Reagan."

    1. And without Obama, there would have never been a President Trump. The problem with Spygate is that Obama no longer is president, but his shadow presidency lives on.

  6. The Dems wan Watergate-they will have Waterloo-theirs..

  7. They say Trump has a problem with the female vote.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard women scream out "We love you!!" at a Joe Biden rally?

  8. "Susan"

    1. OH Rudy baby kindly explain "normal thinking" to the zealots here!

      They're all dying to know. What's normal?

      Surely anything you assert is "normal" and anyone who doesn't agree is not normal. Right?

      Trudy Rudy is just like the liberals when it comes to rhetoric.

  9. "The report exonerated him.

    Yes, I know the report says specifically says it did not exonerate him but..."

    Is cognitive dissonance a requirement to join the Trump cult, or does the Trump cult cause cognitive dissonance.

    1. Plus add to it confirmation bias. They see news that confirms their preconceived bias, so they believe it without verifying any facts.

      Its all so easy!


    2. Oh FFS. "Guilty until proven innocent," the new standard of American justice according to liberals.

      Go jump in a lake.

  10. It is said that we live in a post-Constitutional America. What has occurred since Trump announced his candidacy has given ample proof of that assertion. Trump is trying to get us back to a semblance of Constitutional rule, but is fought tooth and nail by our "betters".

  11. I've always posited that the President will tackle the deficit in his second term. It's extremely painful to cut spending, at least at the beginning. It's kinda like going on a diet. Hard in the beginning. He can't run for a third term so he can take the slings and arrows coming from both sides. By the next term the revenue stream will be enhanced so just holding the line on spending will bring down the deficit. He never does anything small so I expect there will be some cuts that will sting. He may do away with some federal agencies for instance. We will just have to wait and see.

  12. “Susan” whatever else is unclear,
    obvious that you’re anything but an objective observer.

    As for “confirmation bias” there are many of us (wait for it) who are quite familiar with the terms you throw around such as cognitive dissonance.

    Having an MA in Counseling myself, let me point out that
    cognitive dissonance, among other things, has the effect of making it difficult for someone who takes a strong public position to back down in the face of opposing evidence.

    I’m talking about you, “Susan”.

    Question; what would it take for you to consider the possibility you’re mistaken about Trump?

    Your answer will be very enlightening.