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Sunday, June 30, 2019

They can't spin history at the DMZ

The press may as well try to throw shade on the Sun because there is no way to make President Donald John Trump's visit to North Korea as anything but a historic moment.

When a world leader crosses the border into enemy territory, that's not just news. That's history. That's something everyone recognizes as important.

But our koi fishing press simply is not up to the task of reporting history. Reporters covering our president on the whole lack the intelligence, maturity, and objectivity to accurately report the president's travels.

They cannot overcome their bias.

In its first report on President Trump crossing the DMZ to shake Kim Jong Un's hand in North Korea, the Associated Press gave the who, what, when, where and how in its first sentence straight and accurately.

But it stumbled on the why in its second sentence, President "Trump, pressing his bid for a legacy-defining accord, became the first sitting American leader to step into North Korea."

This may be his legacy but his motive was peace, not PR.

Mind you, the AP was rather straight forward in its account in the subject.

Axios made its contribution to the attempt to throw shade, reporting, "The encounter reflects Trump's instinct for stagecraft and spontaneous diplomacy."

All diplomacy is stagecraft but this has all the spontaneity of a Macy's parade. The logistics of putting a president at the DMZ in Korea was multiplied by having him actually cross over into North Korea.

President Trump wrote Kim Jong Un two weeks ago making the proposal. It was accepted. President Trump then tweeted, gee, Kim Jong Un, if you are reading this, how about we meet at the DMZ?

This was planned decades ago. 20 years ago on "Meet the Press," Donald Trump, then 53, told Tim Russert what he would do with North Korea as president, ""First, I negotiate. I would negotiate like crazy. And I’d make sure that we tried to get the best deal possible. Now, if that negotiation doesn’t work, you better solve the problem now than solve it later, Tim. And you know it. And every politician knows it. And nobody wants to talk about it."

But as the president told reporters after the meeting, "You don’t report it accurately, but that’s OK. Someday history will record it accurately."

Nicholas Fondacaro reported, "Sunday’s editions of ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Sunday Today rushed to declare Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong-un at the DMZ to be nothing more than just a photo op."

How predictable.

George Stephanopoulos said, "Politically the President had seemed like at first a successful meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong-un, just about a year ago. That didn't seem to change his approval ratings one way or another.

"He had a failed summit in Hanoi with Kim Jong-un, earlier this year. That didn't change his approval ratings one way or another. I'm not sure that there's that much political impact either way."

That is an inadvertent keen observation. The president can do no wrong in the eyes of his supporters, and no right in the eyes of the press. Therefore, the president is free to do as he pleases. He chose making peace with North Korea.

Over on CNN, Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar said, "We want to see a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, a reduction in these missiles but it’s not as easy as just going and, you know, bringing a hot dish over the fence to the dictator next door. This is a ruthless dictator and when you go forward, you have to have clear focus and a clear mission and clear goals."

This was the woman who was too dumb to come out of the snow when she announced her presidential run as an anti-global warming candidate.

Ben Rhodes, the Obama official who bragged about conning the press on the Iran sellout, tweeted, "Trump is lying. I was there for all 8 years. Obama never sought a meeting with Kim Jong Un. Foreign policy isn’t reality television it’s reality."

Obama should have.

James Clapper joined in that chorus, telling CNN, "In all the deliberations that I participated in on North Korea during the Obama administration, I can recall no instance whatever where President Obama ever indicated any interest whatsoever in meeting with Chairman Kim. That's news to me."

Obama had no interest in meeting Kim? That explains so much.

Newsweek Dumpster-dived through its Rolodex until it found someone down the list who said , "What a clown show."

As Elvis Costello sang, "What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

Pope Francis in his weekly address and blessing said, "In the last few hours we saw in Korea a good example of the culture of encounter. I salute the protagonists, with a prayer that such a significant gesture will be a further step on the road to peace, not only on that peninsula, but for the good of the entire world."

President Trump didn't bring peace. He made a sales call. But I am confident he will close the deal.

He invited Kim to the White House. If that happens, the press would have better luck trying to spin a mountain.


  1. Venereal? Did you mean, perhaps, venial?

    1. I think it should have been "venal."

    2. It seems that all three words 'work' in that sentence.

    3. They could, Rich, but I think "venereal" is indeed what Don meant - as in "dead girl or live boy."

    4. I vote with Alex - like a naked massage with gobs of glycerin. Gotten so popular in parts of the Far East they just refer to it as The Vilehelm. OF COURSE Soetero wasn’t interested - a girl performs the massage.

  2. I'm no North Korea expert, but I suspect this has some importance as well. I saw on Poli Sci professor claim this was a PR coup for Kim domestically. Hmmm?

    "June 25 is considered the start of "Struggle Against US Imperialism Month" (informally called "Hate America Month" in the U.S. media), which is commemorated by anti-U.S. mass rallies at Kim Il-sung Square, Pyongyang.[20] In 2018, these rallies were cancelled in what the Associated Press called "another sign of detente following the summit between leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump"." [Wikipedia]

  3. If Trump manages to pull off a peace treaty with KJU he will be a prime candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Lefies in Oslo would sooner eat their children than give it to him.

    1. The Lefties in Oslo abort their children.

    2. Correct, Ed - Alles heil Sieg heil.

  4. The Lefties call this defending murderers.

    Like they did with Ho Chi Minh and Yassir Arafat.

  5. Only Trump could go to North Korea.

    With the right incentives, I think KJU would break away from China's sphere of influence. President Trump recognizes that. Now if only congress would too.

  6. The left is depressed. Sometimes I think they have given up on 20. The failure of the Muller putch and Trump's massive economic achievements have left them weak and in disorder. There is also fear. Somewhere Barr is preparing an auto de fe for the Obama thugs, perhaps even saving some nice seasoned kindling for their Capo Himself. The debates revealed they do not have now and are unlikely anytime soon to find effective leadership to command their weakened resistance formations. Their strongest ally, the media, has exhausted surprise, its most formidable weapon. Trump is now moving freely at will, out of their corral of domestic lies, on that large world stage Constitutionaly reserved only for the executive. What he might do to help himself politically or the country in fact, they cannot prevent. While personally I do not share Don's optimism about Kim, Trump is doing what he was elected to do and about which he was clear: negotiating with anyone except ISIS or their ilk to promote the interests of the USA. In doing so he has been fearless in using executive power just as Obama did and with the same domestic blowback from the opposition. Obama however sought only to help himself and his party secure power for themselves while Trump wants to help the citzenry as a whole, including his political enemies. This is something Obama and his party have never wished to do at anytime in the past and have recently declared they will never do in the future. For them, it is all about them, now and forever.
    Long may Trump reign, long long.

    1. Amen. And may the bluebird of happiness fly up the noses of the dems and never-trumpers and the media.

  7. Meathead ought to keep his head down, they're looking for wood.

    Check out his Tweet. If you're going to call someone an idiot. don't be referring to the border strip between the Koreas as "the DMV".

    "Rob Reiner
    ‏Verified account
    8h8 hours ago

    Putin, MBS, Kim. Trump has never met a murderous dictator he didn’t like. And as the pathologically lying idiot walked across the DMV for his photo op, he took another big step towards betraying Democracy. #ImpeachmentInquiryNow"

    1. Holy St. Hubbins, Batman. I have even more respect for Chris Guest now. They must’ve had to Coach the hell out of Reiner for Spinal Tap.

    2. I don’t like going to the DMV as much as anyone but I don’t see getting my license renewed as a threat to democracy. Rob, what am I missing?

  8. The media, beltway establishment politicians, and the ossified bureaucrats at the State Department prefer the comfortable status quo of 65 years of failure over any chance of change or peace.

  9. Liberals need to open the windows and look outside. I have a very liberal friend who works in Seoul. His wife is Korean, but refuses to live there with him. Anytime I ask him about events there he always tells me South Koreans aren't affected by anything like nuclear threats or even peace talks. Then I asked him if his (North) Korean in-laws felt good about Trump, the peace talks, and the possible reuniting of the two countries. He never answered my question.

  10. and we must swallow that Kim and putin are murderous bastards, and Che and the Castro's are not.

    that's a tough one.