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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Donald has dirt on Biden

President Donald John Trumps knows his enemies well. It is the Sun Tzu in him. Before he ran against Hillary, he knew she was a drunk and that it eventually would come out.

On 9/11/2016 it did. Hilary was too drunk to make it through a 9/11 commemoration that morning in perfect weather.

He immediately stopped hammering away at her health. His point had been made.

The media said he was lying about her health, demanded he prove it, and immediately dropped the subject when she had "the flu" -- as her campaign called it.

Actually, it was another Chardonnay Moment for her.

Readers know the drill. Remember the Village dumpster bombing? Then-candidate Trump said it was terrorism. The media admonished him. No sooner had they hit the tweet button on their calling him a liar when the mayor said, yup, it was terrorism.

The Donald knows things. My hunch is he has FBI informants. I suspect he knew everything Mueller was doing as it happened.

Which brings us to The Hill. It interviewed the president and asked him about Joe Biden.

President Trump said, "I don’t think he’s going up. He’s, he does that, he doesn’t have, look, there’s something different, he’s a different person than he was four or five years ago, and he wasn’t so hot four or five years ago. And how he doesn’t get President Obama to endorse him, there has to be some reason why he’s not endorsing him. He was the Vice President, they seemed to have gotten along, and how President Obama’s not endorsing him is rather , a big secret. If you want to know, if you know the answer, please let me know, because I think it’s very ba- and then he goes and lies and says, 'I asked the President not to endorse me.'

"Give me a break. He said, he asked the president because he’s embarrassed by the fact that Obama’s not endorsing him, so he goes out and says, I asked President Obama not to endorse me. Well he was trying to get the endorsement, so it could be that President Obama knows something. But there is something going on in that brain of his."

President Trump knows something the rest of us do not know.

An aside, remember the post-speakership interview with John Boehner in which he said Obama is scared to death of Michelle?

She wants Democrats to nominate a woman of color. That would be Kamala Harris.

But Donald Trump does not say things just to say things when it comes to politics. Last summer, he hectored Elizabeth Warren into taking a DNA test to prove she was an Indian.

The dummy did.

Her chances of winning the presidency dropped to 1/1,024th.


  1. Don't rate Warren's chances too high, Don. I think the average American would rather not pay more taxes. Or have the government borrow even more money.

  2. There had been an article that said Obama wasn't going to endorse Biden, or anyone, at this time.

    I think Trump might have some good sources, but he also reads a lot of news, watches a lot of news programs, and when you do it isn't hard to start spotting the covering lies and efforts to suppress the truth the media does to help their candidates.

    You need a good memory. Trump has that. You need a good BS meter. Trump has that. You need to know your opposition, and make no mistake, they have become true enemies of our republic.

    Trump also has access to a lot of information we don't just because of his position.

    And Obama would be afraid of Michael, or Michelle, as he has called that person who occupied the position of First Lady... that person is much bigger than him, has more muscles in the shoulders and arms. And Obama is still a wimp.

    1. Right after leaving office, Obama went to the south Pacific for a month. Without Moochelle. The oblivious media barely covered that story. Meanwhile Valerie Jarrett is living with the Obama's in DC.

    2. Former first laddie has a Paramore?

    3. Val lived with the Obama's in the White House as well.

    4. they feed on each other...all it counts is mouchelle giving orders.

  3. Maybe bathhouse and hill don't want anyone poking around Ukrainian business deals.

  4. and then it was Michelle's chief of staff up to her knickers in the smollett cover up.
    and we should note the occasion.
    the first special prosecutor looking into Obama string pulling.
    granted, we are talking about crook county, so I'm not holding my breath.
    but the press doesn't like to have their wiener pulled. and it got yanked hard. and the best part, its another circular firing squad. dem vs dem.
    now, THATS entertainment.

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  6. If Biden wasn't actively involved in the coup attempt he definitely knew about it.

  7. Don - the afternoon that Hillary was interviewed by the FBI Trump tweeted that his sources said no charges would be filed. THAT AFTERNOON.

    I knew then that Trump had FBI sources as I'm sure does Giuliani

  8. i love don writings......i agree

  9. Bathhouse Barry will endorse a major leftist to try and restart his revolution Slow Joe is not.