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Saturday, June 08, 2019

The Billionaires for Bernie

Faux Populist.

The rich long ago figured out how to profit from socialism. Why do you think FDR, JFK and Jay Rockefeller supported bigger and bigger government?

And so George Soros (worth $9 billion before Obama's presidency began, $24 billion today) indulges in this luxury. And this year Soros is underwriting large chunks of the campaign of that young man Bernie Sanders.

From Cliff Kincaid: "Soros isn’t the only billionaire financing groups or causes that Sanders believes in. Others include billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, billionaire gay activist Tim Gill, and billionaire anti-Second Amendment advocate Michael Bloomberg."

Warren Buffett has supported Democrats for eons. Bill Gates too. And Carlos Slim covers the debts of the New York Times. They are the three richest men in the world.

UPDATE: I originally posted this at 10 a.m. on August 25, 2015, about a month before I decided to support billionaire Donald John Trump. On Friday, the Assistant Village Idiot linked it. That prompted me to re-read it. The post held up well, so I decided to update it.

The reason I voted for Donald Trump was unlike others in his financial situation, he was not asking what the country could do for him, but rather what he could do for the country.

Four years later, the billionaires remain in a state of panic. Their mouthpieces are constantly attacking him. They falsely accuse him if accepting emoluments -- foreign bribes -- when it was his 2016 opponent who did.

The fact is since he became president his wealth shrank by billion or so, his income shrank, and he gives his presidential salary back to the government.

That is called a sacrifice. The press would not understand the concept even if you wrote it in small words with big letters.

The other billionaires hide behind hired puppets. In 2008 they got a handsome and well-spoken puppet who read everything off the teleprompter with a sincerity that other salesmen admired.

President Trump speaks from the heart in extemporaneous speeches and occasionally a scripted one. He says the four words that strike fear in the hearts of globalist elitists: Make America Great Again.

I hope he clobbers them again.


  1. And I hope he does too...and I'm not an American nor live in America.


  2. This article is factually deprived and starved. Trump's wealth shrank? On the flat Earth?

    1. Google before you beclown yourself