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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Stephen Colbert is the dumbest man on TV

Being the dumbest man on TV is akin to being the smelliest skunk because his peers bow to him.

So I congratulate Stephen Colbert. He became No. 1 in his timeslot in the ratings despite being the dumbest man on TV.

Or maybe instead of despite, I should have written because.

Consider his chart of "Reasons Trump Is a Bad President."

His list began with "puts kids in cages."

No, Obama did that. The Arizona Republic exposed this in 2014. Colbert said nothing. Obama didn't stop. Maybe a profanity-laced monologue or two would have stopped Obama.

Colbert's second reason was "gave security clearance to son-in-law." Jared Kushner is President Trump's top negotiator in the Middle East. A bureaucrat held up the clearance. President Trump overruled her. Obama also overruled the bureaucracy to get clearances for his staff.

Next, Colbert said, "repeatedly humped flag." This either is a poor attempt at humor or a good attempt at lying because hugging the flag is not the same as humping.

If Colbert is concerned about public displays of inappropriate behavior, he should call out Gropey Old Joe Biden.

Next, Colbert said, "called Nazis very fine people."

A lie. He specifically called Nazis very bad people in reaction to the Charlottesville, Virginia, tragedy. He went on to say there were very fine people on both sides of the dispute.

Next, Colbert said, "hasn't released tax returns yet."


Next, Colbert said, "all that birther stuff -- racist."

Obama claimed in 1991 to be born in Kenya. Take it up with him.

Next, Colbert said, "thought Frederick Douglass was alive."

Obama thought there were 57 states and that people in Austria speak Austrian.

Next, Colbert said, "tried to ban Muslims."


It is a lie.

If the dumbass Colbert is referring to temporary restrictions on visas from six war-torn countries and Iran in 2017, then he should do some research. In two executive orders covering more than 6,000 words, the words "Muslim" and "ban" never appear.

The Supreme Court upheld the temporary moratorium.

Oh and Obama had temporary moratoriums on some of the same countries.

And so on and so forth. He threw out all sorts of nonsense, such as "can't close umbrella."

Once again, maybe he meant Obama. Maybe Colbert is so dumb that he cannot tell them apart.