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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Replying to readers about Manchin

The Hill reported, "Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is eyeing a possible exit from the Senate, and his decision could be a significant factor in which party controls the majority in 2021."

Readers keep asking me about this.

I have never voted for Manchin because he uses public office for personal gain.

If Republicans nominate Governor Jim Justice to a second term, I might be tempted to vote for Manchin because Jim Justice is unacceptable. He is a liar and a tax cheat who switched parties to Republican.

In fact, I have told some readers I would vote for Manchin -- but no. After further review, I just say no.

Jim Justice ran as a pro-Trump Democrat in 2016. The West Virginia Republican Party nominated a man who hated Trump. Despite Trump carrying the state by 42 points, the Republican candidate lost.

I thought no one could be more inept.

But Republicans seem hellbent on proving me wrong.

However, Manchin is equally unacceptable because he too abused his power as governor. He got his daughter a degree she did not earn. He got his wife appointed to the state school board. She became its board president and abused that office to sell to schools EpiPens that her daughter's company makes.

Republicans need an honest candidate who supports President Trump but who isn't Patrick Morrisey because he lost to Manchin last year.


  1. "to sell to schools EpiPens that her daughter's company makes."

    Mylan being that company its stock was $76 four years ago. Its now $17.

    But the Manchins have already cashed in. So why aren't they being prosecuted for this conspiracy.

    I have to conclude the entire political machinery in this state is thoroughly corrupt.

  2. Please Don do something about this annoying troll.
    My Dear wife s American as they get. Being
    the Indian side started with Pocahontas
    and the white side with a goodly number of Jamestown..

  3. When I read the opening sentence in the above post -- "Please Don do something about this annoying troll" -- I thought the annoying trolls were Manchin, Justice and Morrisey. And it was a cri de coeur from DouglasDC, begging you, Mr. Surber, to save your beautiful and abused home state by running for governor yourself.

    You got a platform here. Now all you need is to orange up your skin tone.

  4. But...but...Status Quo would have to sell his yacht! These politicians have to sacrifice so much to serve! Right AOC?

    Picking a political candidate right now is like visiting a whore house. (Note: I have never visited a whorehouse.) The pretty ones are terrible at sex and the good ones at sex are butt ugly. The trick is to find one that is both decent looking and decent at sex. Thus concludes Otto’s Gigantically Bad Metaphor of the Day. Thank you very much.

  5. Don, PLEASE change the position of the "sign out" button. I keep automatically hitting it to publish something here and it, of course, keeps signing me out. Grrrr!

    1. I have no control over it. If I did I would change it.

  6. I'm not saying Jim Justice is a long-con perpetuated by Manchin to ease entry back to the Governor's Mansion. I'm also not saying that he isn't.