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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Kick Romney out of the caucus

Mitt Romney is a rookie senator who went to Washington to replace John McCain as the Republican who will dump on President Donald John Trump.

Romney certainly qualifies for the job of embittered Republican nominee loser who resents the fact that Donald John Trump succeeded where he failed.

But Republicans do not need the noise. Mitch McConnell should call Romney into the office and lay it out for him: Either shut up or get kicked out of the caucus.

The fact is President Trump won without Romney -- and without John Kasich and Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake, et cetera. These boys are pissant politicians. Trump won their states without their support. In the case of Romney, he won Utah and Michigan despite Romney's opposition.

90% of the party backs President Trump.

Romney cannot accept that Donald Trump did something that Romney could not do. Both are businessmen who always wanted to be president. Instead of accepting the result like a man, Romney is doing what he can to undermine the president.

Sure, Republicans are not a monolithic group. There will be dissent and discussion.

But Romney's objections have nothing to do with policy. They are always personal. They never have anything to do with substance. It is always style.

The last straw was when he gave legitimacy to this loony lefty who claims absurdly that our president raped her in a crowded store filled with clerks and customers, and no one saw or heard anything.

Even the New York Times balked initially on this wild tale.

But CNN reported, "Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah said there needs to be an "evaluation" but that he didn't know what entity should conduct it, 'whether it's Congress or whether it's another setting, I'm not sure.'

"'It's a very serious allegation,' Romney said. 'I hope that it is fully evaluated. The President said it didn't happen and I certainly hope that's the case.'"

Fully evaluated?

Oh sure. Let's bring Mueller back to investigate.

Romney is no more a Republican that Rosie O'Donnell is. Kicking him out of the caucus will send a message to others to stop the personal attacks.


  1. A baseball bat and Romney's nose. Wait, did I say that? I was just checking last night's major league scores. Baseball is all. No harm done.

  2. Mittens is still pissed that the President interviewed him for a job but didn't give him one. I think it was the open Secretary of State position. We dodged a bullet when he wasn't elected. He's a sad example of what we have for conservative politicians these days..

  3. If ever there was a senator who needed Staples...across his lips, and a debilitating kick to the's Romney.

  4. If keeping Romney in the corral means keeping Cocaine Mitch Senate Majority Leader, it's worth what little annoyance.

  5. Who died and made the Senate the chief investigative body in all creation? What legislative or oversight functions are there to some other didn’t happen 20 years ago?

  6. Don, we still need that danged right button.

  7. I'm sure the War Turtle will get right on that. Any moment now....

    -Mikey NTH

  8. If you see Mitt tell him I want my vote back.

  9. "Kick Romney" ? Can I wear my steel toed cowboy boots?

  10. Mittens was selected for 2012 because he was indistinguishable from the SCoaMF. His job was to assure Barry of a second term and he succeeded. He knew he was gonna lose.

  11. In a sane society the idea that a millionaire real estate wheeler dealer would be hanging around a department store changing room would be too absurd for words.

  12. We cannot have a government where all it takes is one crazy rando to accuse someone of crimes from 20 years ago and then we jump right on it and demand investigations.

    Come on Mitt, even for you, this is beyond stupid. Don’t be a moron.

  13. What are you talking about, Mitt? The matter was already fully investigated by Detectives Benson and Amaro in Season 13!

  14. we got mittens, but McCain flake and corker are gone.
    could be worse.

  15. Romney isn't alone in the GOPe who have been opposing Trump. There were 350 GOPe who publicly opposed Trump in 2016. Another 300 opposed him privately. Nothing's changed since Trump won. The Congress is controlled by the globalists and they have done nothing but Delay, Obstruct, and Sabotaged our duly elected President. Now they're encouraging our allies and enemies, alike, to resist.

  16. Romney would have been better than Obama, but that isn't saying much. Just like many thought Trump would be better than Hilary. We'll never know about Romney as President, but aside from Trump's rhetoric, which Romney hates, Trump has turned out to be doing what I have waited for over 10 years to be done after our TEA Party's attempt.

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