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Friday, June 21, 2019

Jesus and Hong Kong's protests

Red China is facing its biggest challenge.


Reuters reported, "The Christian hymn "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord" has emerged as the unlikely anthem of Hong Kong's protests against an extradition bill that have drawn millions of people onto the streets.

"Protests around the world often develop their own soundtrack, usually songs with lyrics of defiance and solidarity, aiming to keep crowds energized and focused.

"But the hymn taken up in Hong Kong hardly ticks those boxes."

I don't know about that. Conversion to Christianity has ended many an oppressive society. Reuters said only one-tenth of Hong Kong is Christian. For now.

Edwin Chow, 19, acting president of the Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Students, told Reuters, "This was the one people picked up, as it is easy for people to follow, with a simple message and easy melody."

Reuters reported, "The hymn was composed in 1974 by Linda Stassen-Benjamin in the United States for Easter. Its five words are repeated over four stanzas in a minor key, which gives it an air of meditative solemnity."

She was 23 at the time and wrote it in the shower.

We have seen many attempts to throw off oppressive regimes in the 21st century and some work and some fail.

But the human spirit lives on and tries again.

The communists won at Tienanmen Square 30 years ago, just as the Soviet communists won in Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968. But Lech Wałęsa's protest prevailed in Poland in 1982 and seven years later the wall began tumbling down on the evil empire called the CCCP.

Christianity Today reported on May 30, "The Christian Backstory of Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Protests. How the church played a role in the fight for voting rights."

This will not be easy. The current Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam, seems weak. Red China may bring in a tanker corps from some outlying area to mow down the protesters. The agreement of self-governance in Hong Kong is but a piece of paper after all.

But the people know this and they rise anyway.

President Trump has the power of the tariff. He has not made a big deal of bringing Chairman Xi down. Instead, Mister Trump is doing everything he can to bring him down.

But most important of all, at the Throne of God, Christ hears his people singing.

Reuters may think a hymn is an odd way to rally the people of Hong Kong. But Christianity is the biggest and oldest threat to tyranny. It is why Stalin razed the churches in the 1930s.

Pray for Hong Kong. And sing Hallelujah to the Lord.


  1. What about Christians around the world advocating a BDS against China? If it's good enough to do this against Israel (it isn't), then why not against a tyranny orders of magnitude worse than the only democracy in the Middle East, and a beacon for the world.

  2. "The agreement of self-governance in Hing Kong..."

    Hing Kong?

    - Toby Flenderson

    1. Thanks. I will fix. Who put the I key so close to the O?

  3. There is a higher authority than human. That is the message. Leftism is all about man being the measure of all things. When you think about it this battle goes back all the way to "ye shall be as gods" in the Garden. The totalitarian state is the ultimate expression of fallen humanity in the form of leftism, and Christianity is its opposite pole.

    1. Perfect, Doc. I can’t add any more to that.

  4. The Chinese culture of respect for elders and saving face seems to make throwing off
    The totalitarian shackles harder than in Russia. But the power of religion can overcome it all and provides some hope for the future.

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