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Friday, June 28, 2019

How we blew a $700 quintillion opportunity

This summer's 50th anniversary of America landing a man on the moon depresses me because we so quickly gave up on space.

We should have been to Mars, Venus and one of Jupiter's moons by now.

Instead, Democrats pulled the plug on manned space exploration. They said the money could be better spent here on Earth fixing our problems.

They were wrong.

After running up the national debt by $20 trillion (only 15% of federal spending is on the military) the problems are still there.

If we had spent the $20 trillion on space exploration we would have earned $35 million for every dollar spent.

RT reported, "Whether it was the Big Bang, Midas or God himself, we don’t really need to unlock the mystery of the origins of gold when we’ve already identified an asteroid worth $700 quintillion in precious heavy metals.

"If anything launches this metals mining space race, it will be this asteroid Psyche 16, taking up residence between Mars and Jupiter and carrying around enough heavy metals to net every single person on the planet close to a trillion dollars.

"The massive quantities of gold, iron and nickel contained in this asteroid are mind-blowing. The discovery has been made. Now, it’s a question of proving it up.

"NASA plans to do just that, beginning in 2022."

$700 quintillion?

We could have paid off the national debt 35 million times over because $700 quintillion is 35 million times larger than $20 trillion.

We were penny wise, $35 million foolish.

Instead of waiting until 2022 when the Chinese could beat us there, we would have already mined the asteroid.

Democrats wanted us to give up on space because we might succeed in making America great again, which would eliminate poverty. And without the poor to exploit, there is no winning for Democrats. This is why they want to import them through Mexico.

Let us mine that asteroid.

As for private space exploration, no thanks. I have seen what these billionaires do with social media.


  1. We need to fly to an asteroid for iron and nickel?

    And what would tons of new gold do to earthly gold prices?

    - Toby Flenderson

    1. actually, it might stabilise them. the central banks have been playing fast and loose with gold reserves, pledging them to cover loans, rinse and repeat 4or5 times over and even selling the gold on the spot market.

      I used to know a biker named graham. he had a cherry t bird. he had a bit of a misunderstanding with the batf over the exact definition of gunrunning. so he drove around town selling that t bird to 9 different people, promising to be right back with the pink slip. whereupon he left town in the t bird.
      that's what the central banks have done with the gold.
      and it might take an entire asteroid to balance those books.
      the iron and nickel make it easier to devise a tractor beam to tow it back toward earth. as they pass the moon the earth gravitation will grab it and pull it right into the epicenter of greedheads the Boston, wall street, dc corridor.
      another sad chapter in earthly hubris, and the ego monkeys will return to the stone age.
      or maybe not.

  2. The dimocrats have pulled the plug on lots of things. One that comes to mind is South Vietnam.

  3. Let's find an asteroid with good old copper. As for Venus, let's pass...sulfuric acid atmosphere and pressure that would kill us first.

    1. we got lots of copper. since the Chinese stopped buying the price has been halved. Freeport produces it for about a buck a pound. and the Chinese stopped buying because of massive new mines in Mongolia.

    2. "As for Venus, let's pass..."

      Yep, being simultaneously incinerated, crushed and dissolved can be a real downer.

      And the radiation belts around Jupiter make the Van Allens look penny-ante.

  4. We were penny wise, $35 million foolish.

    No, they knew what they were doing. Any time an astronaut made a public appearance the Lefties would have at least one plant in the audience asking what has space done for us when we could spend that money on welfare.

    (my paraphrase)

  5. "only 15% of federal spending is on the military"

    Only?? We spend more than the rest of the world on war, death, and destruction.

    That ain't enough for frightful people like Surber. He sees enemies everywhere. If they disagree with his religion he hates them and wants to bomb them and conduct regime change.

    He loved how we put the satanic monster the Shah of Iran in power. That after we decided the democratically elected prime minister had to go.

    Foreign policy is a pack of lies 90% of it. But warmongers like almost all who post here don't care. They sleep better knowing we're dropping 25K bombs a year on poverty stricken nations.

    All in service to the Prince of Peace? You betcha.

  6. He Anonymous 3:15. Please list the bombs being dropped right now. For your argument's sake.


    2. Oops I posted Obama's total. Trump bested that by dropping 40K the following year.

  7. "$700 quintillion?" What a joke! Surber wants Uncle Sam to be a mining engineer and enter the private sector to explore for minerals! That's what passes for a "conservative" point of view today.

    His out of this world idea is the classic definition of socialism. When the feds own their own little mining industry.

    Its not a hybrid socialism that demands the feds get between buyers and sellers in the marketplace and keep the public safe with regulatory power. Its much worse that brings to mind the USSR's ideas of government.

    The soy boy has truly come out of the closet today to reveal just how much he adores big government, but only when a democrat is not the president.

    Gee that's just what liberals do too.

    Even sorrier is he thinks the fed debt is only $20 trillion. The elephant in the room is the debt off the books not the debt on the books!

    Now if some asteroid was really worth a fraction of what is claimed today then the bill gates and warren buffets would be going after it like white on rice. Not some clueless bureaucrats who are just time servers.

    Expecting entrepreneurial activity from politicians and bureaucrats reveals genuine ignorance of financial and economic principles on a mind boggling scale. Its something I'd expect a liberal to claim. The Utopian dream for all nirvana was just within our grasp but those darn democrats screwed it all up.

    And he thinks I post here to change his mind. I know better than that for you can never change of the mind of a zealot who wants to cram his religious worldview down the throats of all Americans.

    And Iranians, Chinese, Koreans, Libyans, Syrians, Lebonese, etc.

    No I post to reveal the hypocrisy palpable in half the posts here. Its fun. And so simple to do.


    1. some come here for an arguement, a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.

      you seem to be here flogging self abuse.


  8. Anonymous...I asked for right now and you gave us ancient history. Grammar or syntax problem?

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  10. I am all for space exploration, but not sure we should be sending humans any more. With high definition cameras, the mobility of robots, we can see and gather specimens like never before. Why send people? You have to carry oxygen, water, provide living area, the astronauts must work hard to keep from losing body strength in anti-gravity, and one little accident can kill the whole crew. To me it does not make sense. Send robots.

    1. We should send humans -- but not men. Post-menopausal women are superior for the purpose:
      -Less risk to their (internal) gonads
      -Zero risk to radiation-induced heritable genetic damage
      -Less "body strength" to lose
      -less mass to lift, and less life support mass to, uhm, support their lives.
      -somewhat more inclined to follow the recipe and less likely to risk the mission with improvisation.
      -Can/will do the same job for less pay

  11. It's not even this, it's the future and the US pissed it off focusing on the now. The now will, forever in the future, drain you whereas the future will forever energize and inspire.

    You can see this in the last season of Mad Men. We go to the moon and Draper's son is watching, but bitchin' how this is a waste while people are suffering on Earth.

    He was focused on the now and had no idea nor one care what the benefits a space future might bring.

    You know what else is focused on the now? Every friggin' life form.

  12. Unfortunately, we no longer have the geniuses we had in the fifties and sixties. We no longer have the brain power to extend our reach into space.

  13. Robots are the only sensible answer.

  14. I imagine world without United Nations, NATO or NASA. No social welfare program.

  15. The opening credits of 2001: A Space Odyssey ran through my memory as I read this piece, Don.
    Daa.... Daaa... DAAAAAAAA! TA-DAAAAAAAA....
    Show it to anyone under 30 and they'll ask you 'What were Kubrick and Clark smoking? People living on the MOON?'