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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Highlights of the News

75 years ago today, boys from America and the British Empire landed at Normandy to take back a France that the French had surrendered to evil.

ITEM 1: Some Trumpenfreude to start the day.
ITEM 2: PJ Media reported, "Former U.S. attorney Joe diGenova borrowed a favorite phrase from the left on Fox News' Hannity Tuesday night, saying that 'the walls are beginning to close in on the FBI fraudsters.'"

That was his reaction to news that Christopher Steele will talk to those investigating Spygate. Steele is the British spy who gave Obama an excuse to spy on Donald John Trump.

Joe diGenova said, "He's going to talk to John Durham and his people so there's obviously some sort of [immunity] deal that's been worked out."

DiGenova is a former federal prosecutor.

He also said, "Because even though his testimony could be given overseas, he could be indicted in the United States if he lies to Durham. So I assume he's going to tell the truth because this is the big casino now, and what he's going to prove is that the FBI lied in the FISA warrants and they lied to Congress and they lied to everybody about what they knew about Steele's behavior."


All in due time.

But those Grapes of Wrath will be trampled.

ITEM 3: Arutz Sheva reported, "Iran is 'six months away from an atomic bomb.'

"Former IAEA official says Israel, Gulf states, 'need to be worried' about Iran's emerging nuclear abilities."

Atom bomb, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama.

Never vote Democrat again.

Train well, 101st. History reruns more than "I Love Lucy."

ITEM 4: Politico reported, "Senior Trump administration officials left a meeting with the Mexican government on Wednesday without announcing a deal to avert pending tariffs, raising the chances the penalties will take effect next week.

"Implementing the tariffs would set up an epic clash between Trump and members of his own party, who have warned that the move will raise prices for American consumers and cripple a robust economy ahead of the 2020 presidential race. Some lawmakers have even menaced the White House with threats of legislative rebukes if Trump follows through with the tariffs.

"U.S. and Mexican officials met for 90 minutes in the White House's Roosevelt Room on Wednesday afternoon but departed without speaking to reporters. The Mexican foreign minister then headed to the State Department for more talks, a department official confirmed. White House officials earlier Wednesday had downplayed the prospect that the meetings would yield a breakthrough, arguing instead that it is starting point in a series of upcoming negotiations between the two countries aimed at stemming the flow of Central American migrants seeking to enter the United States."

I thought it would end by now.

But Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have sided with Mexico, giving them hope.

ITEM 5: AFP reported, "Authorities blocked a new caravan of Central American migrants Wednesday after they entered Mexico bound for the United States, as the government scrambled to dodge President Donald Trump's threat to impose tariffs over undocumented immigration.

"Soldiers and police forced hundreds of migrants in the group -- which was mostly from Honduras -- to a halt in the southern town of Metapa de Dominguez, about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from the Mexican-Guatemalan border.

"The National Migration Institute said about 420 migrants had been stopped and taken to a detention center by bus.

"But many others may have fled: state police initially estimated the caravan had some 1,200 people.

"The incident came as a high-level delegation led by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard held talks in Washington with US officials in a bid to avoid Trump's threatened tariffs."

Public relations move.

ITEM 6: Fox News reported, "Former Vice President Joe Biden is one of the oldest candidates ever to run for president, but in 1972, he repeatedly attacked his opponent's age in order to be elected as the Delaware senator, a report found Monday.

"Long before the 76-year-old launched his third bid for the presidency, a 29-year-old Biden was running for Senate against the two-term incumbent, 62-year-old Sen. Cale Boggs, R-Del. And, his campaign made his youthfulness prominent in print ads."

Biden is now 14 years older than Boggs was. But wait. There's more.

In its ad, Biden's campaign said, "Cale Boggs' generation dreamed of conquering polio. Joe Biden's generation dreams of conquering heroin... [Biden] understands what's happening today. In 1950 Cale Boggs hoped to make Americans safe from Stalin. In 1972 Joe Biden hopes to make Americans safe from criminals... We've got a new crime problem in this country. We need some new thinking."

Heroin is a bigger problem. Crime is slightly higher.

But polio is gone. Time has shown that Boggs was the better choice.

ITEM 7: The National Catholic Register reported, "Efforts to restrict abortion in the U.S. have drawn strong denunciations from a senior United Nations official, who called recent pro-life laws torture and violence against women.

"Kate Gilmore, an Australian who serves as U.N. Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, told the U.K. newspaper The Guardian that new laws limiting abortion in some U.S. states run afoul of the judgment of members of the human rights commission, who have made independent declarations that the absolute prohibition of abortion is against human rights."

The Devil is the Lord of Lies who wields the Scimitar of Semantics.

Killing babies is a human right now. Sex is gender. Laws are violence. Ripping a baby from the womb is health care.

God knows, and so do these liars.

ITEM 8: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Santa Clara County supervisors Tuesday refused to change a sanctuary policy that critics said allowed the county to release a violent felon, an undocumented immigrant who is accused of then breaking into a San Jose woman’s home in February and killing her.

"Instead, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors unanimously upheld the county’s expansive sanctuary policy, saying that changing it could lead to racial profiling and problems with fair, consistent and accurate use of the policy. The board rejected a proposal to revise the policy to allow local law enforcement officials to hand over some [illegal aliens] to federal immigration authorities for deportation."

That is sickening. The board has jettisoned its reason to exist. There is no reason for a Santa Clara County if it refuses to uphold the law.

I have noticed that the victims of violence by illegal aliens tend to be female. Three times as many men are murdered in America, but among illegal aliens women seem to be the victims.

ITEM 9:  The Associated Press reported, "No murderous hails of gunfire this time. No D-Day objective that had to be taken, whatever the cost. This time, 75 years almost to the hour after he parachuted into Nazi-occupied France, Tom Rice again found himself floating down through Normandy’s skies, now a grizzled 97-year-old thrilled as a little kid.

"'Woo-hoo!' the ex-paratrooper yelped after hitting the ground, carrying the memories of comrades lost in battle and on a new mission — of remembrance this time — for the ever-shrinking numbers who sacrificed so much in World War II."

Asked how his fellow 101st Airborne paratroopers reacted to his jump, "They would love it. Some of them couldn't handle it. Many of them are deceased. We had 38% casualties."


We sent our men to die because the French refused to fight.

Rice also said, "All the GIs suffer from same blame and shame. It bothers us all the time for what we did. We did a lot of destruction, damage. And we chased the Germans out, and coming back here is a matter of closure. You can close the issue now."

God bless Tom Rice. God bless them all.

ITEM 10: 99-year-old John Jenkins of Portsmouth, England, received a standing ovation from the Queen and everyone else as he rose to speak at a D-Day commemoration 75 years after he landed at Normandy.

He said, "I was terrified. I think everyone was -- you don't show it, but it's there. I look back on it as a big part of my life, it changed me in a way -- but I was just a small part in a very big machine.

"You never forget your comrades because we were all in there together."

He also said, "It's right that the courage and sacrifice of so many veterans is being honoured 75 years on. We must never forget. Thank you."

But we always forget because we are not worthy of men like him.

ITEM 11: The Sun reported, "Donald Trump joked 'he can handle it' as a 93-year-old D-Day veteran flirted with US First Lady Melania today. Thomas Cuthbert laughed 'if I was 20 years younger' as he shook 49-year-old Melania's hand -- right in front of Donald, 72."

As Churchill said, never give up. Never, never, never give up.

ITEM 12: The Hill reported, "Two reporters fired amid widespread industry-wide layoffs this year are launching a nonprofit organization to protect other journalists from a similar fate as big tech companies continue to threaten the industry's viability.

"Laura Bassett, a former culture and political reporter at HuffPost, and John Stanton, a former BuzzFeed News Washington bureau chief, founded the Save Journalism Project. It aims to save the industry from the 'monopolistic power of big tech companies,' according to a news release."

Save Journalism? What do they know about journalism? They worked at HuffPost and BuzzFeed.

ITEM 13: The New York Times reported, "Cory Booker's Housing Plan Offers Tax Credit to Millions of Renters."

The money will go to landlords who will raise their rents accordingly.

ITEM 14: WCBS reported, "New York's publicly funded Medicaid program paid more than $63,000 for erectile dysfunction drugs and other sexual treatments for 47 sex offenders, despite laws banning such expenses."

Laws are for little people. Our government does not care about us.

ITEM 15: David Rosenberg tweeted, "Maybe Trump is a genius, after all. What if he finally gets the steep Fed rate cuts he has been demanding? After that, he ends the trade wars, tariffs go to zero, and the stock market surges to new highs -- just in time for the 2020 election!"

David Rosenberg writes a daily economic report, Breakfast with Dave, and is Chief Economist and Strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates.

He lives in Toronto.

By the way, I am rooting for the Raptors out of guilt over the Cavs beating them 10 straight in the playoffs.


  1. 90,000 dead and 250,000 wounded doesn't sound like a refusal to fight.

    1. They surrendered in July 1940
      We entered in December 1941.
      Britain fought alone

    2. Britain was not alone. Don't forget Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all declared war shortly after the UK did.

    3. Correct they fought but were outsmarted and outflanked to the north. Fortunately Hitler was the worst military commander in history. He could have wiped out the Brits at Dunkirk but didn't he thought they'd surrender too.

      Big mistake. Almost as big as declaring war on the USA that was his fatal error.

    4. I'm sorry, Don, but you're in the wrong here. The French fought. The French were beaten. Just like the Poles, Norwegians, Dutch and Belgians fought and got beaten. And like those countries, some French continued to fight after they were beaten and their country overrun by the Nazis. To say the French refused to fight is, to put it lightly, a distortion of history.

      Britain, meanwhile, was protected by the ocean, and in any event, was backed by the Commonwealth nations (Juno Beach was assaulted by the Canadians), as well as the resources of the British Empire, and the territories of other European powers the Nazis had overrun, which included French Equatorial Africa.

    5. Don, I'm with your detractors on this one. The French did one heck of a job and made tremendous sacrifices. Their leadership was turncoat but the rank and file people made life hell for the Germans.

    6. I'm with the Don. The Poles fought back against the Nazi Germans. France folded, as did Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and (aided by traitors within) Norway. Sweden was even worse as it was a blatant Nazi collaborator pretending to be neutral.

      Western Europe in general, and France in particular, has never forgiven the United States for courageously defending and freeing France when the French were too weak and too arrogant to defend themselves. They still hate us after 75 years of reminding them of their spinelessness.

    7. In reality, it’s a complicated question & answer; the effect WWI had on the French (& British too for that matter) psyche cannot be discounted.

      It ruined them & made them fatalistic. France went into WWII with a WWI army.

    8. This is a good conversation. I worry when absolutely everyone agrees on something abortion being an exception.

      Frankly we've saved Europe's ass twice now, which is why I am against NATO post 1991.

      Let Europe protect itself for a change! The Soviets are no more. NATO is just a huge subsidy to the defense industry. This empire building may bankrupt us one day.

    9. France, Poland, Belgium, and Holland all folded because they were beaten. On Frances part is was incompetence on the part of men like DeGaulle, and weakened fighting spirit of the French People. They woke up and partisans gave the Germans hell, but it was just a series of pin pricks that did little for the war effort. The largest contribution of the French partisans was intelligence and recovery of downed fliers, unless the area's population hated the US and British fliers as much as they did the Germans. Some downed fliers were killed by the French in those areas.

    10. You history is a bit off. They signed an armistice in 1940. Most of the country remained under the government led by Petain. Bir Hakim and all the other battles fought by the Free French forces seem to be forgotten by many.

  2. Item 13: Just like colleges and universities. I started school just as the NDEA student loan program started. 1st year tuition $900. Last year tuition $1600. They couldn't charge more to fill classrooms if you couldn't pay more. The government made us able to pay more.

  3. Next thing we'll hear is that Iran has "yellow cake" or aluminum tubes. The GOP really should learn new tricks in their march to war to cover for inept "leadership".

    1. The Iran propaganda has been unending for thirty years. We have no business over there anyway. War is a racket said the greatest Marine in history Gen Smedley Butler.

      Conservatives fall for war everytime.

  4. Brokaw got one thing right. They were the greatest generation (but I also think WW1 vets were pretty great too). I don’t think most of today’s “men” could carry their boots.

    1. Blame bone spurs....

    2. Better than your skull spurs.

  5. You keep bringing up bone spurs like it's supposed to mean something. If military service is a requirement for the presidency, you could look at Jimmy Carter, Capt. U.S Navy, but not a stellar prez. You could check out Slick Willie, draft dodger, who hightailed it to Canada, eh.
    Oh well, Everybody! On the count of three!
    Whatever you say, Susan.
    (With apologies to Some Guy.)

    1. Gosh, I must be having a Senior Moment. Somebody please remind me which branch of the military Obama served in?

    2. Obama served in the underground commie pinko force.

      His mentor was a communist Frank Marshal Davis.

    3. Trump ended up with a deferment because of bone spurs. As I aged and got bone spurs, on both feet, I would not have been able serve as the spurs cause problems. I would not be able to stand a bridge watch now.

  6. The boffins did their part at D-Day, too.
    “In the preparation for the June invasion, British and American geologists studied nearly one million aerial photographs of the Normandy shores, scouring the images for the ideal landing site…The Permian-Triassic metamorphic rocks found inland at Normandy turn into the medium-grained sands the invasion planners needed to literally support the landing.”

  7. I'm 70 but know little about D-Day other than popular culture references (like the movie "The Longest Day"). I just read an article from 1960 by SLA Marshall who wrote it from field notes rather than digested reports. He was known for gathering together survivors of units just a day or two after an action to gather info.