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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Highlights of the News

While you were sleeping, President Donald John Trump met Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

ITEM 1: The Associated Press reported, "With wide grins and a historic handshake, President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un met at the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone on Sunday and agreed to revive talks on the pariah nation’s nuclear program.

"Trump, pressing his bid for a legacy-defining accord, became the first sitting American leader to step into North Korea.

"What originally was intended to be an impromptu exchange of pleasantries turned into a 50-minute meeting, another historic first in the yearlong rapprochement between the two technically warring nations. It marks a return to face-to-face contact between the leaders after talks broke down during a summit in Vietnam in February.

"Trump announced afterward that the two nations had agreed to resume discussions in the coming weeks. Significant doubts remain, though, about the future of the negotiations and the North’s willingness to give up its stockpile of nuclear weapons."

The third time is the charm.

I cannot imagine any other president doing what President Trump is doing for world peace. He would go through the gates of hell for peace.

In 1999, Tim Russert interviewed Donald Trump on "Meet the Press" and asked The Donald about North Korea. What would he do as president?

The future president replied, "First, I negotiate. I would negotiate like crazy. And I’d make sure that we tried to get the best deal possible. Now, if that negotiation doesn’t work, you better solve the problem now than solve it later, Tim. And you know it. And every politician knows it. And nobody wants to talk about it."

20 years later, there he is doing exactly what he said he would.

Two summers ago, Democrats maligned President Trump for ratcheting up the rhetoric. The Dotard and Rocket Man were going to tweet their way into World War III, Democrats predicted.

Then last summer, Democrats maligned President Trump for meeting with Kim in Singapore. They said he was giving Kim legitimacy, as if Kim were not the legitimate leader of North Korea.

Now what will they say?

Whatever it is, it will be wrong.

ITEM 2: The Daily Beast reported, "The United States will resume sales of products to Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, President Donald Trump said in his post-G20 press conference Saturday in Osaka.

"The action appears to be a surrender to publicly issued Chinese demands."

Matt Drudge said President Trump caved.

He is the ignorant linking the ignorant.

What did Donald John Trump get in exchange?

The story doesn't say. The reporter isn't interested. It is all clickbait to journalists anymore.

Bur hours later, President Trump was in North Korea.

ITEM 3: Nikkei Asian Review reported, "Chinese President Xi Jinping's flip-flop on Hong Kong's highly controversial extradition bill was as quick as the traditional Chinese art of face changing.

"It was, in effect, the first major concession the leadership under Xi has had to make since coming to power six years ago.

"But Xi and his team were not deeply reluctant to make the decision, said a source tuned in to Zhongnanhai, the leadership compound in Beijing.

"'The foreign media has it wrong,' the source said. 'The leadership looked at the domestic economy, international circumstances, and decided to step back a little bit. That's all.'

"The decisive factor, the source continued, was that Hong Kong's importance to China as a window to international capital has recently increased. 'Shanghai is not yet ready to take over Hong Kong's role' in this regard, the source said."

Red China is communist but tries to fake being capitalist.

Just like the Democrat Party,

ITEM 4: The Epoch Times reported, "Forty-two percent of American adults think speaking Spanish during a televised debate is 'pandering' instead of 'respectful,' according to a YouGov survey conducted prior to the Democratic primary debates.

"During the first debate, three out of the 10 primary candidates answered one of their debate questions in Spanish; former Texas representative Beto O’Rourke, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Julian Castro.

The survey, conducted late in June, found that 31 percent of U.S. adults think that speaking Spanish during the debate is respectful and 27 percent did not know how to take it."

None of them are native Spanish speakers. Castro is a third-generation American.

The Liberty Daily called it Hispandering.

ITEM 5: Fox News reported, "A Democratic candidate for Florida’s House reportedly has ended her campaign after being challenged on her detailed and graphic claims she treated victims of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting."

"'I personally removed 77 bullets from 32 people … It was like an assembly line," candidate Elizabeth McCarthy had claimed at a gun safety event earlier this year."

If you are sipping coffee, please put down your cup before reading the next paragraph.

The report said, "the Florida Department of Health did not have a record of her being a licensed doctor; the parent company of the medical center said there’s no record of any doctor by that name; another company the candidate claimed to be working for denied she worked there; and University of Central Florida officials said they couldn't find a record of the medical degree she claimed."

Sounds like Democrat presidential material to me.

ITEM 6: Bloomberg reported, "Vietnam is buying more US goods to help it reduce a $39.5 billion surplus, after US President Donald Trump called the country a trade abuser.

"'Vietnam has made great efforts to improve the trade balance between the two countries, increasing imports,' Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang said in a statement late on Friday.

"Vietnam is improving investment conditions for US companies while encouraging Vietnamese businesses to invest in the US, Hang said."

He's good -- so good that he is winning a war with Vietnam.

Under the TPP he rejected, Vietnam would have told him to pound salt. Multilateral agreements allow mice to roar.

ITEM 7: The Hill reported, "A federal judge on Friday issued a ruling blocking the Trump administration from tapping billions of dollars in military funds to construct a wall on the United States's southern border.

"U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam issued the permanent injunction in a California federal court after initially ruling last month to temporarily halt the administration’s use of military funds for the border wall."

Once again an Obama judge exceeded his authority by trying to dictate national policy from his dinky district, this time Northern California.

We need to rein them in. Impeachment may be too severe but some sort of penalty must be paid for judicial obstruction.

ITEM 8: The Associated Press reported, "President Donald Trump has landed in South Korea with daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, and a meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un may be on his agenda.

"Trump flew from Osaka, Japan, where he attended a global summit and held numerous meetings with world leaders, including Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping.

"The president was introduced to K-pop boy band EXO and was given one of their albums shortly after his arrival. They also chatted with Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

"And Ivanka, who stunned in a powder blue dress which she paired with white stilettos, couldn't contain her excitement after being handed a signed copy of their latest album."

Later, there was a lavish dinner for the Trumps. What did they eat?

Seoul food.

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "Queens is about to get a heckuva lot more pervert-friendly, and parents, some current and former sex workers and rank-and-file Democrats are seeing scarlet.

"Scaring the stuffing out of a wide swath of residents of a borough already plagued with an enormous number of working girls, boys and transgender individuals is the apparent Democratic primary victory this week of Tiffany Cabán for district attorney, which pretty much makes the self-described 'queer Latina' and BFF of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a shoo-in.

"Problem is, the 31-year-old democratic socialist is so enamored with the world’s oldest profession, she promised to stop arresting not only ladies and dudes of the evening, but the pimps and johns who exploit them.

"In fact, she’s vowed to send a memo ordering prosecutors to quit messing with pros, their customers and promoters on Day One."

If elected, I won't prosecute you. What a campaign slogan for a prosecutor. It is so evil that I am surprised a West Virginia Democrat did not think of it first.

ITEM 10: Andy Puzder reported, "Following Saturday’s meeting between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Japan, it is clear that Trump’s strategic use of tariffs to end China’s rampant illegal trade cheating and intellectual property theft is putting pressure on the Chinese to negotiate a more balanced trade agreement.

"It’s about time we had a president willing to stand firm and bargain hard with China to serve our national interest.

"Trump’s tough stand and refusal to turn a blind eye to China’s misconduct has the potential to open the door to trade that is genuinely free and fair between the world’s two largest economies. This could lead to a sweeping trade agreement that would be one of the most important economic compacts in world history and benefit both nations for decades to come.

"In an important vindication of Trump’s refusal to surrender to Chinese pressure, he and Xi agreed to resume stalled U.S.-China trade negotiations. Xi appears to have finally realized that unlike past American presidents, Trump is a master negotiator who will not surrender to Chinese pressure tactics. As Trump has pointed out before, a bad deal is worse than no deal.

"While the talks proceed and as a show of good will, Trump said he would not impose tariffs on an additional $300 billion in Chinese imports, as he had planned to do.

"However, the U.S. president wisely said he will maintain tariffs he imposed earlier on $250 billion in Chinese products to keep the pressure on China to reach a fair trade deal with the U.S. China imposed tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. products in response to Trump’s earlier tariffs."

President Trump's success earlier this month with giving Mexico a choice between tariffs and securing the border signaled to Chairman Xi just how patient and tenacious The Donald is.

ITEM 11: Breitbart Tech reported, "Silicon Valley tech giant Apple is reportedly moving the production of its new Mac Pro desktop computers from the United States to China.

"CNBC reports that Silicon Valley tech giant Apple plans to assemble its new Mac Pro desktop computer in China, moving production out of the U.S. where previous models were assembled. The Mac Pro was unveiled by Apple earlier this month and is set to go on sale later in 2019. Apple previously warned that tariffs on China could hurt the company’s contribution to the U.S. economy."

Apple belongs to China now. Tariff the hell out of it.

ITEM 12: The New York Post reported, "Republicans pounced Friday after all 10 Democrats in the presidential debate a night earlier called for extending taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants."

Pounce is journalese for "winning."

ITEM 13: DC Whispers reported, "Yet another HUGE story that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. Thankfully, OAN has been following the ongoing developments that outline how former Obama officials in conjunction with multiple contacts in Congress, have recently been caught working with Iranian officials to defeat the remarkably successful Trump administration’s actions in isolating and possibly hastening the collapse of the #1 sponsor of state terrorism that is the Iranian regime.

"Let that sink in. Former Obama officials and current members of Congress are working to support and maintain one of the worst human rights violators in the entire world. The Iranian government has a long history of brutalizing women, homosexuals, and other religious and/or racial minorities. The regime is also directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of U.S. military men and women."

The report included a video report from OAN.

I wonder what kickback Obama and his henchmen received for that $170 billion he released to the mullahs. The enemy within played white guilt for an eight-year run. They will try that again in 2020 because they have nothing else to offer.

ITEM 14: Vivek Saxena reported, "This week the mother of an executed American photojournalist suggested that, despite incessant complaints from the media that President Donald Trump is somehow violating their rights, he’s done more to rescue American hostages abroad, including journalists, than their messiah ever did.

"'We’re very happy to report that things are better for Americans who are considered hostage, that is Americans who are held by terrorists, criminal gangs or pirates,' Diane Foley, the mother of deceased photojournalist James Foley, said in an interview with Law and Crime.

"Her son was abducted in Syria seven years ago and subsequently beheaded by Islamic State terrorists two years later. Foley has long maintained that her son would still be alive had then-President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration made an effort to rescue him.

"'At the time, Mrs. Foley claimed officials in the Obama White House gave her son’s plight a low priority, misled her about key developments and threatened to prosecute anyone who tried to raise money to pay the ransom that ISIS was demanding,' Law and Crime reported."

Obama is a cruel man beneath that Will Smith exterior.


  1. Will Smith should have been President! Meddling kids.... He'd have been better than BHO.

  2. Obama is an America-hating fraud.

  3. 7) there seems to be clear evidence that Obama sold judgeships. Gilliam paid 30,000 for his and not a dime since.

    I know that is the chit ca go way.

    we need more light on the cockroaches.


  4. SEOUL-L-L-L-L-L-L FOOD!!!
    Your last name wouldn't really be Cornelius, would it Don?

  5. About paying for appointment to a judgeship: I had read that was the reason for Judge Crater's disappearance back in the 20's. He backed out on agreement to kick back his first years' salary. I wondered if that still went on. Easy to believe but impossible to prove.

  6. I believe when the final curtain comes down on the NK/USA drama, we will see tha Kim was a hostage to China. Trump is doing a hostage
    rescue of sorts. He's bein accused of making this deal for his legacy-that 1999 interview with Russert (who was, a real journalist btw) says otherwise.

  7. 13) We don't know what we don't know. Pretty sure the Presidents men know the details about any Logan Act violations. Seems Kerry has been pretty flagrant in his abuse banking on the fact no one has been prosecuted if ever for violating the Act. Here's hoping that changes and the DOJ is already preparing indictments for the offenders.

  8. Item 1. Watching Amy Klobucher (horses whinny in terror)* slamming President Trump's meeting with Kim Jun Il. "You just can't bring a hotdish to your next door dictator" Innit she just so folksy?
    Now she's talking how President Trump is leading the U.S. to war in NK and Iran. Diplomacy is war? Where do the dems get these crazy ideas?

    *think "Young Frankenstein"

    1. Those are the biggest knockers I've ever seen.

      Zank you.

    2. When referencing the dems, you should refer to them as boobs.

  9. Now what will they say?

    Whatever it is, it will be wrong.

    Trump meets with murderer Kim.

    Fresh off the comment boards.

  10. "You WILL respect my authoritah!" - Judge Haywood Gilliam

  11. Lol Trump is a clown. I don't know how many times he'll pull these publicity stunts before y'all figure it out.
    Maybe you'll never catch on.

    It's like Lucy and the football. You fall for it *every* time.

    This time next year, nothing will have changed. And he'll do something like this again. And you'll react the same way because you are predictable and easily impressed with simple photo ops.

  12. Missiles are not flying over Japan you dunce. Try to keep up.

  13. Regarding former Obama people and current congresscritters colluding with Iran:
    We need publicity for the names and specifics.

  14. Anon- marching across the DMZ alone with no security showed balls of steel. No one is buying the BS you are shoveling.

  15. Had Trump not met him I’m sure you had an alternate comment ready—“ How dare Trump not take the opportunity to me Kim. He had an opportunity for peace and flushed it. He’s a traitor.” Bugger off

  16. "Later, there was a lavish dinner for the Trumps. What did they eat?

    Seoul food."

    Don, that was a three-groan, double-handed facepalm pun.

    17th Va. Regiment


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