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Monday, June 17, 2019

Highlights of the news

Good Monday morning. Donald John Trump is still your president.

ITEM 1: World Israel News reported, "The Israeli cabinet was holding its weekly meeting Sunday on the Golan Heights, instead of Jerusalem, and voting on a resolution to 'initiate establishment of a new residential community on the Golan Heights to be named for U.S President Donald Trump,' according to the Prime Minister’s Office. The name of the new Golan locality will be Ramat Trump – Trump Heights, it said.

"The PMO said that the move was being taken in recognition of the president’s efforts 'on behalf of the State of Israel in a wide range of areas,' including 'American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights.'

"U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman would be attending the cabinet meeting, said the PMO."

Action trumps words, and Trump is pretty good at words, too.

ITEM 2: Monica Showalter reported, "President Obama is living the life of a former king, vacationing these days at a palatial estate in the south of France. At what point has he made enough? Silly us for asking."

But this is not a vacation.

She also reported, "DCWhispers, a pretty reliable blog, reprinted an item stringing together all the Obama spottings around Europe with its leaders, all of whom are of the #NeverTrump ilk, calling it the activity of a 'dictator in exile.'

"Obama's met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He's also met with French President Emmanuel Macron. Funny, he's now staying in Macron's country now... And all of this comes as Obama has become increasingly implicated in the activities to overthrow President Trump from Deep State, a trail that's now being investigated by the Justice Department. And it comes as revelations roll out about Obama's former Secretary of State, John Kerry, as well as other prominent Democrats, such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, meet with America's enemies such as Iran on the sly, advising them to hold on until they can retake power."

And George Papadopoulos tweeted, "Two weeks after I exposed Italy’s role in spygate, Obama is heading to Italy today to meet with the former Italian prime minister who weaponized his intel assets against us. Keep focused, America. The real headlines are now coming out."

Walls are closing in.

ITEM 3: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, "I think every day that passes, the pressure to impeach grows. I think that it’s justifiable, I think the evidence continues to come in and I believe that with the president now saying that he is willing to break the law to win re-election, that transcends partisanship, it transcends party lines, and this is now about the rule of law in the United States of America."

Rule of law?

The rule of law would imprison Obama for using national security to spy on a political opponent.

Impeaching President Donald John Trump would create such a backlash that Democrats would be lucky to hold on to Hawaii.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "President Trump said his predecessor Barack Obama had to 'know about' efforts to ensure he wouldn’t win the presidency.

"'There was no crime. There was no collusion. The big thing was collusion. Now, there’s no collusion,' Trump told ABC News’ This Week in an interview that aired Sunday. 'That means they set – it was a setup – in my opinion, and I think it’s gonna come out.'"

The president knows the truth. The press can ignore it. Democrats can spin all they want. But the truth is, someone is going to prison because Obama spied on political opponents.

I expect a fall guy. Jimmy the World's Tallest Weasel Comey is likely him. But maybe more will fall on their swords to spare Obama the Awful his deserved fate.

ITEM 5: Fox News reported, "A millennial who's fighting a rare form of cancer hit back Friday at Joe Biden's claim that his presidency would "cure cancer," and credited legislation passed during President Trump's administration with saving her life.

"Natalie Harp, who has battled stage 2 bone cancer for most of her life, said during an appearance on 'Fox and Friends' that President Trump's Right to Try act allowed her to make a comeback after a nurse's medical mistake in 2015 left her wheelchair-bound and in excruciating pain.

"'I'm not dying from cancer any more thanks to President Trump, I'm living with cancer,' she said."

Slow Joe Biden said he would cure cancer IF elected.

President Trump made no such empty promise. But he is making a difference by using the presidency to do something Obama did not do.

ITEM 6: Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern reported, "The New York Times Thursday morning has bad news for one of its favorite anonymous sources, former CIA Director John Brennan.

"The Times reports that the Justice Department plans to interview senior CIA officers to focus on the allegation that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian intelligence to intervene in the 2016 election to help Donald J. Trump. DOJ investigators will be looking for evidence to support that remarkable claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report failed to establish."

How is this bad for Brennan?

McGovern reported, "With Justice Department investigators’ noses to the ground, it should be just a matter of time before they identify Brennan conclusively as fabricator-in-chief of the Russiagate story. Evidence, real evidence in this case, abounds, since the Brennan-Comey-Clapper gang of three were sure Hillary Clinton would become president. Consequently, they did not perform due diligence to hide their tracks.

"Worse still, intelligence analysts tend to hang onto instructions and terms of reference handed down to them by people like Brennan and his top lieutenants. It will not be difficult for CIA analysts to come up with documents to support the excuse: 'Brennan made me do it.'"

Bill Barr's assignment is to expose how our CIA and FBI became Obama's personal KGB -- and to prosecute those who enabled this.

ITEM 7: Fox News reported, "Democrat presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke took an unconventional approach to reaching out to African-American voters Friday, meeting with a small group representing a community of slave descendants in South Carolina and saying white Americans do not know the full story of slavery."

Beto is quickly becoming the Al Jolson of white male liberal pandering.

ITEM 8: Reuters reported, "President Donald Trump once again criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday, saying he is a disaster and will only get worse after three people were slain in the city in less than 20 hours.

"Trump also retweeted a tweet by the right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins who called London 'stab city' and said 'this is Khan’s Londonistan,' a phrase used to describe the city's failure to tackle Muslim extremists."

That Reuters reported as a fact that the city has failed "to tackle Muslim extremists" is the real news.

The truth has a strange way of seeping out.

ITEM 9: The Atlantic asked, "Why have national Democrats and not national Republicans fallen under the tyranny of the 70-somethings?"

Because none of those under 70 have a clue on how to govern. Obama was the worst two-term president ever.

Look who the post-Baby Boom generation offers among Democrat presidential candidates. Beavis "Beto" O'Rourke. The Gay Alfred E. Neuman. The definitely not gay Spartacus. Kamala the Prosecutrix. Amy the Snowman Klobuchar who does not have sense enough to come out of the snow.

ITEM 10: Agence France Presse reported, "Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed Sunday that the US will guarantee free passage through the vital Strait of Hormuz, as he accused Iran of recent attacks on oil tankers and the downing of a US drone.

"Pompeo confirmed in an interview with CBS that a US MQ-9 Reaper drone was shot down June 6 with a missile fired from Yemen 'that we assess had Iranian assistance.'

"Pompeo would not be drawn on what options the US is considering to protect shipping -- or to punish Iran -- in the wake of Thursday's attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, but reiterated that President Donald Trump is not seeking war with Iran."

President Trump is the calm in the eye of the storm. Iran needs to realize that the House of Saud and the Israelis await permission to level Tehran. Iran is a rogue state whose terrorism really hurts business.

ITEM 11: Breitbart News reported, "Mexican authorities detained a group of approximately 500 Central American migrants in the coastal state of Veracruz. Smugglers stuffed the migrants inside four tractor-trailers and were attempting to transport them from the southern part of Mexico to the U.S. border.

"Francisco Garduno, the new head of Mexico’s National Immigration Institute announced the operation. According to Garduno, the four drivers vehicles were turned over to Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office. His agency took custody of the migrants and moved them to a station in the town of Acayucan, Veracruz."

They really packed them in tight on the slaveships too.

ITEM 12: Daily Caller reported, "Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham defended President Donald Trump’s contention that merely talking with people, even foreign governments, is perfectly legal."

Of course.

Graham said, "Here’s the deal. We do know that the Democratic Party hired a British agent to get dirt on Trump and this British agent I think used foreign intelligence services to come up with a bunch of garbage. I think the Russians were out to hurt everybody including Trump. Who do you think this dossier came from? Do you think Steele made it up? I think he got it from the Russians. I think it was all a bunch of BS and it was used to get a warrant, and I would like for one Democrat to be outraged about that."

It is nice to see a Republican stand up for President Trump now and then.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported, "Taylor Swift has been hit with backlash following the release of her pro-LGBTQ single, as detractors accuse the 'corporate' pop star of jumping on the 'queer bandwagon' to make profit."


A singer is trying to profit from her work?

How dare she?

She wants to appease her liberal overlords now, but there is no appeasing them, of course.

ITEM 14: Politico reported, "Pete Buttigieg’s campaign jolted its top donors with big news on a conference call last month: The upstart mayor had raised $7 million in the month of April alone, as much as Buttigieg had in his entire eye-catching first quarter in the presidential race."

The Gay Mafia wants to buy a presidency.


  1. Clarity of thought and expression is important.

    Speaking For myself:
    Spying goes on all the time.
    Important issue is -
    private resources or government personnel and equipment.

  2. "The Gay Mafia wants to buy a presidency."

    There aren't enough of them. And, anyway, being gay doesn't qualify one for any office, just as being straight doesn't. - Gary B

  3. 14 items showing what a debacle liberals and liberalism are.

    Item 1 - remember how the liberals and never-Trumpers (but I repeat myself) said the Middle East would erupt due to our moving our embassy to Jerusalem? And now, several other countries have followed suit.

  4. Item 9: Snowperson? You really know how to trigger feminists! Keep it up.

  5. Russiagate is reminding me more and more of the prosecution of Danton during the Terror. It seems every time the Robespierreists wanted to prosecute someone Saint-Just or someone close to him would come up with a letter or anonymous communication that was fairly damning, but those defending themselves were stopped from being able to rebut or call witnesses in their defense. In this case the FISA court can up to a point be seen as a kind of Revolutionary Tribunal, followed up by the press and Democrat propaganda machine, Trump, of course, is Danton, and the Deep State of our day is the cabal surrounding Robespierre in the Committee of Public Safety and the Jacobin Club of Paris.

    The difference being that in our situation the bad guys weren't able to keep the other side silent long enough to get the job done and time ran out on the forgery used in the attempt to convict.

    The most disturbing aspects of all this is how so many Republicans seem willing to go along with these kinds of tactics, and that the same tactics used by evil people during the Terror remain in the arsenal of the left even today.

    1. You're not mistaking Republicans for Trump supporters, are you? I know it's easy to slip back into that assumption because, for the longest time, we thought they were actual conservatives. But, Trump revealed them to be journeyman swamp practitioners, more commonly known as liars. - Gary B

    2. That there are Republican sheep going along proves the very point I think the President was making by his decision to run: the two parties in the US are not Rs and Ds; rather, it is the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party against all of us who do not hold and do not wish to hold office or some Washington DC job.

      This, in part, is what makes so delicious the announcement that part of the Dept. of Agriculture is being moved to Kansas City.

      There never was supposed to be an all powerful central government whether R or D.

    3. Quite true about the Uniparty. Angelo Codevilla nails it in his essay After the Republic

    4. Anon @11:32AM, thanks for posting that Codevilla piece; fascinating to read that, which was written before President Trump was elected.

      He bemoaned the fact that "In fact, the United States of America was great because of a whole bunch of things that now are gone." But now Trump is making America great again, and hopefully some of what was lost will be regained.

      Though I have my doubts; we have lost a great deal of what made this a great country to begin with, and now much of our population is not culturally American even though they're legal residents.

  6. When will the Logan Act be enforced against Obama, Kerry, et al.?

  7. Why is Obama allowed to be a shadow dictator? U.S. caca media needs to die.

  8. Maybe Obama will join the French Foreign Legion-so he can get full French Citizenship-Arabic interpreter, maybe..
    Although there is a rumor of a place in Qatar..