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Monday, June 10, 2019

Highlights of the News

It's Monday. I'm retired. And Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Washington Examiner reported, "Mexican military deployed throughout the country as part of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's vow to do more to apprehend migrants headed to the United States, have officially begun targeting foreigners who have hitched rides aboard a freight train known as "The Beast" to get to the U.S.-Mexico border, local media reported Sunday.

"Mexican National Guard held up the 'La Bestia' train in an unpopulated area near Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, a city north of the Mexico-Guatemala border, where migrants have been crossing into the country.

"The operation marked the first of its kind since López Obrador and President Trump reached a deal late Friday, in which the U.S. would hold off on tariffs against Mexican imports if the government did more to prevent people from traveling through the country."

So much for the media BS that Mexico gave President Donald John Trump nothing new.

Since The Donald gave AMLO a choice between tariffs and cooperation, Mexico has seized bank accounts of 26 human smugglers, sent 6,000 troops to the Southern border, agreed to hold those seeking asylum in the USA, and now this.

Never trust the media when it comes to President Trump.

ITEN 2: Maria Bartiromo interviewed Republican Congressman Mark Meadows, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee.

He said, "The number one question I get asked back home in North Carolina and across the country: 'Will there be accountability?' And I'm here to tell you this morning, the answer is yes. Bill Barr is serious about making sure they reestablish the reputation of the FBI and the Department of Justice, and I can tell you that unless someone actually goes to jail, most of the people will think that accountability didn't happen, but I believe based on the documents I've seen, that crimes were committed and people need to go to jail."

What is encouraging is people are interested in this. You have to get the public's interest in this in order to get Washington to take action. It took more than a year to get people interested in Watergate, but once the public was engaged, Nixon was politically dead.

Some readers are skeptical about getting justice. Those concerns are legitimate. All I can say is there was skepticism about getting conservative judges, a tax cut and even moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

The public is woke, to steal a phrase.

ITEM 3: Reuters reported, "Boris Johnson, the leading candidate to succeed Theresa May as Britain’s next prime minister, said he would withhold a previously agreed 39 billion pound ($50 billion) Brexit payment until the European Union gives Britain better exit terms."

That is exactly the advice President Donald John Trump gave Theresa May. She didn't take it. She is no longer PM.

This does not mean Britain won't pay the money eventually. This means it won't pay the money without getting some concessions.

President Trump wrote a book on negotiating. I suggest his critics read it.

Apparently Johnson did. He will make a dandy PM.

ITEM 4: Tom Slater reported, "A viral clip did the rounds earlier this week of a Trump supporter being shouted at and milkshaked by protesters in London.

"One woman with a blond bob can be seen in the video screaming hysterically in his face. She quickly became a symbol of the British bourgeoisie’s particularly nasty case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which spilled out on to London’s streets during his state visit this week.

"Now, she’s been forced to leave a job."

The screamer was Siobhan Prigent, who had a consulting contract at University College London Hospitals coordinating clinical trials. Then this happened.

Acts of violence -- throwing a milkshake at someone -- and getting in someone's face have consequences.

In England.

She did not lose her contract for what she said, but for outrageous and unacceptable behavior. All people should be able to walk down the street without being hit with a milkshake or having someone scream in their face.

But the banshees believe hating President Trump is a license to trash all of society's norms. That is a sobering development.

ITEM 5: The Los Angeles Times reported, "The heavily Democratic state Legislature is less popular among California voters than President Trump. It's not a typo. It’s a poll finding released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California."

Cute lead.

I hate cute leads on actual news.

The disappointment in California with their socialist government may be that it has not gone full communist.

More likely, voters are displeased with bans on plastic straws to somehow protect the environment while permitting people to poop on the sidewalk.

ITEM 6: Ryan Ledendecker reported, "One Year After ‘Red Hen’ Refused To Serve Her, Sarah Sanders Dines with the Queen of England."

Better grub. Better service. Better company.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "Robert De Niro got hit with a real summer blockbuster in court Thursday, when lawyers for his estranged wife demanded half of his $500 million fortune — despite a 2004 prenup that his side insists limits her to a $6 million apartment, $500,000 cash and $1 million a year in alimony.

"The 'Raging Bull' star’s soon-to-be ex Grace Hightower made the big money grab — and revealed intimate details of his net worth — Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court, where the two sat through another in a series of contentious hearings in their ongoing divorce."

Maybe if he spent less time howling about President Trump and more time with his wife, De Niro would not be getting divorced and losing so much dinero.

De Niro Trumpenfreude never gets old.

ITEM 8: William A. Jacobson reported, "Oberlin College mass email criticizing Jurors could influence Punitive Damages Hearing in Gibson’s Bakery case."

No remorse, no regret, no apology.

They already are down $11 million. Arrogance may cost them another $22 million.

The email came from Donica Thomas Varner, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary. She's been a college legal bureaucrat for about 20 of her 23 years in practice. Maybe she should have left the writing of emails to someone who knows judges -- someone smart enough not to send one.

A law professor by trade, Jacobson wrote, "The post-verdict email could be Exhibit A at the punitive damages hearing as to why the compensatory damages are not sufficient to send a message to Oberlin College and its administrators. Whether it will be an exhibit we’ll find out on Tuesday."

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "The head of the Catholic Church in West Virginia — who was expelled over sex harassment allegations — spent millions on luxury travel and doled out lavish gifts to fellow clergy, a report said Wednesday.

"Bishop Michael J. Bransfield, 75, showered $350,000 in gifts to others in the church — including some he is accused of abusing and one archbishop who was overseeing a probe into his conduct, according to The Washington Post."

The story also said, "Bransfield spent $2.4 million in church money on travel, including chartered jets and luxury hotels; $1,000 a month on alcohol; $4.6 million on renovating a church; and $182,000 on flowers delivered daily to his office, the report said."

I am not Catholic but I grew up watching little old ladies in babushkas walking to church for mass. Some daily. Many of them had but two mites, and gave both to the Church.

$2.4 million is a lot of trips to mass by a lot of little old ladies.


  1. Oberlin has an endowment of $887.4 million. I think that pretty much accounts for the arrogance. I have mentioned this before: these institutions need to be taxed. Hard.

    Here's a paradox for you: the same people who complain about wealth inequality and go around saying corporations aren't people and shouldn't have rights, and how everyone's stuff and everyone's money are national resources, ignore the fact that there is enough money in university endowments to handle most of the national debt. Almost all of these institutions were formed by or protected by state laws or government grants. That money is ours.

    1. The total is $548 billion in endowments not equal to the $23 trillion debt (or close to the over 100 trillion for future entitlements). Yes the endowments are protected but the money is mainly from donors and investments, but yes they are not taxed so they are effectively subsidized.

  2. So college COULD be free? Who knew? Hahaha. Another fact-based post, Doc. Nice job.

    I hear ya, Big D. Gray, rainy, and cool in the EP this morning and it’s great! The LibCommies’ famed party discipline shall be put to the test here soon with impeachment; meanwhile, like a new dawn, the light gets steadily brighter on the full extent of Spygate and yes, sports fans, all roads lead back to the Black Jesus. Pull that race card, Soetero!

  3. "Mexico has...sent 6,000 troops to the Southern border..."

    Why we haven't used our own troops and military technology to protect the holes in our border is beyond me. Now, we have the ebola virus hitching rides with African illegals. How many different ways can this get worse? - Gary B

    1. Plus the cartels are walking actual drugs by human mules across the border while they're simultaneously keeping the CBP busy with the illegals they're smuggling into the country. How this doesn't warrant our military's attention is beyond me, Posse Comitatus or not.

    2. The media and government (CDC) are ignoring the diseases brought into the US. For every one caught or give up, the Border Patrol estimates 2-3 times more escape into the US.
      While I support it, to use active military in a police action or to take over the NG to do it, a national emergency has to be declared and that, I imagine, is a last resort because half of our citizens would oppose it. This type of action needs pubic support to work and the MSM and Democrats would do their best to demonize such an action. The anti war actions about Vietnam might be mild to the reaction to troops on the border.

  4. Eight items to Make me smile and one big downer from the ba$tard bishop. All in all, great way to start the day.

  5. After reading more about the Oberlin situation that school belongs on your Trumpenfreude list, because the election results were behind much of their unlawful behavior.

  6. "the public is woke..."
    its more than that. in 2016, the American people worked themselves up into a tumultuous whirlwind, and dropped a house on the dems. a white house.
    the munchkin vote came in, and was even recounted. no ruby slippers for Hillary. in spite of the relentless efforts of the flying monkeys of the sycophantic media to turn trump into a straw man, he turned out to be a tin man and the slings and arrows just bounced off.
    he was NOT the cowardly lion dems had come to expect.
    and there was Toto, played by assange and O'Keefe, kept pulling the curtain back, exposing the shenanigans known as the " ground game" that dems are SO proud of..
    and not to overlook the poppy fields where the snowflakes got woke.

    and an ending just like in a big movie, "what a world, what a world, I'm melting I'm melting, he's not my president."

  7. ITEM 1

    You ask someone south of the border, "Who in the USA has cojones?", they're not going to say Biden or Bernie or Beto.

    ITEM 2

    The Leftist Media are starting to break ranks on this. There's a kinda First Manassas vibe about the way they're starting to get unsettled.

    ITEM 3

    Boris should go to Super Secret Plan B.

    That's where he tells the EU to "take this club and shove it, I ain't workin' here no more".

    Brexit ain't hard.

    ITEM 4

    "who had a consulting contract at University College London Hospitals coordinating clinical trials"

    I wouldn't pay that fruitcake to coordinate a Boston Two-Step.

    ITEM 5

    Miss California beauty contest to be replaced by Typhoid Mary pageant.

    ITEM 9

    >$2.4 million is a lot of trips to mass by a lot of little old ladies.<

    "I wonder would the apathy of wealthy men endure
    Were all their windows level with the faces of the Poor?
    Ah! Mammon's slaves, your knees shall knock, your hearts in terror beat,
    When God demands a reason for the sorrows of the street."
    H. Lawson

  8. Don,
    The Maxwell gif reminded me of all the whack-jobs that invaded my home state this weekend. Only difference was they were saying,"Meeeeeeeeee! Vote for me-me-me-me-meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

  9. "Mexico has seized bank accounts of 26 human smugglers" My God. They've known about these accounts and did nothing ….until Trump put his fist in their face. Breathtaking.

  10. I'm curious. what would be notable differences between Los setas and al quaida? both are well armed, rich, and viciously anti-american? why no drone warfare on the cartels?
    with its own YouTube channel?
    perhaps subscription prices could go to DoD to cover hellfire missiles? just wondering.