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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Fourth anniversary

Four years ago today, our best hope for the presidency came down the escalator at Trump Tower -- a self-made person who knew the damage socialism does, and a person who wanted to make America great again.

Unfortunately, Melania Trump was ineligible for the presidency because she was not born American, and so we settled on her husband. He has done a remarkably good job.


  1. "Unfortunately, Melania Trump was ineligible for the presidency because she was not born American, and so we settled on her husband. He has done a remarkably good job."

    LOL, I love it!

  2. Time flies! Best escalator ride of our lives.

  3. Are old fogeys allowed to post here? How old? I remember seeing President Truman on our black and white TV with the seven inch screen. So, I've seen and lived under a bunch of presidents - 13 if I counted right. Of all of them, Donald Trump is most like Dwight Eisenhower.

    Both men came to office after being spectacularly successful in non-political endeavors. Ike won the war in Europe. We are familiar with the accomplishments of Trump. You may not like him but he does have his own jumbo jet and gold bathroom fixtures.

    For both, their first political office was President of the United States. Ike was recruited by both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Before announcing nobody knew if Trump was a Democrat or a Republican.

    What did they accomplish? Ike gave us the Interstate Highway System, arguably the most significant and successful infrastructure program in history. The book on Trump is not complete but so far he hasn't done badly with economic growth and unemployment. A one percent increase in GDP leads to an economy that is 65% larger in 50 years. Fifty years, you say? It's been 60 years since the Interstates were started.

    But, most importantly, MOST IMPORTANTLY, neither of them was OWNED. Neither one of them ascended the political system beholden to narrow interests for their success. They are/were, the only two presidents in my lifetime whose loyalties are to us, the voters. That means that every one of us are going to be unhappy at times. But it's all right ma, it's life and life only.

    1. Interesting comparison of Trump with Ike. I was too young to know if Ike had as many domestic enemies as Trump has today. Ike warned us about the military/industrial complex and he was right. They killed Kennedy and now they're trying to neutralize Trump. He has exposed them to the light of day and so it's now become the Battle of the Ages, with the future of all of us at stake. They are truly desperate. Expect them to ramp up dirty tricks between now and 2020. - Gary B

    2. Thanks for the comments. Great point. Not being OWNED is yuuuuuuuge.

    3. In re military/industrial complex: In the next section he warned of the "scientific-technological elite".

      The whole speech is quite remarkable.

    4. S. Lardmaster is correct. Not being owned is very yuuuuuuuuuge. So is having his own security team. I assume they are fully capable of a retaliatory strike. That should make those chicken shits think twice. God bless President Trump! He brings to bear the greatest bundle of attributes of any president. - Gary B

  4. President Trump has done just "a remarkably good job"? He's accomplished miracles in my opinion.

  5. Hang in there. Trump is being undercut by every single swamp thing within striking distance. On a daily basis, he doesn't know what creep, whom he trusted, will turn on him. Can you imagine how difficult that must be. Talk about a hostile working environment... - Gary B


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