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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Everyone wants Roe v. Wade reviewed

The 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade comes before the next presidential election, meaning there will be almost 40 million fewer voters than there would have been had the Nine Old White Men on the Supreme Court allowed states to decide the matter.

Roe was built on lies (no one was gang raped) and bad science (ultrasound now show that babies in the womb are more than blobs of cells) to assuage false fears (the number of deaths in illegal abortions were exaggerated).

The decision is the worst since Dred Scott and must be re-heard. Both sides recognize this and the states are pushing

The press has made a bigger deal out of Alabama, Georgia, and other states restricting abortion to the first six to eight weeks than it has about New York, Maine, and other states allowing mothers to kill babies up until birth.

Both violate Roe v. Wade because the legislators and governors of these states want to be sued so that they can get abortion settled once and for all.

Anti-abortion states want the states to decide, which would allow New York, Maine, and the rest to kill babies.

Pro-abortion states want the federal government to decide. There would be no sanctuary states for babies.

Abortion is not a right because the decision involves the lives of three people: the mother, the father, and the baby. Under the law, a man is responsible financially until a child turns 18. He has no say in the matter, and in the case of divorce, even DNA tests cannot relieve this responsibility.

But while a woman can force a man into fatherhood, the reverse is not true. God does not give rights to one sex and not the other.

The devil's argument since Roe v. Wade is that it is a woman's body, therefore it is her choice.

But science has shown repeatedly that from conception forward, a baby is separate from the mother.

The abortion argument was always weak and has gotten weaker. The court must address this because seven justices in January 1973 made this mess. Nine Justices in June 2019 must clean it up.


  1. The 4 fundemental, non negotiable, body functions:

    1. Breathe.

    2. Drink, then piss.

    3. Eat, then shit.

    4. Copulate, then expel new body.

    The obvious neccessity to avoid body freezing, boiling, crushing, shredding, bleedings, from inside of skin and to outside of skin, etc., need not be enumerated.

    The first three fundementals, if not met, your body dies.

    The fourth fundemental, if not met, your body does not die.

    There is the choice.

    To copulate or to not copulate.

    Copulation is not playing game of Russian Roulette.

    Copulation is not the common misunderstanding of the meaning of the word, recreation.

    Copulation is not mandatory, as not copulating does not result in death.

    Copulation is Re-Creation of another other's body.

    Birds do it.

    Bees do it.

    Even uneducated fleas do it.

    These all gotta do it.

    Yet we, the humanoidals, can choose to not do it.

    We special that way.

    There are a multitude of means to not get pregnant.

    Peruse the internet.

    That is why the internet succeeded.

    Appreciate that.

    Utilize that.

    Stop slaughtering your progeny.

    You do not want to make another body, do not do what makes another body.


  2. Right now, we can guarantee they four justices won’t clean up this mess.

  3. As the great Ann Landers used to advise young women, "Use the pill, hold it between your knees."

    1. As my former mother in law put it," use an aspirin."
      Before or after?

  4. it was not nine white men. it was five white men.


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