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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Even Trump cannot save the media

Thanks to our electing Donald John Trump as president, this had been a golden age of news. Despite this, many in the media are losing money, laying people off and even closing shop.

There are many reasons for this, but a major factor is the media's insistence on lying about the president. This has ruined its credibility among Donald Trump's supporters.

But the lies -- particularly about imaginary crimes -- also have frustrated the president's detractors.

After being told for two years that Mueller was going to arrest and impeach the president, the lefties are enraged because there was no arrest or impeachment. They want blood.

To molly coddle them, the Democrats are promising free college, Medicare For All, reparations, ending free speech, gun confiscation, and up-to-birth abortion. Post-partum abortion cannot be far behind.

In frustration, lefties also are tuning out the news. As a Cleveland Indians fan, I am well aware of the effect of losing. People leave because losing is no fun.

Then there are ad revenues. Craigslist gutted the classified ads sections of every newspaper in America. It rakes in a billion bucks a year in revenues.

Now we learn Google makes as much money in ad revenue on news links as the outlets who break the news.

Or so the industry said.

Bill Murphy Jr. reported, "Last year, Google brought in $136.8 billion across all its revenue streams. It's breaking into video games and the travel industry, and cementing its hold in digital advertising.

"But a new study is putting the focus of a lot of powerful people on a fairly small percentage of Google's total revenue: about $4.7 billion.

"That's how much Google made from news content created by other companies during 2018, according to the study by the News Media Alliance. If accurate, it would mean Google made almost as much from these other companies' work as they did."

Newspapers once sued bloggers for linking their stuff. Maybe they can sue Google for linking their stuff.

Between declining audiences and disappearing ad income, newspaper sites are pushing online subscriptions.

That won't save them.

Reuters reported, "News organizations are being challenged by technology giants and unsettled by a broader lack of trust but they have a much deeper problem: most people don’t want to pay for online news, the Reuters Institute found."

Why buy a cow when milk is free?

Reuters said, "The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism said in its annual Digital News Report that most people would not pay for online news and that there had been only a small increase in the proportion of people willing to do so in the last six years."

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, director of the Reuters Institute, said, "Much of the population is perfectly happy with the news that they can access for free and even amongst those who are willing to pay, the majority are only willing to sign up for one subscription.

"A lot of the public is really alienated from a lot of the journalism that they see -- they don’t find it particularly trustworthy, they don’t find it particularly relevant and they don’t find it leaves them in a better place."

Given the choice between an online subscription to the New York Times and the understaffed local paper, which would you choose?

I thought so.



  1. Someone should tell these young Journalism School graduates that your credibility is like your virginity. You can only lose it once, and then you're f*cked.

  2. It appears that the news industry does not want to be saved. They are in thrall to their own lies. They would rather starve than tell the truth because they've convinced themselves the lies are necessary to keep Evil from Winning.

    Good luck with your lies, MSM.

    There's a decent dumpster near me when you get desperate for scraps, Get in touch ...


  3. What has Donny ever "saved"? Certainly not his first two marriages, or gambling in Atlantic City, or anything else he touches. If not for daddy's money & debt, he'd have have nothing.

    1. Trump is such a loser, I'll bet even you could beat him. You're a winner. Go for it.

    2. He saved the country from Hillary.

  4. Every year our crummy local daily gives away free copies at our town's grocery store. Yesterday I turned one down, and the checker, Erin, said: "I never read it either".

    1. Our local weekly was folded into another (less) local weekly. Eventually the Chicago Tribune bought the group, and now the paper is delivered to subscribers on Thursday as a section of the Tribune.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Me too. I've bought his books, and very much look forward to the next one. Don is a retired journalist (a real one) and this blog is entertainment--for him and us. Even allowing nonny the ninny is a hoot, and gives us talking point to dissect. I just wish Soros would pay for better trolls though.